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  1. Calmer_Llama

    Any new proposed Armory Ships scheduled?

    Thanks for the additional info. My only real choices at the moment are Yoshino/Salem for Coal and Somers/Bolognaise for Steel. Given your comments a temporary wait may be in order (that goes for the 25% off coupon as well) :)
  2. Calmer_Llama

    Any new proposed Armory Ships scheduled?

    Guess I save my currency then. Thanks!
  3. Just curious if there are any new Coal or Steel ships coming to the Armory soon? Didn't see anything official in the Dev blog and thought someone might have an inkling. I'd rather hang onto my Coal/Steel for now if there's something new coming soon ... Cheers, CL
  4. Calmer_Llama

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    Calmer_Llama on NA Any of the DD premiums. For a while there had been a lack of T9-10 DDs apart from the originally elitist Black; being a DD main I felt rather miffed. Then all of a sudden: BAM! ... Neustra-whats-his-chops steams into view! KAPOW! ... Benham makes her apocalyptic debut. BIFF! ... Somers tells Shima to go sit in the corner and sulk. KERSCHLAP! ... Friesland waltzes in with her clogs over her shoulder and a tulip between her teeth. If I had to choose one ... Friesland ... only because I like holding down mouse 1 and have a nice mod that changes my tracer colours each salvo turning it into a rainbow simulator.
  5. Calmer_Llama

    Pro torpedo beats ...

    Rectified. The teammate got a chuckle as well.
  6. Calmer_Llama

    Pro torpedo beats ...

    ... yep, no-one's going to believe THIS was deliberate! Enjoy your weekend ... https://youtu.be/pXHGm6rR3Sg
  7. Calmer_Llama

    Tier 4 CVs - Seem rather ineffectual

    Thanks for all your feedback. Much appreciated and see you on the high seas soon.
  8. Admittedly it is early days however I cannot help that feel that bringing in a Tier 4 CV into Random battles is just waste of time. My planes still seem to get wrecked by even isolated ships and I'm not doing much damage. Seems like the best effect I can have is just to spot everyone and make sure Caps cannot be easily taken. I'm not going to sell mine off yet (as there may be some kind of buff in the very near future) but I was wondering of anyone else has any thoughts on this. For all I know maybe CV Tiers 4 and 6 are merely stepping stones to the more interesting (and challenging) T8 and 10 CVs further down the track and all WG are trying to do is get us to spend our FXP to balance the market :)