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  1. merfox

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    So a few observations, I'm sure my fellow PVE mains will back me up on this. First of all, bots seem to have 19pt captains. I'm guessing radio location lets them zero in on player DDs because secondly, PVE players know that as soon as a DD is spotted, the bots will forget everything and charge. Tons of players have figured this out which is why a lot of us have noticed the prevalence of YOLO DDs in PVE. You charge ahead, try and not die under the concentrated fire of the entire red team and if you're moderately good, you come out on top of the scoreboard and no one else on the team gets more than one kill. I mean we've all seen games where a good DD player gets 4-5 kills in Co-Op. I'm pretty sure if you pulled the stats on PVE games you would see that DDs pull in the majority of kills/points. I mean I took a 7month break and I come back and there's consistently games with 2-4 DDs on a team of 8 ships. How is that even fair? And yes, I know all about confirmation bias. I consider myself an intelligent guy when it comes to patterns and trust me, DD mains know how to play for maximum gain. As for teamwork... are you new here? I don't say that to be a prick, just that let's remember that Co-Op gives you less rewards (XP, Commander XP, Credits) and costs you the same (flags, camo, etc). There is literally no incentive for players to play any other way than "me first, screw you guys". The best games I've had was with clan mates doing scenarios because you get VERY good results playing as a team. I wish I had a positive note to end on, but ... yeah. I do love the game and I'm trying to find people to play with (which I'm told makes all the difference). I'd love to hear from other PVE mains who'd like to div together for games but my craptastic social skills (or lack thereof) makes it a bit hard.
  2. merfox

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Haven't been playing a lot, finances are a bit tight and premium time is a luxury. Great to see clan members and others keeping this thread alive, My hats off to you, despite the hate we get from players and WG for sticking to Co-Op. Wouldn't mind div'ing with some of you. That being said, had a great game in Mighty Mo with a friendly Neptune:
  3. Do I at least get pity points for using this POS cruiser?
  4. ok... but I mean I complete at least 1-2 daily containers a day, every day and I only ever get the very occasional duplicates. So if I'm to understand, once your collection nears completion, WG stops giving you items, only nothing or duplicates?
  5. merfox

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    217k in the Musashi... wtg Cecill611!
  6. So I've looked on the forums and I've looked on reddit and I can't seem to find information on this. Here's my issue: I have the Yamamoto Collection selected, so that I get items in my daily containers. Everything has been going ok until a month or so ago. I will collect daily containers (credits, camos and flags, TYL) and... no collection items. Rarely, I'll get a "duplicate" item, I'd guess at about the same rate as duplicates drop. I've switched collections (american cruisers) and the same glitch happens, but less frequently; most days I'll get an item but some days there's no collection items in the daily containers. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've un-installed/re-installed and still happens. I've switched off collections, switched them back on. I've made sure there's only one collection active... nothing. Help?
  7. merfox

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Hadn't known this thread existed until I went looking for it. I hope it's ok if I post a few previous battles... I'm sure I'll hear about it if it's not. Will be certain to check in, sort of trying to get to know a few of my fellow players.