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  1. Mobius_111

    Your monthly super container

    Managed to get Exeter, probably the first ship I've gotten in at least a long time from a normal SC. Not too bad, at least it is yet more coal or other goodies come anniversary and Christmas time
  2. Mobius_111

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    So for those of us who do play regularly, this is pretty much screwing us over even more? All the steel I got from CB's, RB tokens from convoy, Brawl wins, credits, free xp, signals, etc, gone because heaven forbid a simple refund would suffice. I haven't felt this screwed over since Puerto Rico, well done WG, well done
  3. Mobius_111

    Zao hasn't aged well.. so let's tweak it!

    Honestly Zao needs to get the GK/Khab/Moskva treatment, and get replaced by a better designed ship from the ground up. Zao is notorious for eating citadels at almost every possible angle, has absolutely horrendous torp angles, lost a tremendously helpful rudder shift from the UU, and I don't think is still back to the original hp it had back in like 2017 or so before it was first nerfed. Have the new ship with better armor so it could possibly angle from most shell calibers, torp angles that do not require going broadside to the target, and a higher hp pool for a supposed heavy cruiser.
  4. Mobius_111

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    You joke about that, but back in like 2017 or 2018 there was a temp mode called Bastion mode, where you could cap certain shore positions and get benefits from it, and enemies had to destroy them like in certain missions. One of them was like a permanent radar, and another was shore based artillery that auto attacked enemies. But yes, a lot of this stuff is very concerning with these new ships
  5. Mobius_111

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    Yet another scummy gambling event by Wargambling, but it is nice that they added a small little tab that asks if you are over 18, because surely no kid has ever lied about their age. Absolutely despicable
  6. Mobius_111

    Superships (Tier 11) and rewards

    Here is the link fyi, the final answer is on page 5
  7. Mobius_111

    Superships (Tier 11) and rewards

    I asked @Ahskance back when the Dev Blog was made stating Superships were being added to tech trees, and he asked up the chain. Apparently there is something special planned regarding Superships for those events, but they cannot say now. Personally I wish they would just say right off the bat what is planned, but as long as I still get something for owning them I won't complain. I'm curious though if it may be something to do with the economy change coming up
  8. Mobius_111

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    Subs are WG's most recent pet project, can't let anything bad happen to them like CV's. That is why they get insane insane damage saturation, immunity to radar, immunity to detonation I'm pretty sure (though can't think of anything that specifically says so), and can hide under ships with no way of being damaged, or that the only way to damage them underwater is RNG related
  9. Mobius_111

    Wargaming stop the lies about subs

    Subs are taking even more of the same route as CV's. Can't have any AA or other sort of counterplay for CV's, and now can't have ships actually try to DC subs without getting shotgunned
  10. Mobius_111

    Got an email, +500 Gettoni...

    Having issues claiming mine as well. Opens the website link, but nothing comes up when I open WGC with it, or enter the game Edit: NM, took a couple extra minutes to show up, but at least they did
  11. Mobius_111

    DevBlog 331 - Closed test 0.11.6 - New Ships

    Yet another dev blog showing that WG no longer plays the game, and think big numbers = good to go Lets see here, yet another T8 German BB, yet still only one TX cruiser lol burst fire on a DD with 6.2 detect lol higher dpm than smolensk on a DD, with 6.0 detect and "slow" torps that are still some of the fastest and finally, lets take everything people complain about in a sub, and then buff the damage, and give them something others have been asking for for regular subs since inception (manual fire deck gun)
  12. Mobius_111

    Most Ridiculous OP Ship Ever?

    Besides the usual Nakhimov/United States/Eagle/FDR, Petro was definitely up there, though I'm not sure how bad the armor and freeboard nerf is. Conde is now also a very strong contender after playing her in CB's. Also, while I would not say that Kamikaze R is OP,, since it is just a reskinned Minekaze, the fact that those like myself who have it have been playing for so long have the appropriate skill to maximize it. There has been plenty of older stuff I remember was OP but has since fell to the wayside. Zao back in the day could shoot at ships all day and remain undetected, as even the gun bloom detection was shorter than its range at the time, but was nerfed so bad she still is not up to how she was after all the mechanic changes. Khab used to be a beast when it used to be the fastest DD in the game, but has also been nerfed hard, and now have Kleber/Marceau do what it used to be able to do. HIV is only good for meme lighthouse builds after how badly its acceleration got nerfed
  13. Mobius_111

    Did WG abandon the CV spotting tweak?

    Mini-map only spotting is already implemented when Typhoons show up, dropping detection to 8km, or when ships are on the opposite side of the map from you, and therefore outside of your vision range, but still spotted by a teammate. There is literally no reason why it can't be done for CV's, and would be a step in the right direction to actually balancing CV's.
  14. Mobius_111

    Idea of the next April Fools Event

    I would like something that wasn't just a copy-paste of a previous one. Remember when effort actually went into all the special events? I still remember the Bathtub Battles fondly, and now we just get the same Halloween missions, the same battle royale stuff, and maybe a space one which was regular battles just with fancy skins on everything
  15. Mobius_111

    The Sunk Cost of San Diego

    Ah, that was the one where they had a nerf planned ahead of time. Thanks, I'll amend the OP