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  1. Hello everyone! I apologize if this topic isn't actually in the right place, but I have some questions about the performance of the game when running it off an external hard drive. Basically, World of Warships has grown to a size where I can't fit it onto the internal hard drive on my laptop anymore, and I am also someone who doesn't have a proper laptop to actually play video games on. So I'm just trying to run the game off an external hard drive. I dug one up in my house, but after examining it and doing a quick Google search, I found that the one I own is an HDD, and not an SSD (which is more ideal for running games, because it has less moving parts or something like that). So I was wondering if anybody has had experience playing the game off an HDD and what that was like. And if it's terrible/unbearable, where can I obtain a good SSD for not too high a price? Thanks so much, Capt. Suzuki
  2. Captain_Suzuki

    Jean Bart

    Aw bummer. May as well spend my stuff on the Thunderer then.
  3. Captain_Suzuki

    Jean Bart

    Hello captains! Just a quick question: does anyone know when the Jean Bart will be brought back to the Armory? I was looking to buy one before they removed it, but I finally have enough coal+steel now, so I was just wondering. Thanks!
  4. Captain_Suzuki

    PSA : Opt in for anime ******s.

    Hey I'll take a free 10 point captain. I'm a real cheapskate.
  5. Captain_Suzuki

    CV ai in co-op cheating???

    Bot CVs in Co-Ops are ridiculously hilarious. They literally cannot hit you, at least from what I've seen as a destroyer captain.
  6. Captain_Suzuki

    PSA : Opt in for anime ******s.

    Does she come as a ten point captain? Cause I care very little whether or not she's an anime character if I can get my hands on a free ten point captain (of course, the anime aesthetic is an added bonus).
  7. Captain_Suzuki

    Camo Talk! Let's Discuss!

    Ship type does effect it. For destroyers, take concealment on the Japanese, Pan-Asian, Americans, British, and Germans. These ships generally have good enough stealth that you want to max it out (especially the Japanese). The Russians and French might be better off with dispersion since they do a lot of open water gunboating, stealth be damned. For battleships I'd take dispersion. They're so easy to see that 3% concealment is totally pointless. For cruisers it really depends. I like to max stealth on my IJN CAs, but I think cruisers are best served by both.
  8. Captain_Suzuki

    Rocket ellipses in 0.9.7

    I think that's the idea though. DDs have a fast enough rudder shift to allow them to keep only their bows or sterns pointed at the rockets. I think this could really help destroyers in dodging rockets.
  9. Captain_Suzuki

    WG please fix AA

    I play CVs (I have the T6 US and RN carriers and the T8 Shokaku), and I've noticed some things: 1. FlaK is a huge factor in AA. I generally lose 2 or 3 planes when I don't run into flak, but if I do I often lose the entire squad (8-9 planes). If I don't hit flak, I can attack even an equal tier CL with something like divebombers (though the CV will still lose planes to the cruiser's DPS- it will hurt the CV but it can replenish losses, the CL can't recover health). Higher tier CLs do generally still pose a problem early game (Donskoi, Worcester, are still super scary for a T8 CV) 2. Lone ships are almost always vulnerable to a skilled equal tier carrier. People often don't realize, but rockets can really mess up a cruiser as well since a cruiser is larger than a DD and has a harder time dodging. Japanese torpedoes also seriously hurt battleships. However, the second people start bunching together, even if all the ships only have meh AA, they can seriously hurt a carrier's squadrons. 3. Radar cruisers hiding behind an island are vulnerable to AP dive bombers. I've often slapped USN CLs hiding behind an island because the cover works both ways and the cruiser often isn't moving at all- a dream AP bomber target. 4. Tier 4 CVs are really stupid. At low tiers, ships have almost no AA and the carrier can do stupid things and still get away with it. It's honestly a major problem for low tier players. Even tier 6 carriers can be very strong when they are top tier. It really is only at tier 8 when I feel like AA even has a semblance of being balanced. 5. A CV that focuses not just on damage but on vision and fighter cover can be a huge asset for the team. This is just what I've observed from my carrier experience.
  10. Captain_Suzuki

    A Milestone...

    Today I played my 3000th Random Battle plus my first battle in my first tier 10 ship, the Shimakaze. It was a nice win, I'm happy to say. It's been a long time since I first started the game, and I'm glad to have finally gotten myself a tier 10 along with 3000 battles. Here's to the next 3000, haha. Happy sailing, all.
  11. Playing as a T6 DD especially can be quite brutal when you get uptiered to face tier 8s. This is because at T8, almost every DD captain has the coveted Concealment Expert skill plus the concealment equipment thing (I can't quite remember it's name). For context, a full stealth Kagero has 5.4 detection concealment, whereas even a full stealth Fubuki/Shinonome has something like 6.1 or 6.0, I believe. Even a gunboat like the Benson can get its detection down to 5.7 I believe (don't quote me on that, I don't own a Benson). Meanwhile, T6 captains likely do not have a 10 point captain (I generally get mine trained up to 10 points just as I reach tier 7), and cannot slot the concealment module, so they often have to work with detection radii of about 6.3ish to 7.4ish with camo (Farragut and Gaede have it really rough). For destroyers where stealth is everything, this can be immensely frustrating since you are outgunned and have worse torpedoes, and cannot even control vision or hide (some tier 8s outspot tier 6s by over a kilometer of range). It's an understandable complaint, though I'm not sure what a proper fix would entail.
  12. Captain_Suzuki

    There should be an award for this achievement...

    A KGV that fires AP shells should get flooding if he hits the Bismarck's bows. Nice torps by the way! Pretty amusing, and you definitely deserve an achievement for that.
  13. Captain_Suzuki

    A Bismarck with 250 Battles

    How're y'all grinding lines so fast? Granted, I tend to not put flags on cause I'm a little cheap (ok actually very cheap since I spend no money)... Should I start dumping flags/camos on lines that I want to level up fast? On a brighter note, I just unlocked my first tier 10, the Shimakaze, today! I'm just stocking up some free xp to research the torps and some credits to actually buy and equip her.
  14. Captain_Suzuki

    What are the chances this will come back?

    Can someone remind me what you had to do to get the flag? I have it but I don't remember actually doing anything to get it...
  15. Captain_Suzuki

    One of those shots that keep you coming back

    As a matter of curiosity, how do you battleships players aim to score citadels on broadsiding cruisers? I can't seem to do it haha.