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  1. there was one more commercial i was looking for but i could simply not find it never let me go of your drama mercedes benz commercial 2017
  2. LL Bean commercial words with friends 2 commercial xbox one x commercial
  3. this is a really old commercial but so funny
  4. not bad at all
  5. not bad at all
  6. the best commercials that I've seen iPhone x the commercials indeed the commercials being human the comerical
  7. words of life. the small things in Life mater adult are like Kid with much better toys live every moment like its your last words to Live by there is time and place for enerything words to Live by
  8. i agree with that 100% shaming someone directly solves nothing. i applaud this post for being the solution of peace.
  9. alright im back i just had some business that i had to take care of for a while. 


    Im trying to put together a team of respectable players that doesnt scare the crap out of other players


    This is a invitation to play alongside me.


    in nov

  10. What did you have in mind? I know there's been a lot of chatter for more ladylike camoflague for ships. I'm just not sure if anybody will be interested in it. world of warship
  11. Posting notes Posting is extremely enjoyable when you complete or finish a post It's extremely annoying that there's people on the forum who are trolls and completely messing with people's work However as a wise man once told me When you get knocked down, get back up.
  12. i'd like to clarify some things in a couple of my posts. the reason i used language that sounds like a teenager its for the younger crowd that reads my posts
  13. Not exactly the information I was looking for
  14. Opinions on a weapon from World War 2 called the Squidmortar anti submarine