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  1. _greifer

    Very laggy since patch

    I presume you are on Windows 10. As a basic rule of thumb ensure your vid drivers are up to date. Id also check mouse/ sound drivers as well if running vendor hardware like the razer naga mouse. I only mention that as three patches ago my vid and mouse drivers were out of date and the game would crash when using the push to talk macro on the mouse......
  2. Worked it out in the end. In WGC go to settings, and under General tick get updates before official release, and then under updates, tick download updates in advance.
  3. True, that was my mis-wording. The download hasn't started in WGC though. If it is after a set-time that would be good to know.
  4. Thanks for that. Then I presume it should update now as the news has launched? I only ask as it hasn't initiated the pre-download.
  5. With the WGC pre-download, it states the following on the news page; Update 0.7.10. is available for immediate pre-download for users of the Wargaming Game Center. Once the Update is officially released, WGC will automatically install the game client files you previously downloaded. This means that players will be able to get back to naval battles straight after the updated servers go live! How do I launch the pre-download? (note I do use WGC) forgive my ignorance if its obvious. I went through game settings and install additional instances and it wasn't listed under either one.
  6. Win rates aren't everything at TX. I tend to look at average damage. Some players can have a terrible run in a ship but still be a good player. Id fear the Mino player of 100k avg damage who has a 44 percent win rate over the 14k avg damage Mino who has a 70% win rate.
  7. _greifer

    discord and WOWs

    Its a discord setting to apply a discord overlay on your game to see who is talking in your channel.
  8. A few good posts here. There are also good video replays on youtube you can watch, BIA (Brothers In Arms) that will show you good BB play. Another option is to send @Lord_Zath your replay of one game and he can offer you advice. Wows replays lets you upload your replays there, and posting one of your games for review can also assist.
  9. _greifer

    What gimmicks may be used for submarines?

    Oil and flotsam release. Fool those DDs that you are dead when you are hiding beneath the waters. For example a death ship animation shows for all but a sonar/hydro search will dispel that illusion.
  10. _greifer

    More ranked, no steel!

    The ranked sprint at T5 is a prod trial with rewards. As pointed out, its not a real ranked season, and the save points will mean most people can get to rank 1. Personally I'm just looking forward to hitting T5 ship's with even tiers in a game format. That's reward enough groom TX meta. Bring on the kransy or Marblehead to rank 1
  11. I can't ever complain about the SCs. Nearly ever reward earned has been received with appreciation. Ships rewards are still prevalent. I obtained a Dunq and friend obtained the Graf Spee yesterday (he already loaned the HSF variant to boot). I love the crates and any rewards. Considering the previous missions that were once in effect, the crates win hands down.
  12. _greifer

    unable to log in- is game down? 5:15am edt

    Thanks @turbo07 it now works from the WGC without issue. The workaround of just launching the exe will still also work for those with an issue with the WGC client.
  13. _greifer

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    120 for XP from the Jervis to the Lightning according to the tech tree. Id add another 20k in case for hull upgrades etc on the way there to be safe.
  14. _greifer

    unable to log in- is game down? 5:15am edt

    Aye alas cannot log in either atm. Support page wont load but other players that im chatting to can log in without an issue. It appears that its WGC that cannot validate it. I ran the exe from the installed directory and logged in directly as a work around.
  15. _greifer

    Tier 7 MM

    T7 MM isn't bad but it also has some fantastic tech tree ships, that is why I love this tier. Fiji, Jervis, Lyon, Gadjah, etc, and these ships can hold their own against their own tier and higher up easily. I admit I enjoy though T8 onwards as each ship is played differently depending on its tier and this creates fun challenges for me.