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  1. Captains! I have gone to great lengths to bring you an in-depth, comprehensive spreadsheet that details all the statistical data you could ever need about your favorite ship. From your standard HP, Max Speed, and Concealment values, to advanced analytics such as theoretical FPM, or Fires Per Minute, a figure calculated using a ship's chance of starting a fire and its rate of fire whilst taking into account the number of main battery guns that can fire full broadside, this spreadsheet has it all. For new players, this is a valuable tool that can help them decide which of the 24 daunting ship paths to embark upon. Whether you're looking for a high-DPS ship like the Minotaur or Des Moines, or a sneaky ship with powerful torpedoes like the Shimakaze or Zaō, this spreadsheet can give you the answers you seek. For experienced players, this spreadsheet can absolutely inform you about values pertaining to your favorite ship that can help you make decisions about which ship to take into Ranked, or which ship to make your 15th-some tier X. Unlike the Wiki, my spreadsheet takes the base values that the game provides us with, such as Maximum AP Shell Damage, and, in addition to supplying it, analyzes it to calculate advanced metrics such as Full Broadside Maximum AP Shell Damage Per Second. Do these terms sound too complicated for you? Worry not! I have conveniently highlighted values in GREEN, YELLOW, and RED, based on the determined applicability to newer players. If you are a so-called newbie, maybe base your conclusions upon the GREEN and YELLOW statistics, and ignore some of the in-depth REDs such as Initial AP Shell Velocity. However, there is value to every single data figure that makes up a WoWS ship, and that is why I have included as many extensive values as I could find so that the data nerds (you know who you are) can finally have the spreadsheet that they deserve. Currently, the spreadsheet contains data for only Tier X Ships, and I am working dutifully to extend the data to all tiers. Please message me if you want to request that a specific ship be added, and I will include it as soon as possible. I am also aware of the cells with missing data. This is a result of the Wiki having incomplete data or ongoing calculations. I am working hard to fill these in so that you can have the most comprehensive data available. Action Stations! Google Sheets Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Px9izWt34JUSE2aFaLwSptbyFMwPkeUjgC5bfelxLRw/edit?usp=sharing The spreadsheet will be updated regularly, so make sure to check back often! If you wish to sort the ships by a specific column, (i.e. to find the ship with the highest Full Broadside DPS [Spoiler Alert: Its Minotaur]) first, go to File -> Make a copy -> OK, then select every ship's row (excluding the two headers), and finally go to Data -> Sort range..., select the column(s) and ascending/descending order, and click Sort. WoWS Ship Statistics.xlsx