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  1. Lazy_Joe

    No Dev Strike? wat

    Maybe you can look at the replay? Cause if Vauquelin didn't have SE than it's a bug.
  2. English is a weird language. If you add an 'e' at the very end, soot becomes sweet. Good appetite.
  3. Lazy_Joe

    Is Tier 9 the new Tier 8 now?

    Yes. How long was your break from the game?
  4. Lazy_Joe

    PTS 11.7 pt2 Update Patch

    Didn't see that early enough. Played on PTS, got disconnected with the message that the server will be restarted. Was directed back to loading screen with the orange "CONNECT" button. Pressed it - error message pops up, cannot currently connect to server, please try again later. I tried after 10 minutes, same message. I tried again after 10 minutes, same message... and so on and so on. Would be nice to get a message that there is a newer version available and that I have to update first before connecting.
  5. I actually stopped typing at that point and thought about which of the two words is more fitting. I think it's a tie.
  6. Lazy_Joe

    Yuro on the Rock

    I think this is a much bigger question and requires an ethical and philosophical debate. It is about how we as a society but also as individuals will deal with such situations. it touches more and more people as we dig deeper into the background of some people that whose output we found inspirational or enjoyable so far. Maybe the time to highly ideologize people and put them of some sort of high pedestal - no human being is all good or bad. You ask: Is it ok to enjoy Wagner even though he was an anti-semit? You can continue to ask questions such as: - Is it ok to enjoy driving on the German Autobahn without speed limit even though Hitler had these build to move his war machine around faster? - Is it ok to watch and enjoy The Cosby Show? - Is it ok for Chinese people to like Mao Tse Tung even though he had millions of Chinese killed but he helped to reclaim China from the invaders, removed corruption, drove out foreign influencers (except of course communist ideologists) and brought a sort of political stability to his country? - Is it ok to be proud of a country because it has done good deeds many times, even though it has also loaded guilt upon itself many times (slavery, invasion of foreign countries, initiate coup d'etat, government initiated discrimination of parts of own population)? ... The list of questions is almost endless it seems and you can ask them on the smallest and the biggest levels. I feel that this forum might be the wrong place to have such huge, important and deep debate. It seems it is a topic that affects almost all of us, some people opt out of the dialogue, though.
  7. Lazy_Joe

    Collision Noise in Co-Op

    Bots seem to target any ship that goes half speed or slower. You might have been the only visible ship to run at a speed below that threshold.
  8. Lazy_Joe

    Yuro on the Rock

    Please do not mix up me giving an explanation with my personal opinion. Edit: LOL. Even if you only state that just because you explain something doesn't automatically mean that it is your own opinion, one gets downvoted here. Thank you, anonymous, for proving my point above (and for the laugh).
  9. Lazy_Joe

    Yuro on the Rock

    Two reasons: On NA forum you can announce to give money to all players and somebody will downvote you. Yuro is still seen as a racist by some, thus promotion for his vids is seen negatively. Edit: Got downvoted. Of course.
  10. Lazy_Joe

    So I went Seal Clubbing...

    Easy. You play tier 10 and look at how many people with 400 battles mess up the game there.
  11. Looks like a misconception I also had. I thought WG wanted us to test some specific things on PTS. However, they do not. They just want people to play generally in order to see that the version runs smoothly in regards to network operations and to gather data for the famous spreadsheet. Any detailed bugs that are found by players are a bonus and sometimes not fixed until a much later version. So, you are not asked to test the particular mission that you mentioned.
  12. Not quite sure if you have followed the CV rework discussion at all over the past 3 years. WG tried to prevent what you suggest. They want the exact opposite. I doubt that your proposal has any chance of being integrated into the game.
  13. Lazy_Joe

    What the hell did WG do to the Yamato

    I think you are absolutely right and that everybody should listen to you. I admire your courage to speak your opinion openly in public.
  14. Lazy_Joe

    if you could remove green bots...

    WG knows how to make the co-op bots better. We already had them in the game. Even in PTS 0.11.6 the bots were better during the first two rounds and got dumbed down for round 3. WG does not want co-op battles to be any better. They know how to do it but deliberately keep the battles in the current state. So, asking for any kind of improvement is just a waste of energy, I'm afraid.