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  1. The Nikolai I, with a pistol for its AA seeing a cv in game makes you cringe. In all honesty the Izumo. Different play style from the entire line at that point. The old hull A B and C were brutal with the improved shells on appearing on hull C back then. Its better now but still the worst of the bunch at t9.
  2. I watched the game, and just wow. Even with 3 ships missing they overwhelmed your side. I wont remark on gameplay, but at this tier you can expect ships to sail in without support. The game did last longer than I thought it would though. Just bad shots in general from your side as shots missed marks, and straight sailing. For a Caledon to drop single fire torps and they all hit BBs charging into it. But at lower tiers people are learning as well.
  3. that's an amazing result. Pop it into wows replays, id love to see what happened to generate that end.
  4. Finally achieved a goal

    Great win! Well done!
  5. Clemson id wager would be the most consistent. The Isokaze would be better but since its torps were nerfed, its still good but not once what it was.
  6. Buy the shark patch, equip it, defect to eagles, then sink ships earning points as eagles with a shark patch!
  7. Jean Bart the Dissapointment.

    Id be more inclined to removing all guns, making her go 70 knots, receive no damage and ram enemy ships with it! Something different!
  8. Id probably log this in the PT bug report section for WG staff / devs to review rather than here
  9. Collections duplicates

    I kept getting duplicates. Only cashed out with 2 left. Earned 1.5 million credits. Credits for me are still needed as there are many a t10 to buy.
  10. I didn't receive one today for a half down games at t9+ with mostly wins and top 3. Got my 3 daily crates so far though. Will try again soon to see if it appears.
  11. screwed over

    Id take flags any day. In the end its a free item from WG that done people may real money for
  12. Sooo... Clan battles are neat.

    Congrats. Now go forth and farm more elite xp!
  13. Oh, joy. Copper.

    Irish Coffee to be precise! :) but whatever the quartermasters of the day could supply!
  14. Oh, joy. Copper.

    Forgot beer to add!
  15. I went T7 and T8. I miss T7 I know it has the Payfast there but it was a tier where you could carry in a good ship (Fiji) and it wasn't inundated with radar that much. T8 I also think is balanced though premium vessels can make this a very frustrating experience as well. T10 whilst fun gets thin, Clan Battles, ranked season 9, Clan battles straight away, then more ranked in season 10 makes the desire to grind through those levels more painful to say the least.