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  1. Number9Pounder

    Submarines just my opinion

    you're missing some crucial facts about the Royal Oak and it's sinking one is the torpedo at hit in area that was not protected by the torpedo blister watertight compartments we're not closed during that particular night on that vessel which led to the quick sinking of the ship
  2. the best part about this topic is it inspires conversation disagree about a lot of things but come to an agreement on others as well PS thanks I might come across a little crude sometimes but I mean well you're not hurting my feelings whatsoever
  3. Number9Pounder

    Can we have a T8 clan battle season?

    I agree that six season was a complete disaster of Clan battles Graf Spee was a huge source of the problem which resulted in a very painful experience for everyone
  4. I've done a few topics on the karma system to have it removed because it is often abused
  5. it seems as though there is very few people actually playing Clans it seems as though the number is just too low for people to participate problem 1 is the threshold to be able to play Clan battles is too high at tier 10 the other problem is a little more complicated where people cannot fill out the roster of clanmates the easiest way I can think of is more complicated put together with two Clans with incomplete Clan rosters to play Clan battles effectively the other more complicated issue is trying to figure out to exclude certain ships from Clan battles that proved problematic rather than the alternative which they've been doing for quite a long time now which is to completely discontinued Clan battles at certain tiers
  6. Number9Pounder

    Can we have a T8 clan battle season?

    more of that again yes
  7. yes if they're going to have female Captain's they need to voice to match wish I find a little bit annoying that they haven't already done that
  8. Number9Pounder

    proposal for Italian Aircraft carries 

    past encounters have proven to be very problematic like a bad Omen which is to come I stick to what I know which is ships guns and tanks not aircraft this is a game it's not meant to be historical I have really no interest in doing anything T8 or T10
  9. Number9Pounder

    what do you think about this

    what do you think about this https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/252523-new-permanent-camouflages-for-french-battleship-dunkerque /
  10. the reason why I like brawl battles so much is because of t5 in T6 maybe T7 but no
  11. Number9Pounder

    proposal for Italian Aircraft carries 

    I don't use Wikipedia for research on topics such as this making the assumption is very foolish
  12. Number9Pounder

    proposal for Italian Aircraft carries 

    new revision just finished Editing