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  1. Mobius_111

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    Oh boy, even more Soviet paper ships, just what the game needed.
  2. Here you go, hope you can feel the balans))) like this poor Iowa as well: https://youtu.be/AjsRXIGX1A8?t=105
  3. Here is a nice little video showing what happens to BB's with this fun and engaging mechanic WG added. Granted, it seems like two ships called in all three, but this is still absolutely ridiculous
  4. Mobius_111

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Thunderer is to be expected, so many are just hiding behind spawn sniping, though now with Dead Eye being removed there is really no reason to nerf it anymore, since it will no longer get the dispersion benefit from hiding on the 1 line. Stalingrad is just a big middle finger to everyone who either got it from the flags for the first few CB's, or who got the steel for it the hard way. With the now short radar time, as well as still having full burn times being a "super cruiser", there is literally no reason to take it over Petro, even with the .5 second nerf to Petro reload time coming as well. And we all know WG will ignore any advice from testers and players and keep everything in the dev blog exactly how it is described
  5. Report every Smolensk automatically, as well as CV's that go straight to nuking a DD at the beginning
  6. Not going to bother, just going to be an Allied stomp fest unless you get super-unicums on the axis side. All the radar, DD's that are much more effective than their axis equivalent (looking at you Kidd), and German BB's still useless with the secondary nerf. Hard pass for me.
  7. Mobius_111

    X New Jersey post in SEA forum.

    I'm still waiting for W23 shells for the Iowa class. They certainly would be a perfect weapon for a TX NJ
  8. CV's deserve all the hate they get. "Just dodge" says the CV player takes away 20k unrepairable hp with AP bombs. "Just dodge" says the CV player that takes half of a DD's health with a single rocket strike. "Just dodge" says the CV player who racks up 200k+ spotting damage with planes the enemy team can't even see. "Just dodge" says the CV player who can make multiple strikes on historically great AA ships, like Iowa and DM, while only losing 4 planes or so. "Just dodge" says the CV player who can still launch full strength squadrons 15 minutes into the match while almost all of your AA has been stripped away due to actually playing the game. Yes, Flamu may be over exaggerating with some points, but it still remains that CV's are terribly unbalanced, and that WG does not give a damn.
  9. Mobius_111

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    In case you all were wondering, German full secondary builds are still significantly worse than before, even with WG tossing them a bone with a small "buff" from the decreased accuracy. They even seem to shoot slower than before. Don't have numbers, but based on game play that is how they seem. Hope WG is proud of Dead Eye GK's, as that seems more viable than secondaries now
  10. Mobius_111

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    People mentioned a lot of good points, but there is something else everyone may be missing. In the proposed Axis vs Allies deal, what is stopping the Axis team from getting dominated every match? In case you don't know what I'm talking about, no German, Italian, or IJN ship has radar, which is a tremendous perk in matches. Either WG needs to rethink the whole thing, or limit it to tiers that don't have radar (T6 and below, T7 has Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Belfast), which I would honestly like to see, as lower tiers continue to need more love.
  11. Wait, did you think that superior Soviet BB, pride of the world's shipbuilding, would be sunk by puny American torpedoes?
  12. I love YY, can do some pretty good damage with its stealth torps and catching a DD in smoke with radar. However, it is in desperate need of a buff. Gun reload got increased half a year or so after it was released, then completely forgotten about. Then comes the Smaland, with it's radar and fast firing guns, exactly what YY was nerfed for. Sure, you could get it's legendary upgrade, but that goes in the same spot as concealment, making it worthless for any self respecting DD captain.
  13. Mobius_111

    Which warships do you hate the most

    CV's, and I auto-report Smolenks
  14. Mobius_111

    PTS Secondary test

    What an absolute joke of a rework. After watching Flamu's video, it looks like we are going to have blue lining BB's all over again. Any attempt to brawl will result in disaster, and CV's will still rein supreme unless you are in a Vermont and go balls to the wall AA spec. Absolutely disgusting job by WG
  15. The only way CV's will be balanced is to make either a separate game mode with them in it, or remove them completely. As someone said in a match I was in, there is no way to balance a ship class in a game like this that made literally everything else in the game obsolete.