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  1. _greifer

    Who have you seen in game

    It was a great match, had to comp our Bama going down the middle in the end to get cross shots on the enemy vessels as that turned out flanks. Was a good game by both sides at times!
  2. The updated steps to link my amazon account in my WG account management profile and re-log into the game solved this issue, thanks @Hapa_Fodder
  3. Royal Navy boats have some of the most fun options in the tech tree in my opinion. As others have stated, the Leander and Fiji are great choices. If there was only the Fiji on my account id happily play that boat alone! The higher tier CLs are just as fun, but those two are stand outs. For the CA's I haven't unlocked them all, but I really enjoyed the Surrey to be honest. The spotter plane suited her well for game style. RN DDs, I re-set this line continuously for the naval research centre. Happy to always play these boats. The quick smoke utility, hydro and the heal on the tier IX and X make them very worth while!
  4. _greifer

    19 Points Captain

    If it is your first 19 point captain, congratulations. Earning elite captain XP is useful for so many things from training new captains straight to having 10 points, or respeccing an existing captain. As others said use them on your premiums to generate more elite captain XP, you are never too short on those.
  5. Still does for me, always thinking on how I could have done things differently to do more damage or have turned something into a win.
  6. _greifer

    Odin or Tirpitz?

    Reading into the information that is available at the moment id say Odin isn't as bad as people are stating. Yes it has great secondaries, but with a lower HP pool and more accurate KM guns, this would tell you that she isn't designed to push and brawl, but rather sit back use her guns and then where the opportunity arose, push in 1 v 1 and then secondary that target. The Odin looks to have far better secondaries then Tirpitz or Bismarck as well as having both torps and a hydro consumable and the KM Armour scheme. The HP nerf and reload nerf appears to be due to those strong points and if she came out with a high HP pool and reload she would be too strong as a premium. As it stands, she will still be a good boat, but with obvious weakness's that players have to mitigate or play around without pressing W and still winning. But that is my opinion.
  7. These would be interesting and a fun gimmick. Id only like to see it in operations though and not a random environment. That being said to make it for a operation might not make it feasible.
  8. _greifer

    Stay away from the U K carriers.

    The RN CVs are difficult but they definitely do great damage. I personally enjoy playing them, more so the Ark Royal, even with its slow planes. Sinking the Bismarck with an Ark is always a super fun moment. Getting Damage over Time (DoTs) are your best weapon. They start fires and floods statistically high, so use those tools to get your damage up. Hit a target hard, wait for them to use DCP, then hit them again to get that constant damage ticking up.
  9. _greifer

    Is Anshan Still Good?

    Hi @Rokkator, the An Shan in my opinion is still a great boat to pick up. She is a premium boat for coal now as you stipulated and quite affordable. Having standing torpedoes instead of Deep Water ones allows her to contest caps a little easier early on. If you can play the Gnevy and other class of Soviet era DDs with their turret rotation and concealment ranges you will find the boat very enjoyable. She can stealth torp as a bonus, the smoke isn't the same as the standard Pan Asia destroyer line though. Id honestly get this boat, more so if you are grinding the Pan Asia DD line and want a captain re-trainer. For that cost of coal, that alone is worth it and means you can progress up the line without spending doubloons on respeccing a captain if that is your want.
  10. Nice haul of 710 tokens @Erebthoron . I have token envy! I was anticipating the standard total of 60 tokens :) Aiming for a free camo at best, it hasn't been the best RNG for me for this event on the token front.
  11. _greifer

    Yoshino or Thunderer?

    Thunderer, more so as its a fun BB. Yoshino can sets fires but I didn't enjoy her in ramdoms too much as a super cruiser. The Thunderer has been a lot more fun in general.
  12. _greifer

    For those that still have the Moskva

    Keeping it, I have no shortage of credits either currently so either or it can sit there and become a premium when it does.
  13. _greifer

    Worst Rank 1

    Congrats you stuck through it and achieved it! The coal is always a boon!
  14. I ranked out, albeit letting my twitch viewers pick whatever boat they want me to play at tier 9 or 10. It was an interesting aspect and boats like the Ibuki or Buffalo did well for me in wins or save a star. 12 v 12 makes it harder to save a star. In the end pick a flank to influence, play to your ships strengths and try and win that flank. Trade your hit points effectively. Not every game will be a win, but its still a heck of a lot of fun.