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  1. ole_seabee

    How to stop getting Premium Time

    Its funny i put away my wallet and did not buy premium time when they ran out. So having non left i rarely get any free primium time which i would like. So it seems WOW loves to give the time to those who dont need it. Go figure.
  2. ole_seabee

    The most toxic players.

    I agree with the op.For me It is not enjoyable dodging planes all game game. I try to avoid being in games with cvs.. but when it happens i do my best to help my team.
  3. I have been happy sitting in bronze but iwas lucky ranked out quickley. So i said wth try for silver.I do think the qualification is a joke but i got thrugh it. Mostly i get beat up but i learn so much and most players are smart. A big difference than playing the joke that is called random. thanks im haveing fun loosing but learning and at least fighting a with a team trying to win.
  4. ole_seabee

    Sub Player Question

    your not gona get rid of sub players or cv players they have and advantage and want to play it.
  5. I have been trying to do quals for silver its as frustrating as the ranked game it self. I normaly just say in bronze but decided to try to quilify. Are the rewrds even worth the aggrivation ?
  6. ole_seabee

    Please get rid of ranked qualification

    Yup no cvs in 6v6 that it ).
  7. Is there a setting to make numbers larger on distances of ships i can hardly see them?
  8. ole_seabee

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    i simply want to have 1 place to not play without cv thats it even now they inindate ranked so may folks want to have the advantage i see lots cvs i hit esc key doesnt matter mm shows 0and you still have cvs just want 1 pace to play in peace.
  9. I agree with the op doule cvs are no fun at any time of the day. I see alot of cvs in the q and i hit the esc key.
  10. ole_seabee

    The Proper Way To Put Out A Fire

    Did it put the fire out ?
  11. ole_seabee

    3 subs 2CVs Match

    ya 4 cvs etc fk this game i wont disconnect but done for day comon WOW get a damn grip.
  12. It seems that cvs want to play the victim. For those that play long time cvs they know the advantage they have. Lately some (not all) come into game saying arent you glad to see me or im here to ruin your game. This is just as salty as anything that is said to them. Comon guys I dont care for dealing with planes all game ( ya get good) not fun. I play less and less if i get a 4 cv game im done for the day.. Sorry im not happy with the direction game is going. So you turkeys that say
  13. To many cvs in game as it is.
  14. ole_seabee

    Please remove double CV matches.

    I mayself dont like cvs but i understand people like to play them. One is fine. When i get a game with two per side thats my last game for the day. Its the only way i can protest.
  15. If subs can counter cv play lets think about the balance of it?