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  1. ole_seabee


    Good for you.. Im glad to see you happy for once.
  2. ole_seabee

    The number of DDs in a match

    I understand the frustration with dds esp in co opp its a joke. As a dd main'id be happy with 2 per team but only 1 cv on a side as a trade off way to many planes esp with the new jap hybreds.
  3. ole_seabee

    Premium Ship Review - Ise

    Played against 1 in radoms drops 8 torps at a time..... it was horrible. For me and the rest of the team was no fun. This might be the final straw for me... More planes.
  4. ole_seabee

    something is wrong.

    I dont care if its cvs or dd or bbs,.there seems to be so much anger in this game. Its not fun what can we do to make it better... Im so sick of the anti this anti that what can we do to have fun again..wow about money so they wont help us but we can. Its
  5. ole_seabee

    MM... Dual CVs at T8/9

    It is absolutely NO FUN ducking planes all game with double cvs.. I get a double cv game, i play it but then im finished for the day.
  6. MM the bigest problem in game i htee cvs and bb and ca teasing WOW put some money in making matches better we dont need more ships now we need stability.
  7. ole_seabee

    Logging in issues

    When i have this problem i hit CNL ALT DEL , start task manager close the program and the start it up usualy always works.
  8. ole_seabee

    Not all but BB play is digusting....

    Sorry not all but bbs are the trash of the game ,,, sit on ther asses enpugh ... its at the point id rather have a good cv player on my team. BBplay dishusting.
  9. Im sorry im a dd main and im not great... but i earn my keep. BBs lately are realy such wossies and so scared NOT ALL. But gawd get some chopps such garbage.
  10. ole_seabee

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    When I play co op I like the lesser player matches at least it is a challange to win.The other all players match i find to be a joke. But it seems that many enjoy it and dont realy want a challagne which is fine.
  11. ole_seabee

    How do i log off of the server

    Thanks greybeard your pictures did it i went there a few times but never noticed that option.
  12. ole_seabee

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    I deal with cvs to a certain point because i have too. But having said that i will not go near T10 with the new skip bombs and massive amounts of new cvs sorry its [edited] as a dd player. I barely have interest in the game at this point. And WOW could care less. (
  13. ole_seabee

    How do i log off of the server

    ok what is WGC ?
  14. Hi I have searched this on the web and i want to log out of WOW to try to set up a second account to use to join another clan? I dont seem to have the option anywhere. I go directly into my current account then i look around at all options and i cannot find a log out or log off server option anywhere. Thanks for any help in advance.
  15. ole_seabee

    Limit 1 CV per team

    Im a DD main and i would have no problem with hard capping 3 DD per team with only 1 CV per team... that would work for me.