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  1. ShadowSL24

    Job Well Done.

    Ideally you'd like to be able to do both as a DD. You can go it alone, but you'd much prefer to have other ships with you. Less stressful that way.
  2. ShadowSL24

    Job Well Done.

    Good DD's like myself would have likely done that anyways.
  3. ShadowSL24

    Post CV first impressions here.

    It's just too inconsistent. That's the thing. T4 carriers can't do anything. At least from my experience. Otherwise, AA is moronically inconsistent right now. carrier planes are moronically inconsistent. And overall, the random battle I went into, everyone was hiding at the back of the map even more than usual because no body wants to go out and get caps or get spotted or even risk being anywhere else.
  4. 100% agree with this statement.
  5. ShadowSL24

    CV Work and AA Rework Impression Thread

    yeah, but if you have planes in the air, you can do absolutely nothing unless you recall those planes. And that completely negates any value those planes have and wastes time because now you have to launch a second squadron as that first is just going to fly back to the ship. It's stupid. frankly.
  6. ShadowSL24

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Yeah well until you do, Forget me playing. I'm done. How about telling your mods that shutting down threads of people who are very unhappy with your patch isn't exactly a great look for you guys.
  7. ShadowSL24

    Job Well Done.

    Since when could higher tier dds play hyper aggressively anyways? Radar took care of that. Hydro takes care of it mid tiers. Keep trying to take Destroyers out of the game, slowly you're working at doing so. This cv rework isn't doing much of anything that isn't already being done.
  8. ShadowSL24

    Low Tier cvs

    Actually I had a constructive thread earlier today, but thanks for playing.
  9. ShadowSL24

    Low Tier cvs

    ARE COMPLETE F'ING TRASH. That is all.
  10. I see a lot of people freaking out here. Hoooomygod, CVs are nerfed, CVs are Buffed. AA is terrible, AA is great! Wargaming you've ruined the game! Great. All of this is.. Completely useless... So here's what I think.... I think, honestly, it can work....... In it's current state, it most certainly does not. There's too much left up to RNG. AA can do nothing in one moment, then absolutely tear down a whole squadron the next. There's no consistency. From my limited time playing lower tier cvs, (high tiers may be different), I found the idea to be a good one, but poorly executed. The planes are clunky, don't respond well to commands. I've found more than once that I've tried to launch an attack from the planes and it simply does not launch. It just doesn't do it, and I end up having to try to fly over and do it again, which of course, you lose planes that way. I think it also is a bit irritating to see the numbers for AA go down on all ships... now granted it's all ships, but consistently losing 20+ points on all ships is a little bit concerning. But honestly, I still cannot say that this was any better than the old way of doing it. I really can't. Granted it's only been one day... but... Just right now, in it's current state, it's poor at best, and it's risking messing up other ships as a whole rather than improving carriers.