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  1. Number9Pounder

    one big problem i've noticed is forum

    half of that i knew nut the other half i had no ides if it wasn't for every single player contributing ideas on a silver platter they would have had nothing i spent three months on research for each posts it's effectively a giant slap in the face
  2. Number9Pounder

    one big problem i've noticed is forum

    very nice chatting with someone with opinion the change for the form must have happened October 2018 either way i hate it
  3. Number9Pounder

    one big problem i've noticed is forum

    i prefer to keep all the posts that I've Done so i can read it
  4. one big problem I've noticed is what the forum out of the 200 something posts that i have done i can only see half of them i thought it was an isolated incident but it's not i do revisit a lot of my posts quite frequently every single person that has posted their posts have just vanisshed from 2019 to 2016
  5. ive seen where this game is going and doesn't look good the latest announcement on kay battles take the fight on the sci-fi side the thing is though this game has always been based on you always having a team that's the main reason why i had stuck with this game as long as i have second you decide to put every single player against ever other single player that's a problem it will destroy the long-term longevity of this game
  6. fix the who's online on the world of warship forms i rather enjoyed that part of the form what the most people are on there i normally decide when to post an article based on how many people are on there
  7. It appears I just now realized that quite a few of the people posting on my post happened be trolls For the record team damage Alsofriendly fire known will never be removed The crime suits the punishment U team kill someone or friendly fire someone you turn pink I have been shot at sunk torpedoed by people like that
  8. I do like these back-and-forth conversations quite reasonable enjoyable
  9. I do like these back-and-forth conversations quite reasonable enjoyable
  10. something everyone should know about these kinds of ships About these kinds of ships in the past no game has ever been successful and trying to pull it off They've always gone with the easy approach which is to have guns only know aircraft no torpedoes
  11. That's pretty much something I was going for on this one but it's still an incredible idea Something also Aircraft carriers used to have a limit on how many aircraft could be on board a limited number of aircraft and once they're gone they're gone The new model it eliminated the aircraft limit on board a ship it's an endless stream of aircraft
  12. A comparison standard aircraft carriers versus Hybrid ships Let me start off by saying this is a 100% Face off comparison comparing the 2 kinds of ships Normal standard aircraft carriers have aircraft anti aircraft guns and the ship those are all the working moving parts of a ship's type Hybrid carriers are hybrid ships in general are so much more complexThis is the reason why You have mean battery guns large caliber You have anti aircraft You have to purpose secondary armament You have aircraft You have the ship You have torpedo tubes You have repair party Some cases Radar And you have scout aircraft