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  1. LadyAnesjka

    When did the WoT team take over WoWS?

    Being a croat, I can tell you when we was Jugoslavija, we had alot of things made in Rusija. I can speak from personal experience the quality of things from Rusija were NEVER EVER very good. Alot of they navy would visit often and be in dock for repair a long time. When I first play this game and see the Ruski boats I had huge laugh to myself. Then when the battleships come , was madness laughter. Most of these boat were barely able to be on the ocean in real life, too see them try to pass them off as strong ships is pure comedy. I know tis game is balance between real life and arcade fake. So if they wanted to make them like real life, they should have put tape on outside of boats and make radar and ship control 50 years behind any thing else in game. EDIT: Also any time a storm blow through in game, every ruski ship should take 50 % damage ( If we was to be realistic )
  2. LadyAnesjka

    Times When SALT is Justified?

    I do not lose my head much in game. But, there are times... Rank match & Team mate sailing off to throw the match because sync drop clan mate on enemy team Watching my team snatch defeat from jaw of victory by blowing a major point or ship lead in final minutes A Ship starting on C flank sailing over to A flank at start of match ( i do not yell in chat, this just make me shake my head at how dumb some are ) Pink ship in Co op or mission AFK through a game just to clear they pink status
  3. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    @S_ClassHero Back to back game , on my team when i have Richeleu and they get Kraken in Wicheta Then as enemy when he in him french DD and me in Neptune. I track him entire game and look for chance to sneak in and kill and I got him !!!! Was very good player so compliment both time !
  4. This needs to stop. If they are going to add ship like this, then they need to make 5 ocean maps Night ocean normal ocean thunderstorm pass through ocean ice ocean ( with very tiny ice floaties ) uhhh.... algae red ocean
  5. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    There will be NO kicking cats SIR !!!!! I will get my girls to come pay you a mean visit !!!
  6. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    @Noob_CV --- Finally get win against him, one of best CV player in game !!! Very happy to get win AND get to damage him finally !!!! @Soviet_Toaster was very kind and funny enemy player also. Was very fun match !
  7. LadyAnesjka

    Hi there!

    Хрватска или Србија ?
  8. LadyAnesjka

    "email of a gift"

    I did not know there was button like this, I have always given gift did not know how they was recieve by the other person, hvala
  9. LadyAnesjka

    Not Being Ungrateful, But...

    I hope i count, LOL Is not someone doing for you. Is bonuses you get for being gone and coming back, i think.
  10. I need submarine now..... give it to me now.... ooooooh I need that sub so bad right now
  11. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    Da, was very odd, as soon as match start like 4 or 5 player start cuss and argue and some not even move at all. I was in Shima and I go to C because " was " support, but then they all die very quickly. I try to turn around but...ugh.... Here is thing from my view. 20190821_035802_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  12. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    @TheTrickpony , in him CV --- was very messy game, my team spend more time cuss and yell at each other as soon as match start, it go very bad. All my team die very fast and not get cap, spend more time argue with each other so I give all my compliment to Pony team because they deserve it. Maybe we meet again under better game.
  13. I would think just a 24 hour period to redo captain skills at 0 cost is fine , is just like refund. They do this before.
  14. LadyAnesjka

    Did not know this was a thing ?

    Well alot of people on here ood with math and detail of these ships, would love to know how it is
  15. Gearing detonated with just secondaries ? How is this possible ? 20190819_193709_PASD013-Gearing-1945_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay