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  1. zakkmylde

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    13 pages of comments and no response from WG other than Hapa arguing with a poster about how updates get installed. They clearly don't care about our concerns. That's fine. I'll just continue spending my free time playing other games.
  2. zakkmylde

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    First of all, the main argument against the commander skill changes is that they were not necessary at all. This change didn't need to be properly tested; it needed to be scrapped altogether. Second, I used to participate in the test server, but I stopped for many reasons. Wargaming got cheap and decided that giving a T6 premium ship as a reward for testing was just too expensive. It is often difficult or impossible to complete the missions on the test server because (as you mentioned) no one is there. Hmm, I wonder if those two things are related... Also, the missions on the live server take so long to complete that, unless you play for 12 hours a day, your time generally needs to be spent there.
  3. zakkmylde

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Well Wargaming, I think you've finally gotten me to my breaking point. I have spent countless hours grinding insane missions over the years to get rewards, and while some of those rewards probably weren't worth the time and effort at least there was a reward at the end. Now you are expecting me to spend countless hours re-configuring ship upgrades and commander skills and my "reward" at the end of it all is that I now have to grind 1.2 million XP on my 19 point captains again because they are no longer maxed out. (By the way, I have over 2 million XP on my Shimakaze. You'd think that this captain would be at 21 points after this update considering the amount of XP I have amassed on this ship. Nope, 19 points.) I'm sorry, but you all don't pay me enough to spend this much time configuring your game to make it playable again. I think I am going to be stepping away from this game for a while very soon. There are plenty of other games out there from companies that don't randomly require their players to spend hours re-configuring their game because they decided to drop an "update" that nobody asked for or wanted.
  4. zakkmylde

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Another "feature enhancement" that nobody asked for that just creates more work on our part to continue to play the game, not to mention it's now going to be more expensive to retrain a maxed out (21pt) commander. But I guess that's the whole purpose of this change, right? To try to get people spend more money to do the same things they could do before. I currently have 117 ships and even more captains and the thought of having to respec all of them is overwhelming. I think I'm just going to reset all captains and remove all upgrades and then maybe play coop for a while or just not play at all. It would have been nice if they moved all 19 point captains to 21 points with this change. I have been playing for years and have about 2.5M elite commander XP built up, and that is only enough to move two 19 point commanders to 21 points? Something seems broken here.
  5. Not wanting to play against CVs does not mean that they are going to automatically win if CVs aren't there. That argument doesn't even make sense. You're like the third person to post that graphic and it's pointless.
  6. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    Is that a typo? If not, can you do the same for Harugumo so we don't have to use a 4 point commander skill to make the guns useful?
  7. What is competitive about having a ship class that can attack from far away and literally never has to put themselves in harm's way until the battle is pretty much over? What is competitive about forcing a clan to play a CV even if none of their clan members enjoy playing CV? What is competitive about taking a ship class that is OP in 12 player battles and putting them in 5 player battles?
  8. zakkmylde

    Santa Crates

    While I admittedly haven't spent a ton of money on this game, I have spent real money on more than one occasion in the past. It's for reasons like this that I won't spend anymore money on this game in the foreseeable future. Shady business practices, showing little regard for the thoughts and opinions of its players, a customer "support" team that I don't think understands the definition of the word support, the Benham grind, the Philippe Auboyneau grind, the Puerto Rico fiasco, the failed CV rework they shoved down our throats, the Summer Tokens event that was never fully explained and was over before most people knew what it was, the King of the Seas collection where they made it so complicated to earn crates that you had to go to 5 different places and hope you got there at the right time, and now blatantly lying to people about the possibilities of getting ships from Santa Crates. If I didn't have so many hours invested in this game, it would be easier to walk away. But for now, I'll just keep playing for free and not give them anymore real money until I see things change for the better.
  9. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    If you unlocked Minnesota during early access it was probably considered a "special ship" (the ones with the gold wreath around the ship icon in port). You can add commanders to special ships without retraining. Now that those ships are part of the standard tech tree they are not considered special anymore. That is my guess as to what happened.
  10. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    There are 7 missions and you only need to complete 4 to move onto the next directive. You don't have to do the ship specific one if you don't want to.
  11. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    ^Have a gander at the first pull quote above.  I was actually referring to Plymouth. I'm fine with Flint; it has smoke but not radar and it's already in the game. I don't see the need for a premium T10 with smoke and radar, but I guess the unskilled players need something to play.
  12. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Are you talking about the new year perma camo for T8 ships? I have this mounted on 4 different ships and it's still there.
  13. zakkmylde

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    More cruisers sitting in smoke screens... that's just what this game needs. And on top of it, this one has radar too. Seems fair and balanced.
  14. zakkmylde

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    Just more evidence that this company is going to do whatever it wants and ignore the wishes of its players.
  15. zakkmylde

    Public Test 0.9.9

    So it sounds like they aren't giving away the T6 ships anymore? I guess I'm not doing the test server anymore. That was the only thing that made it worthwhile.