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  1. IcyThor

    Battle results

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I was dormant on WoW for about 6 months. Lots of changes while I was gone. Icy
  2. IcyThor

    Battle results

    When I finish a battle a new page pops up called Battle Results. It tells me that I have earned points for win, sink ship, etc. What is this all about? Icy
  3. IcyThor

    Ring of Fire

    I expected to get Black Friday containers from Ring of Fire.
  4. IcyThor

    Ring of Fire

    @YeOldeTraveller......Thx for the info. I really wanted the containers as prizes. Icy
  5. IcyThor

    Ring of Fire

    I have been playing the T7 CV Ranger this week and I sometimes acquire Potential Damage which creates a scoring update on something called The Ring of Fire. I can't find any info about it other than it requires 7,400,000 Potential Damage points. When I tried playing my T5 CL Omaha to acquire more Potential Damage points it did not create a scoring update. Can anyone tell me what the full criteria are for this "mission" and when it ends? Icy
  6. IcyThor

    Should CV Manual options be removed?

    I have been away for several months and just found out about the CV rework. I think CVs were fine the way they were. This new rework makes it all about flying planes, not fighting with ships.
  7. Thanks for your post on the Name and Shame thread.  You did a better job than I did of showing the bullies the light. 

    Its a much better game with players like you and less like them. 




    1. Herr_Reitz


      I'm blushing - thanks! And I DO really appreciate you checking it! 

    2. IcyThor


      They don't realize the shame is on them and they put their name to it. 

      Good people have to stand together.