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  1. Captain_Suzuki

    Best 99 cents I ever spent

    Sometimes I pop my Kagero captain (cause my Kagero just kinda sits around now that I have Yūgumo) into the Tachibana and I run around like a madman. Pretty fun.
  2. Captain_Suzuki

    Help Against T8-10 AA

    So I recently upgraded from the Ryūjo to the Shokaku, and I have to say, I am struggling a little. The biggest issue I have is against AA. I learned at T6 to dodge flak, but AA at that tier isn't too scary. At T8 it's a whole new story. Flak bursts are much more numerous and I have a lot of trouble making an impact on game outcomes. My questions are: - How do I avoid flak bursts? I know to alter speed and direction but I often still get hit. Is there a mechanic to the way the bursts are generated? - How do I avoid losing planes after I enter my attack run? The majority of my planes are lost in this window. - How to best use the heal on the torpedo planes? - How to generally conserve planes? - How do I handle a group of strong AA ships if I must attack them? I know there's a lot but anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Captain_Suzuki


    The worst thing for me is that I am at a skill level where I can only shine if my team sucks but then that almost always results in a huge performance loss. Unfortunate lol.
  4. Captain_Suzuki

    Border Humping

    This really isnt so bad anymore. I get that it's annoying, but you can learn how to shoot these guys pretty fast and the reduction in engine power does hurt a lot. And usually when players are bordering it's just because they weren't paying attention and now they're stuck but don't want to broadside an enemy.
  5. Captain_Suzuki

    ARP Takao

    I'm a free to play player, so I value Takao a lot (she was there when the ARP ships first came out, and could be earned via a mission). Now though, she's just an Atago with ARP colors. I liked the anime, but not enough to spend money in the ship. If you really want the anime aesthetic, go for it. And on the subject of camo, I personally think blue looks better on her (plus low res computers might actually have difficulty rendering her against the ocean, so it actually functions as camo).
  6. Captain_Suzuki

    The simple fact is DD anti aircraft fire is OP

    There is not a single DD in the game that isn't terrified of a CV. Except maybe Friesland. IJN DDs AA is only there to give the crew something to do. USN DDs AA (and pretty much everyone else's AA) is just there to give their position away. And if you're Kleber, it doesn't matter cause planes can see you before your AA can start shooting.
  7. Captain_Suzuki

    Maximizing ARP rewards

    I'm honestly super psyched about this event. Ive I've already got the ships, so this is just lots and lots and lots of opportunities for millions of credits and handfuls of port slots! Too bad Iona and Gunzou can't be earned though. Big bummer. Hopefully this time around there isn't as much complaining about the anime and lack of realism. Some of y'all newer players should've been around a few years ago when that was the hot topic on the forums. Those were interesting times lol.
  8. Captain_Suzuki

    I hope I'm not the only one

    I mean, I've started battles in my Yugumo thinking I was in my Kagero. Good thing they're basically the same ship because I dont usually even realize until a good chunk of battle has already elapsed .
  9. Captain_Suzuki

    Help with AP Bombers

    So I was recently looking at my post battle results screen for a Ryujo game and I noticed that my bomb accuracy rate is abysmal. I think I shot 18 bombs but only four hit. I generally try not to drop from high, so I swoop very low. Still though, the bombs will just not hit, even if the ship fills up half the reticle. My question is how does the dispersion work? Where is the best place to put the reticle when approaching from behind, or perpendicularly, to ensure a hit? Thanks
  10. Captain_Suzuki

    Who have you seen in game

    @Ensign_Cthulhu I remember seeing you over last weekend. Our team got lucky when a cyclone kicked in and we were able to regroup. I think the map was Neighbors. I was in the Mogami that got surprised by two Baltimores and a Izmail at less than 8km. Was a fun match though!
  11. Captain_Suzuki

    What's the Current Meta?

    A very tasty cheese indeed, comrade!
  12. Captain_Suzuki

    Carrier observations of a new CV player.

    @General_Strom Watch this guy called "Top Tier" on YouTube. He's got some great CV tips. As a side note, I'd focus the USN CVs, as you are. The IJN CVs have very trollish AP bombs that either nuke the target or do nothing at all, but are deadly in the hands of a skilled player. The British CVs struggle to do big impact as their torp planes are kinda meh and their bombers are heavily reliant on RNG to give you multiple fires. The USN CVs are a good mix.
  13. Captain_Suzuki

    What's the Current Meta?

    I'm not really looking for anything other the answer to the question. It's not to improve my play, comment on the game, or whatever. I'm just curious as to what it is. As far as I can tell it's the time of the battleship and the light cruiser. I think CVs get thrown around a lot but I really don't feel them really screwing anyone over except destroyers. Of course, I dont have a high tier BB... so there's that. So what is it?
  14. Captain_Suzuki

    RN Directive week two. Say what?

    The missions aren't too bad and are no where near as ridiculous as the PR directives. In fact, I'd say they're fairly reasonable. Really no need to get so riled up.
  15. Captain_Suzuki

    A few things to fix moving forward

    I dont think comparing Yamato to Kremlin is fair. I dont think comparing many things to Kremlin is fair. Of course, I have neither ship, but from my experience in fighting them from my Mogami and Ibuki, I'd much rather fight a Yamato than a Kremlin.