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  1. Getting Past Rank 10

    Very true indeed.
  2. REally it shouldn't matter how many shots it takes it should matter if its fun to play.
  3. Not bad, not bad at all. Remembering the good old days.
  4. Very true indeed. There is an exception to these if you have a hero player playing as a DD almost all of the sections it is bad for the team.
  5. The reason why the French fleet was so hard to build was because each ship is unique. Also, it was so hard to build because it has 6 gun terrenes This is not a roast on the French fleet.
  6. the most challenging ships to build ijn tone heavy cruiser 1-400 sub Germany Type XI B sub HMS M1 Sub HMS Agincourt Battleships PT boat japanese Mogami ship Hybrid japanese takertu Frace Commandant test USS Brooklyn CA-3 USS Georgia BB-15 USS Kentucky bb-6 uss ST Louis CL-49 ijn japanese Faso BB Pennsylvania (ACR-4) later Pittsburgh Heavy and light cruisers italian aircraft carrier Giseppe Miraglia The entire French Fleet. Japanese battleship Hyuga Hybrid HMS Submarine X1 Launched? November 1923 surcouf submarine USS Maine ACR-1 Not for the most obvious reasons because 4 × Gatling guns .45–70 caliber The Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon 37mm
  7. HMS Furious battlecruiser vs Konig

    HMS Furious battlecruiser 18in gun vs Konig Which ship do you think will win on a 1 on 1 fight?
  8. the best commercials that I've seen

    Mercedes-Benz 2017 Winter Event Commercial - "One Wish" Born This Way l Brotherhood of Muscle l Dodge Apple Watch Series 2 - Live Bright - Apple the New ipad Pro - On Any Given Wednesday - Apple iPhone x - Animoji Yourself - apple
  9. the best commercials that I've seen

    that was a interesting old cool commercial i actually remember that commercial when it came out
  10. the best commercials that I've seen

    that is so cool and interesting
  11. the worst 3 games systems designed

    the worst 3 games systems designed the white Xbox 360 the reason why because of the red ring the only thing it worthfor recycle or spare parts the big Play station 2 the reason is because if the fan stop working it frieds the system AND Xbox 1 the reason why because of the small hard drive 500GB