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  1. IcyThor

    Rework help please

    @Capt_Ahab1776.........Thank you. Icy
  2. I have to go back to T4 and learn CVs from the basics again. Are there any WG tutorials or good videos I can watch. Right now, all of my planes get shot down. I cant keep planes in the air long enough to learn when to activate attack mode. When I first came to WoW I had to learn how to lead artillery in the Erie. It was a learning curve but at least I could see if my shots were long, short, etc. In this my planes die and all I see is F. I rarely see if my aim is long, short, left or right. Icy.
  3. It keeps getting worse. I looked at the new directive. All missions are T5 or higher. That means I cannot use T4 CV to learn and earn for a mission. We have to shoot down planes but there are NO enemy planes in coop battles. Why include premium Pan Asian ships in the missions? Does WG really think we are going to spend any money on this mess now? Compared to the total rework these are minor but show how little WG pays attention to what they do. Or how it impacts players.
  4. I only played the last Public Test and knew right then this was a disaster. All the testing was done by highly skilled players who were able to easily adapt to the new format. They did not consider the average player who is here fun. I dont want to devote the time to become an expert. I want a game where I can have FUN. WG just told all of us that the years and games we played to leanr this game dont mean anything. They threw us into a NEW game. Those of us who ground CVs from T4 to T10 put in a lot of time. We should be compensated for that. I am playing DDs now. They always seemed too fast paced for me. But with the AA nerf and few players knowing how to drive the new CVs I dont even worry about air attacks. My AA shoots down the incoming planes or I get hit with a few rockets. WG took CV right out of the game.
  5. Fly Strike Win was promoted that we win Lunar containers and one of the Pan Asia ships to complete all the directives. I have collected almost all of the containers and no Pan Asia ships. I am tired of these long, drawn out "missions" that promise a lot but deliver little in the way of rewards. Its the same with Daily Mission. Its getting boring and tedious to do the same thing, day after day. Prinz Eugen we were supposed to have a chance to win the Prinz but that required Pan Asia ships. What did Pan Asia ships have to do with the Prinz? Now we have reworked CVs where we all need to be playing T4 CV but T4 wont win any points in missions. Really bad planning WG. Icy
  6. The only way to learn the new CV rework is to start at T4. But, all the missions and directives require T5 or higher ships. I tried using T6 Ranger today so I could advance in missions. Every squadron I sent out was shot down. I got a few rocket hits on BBs. When I use WD to navigate I get huge moves of the planes. I cant figure out when to go into attack mode. I am either too early or too late. I am willing to give the CV rework a chance but I cant start at T6 because of the steep learning curve. Whoever decided to nerf AA on all the ships needs to be sent to Siberia. I cant fly long enough to learn. DUHHHH We also have time limits to retrain commanders and refit ships. I think its a week for one and a month for the other. It took me MONTHS to grind up to T9. Now, you want me to decide how to make major decisions in less than a month? We need at least 6 months of being able to experiment with skills, modules, etc. Even the best CV players are unsure what to do. Who decided not to match a bot CV against a real CV in co-op? We need to shoot down planes but there are NO planes in co-op. DUHHH again. Finally, I loved playing the old style CVs. I could influence the entire map. Now I fly 2-3 planes? I dont want to fly planes. I want to fight in SHIPS. Lastly, I am 71 years old. This is the first and only online game I have ever played. But, its not FUN any longer. Icy
  7. IcyThor

    New Carrier Re-work

    I agree that the rework is a major difference. The T7 Ranger was my favorite ship to play. Now it is the T6 Ranger and I have not been able to adapt to the new controls. I can get rocket hits but only 2 torp hits and no aerial bombs in almost 50 games. Since the rework I have been driving T9 Fletcher and shooting down planes. I have no idea how to activate AA sectors but I still shoot down planes. At the same time planes spot me and every ship in range focuses fire on me. I rarely survive more than 4-5 mins. I play the game for fun. Its not fun any more. At least not to me. Icy
  8. IcyThor

    Fletcher advice

    @Capt_Ahab1776 I upgraded the torp speed and range. But I am terrible at being detected and killed in the first few mins. Should I hold back even if others yell at me?
  9. IcyThor

    Fletcher advice

    I am retraining a 16 point commander from one of my CVs to command the Fletcher. I am new to the Fletcher. Which are the most important commander skills? I have her set up with Main Armaments, Damage Control, Aiming Systems, Propulsion 2, Steering Gears 3, Main Battery 3. Should I change any of these? Is the Fletcher best played as guns first or torps first? I played the Mahan until I got some experience. I just skimmed past the others to get T9 for ranked. I know people in Ranked will yell at me for my lack of experience but I only want to complete the first level. Icy
  10. How do you acquire the premium Pan Asian ships for The Long March? Icy
  11. IcyThor

    New Langley

    I have tried bombs and torps. No hits and lots of planes shot down. I must be starting my attack too far away because once I get the aiming guide on the ship it turns back to orange. It sounds like use rockets only until I am good with them and then try the others. Thanks. Icy
  12. IcyThor

    New Langley

    I am playing the reworded CVs for the first time. I cant hit a bull in the butt with a baseball bat. So far, I have 5 rocket hits in 6 battles. What distance from enemy do I go into attack mode? Any suggestions for good videos to learn? Icy
  13. IcyThor

    Your very first Premium was?

    My first premium ship was Texas. I live about 15 miles from where she is berthed so it was a no brainer for me. She was my first BB and I am still trying to adapt to playing BBs. I just used a Krasny Krym that I won to grind out 4,000,000 credits. She has a lot of flaws but if I play her like a BB in random games, stay at long range with her rapid rate of fire she becomes fun to play.
  14. I am very curious how I will feel about the deleted CVs. Ranger is my favorite CV and its headed for deletion. I could never keep planes in the air against T10 AA. I feel the same way. I went to T9 before I gave up and went back to T7 Ranger.
  15. Iron Duke is the only UK ship that I have to grind 4,000,000 credits. I won her along with a 10 point captain but have never played her. What skills do you recommend for the captain. What upgrades for the ship? If I fire HE there is a 40% chance of starting a fire. Would IFHE be a good skill to match her HE qualities? She is very slow and awful traverse speed. I hate wasting skills on those issues because they usually give something but also take something away. Icy