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  1. what the hell bill,only 1 secondary hit....i know you can do better!!lol, nice game tho.i think my highest is only 2350ish..well done skipper...sax29
  2. Saxon29

    Light House

    thats 100 million credits skippy....
  3. Saxon29

    Light House

    not trying to sound negitive here gentlemen but if you have ask about it...you cant afford it!watch how high the bids go,you will be shocked to see what people are willing to spend on items..talk about whaling!!sax29
  4. Saxon29

    London grind

    same here,my first freebie...ill take here for a nostalgia spin every so often.pretty fun low tier dd....sax29
  5. Saxon29

    London grind

    MEDICIMAL WEED,thank you..
  6. Saxon29

    London grind

    i won both the london and vampire in special events but yes i dont have flags for them....i played the old london last night for a token...pretty good t6 fightin cruiser...better than exerter in my opinion.won that boat too...sax29
  7. Saxon29

    Auction For Rare Ships Coming?

    unless you have an over abundant amount of resoursces they(ships) will not be attainable by the average player anyway...so really whats the piont...sax29
  8. Saxon29

    I got negative 2 Karma for this?

    my karma is 1,wooopity dooooooo.
  9. Saxon29

    I Did All the Things

    just kidding man,well done....thats alot warshippin!!!
  10. Saxon29

    I Did All the Things

    no atago?lol
  11. is there some kind of trick involved in claiming one of the two erie 6pt captains gentlemen!!! i have tried claiming one all weekend to no avail.bubles are floating and claim reward screen is showing but having no luck collecting..any input or information would be helpful.thanks,sax29
  12. Saxon29

    New Redeem Code

    code worked for me,thank you,skipper!
  13. Saxon29

    Most defense ribbons

    most impressive,mate....job well done,sax29..
  14. Saxon29

    Code: SOVBB21

    code activated!thanks mate....have an awesome weekend.sax29
  15. Saxon29

    What to do with my Coal

    i bought napali for as it looks to a fun factor ship which im going to do a secondary build on her for a more brawling battles.also t10 boat.pommern will be next in line for me but as of now i already own a good amount of german brawlers....so i just wanted to try it with another line...