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  1. Stop telling me about how to play shima. I have played 2548 games with Shimakaze, stats PR 1569,76 and winrate 52,16% You didn't see my point. When you go capping you are getting planes over you and radar at same time. If you play yoloing edge map and don't go caps then you can survive.
  2. Tier 10 DDs gaming is ruined. Planes are too powerful and there is just too much radar. For example last game one bomb salvo killed 70% of my ship and made 2 fires to my shima. Then came torpedoplanes, and game was over at first 3 minutes. It is ridicuolus, there is nothing you can do. There is at least 3 radar ship on every map. Then combined with planes, what can you do? No where to go and damage is huge.
  3. Smuggler_

    1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    No, you are doing it wrong.. Just a pocket money. Not enough money at all. Stop forum reading and go make more money.
  4. Smuggler_

    1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    Absolutely nothing.. I don't even know how much I have.. enough. Just bought and skipped Kitakaze to Harugumo and I think I still have aroud 70mil
  5. Smuggler_

    1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    Nice damage
  6. Smuggler_

    1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    I see no 1000000 screenshot from Random Battle, you are not in 1000000 Credits CLUB sorry.
  7. 1008329 credits one game, 7 kills GG Post your 1 000 000 credits Random Battle screenshot here.
  8. Smuggler_

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Looks like that the biggest radar hype has settled down now.. only like 2 or 3 radar ships per side usually on tier 10. Sometimes there is more radars and CV:s to make it harder for dd. Looks like that this is rock - paper - scissors setup. BB - CA - DD
  9. This is ridiculous. Destroyer gameplay on tier 10 is idiotic now. Half team has radars and hydros. There is a permanent radar on game now. I thought they make some changes to radar game, but now it is even worse.