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  1. IcyThor

    Euro tokens

    If i use Euro tokens to buy Premium Time will that carry over into my live account? Icy
  2. IcyThor

    World of Warships Ship Opinions: Minotaur

    I have been using the Mino in PT 9.2.0 Part 1. I wanted a ship that had a good rate of fire to keep the grinding from getting too boring. Her big firing arcs remind me of USN 152mm. But, one of my favorite ships for fun is Omaha so I am used to big arcs. I have been using RDF and its useful, but I am still in the learning process with it. The paper armor is a major problem. I try to stay at 12-14km and lob shells onto BBs that are already engaged. If I catch a DD out in the open its an easy kill. The AP only wont start fires and isnt strong enough to get many points. I wish it had HE that was capable of burning BB, CN, CL. In one battle I fired a spread of torps at a DD. The DD changed course. I rained AP on it and it changed course again right into the torps. It was like herding cattle. After only 3 days playing Mino I give it a big thumbs up for being a FUN ship to drive.
  3. IcyThor

    Minotaur — British Tier X cruiser.

    I am playing the Minotaur in the current PT. I am using RDF and it helps. But, as has been said there is too much radar out there.
  4. I shot down 18 planes in one co-op battle with the Minotaur. I did not get credit for Europe: Clear the Skies.
  5. Armory text is half English and half Russian.
  6. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    Reinstall, here I come. I am in the PT.
  7. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    I will give it another try.
  8. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    I have a separate acccount for PT. Its the same email address but its always been that way. No problems on the last PT. Any chance the PT is starting late?
  9. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    I have no geek skills. All of that would be beyond my abilities. If I can login to the regular game but not PT it seems like the issue is PT related. That makes it a WG customer service issue.
  10. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    I always use the Game Center. I can login to the NA server for the regular. But still cannot login to PT.
  11. IcyThor

    Pt 9.2

    I am unable to login to the PT server. I downloaded the game last night. It updated again today. It asked me to authorized my user ID. Then I am stuck on the loading page with a small circle spinning. I have tried 3 times. Any suggestions? Icy
  12. IcyThor

    Update 0.9.1 - Feedback

    Where can I find the detailed information about new modules and the changes to existing modules. I remember seeing it one time, but I cant find it now. Icy
  13. IcyThor


    @Maddau.......Thanks for the info. Icy
  14. IcyThor


    If I dont buy the Mark 17 can I still have elite status?
  15. IcyThor


    I left the game after the CV rework. Now, it seems that ships can detect torps at enough distance to avoid them. Another buff? I do like the idea of 71kts at 10km and less.