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  1. shootieboats

    Ranked season 11: The pain shall be real

    FWIW, that's normal. Sprint was the outlier as far as ranked floors. 12 is the typical normal Ranked last irrevocable rank.
  2. There have never been irrevocable ranks higher than 12, minus the 2nd or 3rd season a few years ago where we had one at Rank 10, which was horrendous. I'm not sure why people are complaining about them being removed. Sprint wasn't anywhere close to actual Ranked, and the floors were never going to stay that way for the real-ish deal. It's like wondering why they took all the bots out of the game when you switch from Co-Op to Randoms. They are completely different modes.
  3. shootieboats

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    I do pretty well with 3 smokes. I'm not sure in ~35 games I've ever been cursing myself for having Vig over Super and wishing I had a 4th smoke. If it only got two smokes with premium though, I'd definitely have to switch.
  4. shootieboats

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    At it's heart, the Flint is basically a mobile defense platform. Position it, deploy it, secure the area via kills or fleeing, move on. It's like the attack Bastion of WoWs, for all you OW players out there.