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  1. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Yes, that's true. It's not really even a DD...it's more the Japanese Minotaur. That is how I would have to play it now (and indeed what it is best at)...but keep getting in games where I seem to also be the only one spotting anything. Which is a part of the current meta that deserves its own rant, but I'll save that for later. Haragumo also has limited smoke (2 normally, 3 with premium upgrade), really limiting the time you can be effective if forced to rely solely on that. and, remember ...your engine goes out with every hit. So, if you do ever get spotted outside of that smoke, you will die. Red team LOVES focusing on a disabled Haragumo. Which is what has been happening. With your engines out, you really can't do anything but sit there and die. Which fortunately, doesn't take very long.
  2. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Also, just wanted to say in advance that I appreciate people contributing to this thread. I am totally aware that this is an old issue, which everyone could just ignore. So, good to have some discussion on it a bit, I think.
  3. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    I was actually going to do this, but...does it actually work? ie, does putting a captain in another ship reduce the retraining XP for the current ship? I wouldn't think so. Yes, you can earn captain XP that way, but does being on a completely different ship reduce the retraining XP? If so, that's kinda broken too, but in a good way. Can anyone confirm that doing this works?
  4. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Yes, I do think changing the upgrade to minimize this would help (although it's only a 20% reduction, and 20% off of always isn't that big of a drop...it might just take two hits then, instead of just one). I do use the credits, and do usually use the elite captain xp. I'm really just pointing how horribly broken this particular aspect was to begin with...which you are only reminded of on those sporadic occassions when you are retraining your captain. You're spending a bunch of hard earned elite xp to fix something that a very reasonable argument can be made should never have been THAT broken to begin with. Yes, DD engines going out is fine. DD engines going out frequently is even fine. DD engines going out every single time you get hit? That's pretty ridiculous. And makes the ship unplayable.
  5. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Those are very different. First, many of them work partially while retraining. Second, they don't make the ship basically unplayable during the retraining. I never even noticed much difference, truthfully. The DD engine issue does make the ship basically unplayable. That's why I rant about it, but not a peep about those other things (and yes, I play all tiers of ships) Again, the analogy would be if a BB player's entire armament went out with every single hit. That would have about the same impact, although arguably LESS---ship could still maneuver. You don't think you'd see some serious ranting about that?
  6. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Oh, I've been saying this was broken for years now, on these forums. As I said, it's only very sporadically that you're reminded of it...when you are retraining a high tier DD captain. I have most of those lines completed, so its easy to forget about it. Until it slaps you hard in the face again. I tend to get a little pissed when someone slaps me in the face. Apparently, others don't. Yes, indeed no one is forcing me to play the game. That's my point. WG gets a lot of money from people playing the game. Piss enough of them off...and they go away, and don't spend that money. That's anti monetization. I'm also fundamentally against any business model that breaks sh*t on purpose just to extract money from their customers. I would think more customers would also be more pissed about that. Everyone that continues to accept it is telling WG 'thank you sir, may I have another!'. Their choice too, but that's not working in their favor, so it seems to me a strange choice. I have no problem with them monetizing things that add to the game. I'm fairly amazed at what some people will pay...but that's the market at work, and I don't get worked up about it. This, though...would be like car makers designing your car to just randomly stop running quite frequently, so that you have to call them and pay money for them to enable it to work again. Would you be ok with that? I think most people wouldn't, and they'd complain to the manufacturer. Which is what I'm doing here. And trying to get others to voice their displeasure as well.
  7. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Hahaha. yes, very good analogy, and I do indeed have my occassional Don Quixote moments...and agree that this is one of them. It's not sympathy with me I'm looking for, though. It's getting enough people upset about it that it might make WG realize that hey, maybe we need to tone this aspect of the game down, and that breaking sh&t on purpose just to get more $$ maybe isn't good for us, as it pisses too many people off. Hey, I can always hope! Basically Don Quixote saying that if only enough people tilted at the windmill...the windmill would indeed come tumbling down.
  8. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Yes, that's my point. I have a fair amount of captain XP, which could cover this. But at that captain level, it's quite a bit. All to cover something that shouldn't be that broken to start with. So, I think I'm rightfully pissed off that I should have to do that. Agree with that saying it's on purpose and isn't going to change...but that's exactly what pisses me off about it...and should piss everyone off about it. If we willingly just accept it, it's telling WG, yes, please do continue breaking the game in order to further monetize it. Is that really what people think? I doubt it.
  9. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    Or...I can go in here and rant...and maybe let WG know that these choices piss a lot of people off. Not just me, but those who reply. People that do spend a lot of money on their game...and if you piss enough of them off enough, by enacting things this broken, the golden goose dies. By saying it isn't going to change, and we should just work around it by spending doubloons, etc....you are saying you are just fine with WarGaming monetizing this despite how broken it is. FWIW...I do spend money on this game...way more than I've spent on any game, ever. But that doesn't mean I'm going to continue to throw $$ at it, for things that were apparently broken on purpose, just to get me to spend $$ on it. I'd rather spend that on ships, captains, etc....things that actually add to my enjoyment of the game, rather than spending $$ just to fix something that is horribly broken, on purpose. ie, that only get the game back to normal...but don't add a single thing.
  10. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    That I agree with...and probably why we don't get an explanation or any attempt to fix it. Also understand that it's not going to change....this has been an issue for years now. It's just that it's only sporadically that you are reminded (by getting a new high tier DD) just how badly broken it is.
  11. DrunkenSailor63

    DD's unplayable while retraining captain

    That's a good idea...but still a workaround to something that shouldn't be that broken to begin with. I did pay the 200k btw. Do that all the time, even at lower tiers. As I said...I shouldn't have to spend Elite Commander points to fix something that shouldn't be this broken to start with. Do you actually agree that it makes perfect sense for engines to go out every single time you get hit? If so, please explain why you think that makes sense.
  12. old topic....but just got Haragumo, and trying to play it...and you just can't. Retraining captain, so you lose the ability to maneuver when your engine goes out. Which is EVERY SINGLE HIT. Trying to understand how on earth anyone ever thought 'yes, that's about right' when developing this game. The captain skill puts a bandage on this horridly broken feature....unless it doesn't, when retraining. Which just exposes the design flaw again How did this ever get put into this state in the first place? It would be like if BBs lost their turret every single hit. Can you imagine the outrage that would cause? Further, since your ship is basically unplayable...you don't do much damage, or win many games. Meaning...you're just stuck in this hell which never should exist in the first place. Developers.,...speak up! Why was this ever enacted to begin with? Who decided 'yes, DD engines go out every single hit. That's just what we wanted.'? Clearly this isn't going to get fixed, but would really, seriously like to know why it is this way to start with. Easy thing to fix...so clearly it was intentional. But...why? Yes, I could spend doubloons (hey, that probably explains the reasoning...in which %^&*^% wg) or captain xp, but I find it VERY irritating that I should have to do that to fix something that never should have been this broken to start with. /endrant
  13. DrunkenSailor63

    Italian Cruisers: the Ships’ History

    Or....come out with the Italian BBs first? Rant on that continuing.... Am curious (regarding them being broken)...what is the actual principle of Italian cruisers. French CA's are very fast, Japs have good stealth and torpedoes, Americans are good all around, Russians have great guns...what Italians got? Cuz it sounds like...no armor, average speed, and maybe ok guns. At least until the higher tier ships (which never actually existed).
  14. DrunkenSailor63

    Invisible ships?

    This doesn't explain why the detection systems fails, err, works differently, for ships behind islands. Those don't show up until the ENTIRE ship is visible. Which contradicts what they say in this video. It also means Yamato can be filling up your entire horizon, and kill you, even though you can't see it because the flag at the back of the ship isn't visible. Which is broken.
  15. DrunkenSailor63

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Except, it mostly won't achieve that. If that HAD been the goal, why not just enable RB points for playing in those tiers? Why force people to give up entire lines of ships? Because then they will not convert free xp to get through those lines. It's all about monetizing. Plenty of ways they could have encouraged lower tier play that didn't involve this...but none of them were likely to get players to drop $100's. So, no they definitely don't want players grinding through those lines again. They want them spending money to avoid grinding through them.