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  1. Kongo research cost?

    OK, makes sense but I've done those!? This looks like my screw up. Thanks, grinding multiple tier four BBs simultaneously. Figured Kongo for the best on the tech tree so I decided to push it through. Maybe I'll just go play the ItchyScrathy a bit and pay the toll. I'm true sick of Myogi. Almost forgot, blech!
  2. Kongo research cost?

    Sooo. Does the Kongo cost 20K or 26+K in research points? I just ground the Myogi (blech!) aiming for the 20K listed in BOTH the tech tree and the Module screen. I, happy I'll never have to drive the Myogi (blech!) again, go to cash in my shiny new Kongo and the game says now it's 26+K?!? What's this [edited]? I'm done with the Myogi, right. I don't have to take It (not her, It, like the Movie/books) again, do I? This is cruel and inhumane!
  3. IJN Fighters tier 5

    Actually not true. The Buffaloes got blitzed early, but the Wildcats fought the Zero even. The army air corps couldn't handle the Zero early on. Why? The USN really began STUDYING air to air tactics. And, the Zero is maybe the most over hyped fighter of the war.
  4. Carrier Aircraft.

    Only one to vote "NO, not enough". Oh well. Let's face it, in the time period covered in WOW aircraft pretty much dominated warships. Carrier TF versus surface TF, dead cruisers and battleships, only a question of how many planes they would lose. In the game model we're playing carriers shouldn't be in the game. Sorry, I just have trouble swallowing the whole "it's an Arcade game" excuse. My solution? I wont be swinging from the carrier tree. I WILL pay attention to my ships' AAA load outs. Kormoran Ooop.. there's two of us now!
  5. Mogami 155's or 203's?

    This has been argued about in Naval miniature wargaming back into the '70s. In actual wargames, the majority opinion favored the six inchers. Remember, historically, these ships did almost ALL their fighting at night at knife fight range. The fifteen sixes trump the ten eights at point blank range. Six inch Mogamis and USN Clevelands were death dealers extraordinaire at night. Kormoran
  6. Newcomers and their failings......

    If it's crazy and gets you killed then it's crazy! If it's crazy and it works it's not crazy. Crash stop could help keep you alive in some circumstances, I suppose. I got fooled today buy some clever chap! He was out about 10-11k stern to me sailing slowly away. I couldn't hit the guy for anything. six salvos NO hits. I'm not Davey Crocket but jees. Right before I got pulled off by a more Immediate threat (DD, close aboard). It dawned on me, HE'S BACKING UP. I'm leading his bow just a bit, so I'm shooting long. Crazy? Maybe, but it worked! So it's not crazy! Wont fool me again though. Fellow Noob Kormoran
  7. MM matchups.

    The whole carrier tree is a mess. Worse on the US side. Bogue CVE and Independence CVL both carry aircraft that DIDN'T EXIST when they were laid down never mind commissioned. The F4B was replaced by 1938. The last ones in service were expended as target drones in 1941. The Bogue's airwing should have F4Fs upgrade to FM2s and TBF/TBMs Which was pretty much standard for US jeeps. The TBFs should be dive bombers as I don't think the Jeeps carried aerial torpedoes. Least wise they didn't have any at Samar. I believe the airwings for the CVLs had a more diverse collection of aircraft, but nothing older than FM2s. Langley, Ranger, and Lexinton should all have at least one level of stringbags, maybe two. Older carriers, both US and Japanese should have three upgrades for their air wings. For example The first two modules for Lexington would look a lot like the current Bogue selections. The add a third module with F4Fs, SBDs and TBFs. Rangers airwing should have an earlier set of oldies for a set of three modules. Vindicators actually did serve on Ranger at WWII's start. Fun fact the Lex carried four, 2 gun, eight inch turrets until refitted in March 1942. Give those nasty little destroyers some pause. The tier order should be shuffled some as well. The Japanese Carrier tree has similar issues. The Japanese built only a couple prototypes of the A7M1 which were rejected by the IJN. So how can the Shokaku carry them? She was sinking right about the time the IJN was rejecting the A7M. The N1K1/2 was never intended to operate off of carriers, land based only. I haven' combed through the Japanese tree yet, the two examples above were the result of a quick scan through. Kormoran
  8. What Happens When You Sell A Ship?

    If you sell the ship, say an elite Chikuma, can you get it back? With elite status and upgrades? What happens to dismounted modules? Some of the modules appear generic, Fire control upgrades come to mind. Can they be used on a different class of ship? You really can't sell until it's Elite, that would terminate part of the tech tree. If you sell before elite you must be sure to research any ships at the bottom of the module trees, yes?
  9. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    OK, Albany Showed up!! Right after my last post! Thank You Wargaming! Kormoran
  10. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    Sorry been busy (busy enough to miss the Albany by 20 bleeding minutes!). Level four is the Key! Be awhile, Luckily I'm off work till September! I can't see buying a high tier premium ship as a relative noob. You'll not be able to use it effectively, and you will be playing all those high tier ships and players! Figured to be a recipe for disaster to me. I have purchased a small amount of Doubloons to do the conversion thing, no biggie. I also bought Aurora and the moldy imaginary battle cruiser out of curiosity. 56Bravo has it right! I'm older, have a good household income. I also have a job, kids, and my own house (OOps, and a wife!). I'm short changed on game time so paying for a little help seems ok to me. Also, those Doubloons and premium goodies are what keep Wargaming in business. So buy $10 worth of Doubloons, or flags, or a goofy $14 Ishizuchi and consider it an investment into the game! Kormoran
  11. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    I am trying to upgrade Chikuma. Also upgrades are the path to new ship research, so they're not really separate topics. The move up to the next hull IS a big deal to Chikuma, moves from three gun broadside to five. Going to rank 3 did not produce a change for XP conversion. Ounce I get Chikuma working better (three six inch is slow after Hashidate's 4.7s). I'm being accurate just not sending as much mail down range. Chiky hasn't killed a thing yet.
  12. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    Figured something like that. Thing is I've got to spend the xp on Chikuma to progress anyway, oh well... Thanks SKPSTR Kormoran
  13. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    Looks rather simple yes? Except the hot spot you have circled in red does not appear on my game screen. I have the "doubloons" and "credits" hot spots but no "convert XP" choice. My situation is...I'm level 2 on service record, the T1 ship Hashidate has made elite status, I've researched and purchased Chikuma. I want to convert 700+ ship XP (Hashidate) to free XP so I can research the hull upgrade for Chikuma. Do you only get one chance to convert XP, and never again? My thinking is I have to DO something to get the "Convert XP" hot spot to come up, hence "drop a dime." I've only played COOP games to this point to familiarize my self with running a ship in combat. I DO have Doubloons to pay for conversions and lots of credits. Is there some feat I must accomplish to get this button up. Must I slay the Hydra of Lorna, clean the Augean Stables? I do know to check the guides and have tried, There is a lot of chaf there with the wheat at this point. I'm a noob to WOWs and MMO's, but I've been wargaming since the late sixties. I DO consider myself a Grognard, there are far more complex and difficult wargames out there than any MMO. That not withstanding, still a noob looking for help! Kormoran
  14. Ship XP to Free XP for NOOBs

    In one of the tutorials on this forum I read you can convert ship XP to Free XP at 25xp per Doubloon. Also, My Hasidate reached Elite status (yippee!!). A message appeared informing me that all subsequent XP could be converted to Free XP. If these premises are true, how the bloody heck do you do the conversions IN GAME. No button or selection I can find will do either of these two things. Can I change ship XP to Free XP With either elite status or Doubloons? If so what do I click on; what keys do I type to do it? Hasi's got a Boatload of extra XP. Does some dime have to drop to enable these conversions Kormoran the Noob