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  1. Aprils Fools joke, the date Is for the 1st of April. Or so I hope or the joke is then on me!
  2. _greifer

    First T10 Ship

    Minotaur, the old AA against RTS CV was a thing of beauty.
  3. Generally id buy the camo. As you would get the Moskva perma one, and its current one. For the new T10 boat you would then also earn the perma camo as well for that for free, or so has been the case previously for Cleveland etc.
  4. _greifer

    PSA MOAR flags on the horizon?

    In my opinion this is a good change. In certain battles I want to either go full farm mode of XP or combat flags. This will allow me to do both. It means my hoarding of flags will pay off when I need them as by default in randoms I don't use many flags unless there is a directive/event that required them.
  5. _greifer

    need help with hud

    As @Slammer58 stated running the Alternate Interface mode gives you a lot more details. This will show you the distance to ship as well when your cross-hair hovers over the vessel, area etc. Judging speed is another thing. You can just this normally by viewing the boats smoke stack. The smoke trails behind a boat when its at full speed, it goes towards the bow when its in reverse or it goes straight up when its stationary. There are mods that give this a quick glance (traffic lights) but its good to check this manually to learn. Another way, is if your boat has torpedoes, to quickly use this to gauge the speed of the enemy boat. If the suggested aim marker is just in front of the enemy boat its slowing or going a quarter speed etc.
  6. _greifer

    Lots of Lag Spikes Today

    Ping has fluctuated and I dropped in 2 games and relogged right back in, but still its been a little bit flaky. I know others that couldn't even log in during the morning and it took circa an hour to log in.
  7. _greifer

    Leave ranked Q when CV shows

    I try to but sometimes there are 0 or 1 CV in queue and I risk it and still get one. I have a tally this season 16 CV games in ranked, my team has won 3 and we have lost 13. I have kept my star in a few of those. The calibre of some of the CVs is frustrating.
  8. _greifer

    New "tincan"

    Congrats. Just don't sail her near any French docks.
  9. _greifer

    Yubari - Unlimited DFAA Consumable

    You are correct there are some decent AA boats, the Kaiser and Orion are also good. These though don't have the DFAA ability. I thought having a premium that added more utility would be a good option. I do agree the Italian tier 4 cruiser has decent AA as I did play it recently.
  10. There is a modders section on the forum. With that aside what mod? That would help those that mod potentially. I don't mod create or edit but thought I'd ask.
  11. _greifer

    Who have you seen in game

    In ranked I presume. It's been hit and miss. Forced to go DD now just so the team doesn't lose one in 3 minutes.
  12. _greifer

    Yubari - Unlimited DFAA Consumable

    I like playing the Yubari, more so to earn the coveted CQE with its one secondary gun. The current charges for DFFAA and the cool down don't reflect the ability with which CVS can launch new squads to hit players. Add multiple CVS and unlimited DFAA with a cool down would still see gaps in that coverage. I know this may not get any traction from WG but I at least wanted to voice my opinion and try.
  13. The Yubari is one of the first premium boats available in this game. In the old RTS CV days, she was one vessel that could murder entire squadrons with her AA and DFAA ability. With the rework and lack of viable AA platform at tier 4, I think it would be good to grant the Yubari the same perks that Atlanta has, in that she has access to unlimited use of DFAA. Add to that a cool down of 30 seconds and this boat may not be able to swat targets out of the sky like she once did, but she would be a deterrent at Tier 4 to some CVs. The Yubari would still be a glass cannon, bad torp angles, two guns etc, but with this perk she would be more then worthy to take out at these tiers. I know the lower tiers are left to themselves but even doing this small things may help alleviate some of the angst at those tiers.
  14. I enjoy seeing Stalingrads in ranked. More so if they nose in. The bourgeone doesn't care, set two fires, DCP for the grad, then set three fires.