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  1. _greifer

    Shoutout to ANZ4C!

    That's a good replay, at least it didn't end in a draw and no one won!
  2. _greifer

    Carrier fighters need a rework

    Id love their mechanic to not be so gimped. But yes this needs a long overdue look at.
  3. This season of ranked was frustrating on many levels, but it had a few positives. 1. The first positive, no CVS. No c.f. to farm damage nor farm their way to a star 2. The high DD meta being a radar cruiser was lovely. Lots of bad DDs made ranking out less frustrating as the opportunity of being deleted by BBs was absent Lots of negatives though; 1. Domination mode instead of arms race 2. Trident with epicentre was not good with the high DD meta. You are forcing encounters for players that pick boats that don't work in that mode. The team with the one more for or Tashkent that solos the 2 or 9 line to farm whilst the enemy push in together to secure a points victory is frustrating (note I was the victor of this twice but saw the opfors frustration) 3. Clan battles and ranked held concurrently. With limited time to play, having both at once with a limited window to play made it the most frustrating CBs and ranked seasons so far. I nearly gave up at rank 4 until @Edgecase motivated me to finish in a dozen games or so 4. Players taking in boats like the Ibuki and being deleted in the first few minutes. That's a player issue but it's frustrating for a team having to carry, position and outplay opponents when yours throw away any strong chance early on
  4. _greifer

    Friesland AA too overpowered?

    To be honest it's AA is still broken. CVS rarely get to engage it without losing most planes, even late game. Worse if it's doing it's daka daka from smoke.
  5. _greifer


    @Kingpin61's man bun is to elite. Let him create his own humble clan, KPIN. Best broadside moskva to be dev struck gets an entry.
  6. @Cit_the_bed have you tried the windows reliability monitor? that generally write a log as well and will inform you if its a driver conflict causing the fatal exception. Used to happen frequently with me using a Razer mouse and the Nvidia card drivers, thus after pulling out the mouse after 6 months of updating it every week my problems went away.
  7. _greifer

    Friesland in the store on the EU server

    Pay for it? Isnt that what free xp is for?
  8. _greifer

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    Well played sir, well played
  9. Ranked spirit, mmm which horse to ride?
  10. _greifer

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    A Ranked Spring as per the title? I don't think I have a ship that is that bouncy! Might need the HMAS Kangaroo for the spring though, or USS Blossom if its the weather pattern spring you are referencing.
  11. Hmm this is a DD I will get though it will only appear in divs with a CV. Nom, nom, nom
  12. _greifer

    The Iowa in Ranked Battles

    Nice stats @HazeGrayUnderway. I feel better ranking out in a Seattle only from ranks 5 to 1. Great RoF and DPM made it a good choice I think. I'd say the St Louis or IJN cruisers would be just as rare.
  13. _greifer

    The Iowa in Ranked Battles

    Congrats on ranking out with the Iowa. I didn't see many in games, they were nearly as rare as the Izumo. The DD numbers was a surprise. When it was tier 9 last time, we had arms race as the game mode, which lent for a good balance of ship classes. Being domination mode, BBs had a rough time to save a star as wily DDs could inflict huge damage for little repercussion. In the 5 to 1 bracket you would have been totally at the whim of MM. Did you have any stand out games where you carried as a BB though? Did you find your tactics become more refined over the season compared to earlier in this season?
  14. _greifer

    If you could only keep three ships

    Fiji - best boat in the game Asashio - for reasons of BB balance Republic - speed, agility and a rapid punch
  15. _greifer

    Quality of Life Improvements Suggestions

    All good quality of life interactions with the port. Id add (and I know it's been requested) a de-mount all in the battle flags. Having 8 equipped and clicking each one to de-mount can be tiresome.