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  1. Napoleon_B01

    Server Disconnects

    I'll give those a try at the very least.
  2. Napoleon_B01

    Server Disconnects

    I am sure that this is a topic that gets old with both players and the game developers. Nothing is more frustrating than to get disconnected from the server, for whatever reason. Even if you have good internet, there are still instances where you lose connection to the server. Ever since the last update, I have been getting frequent disconnects from the game. Most of the time, I can get back in and get back into the fight, but there are other times where I can't reconnect fast enough to make my contribution to the team effort. I feel badly for my teammates when that happens, but my frustration is mainly geared toward Wargaming because this isn't a new problem; it's a recurring problem that has lasted for years. Wargaming: fix your game so that this problem can be mitigated as much as humanly possible. I don't care how you do it: just do it.
  3. Napoleon_B01

    Coop mode thought

    I guess it depends on who you ask. I have mixed feelings on when I get a team of all bots or a majority of bots. Sometimes I don't mind; other times, it's like "really...wargaming?" I have a question: would this co-op mode that you suggest be situated for players who have a division of three ready to go into battle, or is it a mode of dropping in with three unrelated human players with the six bots verses the enemy team's nine bots?
  4. Napoleon_B01

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    Crazy isn't it? Congratulations on an impressive damage count in a super short period of time. When you said you made it through the channel, was that on the Two Brothers map?
  5. Napoleon_B01

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    Thank you Admiral Thunder for your thoughts in the changes to Co-Op. You have nailed all of the issues that have arisen since the update to Version 10.6. I had my doubts about the "mentioned" changes to Co-Op in the developer bulletin about the bots being able to change their speed with incoming torpedoes and ramming into islands. To me, it didn't seem like they had any problems dodging torpedoes; if anything, it felt like they were "too good" at dodging as if they already knew that torpedoes were coming, even at long distances. These changes have made it so easy that you don't have to put any thought into it. You said it best: a blind chipmunk can play Co-Op now. The team composition where you have as many as FIVE destroyers, or five battleships? That took me by complete surprise because I was under the impression that WG limited DDs to a max of four, BBs a max of four, and cruisers were unlimited. With five destroyers, the battle is over in practically seconds because they rush in and kill everything. Speaking of destroyers, since I span my Co-Op experience across all ship types, I have had to adjust my strategies in playing destroyers because I was not getting the damage output that I usually got in the past. The result was having to play an extremely aggressive role since the bots don't move in as fast, and when they get hung up on islands, it's just shooting rats in a barrel. Where's the fun in that? Switching to an extra aggressive strategy has been the change I have had to make with these bot changes. There has been what I'd call short-term relief in this change because the bots' super accurate RNG shooting has been removed. I must put emphasis on "short-term" because I do like challenges. This has and will continue to get boring after a while, which is where you brought up the fact that Co-Op just isn't fun anymore. Other things I have noticed as a result of these changes: My potential damage counters have skyrocketed on every ship I take into combat because the bots can't hit the broadside of a barn--or my ship for that matter. I have decided to burn one charge of Engine Boost on ships that are equipped with them so that I can get in there and bring the fight to the bots since they don't rush in like they used to. My ships can get in so close to the enemy that I can slide in between ships and take little to no damage. That was not really possible in the past. Fights end early with one or even two ships still alive. Gotta hate the mercy rule. This happens because the bots can't cap a base and build points; the human players are too efficient in destroying the enemy ships, which brings the enemy team's point count down to zero; the human players cap all bases and the green team hits a thousand points faster than before; fewer human players die because the bots can't destroy human-controlled ships. It's just...sad. I read your point on the changes to the new TK system, and while I haven't experienced everything that you have outlined, I am inclined to agree with you on all points.
  6. Napoleon_B01

    Anyone get the no xp/credit penalty in the new TK system?

    Has anyone noticed that the new TK system can theoretically penalize you in Scenarios now? I've seen the fire warning messages when playing Scenarios.
  7. Napoleon_B01

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    And I am not going to answer your question. Your replies have held more complaints and challenges instead of constructive criticisms. It's also clear that you don't like my ideas. Fine; I get it. I can also tell that you don't like CVs for the reasons you mentioned. I get that too; I feel that same way when I'm facing an enemy team with a CV. If you have nothing else to offer other than complaints about CVs, then please move along.
  8. Napoleon_B01

    "Mercy Rule" is fixed - what problems did that reveal?

    I agree with your observation. The allied bot CV is practically worthless compared to the enemy CV.
  9. Interesting concept, and I think it's a fair one to explore. The first thing that came to mind was an inverse mechanic to the AA sector boost. So let's say one side of the ship was hit by rockets--I'll use those for example--that side can go down to say 60% AA power for 10-15 seconds. Again I'm using random numbers, but that can be indicated in the same space when the AA sector boost is activated and when it's cooling down.
  10. Napoleon_B01

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    Ah yes. Hooray for tail-gunners. Those were some interesting times. Never was a fan of the Bogue, but I think my best layout with any tech tree US Carrier was the Midway's 2-2-2. Best balance ever. I think the Ryujo had a 3-0-2, I think--it's now been so long I can't remember all of them or I might be getting my carrier's mixed up--I could send one fighter squadron out to scout and then the other 2 were held close to my CV to strike any enemy squadron when my first fighter squadron spotted something. Bombers were always troublesome for me, but shooting down planes was my thing. Then came the USS Enterprise. The perfectly balanced CV ever. It's 2-2-2 spoiled me to death.
  11. Napoleon_B01

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    There is this wonderful--or not so wonderful--thing from WarGaming called RNG. Yes, if I had a fighter escort, then chances are pretty much certain that the enemy will have one too. Both fighter squadrons will engage, and one will triumph over the other. If it's mine, great. If not, then the remainder of the enemy's fighter squadron will come after my attack squadron. I disagree with AA being weak. I've watched 10 planes get blown out of the sky by a flak cloud from a DD of all ships. Not fun and not realistic. It is frustrating when a cruiser or battleship does it, but that's to be expected because they are bigger AA platforms. I say AA is fine where it is. Seaplanes were practically worthless in the RTS. You might have been fortunate to get one kill before it got shot down, but under this new system, multiple seaplanes are launched from a cruiser or a battleship? I did not agree with that change at all. I could settle for launching two seaplanes and buff the attack capability of them, but not a squadron of 3 or 4 seaplanes. I think WG put the wrong emphasis on the seaplanes as a "truly effective AA consumable." Select cruisers and battleships could only carry two seaplanes at a time. Call it special treatment if you want, but playing carriers is an entirely different beast when it comes to other surface ships: aircraft instead of shells; quarterback instead of lineman. Call it what you want.
  12. Napoleon_B01

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    I'm totally for that! I don't know if WG would change it, but yes, I would totally love to have the ability to shoot down enemy aircraft upon demand again. In the old RTS days, I always spec'ed my carriers for aerial superiority. I enjoyed shooting down enemy planes so that my allies could attack enemy ships without worrying about aerial attacks. It didn't earn me much in credits and XP earnings, but I was well-respected and liked for keeping the skies clear. God do I miss those days. Brings tears to my eyes honestly.
  13. Napoleon_B01

    CV Rework: Fighter Consumable

    On the attack, I'd say they are. Economically, the CV isn't effective. For every plane lost, that resupply or service bill goes up. It is very frustrating to lose planes, and that's a given with any CV driver. Anyways, I'm looking at the change from a realism point of view. Planes just magically appearing out of the upper atomosphere upon the press of a button just sounds stupid in my opinion. However, while this would make carrier strikes "stupidly effective," think of the increase in planes shot down. Instead of sailing closer to a spot where planes are just patrolling an area, all of the planes come to you. Yes, you'd probably take more damage from aerial attacks, but I didn't offer any changes in the HP of the fighter squadrons. So if they are easier to shoot down than the attack planes, then this might not feel any different than what it is now...maybe.
  14. It's been fifteen months since the CV rework changed interfaces and I believe that a CV consumable in the CV arena needs some serious changes: the Fighter consumable. As the Fighter Consumable works now, attack squadrons can call upon a squadron of fighters to arrive at a point designated by the player and patrol an area within a 3km--approximately--radius of the designated point. Their only purpose is to shoot down enemy aircraft that get within their patrol radius, or I have seen some players use them as spotters for some ships. (I do that a lot in the Raptor Rescue scenario.) However, the consumable is only active for 60 seconds, and any ship that gets within AA range of those fighters shoots them down as if they were nothing. It's really bad when fighters are deployed and they dive in from "thin air" only to come crashing down into the ocean when deployed within the range of any ship's AA range. On the CV, where a fighter squadron is deployed for 7-8 minutes after being spotted by ships or aircraft, they circle the carrier prepared to shoot down anything that gets within 3km of the carrier. My proposal for the Fighter consumable is to remove them as a consumable and make them an escort squadron with any attack squadron. An example of what I'd like to see is when I launch a torpedo-bomber squadron, a fighter squadron takes off immediately after my torpedo-bombers are airborne and then they follow my planes to the target. If they spot any enemy planes within a given distance--let say 6km--the fighters will peel off from my torpedo-bomber squadron and shoot those planes down. They can either rejoin my torpedo-bombers or return to the CV and a another fighter squadron will attempt to rendezvous with my planes. Now let's say there are no planes for the fighters to shoot down when I pick a target to attack: the fighters can dive in and temporarily suppress the AA fire of the ship that I'm attacking. This takes some of the heat off of my attack squadron and I don't lose as many attack planes without an escort squadron. Another example: I'm attacking a ship that launches a seaplane fighter. The fighter squadron can go in and shoot those planes down and my attack squadron only takes damage from the ship's AA guns, unless the fighter squadron is completely shot down. Build off of that example: attacking an enemy CV. My fighters clash with their fighters and my attack squadron only has to worry about the enemy CV's AA defenses, unless my fighters get shot down and there are still enemy fighters to defend the carrier. Now let's look at aerial defenses for my carrier. Let's say that my CV is spotted by enemy aircraft. The fighter squadron that protects the carrier from aerial attacks deploys, and they go after the aerial plane or planes that spotted my CV. The go after them and shoot them down so that my carrier doesn't get detected again. I'll give a hypothetical scenario: an enemy dive-bomber squadron gets close enough to my carrier and reveals the location of my ship. The fighters are launched and they zero-in on the enemy squadron that spotted my carrier. If they have an escort fighter squadron, my fighters and theirs will clash in a spectacular aerial dogfight. Otherwise, the enemy planes get chewed up and then my fighters return to my ship to refuel and rearm. I thought about this after watching "Midway"--and I'm talking about the original 1976 production--and noticed American planes strafing the decks of the enemy carriers, acting as distraction to take the heat off of the dive bombers coming in. I also came across another movie clip of a Japanese file production that showed Yamato being attacked by carrier planes, and in between torpedo and dive-bombing runs, fighter planes were strafing the Yamato, taking out the AA gun emplacements, making it easier to bomb and torpedo the Yamato. Making the fighters an escort squadron from the CV instead of planes that drop out of thin air sounds more realistic and it makes carrier strikes more effective. If WG adopts an idea like this, obviously it will be up to them to balance it so that it's reasonable fair to CV drivers and other surface ships. Your thoughts please.
  15. Short answer: yes, I'm making some preparations for the RU cruiser line split. I'm not sure if I'd call it OCD, but I think I'd be untruthful if I said that there isn't any OCD. I've only gotten as far as Budyonny on the cruiser line. I'm not really a cruiser main in general, but like one or two people have stated in the thread so far, Russian cruisers aren't as tough or agile as some of the other nationalities. Either way, I bough back Kirov in anticipation of her becoming a premium ship.