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  1. LadyAnesjka

    Is Anshan Still Good?

  2. LadyAnesjka

    Feedback - Weather

    ugh i would have go back and look each replay, pfffff
  3. LadyAnesjka

    Feedback - Weather

    You was in my game yesterday, lol, i think was win ? one of few recent game I have no weather :D
  4. I find hard to believe , every battle in Pacifik have super storm or weather as such. Can we please tone down weather, seem every game have storm or 8km ciklon , i mean, every game I play this morning have weather. Please ?
  5. Someone say Marblehead good learning ship. Marblehead is just glitz Omaha. Teach you not to go broad side in american cruiser, but can learn this in Omaha. I find Marblehead very weak. Anshan is okej. I not play it much but I think is okej little ship.
  6. LadyAnesjka

    So many posts get removed?

    You have not play many games. Go try talk bad on Sims 4 forums, they ban you so hard you grand child not allow to log into Sims.
  7. 21,500 battles and would think he figure out basic game thing.
  8. LadyAnesjka

    April fools opinions

    They have say you are too good to play - you have kill too many potatoes that a famine have started. I am surprise they not change you in game name to Potatoe blight https://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velika_glad_u_Irskoj
  9. LadyAnesjka

    April fools opinions

    The ability to shut off caps lock
  10. LadyAnesjka

    April fools opinions

    I have finish Kapatane event and must say I find this Kap very annoying. I put Kap on my Belfast for game and all game was grunt and growls. Got very skin crawling fast. Very bad event.
  11. LadyAnesjka

    Player Base Intelligence

    I have get most recent expansion for Sims 4 and Ever quest instead of buy thing here. This game is sliding down very wet slide very fast.
  12. LadyAnesjka

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    I post this about a month ago, but I think a few people have get this in SC
  13. LadyAnesjka

    The Corona John B

    You american...that Susan Boyale thing was staged. All these " Got Talent " sad story and "unlikely" star is just stage to get people interest in show. Was big scandal here in EU when it come out of this. Is nothing real of "reality" televizja. As for girl who decide stay on Youtube. Good for her. I do not like these youtube so call discover selling out to manufacture media.
  14. LadyAnesjka

    Pandemic Teams

    It have been bad for longer than virus time. Is proof this all start right around holiday end of last year.
  15. LadyAnesjka

    Riddle me this

    @monpetitloup can message me name i would like to see they stat please