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  1. DrunkenSailor63

    Improved Repair party readiness

    Agree. But seems situational. On some ships...might be really helpful. On others, not so much.
  2. Thanks, tango. As I said, this dramatically reduces the value of said commanders. I had been thinking of getting various unique commanders. Likely not now. Need to be able to play them on multiple ships w/o constant retraining to make them worth it. But, people spend money on lots of things in this game that don't seem to be worth it.
  3. DrunkenSailor63

    West Virginia 44 - WILL NEVER BE RELEASED

    Not that actual battle performance, or actually ever even being built, plays a factor....
  4. This applies to premium captains as well? If so...is this new? I have Halsey. Have trained him on various US BB's. Whenever I move him back to a ship he was previously trained in, it has me retrain him. In one battle, he forgot everything he learned about the other, similar ship??? If so, this makes any premium captains FAR less valuable than they might otherwise be. ie...why grind or spend coal or $$ to get them, if they can really only be used on 1 ship? VASTLY less valuable.
  5. DrunkenSailor63

    Weighing up Weaponry: American Main Battery Guns

    nm...addressed above.
  6. DrunkenSailor63

    Premium Ship Review - Champagne

    ...and drinking Champagne whilst doing it, of course! You can't drink Champagne while brawling, oh my, no. You have to sit in the back watching the plebes duke it out!
  7. Yep.. I was just agreeing with you :-)
  8. Yep. But people will whale it anyway.
  9. FWIW (since I was looking, others probably are as well)... Without FP, Alsace was a funeral pyre. Was ready to rage quit playing it. Felt like decks were swabbed with kerosene. With it? Seldom more than 1. So, I think for ships that are prone to fires, FP is the way to go.
  10. DrunkenSailor63

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    I'm not seeing a Naval Battles tab this weekend. Does that mean our clan didn't complete the pre reqs?
  11. DrunkenSailor63

    How to convert credits to doubloons?

    Ya, nothing has changed, just felt like ranting about it again. :-)
  12. DrunkenSailor63

    How to convert credits to doubloons?

    WG itself has said that. They have pointed out the cost of converting XP to get a ship is roughly equal to the dollar value of the ship. Indicating that the convertible XP itself has no value, other than letting you spend the money to buy the ship. So, not it isn't impossible to judge objectively. It is quite possible to just do that math.
  13. DrunkenSailor63

    How to convert credits to doubloons?

    Which answer the 'Why?' question. So they can extract more money from you. There is no logic to it other than that. Never mind that the conversion cost itself is ridiculous. Can you imagine 'converting' $100 US Dollars into $100 dollars worth of another currency, and being charged $100 to do the conversion? Ridiculous, right?! Yet that is exactly how this process works. Converting XP you have already earned into free xp shouldn't cost more than around 5-10% of the value of the XP you EARNED. Not 100%. But again, this is how WG math works, and its only purpose is to extract money from you.
  14. Yep, only seen that same video like literally 10,000 times now. It was old after...5.
  15. DrunkenSailor63

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Halland and Smaland very different. Best description is Halland is a torp boat with guns, whereas Smaland is a gun boat with torps. Harder to play (I'm not there yet); primarily a DD killer, but have seen people wrack up tremendous damage and kills in one. Seems a high skill high reward ship, which is right where I think premiums should be.