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  1. Klingon. They can tease with the D7c command Battlecruiser as a premium at tier 8. Why not? I mean German CVs?
  2. I live in Los Angeles county, fine connectivity here! But the last week the game has become increasingly unstable, Nothing has changed on my end. The game is bouncing me out almost continuously. Got a four day suspension because the game is unstable suddenly? UNDERSTAND everything was working fine until 7.5 dropped. Same system, no changes. I'm going to be unable to finish the first two tasks of the Indianapolis Event.
  3. Crash Constantly

    Same, Crash out of Game and normally won't let me restart. Have to restart my machine to get the game up again. Tonight I get an unsportsmanlike Penalty 4 games. So what do I do? Games unplayable right now. Do I just keep running up Unsportsmanlike penalties?
  4. Yah, I was careful about setting the heavies back up. Then I spent every remaining dime paying for Nagato and York. Then realized I forgot the upgrades for Cleveland, DOH! So I must grind a little cash to fix Cleveland.
  5. USS cruiser Line shuffle, XP

    Where it will sit unused for all eternity or until I spend REAL money to free it up, say ten or twelve bucks. AH! we have understanding
  6. USS cruiser Line shuffle, XP

    I don't "EXPECT" them to "GIVE" me XP. Would like to use the XP I've worked for. My bad, I assumed and proceeded accordingly, next time I'll assume the worst (like thousands of XP dead and buried at tier six.)
  7. USS cruiser Line shuffle, XP

    I wouldn't be grinding it in prep for the move. Trust me I've stopped. waste of 70k+ XP. I intended to maximize the reshuffle. I'm going to switch to NOLA for Ranked so I can gift Baltimore. Waste of time.
  8. USS cruiser Line shuffle, XP

    Wow! That sucks. I get the rational when moving down... The Cleveland IS doing something COMPLETELY different. I'll get the word out. I know others are grinding Cleveland so they can leave LOCKED XP behind. GEEZ... Anybody else think this is just DUMB.
  9. USS cruiser Line shuffle, XP

    OK, I'm clear what happens on the heavy line, each cruiser moves down onw tier and leaves it's xp total behind. This makes sense for moving to lower tiers. What happens to Cleveland? Does she leave her xp behind for the Pensi to not use. Moving up the ship should take it's xp with it. I've had a light grind going on Cleveland so I can open the tier nine when (or shortly after) it goes to tier eight. Am I wasting my time grinding now?
  10. Favorite Ship (all tiers): Slayer of DDs, the Kuma. Why not Ranked at tier 4/5. You can't play ranked as a noob. Some people with marginal experience and not quite ready ships will get in, but we have that RIGHT NOW. Playing my tier 8 Alabama. My only other tier 8? Unready New Orleans. I'm afraid to take her into Ranked because I don't have enough games in her and her modules are not open. If I should make level 10 (gonna be hard!) I'm done because I have NO tier tens, hell no tier nines. Same goes for the permanent campaigns, two of the three require tier 8 or higher. More love for low/mid tiers.
  11. T10 Ops?

    I agree, in principle, but Eight, Nine and Ten are pretty exclusive zones. We may need two Operations of the week, one lower tier, one high. I would really like to be able to run tier fives as well.
  12. Kongo research cost?

    OK, makes sense but I've done those!? This looks like my screw up. Thanks, grinding multiple tier four BBs simultaneously. Figured Kongo for the best on the tech tree so I decided to push it through. Maybe I'll just go play the ItchyScrathy a bit and pay the toll. I'm true sick of Myogi. Almost forgot, blech!
  13. Kongo research cost?

    Sooo. Does the Kongo cost 20K or 26+K in research points? I just ground the Myogi (blech!) aiming for the 20K listed in BOTH the tech tree and the Module screen. I, happy I'll never have to drive the Myogi (blech!) again, go to cash in my shiny new Kongo and the game says now it's 26+K?!? What's this [edited]? I'm done with the Myogi, right. I don't have to take It (not her, It, like the Movie/books) again, do I? This is cruel and inhumane!
  14. IJN Fighters tier 5

    Actually not true. The Buffaloes got blitzed early, but the Wildcats fought the Zero even. The army air corps couldn't handle the Zero early on. Why? The USN really began STUDYING air to air tactics. And, the Zero is maybe the most over hyped fighter of the war.