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  1. Wookie_Legend

    Bad winrate 40%

    Hey if anyone is wanting to really learn this game and progress and have fun, come to my channel on every Saturday. I have a training room for new players or players that are having trouble with the game. I also want players that want this game to get better by helping others join. I have everyone on discord and talking. I also have Coaches that will help you on the spot. If you really want to learn then make that choice. NO ONE is the best at this game. Even the best players are trying to progress everyday. Learning the CORE fundamental is very important to all players that want to get better. www.Twitch.tv/Wookie_Legend
  2. I am creating a room and lets say I don't have a captain on my of the ships i am wanting to play or the ppl in my room want a ship that has no captain they need to leave to do so or I have to close the whole room just to get a captain. that needs to change. also is it possible for WG to allow all the maps and all the options for all maps to be played example the 1v1 maps. I use the training room on Wednesday and Saturday to train new players and its very annoying how bad the whole situation is with training room and the lack of how easily WG can make it for the players. If its for training its to annoying to set up, even the smallest of tests. There should be also a shooting range that makes it easier to practice shooting with ships at all ranges. also a situation that has the bots all set up at all angles so players can practice against angling. For spectators is it possible to also ad a pain brush options that only the spectators can see or even a ping system so training rooms can be also more useful for CB. The training room can be made to help the player base and I believe this is a lost opportunity with the set up right now. For the streaming community it is also used to have fun with the viewers and it brings more joy to this game.
  3. Wookie_Legend

    Missouri GIVEAWAY 1000 follower milestone.

    guys this is no joke i won a code from the Anchors away tour and i talked to Wargaming about it and i can give it away. I already have the ship so i want someone else to have one too. i will be giving it away on stream at a set date after i hit my goal. come check me out and see for your selfs.
  4. Hey everyone it Wookie_legend. I have won a Missouri code and im Giving it away. I am also going to be giving away other prizes from ships to doubloons. Come help my channel hit that 1k follower milestone and get in on winning one of the most popular money making ships around. The ship is retired now but still wanted by many. NA server only. You can find me @
  5. Hello everyone i have recently been to the Anchors Away Tour in Seattle on the Turner Joy and had won the Missouri code card. I am going to be giving that ship away with a lot of other ships and prizes when my channel hits the 1k followers mark. So come on by and say Hello and see what im all about. I enjoy coaching in Wows and helping everyone out. Come join the Discord as well. If your looking for a casual clan then feel free and send a request. No one is rejected.

    Discord info is https://discord.gg/GQZgRH

  6. Wookie_Legend

    WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    Im a Wows Streamer my channel is rated M for mature. twitch.tv/wookie_legend Ps. im giving away a Missouri when my channel hits 1k followers among other prizes.