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  1. Lazy_Joe

    Arms Race

    It often helps to visualize a matter to be able to deal with it. Here are your team mates:
  2. You are totally right. The gloves should come off. We don't need no ship restrictions. WG should remove any restriction for CB. Ship bans, bans on CVs and subs, restriction on how many ships of one type can be chosen. If a clan wants to play with 7 CVs they should be allowed to do so. Especially if they paid for it. Why actually restrict the amount of players per side? If one clan can field 25 players and the other only 7, well, then they are just too weak to win.
  3. Lazy_Joe

    When will tIXs being allowed in Random Ops?

    Counter question: If they allow T9 in ops what do you think how long would it take before someone asks for T10 ships in ops?
  4. Lazy_Joe

    2023 is the year of the...

    Nah, what he said was the other way around. Gimmicks aren't a 2023 thing but 2023 will be a gimmicks thing.
  5. Yes, you are right.
  6. Lazy_Joe

    If True This Is Concerning

    Please notify us when somebody finds an Asian server where there is no widespread and organized cheating.
  7. Lazy_Joe

    Wind blown trees

    One of my all time favourites.
  8. Lazy_Joe

    How do you know when you've gone dark again??

    The game is designed brilliantly. That you are not spotted doesn't mean that you are not spotted. That's a nobel prize for game design right there.
  9. It's the dive bombers that make Midway strong. The TBs are complimentary.
  10. You mean NA, EU, CIS, and SEA? I don't know how it is for NA but in EU nobody wants to interact with the CIS guys.
  11. Lazy_Joe

    Ram result

    Well, let's hope your information helps o4x4 and MichaelMuller.
  12. Lazy_Joe

    Ram result

    Well, now that you have heard of the possibility that a game mechanic works differently from what you thought... why don't you do all the things that you described above?
  13. Lazy_Joe

    Ram result

    I wrote "in this particular case". The explanation for the flag signal is just a copy of the in-game text. It has been documented several years ago, possibly first by iChaseGaming, that the flag signal works in the way I mentioned it above. This is old knowledge. This is not the first time I am part of this conversation. Every now and then somebody wonders about the result of a ram when the ram flag signal is involved. Why? Neither the game nor the wiki explains it correctly.
  14. Lazy_Joe

    Ram result

    You are confusing replay speed with ramming speed. I just asked @o4x4 to play back his replay on very slow speed.