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  1. _greifer

    Oh, the sweet, sweet booze, part 2

    laphroaig is the drink of choice in winter. Cider in the summer. Or some reds. Photo of just one of my scotch shelves, up to three for scotch and one for gin and a cellar of aged reds. I will pickle myself one day!
  2. _greifer

    What daily containers do you pick?

    Resources. Sadly it feels it pays better. Good coal and flags/xp. Thigh up to 180k coal and no coal ship's left to buy. Once i get back to 300k coal i might go back to try my luck. I did get rngesus the last SC i earned by getting an Ashitaka
  3. _greifer

    Alaska or Azuma?

    Why not just get both?
  4. _greifer

    DDs are very playable

    DD gameplay has changed only slightly but its back to normal in a way as well. If there are CVs in game I approach a cap more cautiously, especially in the first minute as enemy CVs tend to do fly overs looking for soft targets of opportunity. Otherwise its business as usual, cap and contest and farm the salty BB tears.
  5. _greifer

    Why are we not seeing much CV vs Cv combat?

    In the PTS, CVs hunted one another so that they could farm other ships at will. The CV aircraft consumable and other elements to help her survive more were introduced to mitigate this.
  6. _greifer

    My turn to whine.

    So sad to be deleted.
  7. _greifer

    Skip a ship

    Id advise saving that XP regardless in your direct situation. The Fletcher is a great DD and does not need to be skipped.
  8. To be honest I've played more this patch but a lot less T10 then previously. This past day though i have seen less cvs as well. Every second game or so was without one.
  9. _greifer

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    All in context. With ship's farming you, there are islands or other methods to break sight gain cover. Not so with CVs, the longer the game goes your AA is reduced and they can adjust angling to avoid AA fire. There is no mechanic to break the CVs endless planes. Brig focused is good gameplay but there is little counter to it vs somehow who knows how to avoid the automated AA.
  10. _greifer

    Fav food while playing WOWS

    peanuts roasted with anchovies to make them more salty!
  11. _greifer

    "AA has been nerfed to hell!"

    @Lert thanks for the test. The issue for me isn't CVs are the endless planes, as you indicated those can be handled. What is difficult is 2 T10 CVs, if you have to mitigate DCP, consumables etc, they can farm you down quickly if working indirectly together. Most games at T8-T10 if they were limited to 1 CV, I don't think youd see the hate as you would be seeing now.
  12. _greifer

    CV line balans...

    Go on Edge take IFHE i dare you!
  13. Lots of salt. Not looking forward to this season. DDs may be the vessel of choice even with radar about.
  14. _greifer

    Taking Command Thursday - The Skipper

    Id love the one that carries the most medals on their chest. Would be funny in game to see that replicated!
  15. _greifer

    Harry Potter invades WoWS????

    The shells flew through the air with the breathe of a dragon?