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  1. I am in full agreement with what most people are saying.i too feel anchorage is a nice addition to the u.s cruiser line.she can punish the reds and the longer she is in game the stronger she gets.i think anchorage gets a bad rap,and its mostly from people who don't reconige nor use her strengths.
  2. Saxon29

    Suggest line to grind?

    kinda sounds like your playstyle is similar to mine.i have 19pt skipper on mogami with 155's.hate to say it but it really is my most played boat.very fun boat to play plus I collect commander points for playing.ijn ca's from t8 and up are pretty fun flanking ships,use island cover when you can.ibuki and zao have laser guns probably the best in game for cruisers.russian cruisers are good but I just cant get my high tier ones too work for me.
  3. Saxon29

    u.s bb tokens?

    Yes stars and stripes are a good camo!thanks for the input gentlemen.sax29
  4. Saxon29

    u.s bb tokens?

    I realize there have been threads on this(tokens).a little insight here from some of more seasoned players is all im asking.my question is ive collected about 13k in tokens,i don't see anything worth spending them on other than collecting the 13 million credits and just buy another tech tree ship.am I alone here or not?
  5. this kinda play is almost as bad as the fools that log off if there are too many bots in co-op...for the most part I thought co-op was to fulfill directives so why not take the easy wins..oh yeah I forgot some people are too sensitive/ahem sarcasm again.
  6. Saxon29

    Zao with 155s

    if they(wg)ever took my 155 mogami away I believe I would quit playing the damn game!
  7. Saxon29

    Dockyard regret

    the dockyard directive are not particularly hard to accomplish.there are just some people you could take to Disneyland every day/all day and they would still find something to complain about.hence welcome to the forums!
  8. Saxon29

    Dockyard regret

    I can understand the newer players complaining abit due to them say only having 40/50 ships in their respective ports.i got odin for what was it 3500 dbs and picked up anchorage for 3000dbs.the grinds where NOT that bad at all.finished both with 2 weeks to spare.i realize forums are a space to [edited] about stuff but give wg a break here.puerto rico was the disaster not the last two dockyards.fyi neither odin nor anchorage are terrible ships.i believe everyone wants t10 ships for the price of a t8!
  9. Saxon29

    Anchorage- deeply disappointing

    I really don't get all this hate on anchorage!most of the people complaining have only played a few games in her and are making the assumption she sucks..if your getting rekked in first few minutes of play,then maybe its not the ship its YOU.fyi there are only a handful of cruisers in the game that can survive taking a few bb salvo's angled or not angled.personally I like and welcome the different playstyle of anchorage.being able to kite with fletcher torps is a good thing.when they try dodging 10.5k torps you light their a$$ up with (12) 203 ap rounds.thats not going to happen every game but it surely is feasible!
  10. Saxon29


    there is always that one person!i bet your the guy who could go to Disneyland and be unhappy....just sayin
  11. Saxon29

    What’s in your port?

    im pretty much a firm believer of the more the merrier!i myself currently have 114 boats in port with like 25 slots that can be filled.the more boats you have definitely helps with doing mission/directives in a shorter manner while making them mush less of a task/grind.that is just my opinion and im sticking with it.sax29 oh,and its nice to achieve collector status,lol..
  12. Saxon29

    New player with some questions

    oh by the way.watch the video on aiming tactics and setting up your sights...very helpful..
  13. Saxon29

    New player with some questions

    welcome to wows filthy..mybest advise is exactly what you are doing now.just go up the tiers and try not to rush into upper tier boats until you get all the mechanics down.play co op first it will give you boat/nation characteristics.however co op and randoms are two entirely different beasts,so don't play each the same.co op you can be much more aggressive.watch youtube on ships you want to get.if you have 20k battles in tanks this should not be a problem for you.good luck.
  14. Saxon29


    aye,aye.heres to the best fleet in the world and the proud men and women who serve aboard those ships.for which without them this world would not be safe.freedom is not free!