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  1. Backspace__2015

    Thanks for the Birthday gift WG!

    Great, is also my birthday !!! Now what to get.
  2. Backspace__2015

    Subs = Credit Sink?

    The ship's are sinking slowly, abandoning ships
  3. Backspace__2015

    I will continue to play this game

    Play and enjoy but, NO REAL MONEY FROM YOUR POCKETS, NO BUNDLE CHESTS, Have fun.
  4. Backspace__2015

    Here ya go WG, fixed it for ya. Your welcome.

    Okay I play, no real money, play and enjoy. After 6 years playing i brought enough premiums ship's .No more loots boxes, no more Halloween chests and Christmas chests. The biggest money pit. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! ,sink some ships.
  5. Backspace__2015

    Deep- water torpedoes

    Can deep-water torpedoes sinks submarine?
  6. Backspace__2015

    You know your despised when the CCs leave

    Some players don't have a backbone to stand on , is like going to Las Vegas, slot machines.
  7. Backspace__2015

    Stay with WOWS or nah? Had it.

  8. Good Luck on your future thank you for yours hardwork .  Will missed  your  ships review  write  up. WOW players  followers  long  enough  know  who you are,  thanks!

  9. Backspace__2015

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    The WOW don't care about the customer, for 6 years playing and thousands of dollars suckered into the game, they take the money and turned their back. Don't give them your money!!!
  10. Thank you for your  hard work. 

  11. Backspace__2015

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I been playing WOW for over five years from beta. Many things have changed, the only they know how to suck our wallet dry, they have very bad PR !!!. They don't care because they already taking the money. All new players don't know anything about warships, sadly. Good luck everyone.
  12. Roma have good guns but have to have patience ,when ships show their sides
  13. Backspace__2015

    Don't blame WG for WoWs gameplay issues

    Yes the younger generation don't know strategy and the words war gaming and teams play. Bots are programs by gamers. Getting shot at and destroy takes time to get used too.
  14. Backspace__2015

    Armory not working

    Thank you Captain