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  1. _greifer

    Anyone else feeling burn out?

    I have to say @Awe5ome that even after the most recent PR grind I still have the drive to play the game. There are boats I always can play regardless of my mood, be it Fiji, Cossack, or even Belfast. I change up the tiers from tier 4 to 9 as well just to keep it different. With tier 10 heavily played in ranked and clan battles I tend to try the other tiers for fun. You can always set a personal challenge, such as get a boat to a 55 percent win rate, or have your own survivability per game improve as well for example? Either way hope to see you out there in the games at some stage!
  2. _greifer

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    @JackSparrow_665 congratulations on picking the PEF. I believe its still a very viable BB at tier 6, and the AA is still good on her. You will see plenty of CVs with her. The guns whilst trollish can inflict great damage. Personally I prefer the Spee though, with the torpedoes and the heal as a cruiser, but its unique and offers little as a captain retrainer, which the PEF would do well enough for the BB line. Congrats on your purchase, pop up a few shots of your games in her when you have a chance!
  3. _greifer

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Destroyers

    I wanted to find the one DD that was Overpowered, I also sadly didn't find the special Consumable on HMS Campbeltown to sail into a port and detonate. That would make her more OP if her torps didn't work, proximity detonation! Need it as a thing @LittleWhiteMouse Sekrit DD OP abilities then confirmed.
  4. We did have a new forum area when I joined two years ago, titled introduce yourself. People could say hello and say what interest they had etc, was always a good way to get a few people to say hello etc. I know not everyone uses a forum in todays day and age, but the general forum area gets swamped at times, posts that ask new questions like that get moved onto other pages quickly.
  5. Kudos on picking this boat, one that most under-value. How have you found the torpedo, and dive bombers vs the T8 AA that you at times can find?
  6. _greifer

    FXP Dead Currency?

    I think for veteran players FXP becomes too easy to earn. With Clan battles and other events, with camo's and flags, you can earn around 70k Free XP in a win. This all stacks, and players can farm these to forever have Free XP. Even with all the Free XP boats, regrinding lines in the naval research centre, I'm at 2.2 million Free XP and its only growing. Id have to agree that it becomes a currency that loses its value for some, but for the majority of the player base this would still be a valued resource in my opinion.
  7. I did it as I had a lot of camo's and flags around for directive 7, the previous 6 were brutal at times. I was able to complete it in the 3 hours per day I play WoWs so I'm happy with that. Some of the directives were painful. I did not get the Gorizia before hand either so directive 3 was also painful in retrospect.
  8. Congrats. It is fun to rank out in any mode. Kudos as well with playing with boats that weren't over powered. I do feel for asashios. I did blap plenty as a cruiser.
  9. _greifer

    CV auto pilot or auto suicide?

    I played a few Graff Zepp games in ranked sprint for lols. I concur the auto pilot was bad at times. Clear way points to sail into a cap and in open water not near an island the cv spent minutes in reverse only.
  10. _greifer

    Myths in wows you know are not true

    #12 "Press T for in game stats"
  11. _greifer

    Which Coal Ship?

    If you like cruisers I say go the Salem. Whilst a DM clone it should play very differently. Max range it, no CE, rudder mods to make it agile then 18km + HE spam your way to victory. Boats that shoot you struggle to hit as you have DD agility. The super heal means you rain fiery death on boats as the enemy berate you in all chat as they can't hit you. Farm the salt, but this is a selfish if not entertaining way to play and farm witherer and arsonist achievements.
  12. _greifer

    selling steel in santa crates?

    Steel is a wasted resource. Bacon is more valuable.
  13. I'm waiting for the coupon as well. The baguette will be mine then. Will then just save for the steel submarine that I'm sure will be added!
  14. Tier 3 and 4 aren't fun with three CVS per side. Very few dedicated AA vessels. I recently reset the KM and US BB line and only saw three per team. Whilst I was prepared with AA flags and dumping in high tier captains, I can't fathom how DDs or protected cruisers with low AA even manage. I tried to get WG streamers to play T4 cruisers, most day no. It is good to see T4 CVS but something has to change
  15. _greifer

    "There is Australian people here..."

    Just don't being up the Emu wars. Our Emu overlords wouldn't be happy.