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  1. Is the Essex worth it?

    I play a lot of Public Test, challenges, missions, campaigns. That requires me to play a lot of different ships at different tiers. It doesn't leave me time to become expert on one ship or one line of ships. Essex (at least for now) does offer 2 fighter squadrons and I like an AS set up. I will probably give her a try. Thanks for your input. Icy
  2. I have enough XP and coins to move up from the Lex to the Essex. But after the "rebalance" I wonder if its worth it. I get a few more planes and one more squadron but the planes are still T8. I was really looking forward to owning the Midway but she has been downgraded also. WG has taken away our choice of loads. Maybe, USN CV T8-10 has become just a coop toy?
  3. Lexington AP bombs or HE

    I didnt like AP at first. I was getting too many 800 point hits. Then I realized I had to target BBs and certain CAs. I have had some 7 out of 7 accuracy using auto drop for big points. I save torps for DD, CA and CV. I wish we could switch bomb types like you can artillery shells. But with the "rebalancing" I don't think we will get any sympathy that WG went too far on CV changes.
  4. Missouri

    I stumbled across a WoW article that the Missouri can be purchased for 750,000 Free XP. After this sale, she will be retired from the game. I don't understand why they would retire the battleship where the Japanese formally surrendered. Its of great historical significance. It will cost me about $125.00 to purchase doubloons to convert Elite XP into Free XP to buy her. That is not in my budget for now. I knew that I wanted to own her sometime in the future but that wont happen.
  5. Test server question

    As usual believe nothing that WG says or puts into writing. This wont be the first time I have lost a great reward because they lied. I like challenges, mission, campaigns and PT to earn even small rewards like signal flags or camo. They also offer a change from the ordinary coop and random. Now they are taking the fun out of this because they wont use a proof reader. Icy
  6. Test server question

    How do I acquire the Aigle for campaign missions on PT 7.2?
  7. Nope. WG refuses to include a modpack with each update. That would be too easy.
  8. Citadel questions

    The best BB I have is the Texas. How close do I need to be to have a good chance to citadel? If I use the Cleveland or Pensacola how close?
  9. Citadel questions

    I need to start getting citadels for upcoming challenges and missions. I never have focused on cits. I have the Texas, Omaha, Cleveland and Pensacola. Those are my ships best suited for cits. I am best at playing the Omaha but normally fire HE. Her AP is not powerful enough to breech most armor. Suggestions or tips? Icy
  10. I need to join a clan

    I am an average player who plays for FUN. I have been playing about 1 year and have over 4600 battles. I am not skilled enough to help you win a championship. I like to win but the world does not end if there is a loss. I have some experience in the Montana from Public Tests. I want to play some clan battles to learn what it is like. I am 70 years old, flexible schedule, willing to play a backup role in battles. Send me a PM. Thanks. Icy
  11. I downloaded Aslain's and the game would not boot. The loading appeared to be at 100% but it would never move to the Connect page. Has WG blocked Aslain's now?
  12. That is amazing work. I would pay CASH to buy that as a permanent camo for the Big E. Be sure you get a part of the income from its sale. God Bless all our vets.
  13. If you like Aslains use it. You might get a warning but if they start banning players in quantity they start a war their financial resources cannot win. If they wanted only their official mods used they would package them with every update and write code to block all other mods.
  14. Midway rebalanced

    If WG did listen to the player community they would rewrite basic programming so we don't get so many drops and freezes. They would also have "official" mod packs ready when a new update is released, not 1-2 days later. How did we ever get HSF which makes the game a cross between anime and cosplay.
  15. Midway rebalanced

    I have experience with USN DD and CV up to T10 from participating in Public Tests. I really like the Fletcher and Gearing as they are now. Gearing has 16km range on torps and with all the rebalancing I have to wonder how much longer that will last. 16km isn't practical because few ships will sail in a straight line for that long. But when the enemy is positioned right, it can be effective to shoot 2 wide spreads and get a few hits on several ships in a tight group.