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  1. Darthvader_9

    The what did you get from the T6 ship crate thread...

    she dropped for me, really no surprise cause I just bought the Molotov to make sure I get her, what a blast in the first game
  2. Darthvader_9

    Are you happy with the Current CV status?

    I can take what CV's are right now, but then thy should give DD's better AA Had a game earlier that the CV just about killed me in the first few minutes of the game cause I could not protect myself in the DD
  3. when does the update come out?
  4. Darthvader_9

    10,000 games

    so I am an old potato then
  5. Darthvader_9

    New Ship

    I might be wrong but I prefer 100 rating on AA
  6. Darthvader_9

    Who have you seen in game

    @Lensar he was in a shimmy and me alone on the 1 side of the map in my monty, he stalked me relentless till I finally got support from a DM
  7. Darthvader_9

    Working on my Blys Captains perks....

    This is how mine are setup and working fine for me
  8. Darthvader_9

    Free Premiums

    I don't know maybe you should stop playing WOW's and get a game where you get daily stuff for free by just logging in