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    Any DD players doing well in Gold?

    Ranked out today using Marceau exclusively, with ~75% winrate (which is significantly better than in previous ranked seasons - due to the weaker opposition in general I suspect). I found silver quite a bit harder because the teams are more inconsistent, so definitely more occasions where I lost through bad play on other's part. At least in gold most players know what they are doing, so the games are generally better balanced; the team with better tactics and execution will generally win because there are rarely any easy kills in the first 2 minutes. I seriously debated staying in silver (concerns on the number of players, chat toxicity, etc), but I'm glad I didn't, it's been very similar to old ranked 6-10 and generally good attitudes. If you are good enough to qualify for gold then do it just to learn from the other players, and how the better players approach positioning, timing of caps, when to shoot vs when to spot etc. If you are willing to learn, you will come out of it as a better player even if you aren't particularly successful. Re. other DDs, I'll say that I only really worried about Smaland, Kleber and Daring. Especially in the torpedo DDs, ranked is often about spotting for your team rather than doing damage - and capping is absolutely not worth dying for in most cases. All of which comes from ranked experience against good players. Re. Halland - it's an OK ship for ranked because of the ability to torp from outside radar range and the AA, but using it just because of AA is misguided in my opinion. It gives up the ability to outspot other DDs, a Kleber or Marceau will make quick work of it 1v1, and it can't really cap without smoke - and that stops it from really being able to influence a game. To the OP - best to play something you like and are good at. If that's Halland then go for it, but pretty much any DD can work well if you play to it's strengths and weaknesses (except maybe Khab ...).