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  1. Saxon29

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

  2. Saxon29

    Coal Ships

    SALEM or NAPOLI, i would go salem 1st as she is a solid tier10 boat and will alway make credits to sail.also a super container at xmas!napoli is just a solid fun boat to do battle in.cant go wrong with either of these two!sax 29 out...
  3. Saxon29

    What premium ships to buy?

    i recently picked up mainz myself...that bote is a hoot to play!cant go wrong with her i'll say..
  4. i too have been at this game about same amount of battles as yourself and have not yet advanced a capt to 21pt.which in a way i can not for the life of me figure a new player with less than 1,500 battles has not one but two.......mind you i dont make it a piont to focus on captains but more power to you if that is true.sax29
  5. Saxon29

    Mainz or Weimar. Mainz was the choice!

    also like to say for me, mainz is a BETTER mogami.and i do love me some mogami.lol
  6. Saxon29

    Mainz or Weimar. Mainz was the choice!

    i picked up mainz a few months back,and i am really digging the ship! probably in the top 5 tier8 boats.if your a cruiser main you cannot go wrong with this boat.puts a smile on the average player's face every outing....the boat just "works".sax29
  7. Saxon29

    Farming doubloons

    i understand you say money is tight...but if you buy the 2 day premium/w 500 dubloon bonus for $2.99 and i believe there is a 30 day premium/w 2500 dubloon for i think $17.99 both are pretty good investsments 4
  8. Saxon29

    Yukon, Atlanta, and Lazo oh my!

    i have lazo and it is not a horrible ship!not over the top like a smolensk but it is a playable boat is used to its strengths.sax29
  9. there are a couple more in mid tier maps the other is on east side of map if im not mistaken.
  10. the lions head has always been there that i can remember...
  11. Saxon29

    Is Hawkins the worst ship in the game?

    well im doing the surrey grind at the moment and that thing is a damn turd as well.i would free xp to albermarble but ill just suffer on through it....atleast i have premium at the moment so on the rare chance i have a good game it racks up 8k or better in xp.
  12. Saxon29

    What did you get in your January SC?

    100 hydra's,not complaining about that....i'll take em...
  13. all accepted,thnak you skipper!!
  14. Saxon29

    PSA: New Code

    others know how to get codes as well!!but if im in the forums and some1 lists the codes i will take them...same as others i bet...
  15. Saxon29

    PSA: New Code

    thanks AT!