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  1. Oh emperador. A ver si entiendo. El concurso es un diseño gráfico de una bandera o un camuflaje que esté relacionado con Shiperween? Para concursar sólo es necesario postear aquí el diseño, no?
  2. YAY for Des Moines, wow such a change from Craptimore.

  3. Sad about the Baltimore, what a disappointing ship it turned out to be. I'll play her more, sporadically, and see if I improve on it and learn what niche she's intended for.

  4. Now I have the Baltimore, sold the New Orleans, and continue playing my wonderful Pensacola!

  5. Had the New Orleans, liked it, but nowhere near the Pensa.

  6. Been having great games on the pensa, can't wait for the New Orleans