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  1. shootieboats

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    That's pretty much the opposite of what you want. You're a DD, so you outspot everything. Unless you're capping in a way that needs an island, or ambushing a stationary ship, you want to be in the open so you can see everything coming at you and adjust accordingly.
  2. shootieboats

    Sync Dropping Even In low Tier

    Fwiw, those are all new players, and they are Sync-dropping so they can play with BurkeBlack, a reasonably popular Twitch Streamer who I assume is being sponsored by WG? So there ya go. That's exactly why you ran into the group of players you ran into.
  3. shootieboats

    Repuplic Token Event Terrible for New Players

    No sarcasm at all...this is not that game. Everything cool in the game is locked behind either a grindwall or a paywall. You just kind of have to accept that, be content playing low tiers and missing out on some premium ships, or find something new. Sorry m8.
  4. shootieboats

    More and More Passive...

    One of the requirements for getting it was to never talk about it. Stop ruining it for everyone...come on dawg! You should know better. Edit: And seriously, if you ruin the invisible 75 knot torp buff for us too, we'll have to kick you out of the club.
  5. shootieboats

    Even though I hate PSA's, here is a PSA, King of the Seas today.

    You actually can't always do that. Only Twitch Partners are guaranteed transcoding, as Twitch doesn't always have the spare processing power to transcode all the streamers on their platform for the various resolutions. So it's only available to be watched at Source level quality, which in this case was 1080p because that's what the broadcaster was broadcasting at. It's recommended various places that if you're still an affiliate, broadcast at 720p to make sure more viewers have the downstream to handle it when Twitch is bogged down. Note that this isn't directed at you or your stream specifically as I don't know your specifics, but that's almost certainly what that other guy was experiencing.
  6. shootieboats

    Ranked season 11: The pain shall be real

    FWIW, that's normal. Sprint was the outlier as far as ranked floors. 12 is the typical normal Ranked last irrevocable rank.
  7. shootieboats

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    I do pretty well with 3 smokes. I'm not sure in ~35 games I've ever been cursing myself for having Vig over Super and wishing I had a 4th smoke. If it only got two smokes with premium though, I'd definitely have to switch.
  8. shootieboats

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    At it's heart, the Flint is basically a mobile defense platform. Position it, deploy it, secure the area via kills or fleeing, move on. It's like the attack Bastion of WoWs, for all you OW players out there.
  9. shootieboats

    [12.2] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    He removed it because it either didn't work or BROKE the game. So really what you ought to go with is "thank you".