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  1. I installed this mod today for the first time. Its very similar to Aslains. Even when you choose English you will see a words in Russian. During the game a few ship names are in Russian but its not a big deal. The major drawback is I didn't see an option to disable battle chat. I don't like seeing all the anger, cussing, racism from frustrated players. Is there anyway to disable battle chat using the regular game?
  2. Go into settings for the game and choose Dynamic Crosshairs. It is part of the game and it is great. When I was new it helped me a lot to learn how much to learn different types of ships. Also how much to aim over or under depending if they are sailing away or toward you at an angle.
  3. Either the ships gods smiled on me or someone reading this forum got a server reset. I now have only 1 ship locked in battle. I got a DD back, finished the credits and torps missions. Whenever I get sunk early in a battle I hang around. I spot for my team using chat. I watch how others play and learn. I never try to jump into another battle until one is actually finished. Thanks everyone for your input. We have the best forum gals and guys on the net.
  4. It is now 3 ships that are in battle. The battle freezes, I have to close the game and when I return the ship is in limbo. This is not a whine. I hope that someone in Russia reads the forums and sees the problems that we have.
  5. It has been several hours since the battles should have ended but the game software thinks both are still in battle. Even after 4k battles this games teaches me new lessons about glitches on a regular basis.
  6. The game is telling me that 2 of my DD are already in battle and I have to choose another ship. The game will not allow us to play 2 ships at once so its impossible. I closed the game and reopened. That didn't work. I closed the game, rebooted my laptop and have the same problem. I need the DDs to get torpedo hits for Pan Asia. For now the game is useless to me. It does no good to report this to support. They always reply there is nothing wrong with the game or their equipment. If any of you can contact the Russian team please tell them. Icy
  7. Should WG mandate that players master a ship before they move up? I need a T5 IJN DD for a mission. I am grinding up as fast as I can and not really learning the ships as I go along.
  8. I disagree about balance. Each ship should perform exactly as it did when it was in service. Players can decide if they want a challenge by driving a weak ship. Or if they want it easy by driving the most powerful ships.
  9. For her tier the St Louis has almost as many hit points as a BB. But Omaha and St Louis are both able to put a lot of shells into the air constantly.
  10. 0.6.13 Bug Reporting

    I am unable to access the clan page. It was fine on 11/13. Today, 11/15, after multiple tries it will not load. The logo just keeps spinning.
  11. I would rather play an Omaha against T7 than to play a Cleveland. Speed, agility and rapid rate of fire make Omaha a better ship than Cleveland.
  12. I am still trying to learn how to strafe. Everyone says its simple so I must be doing something wrong. Its a work in progress. Even without strafing ability I have learned to play defense, attack ships that are alone.
  13. Thanksgiving Weekend

    I just finished anger management therapy. Black Friday wants me in another country. lol At that price I would renew. Let me know if you see that offer again.
  14. Thanksgiving Weekend

    I would renew my Premium if they had a good sale. Its a 4 day weekend. Can only watch so much football. Any more national anthem protests and the NFL advertisers will leave.