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  1. Backspace__2015

    Armory not working

    Thank you Captain
  2. Backspace__2015

    Armory not working

    I have the same problem since WOW when with the new system. I gave up trying just save my coal and money
  3. Backspace__2015

    PT, balance changes

    Hi, I being playing since the beginning of World of warships over six years and thousands of dollars, the games have not changed much ,maps ,mm, and costs so high to play tiers 10, I sometimes just stop playing. Everything is geared to higher prices. No middle tier ship. I hope there's improvement. Good Sailing Captain.
  4. Backspace__2015

    PSA: Naval Training Center Update

    I been playing World of warships, NA. For over three years , when the games started. Been with the game up and down, game many hours and money in to the game. I am in my 70, go grinding all the tiers!!! . I don't have the time and energy, many times I feel like giving up, playing less. Maybe the game is for young people. Even one or two lines take years.