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  1. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    I had given up playing Cleveland and Pensacola because of their slow style. They played more like BB and I am terrible at BB play. Originally I had planned to grind all the way to 10. But instead went into DD and CV.
  2. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    I already have the Cleveland T6 and Pensacola T7. What happens to the ships I have now. I just got screwed with the USN CV adjustment.
  3. PT 7.3

    They have new completion requirements for the Public Test. Now we have to finish each one in order. In the past, I could look at all the missions and choose an action that would score points on 2-3 missions at the same time. This is going to be more demanding. The rewards are still the same. April Fools missions with new fantasy ships should be fun. The Halloween scenario with the Gorgon was interesting. Good luck everyone. Icy
  4. French ship containers

    Thanks everyone. I remember now that I got them from the scenario, Stars 1 and 2. But once you win those stars you cannot repeat. So no chance to get more crates. Another WoWs episode poorly planned. Even with the French 7-8 BB, the rewards are minimal for all the work involved.
  5. Any educated guesses when PT 7.3 will be released. Trying to schedule my playing with the already announced mission, challenges for 7.2.1 Icy
  6. This game is supposed to be and do a lot of things that it doesn't. Your rewards will wait until you can collect them on a weekend.
  7. I have the Bretagne and Normandie. How do I win more containers to get the Lyon and Richilieu? I cant remember if I got them from a challenge, mission or campaign. The event ends on the 16th so I don't have a lot of time. I don't want to grind 72,500 XP in Normandie to upgrade to Lyon. Ughhhhh Icy
  8. Bismarck crates?

    I still get a chance to win Bismarck crates from time to time. I have 12 out of 24 with 7 dups. It takes 4 dups to buy a missing item. They may continue offering Bismarck crates in game for a while?
  9. Name and shame

    I have a good friend who is 20 years old. All through school he was called stupid, idiot, [edited] because he was different. It was FUN for the bullies. Now he is diagnosed with what will be a lifetime mental health disorder made worse by all the FUN that others had at his expense. When I see someone being SHAMED I make it my business. Words can be more damaging than a baseball bat or gun. But some people never learn. You and your allies have already NAMED and SHAMED yourselves on this thread. Was it fun? Now the world sees the real you. Let your mom read this so she can smile with pride. This is my last post on this thread. There is nothing I can say to those who refuse to learn.
  10. Name and shame

    I have only played her in PT. Her rate of fire is about 175 rounds per minute. Her guns are the same size as mid tier USN CL but RN AP is much more effective and you get more pens. I remember getting cits in her, which is unusual for me. She is a sweet ship. You must be experienced with her to have that kind of score.
  11. Name and shame

    2 cits out of 470 hits and a loss. RNG did not like you in that battle.
  12. The mini map often has my ship orientation displayed improperly. Often the heading is 180 or 90 degrees different from the big map. Icy
  13. Thanks for your post on the Name and Shame thread.  You did a better job than I did of showing the bullies the light. 

    Its a much better game with players like you and less like them. 




    1. Herr_Reitz


      I'm blushing - thanks! And I DO really appreciate you checking it! 

    2. IcyThor


      They don't realize the shame is on them and they put their name to it. 

      Good people have to stand together. 


  14. Name and shame

    Its bullying anytime you call someone an "idiot". It says more about you, than the person you are trying to belittle.
  15. Name and shame

    1. I am lucky you are not the Grand Ruler of the internet so I am here whether ready or fit. 2. You have to reply to my post so something yanked your chain. 3. Whether he is a or b its none of your business. Its a GAME ! ! ! !