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  1. LadyAnesjka

    Hall of Fame of World of Warship excuse

    Am not upset. Because I make this post ? I am over what happen yesterday. Maybe you use these excuse alot !
  2. LadyAnesjka

    Is this possible to fix ?

    I play both NA and EU, best part of EU is when people get mad is when other languages come out, so is not as big of issue of chat bans. I mean english is use as main but if someone get super mad, hahaha, who know what language they break into. I try not to use excuse of this of "Weekend player" or such...but certain behavior in game ( like purpose ruin game just for "lulz" ) is easy to tell is immature idiote player more than likely male age 14 - 26 ( because most american male these days do not mature until 30 everything is hurr durr to the male of these ages, very childish bunch ) Is player like these who seem to cause the most problem in game.
  3. This is dumbest one i hear on these forum and game. This is say by people to either troll, or who never acknowledge they own lose streaks. World of Warship is team game. So losing is because of many factor, not just one. However, if play DD or CV can wield enough power to ruin game for all on you team. This should not be the case but sadly is. Also using Matchmaker Monitor you can see when the game server is crap on you by putting you on low win rate team in a row. This is when time log off game take break and maybe hop for better match making in future. If you are the DD player or CV player messing up, maybe is time watch video or swallow pride and accept maybe these class not for you. This can be true if this X player is CV or DD as say above. These 2 class hold such big role can sway a match one way or other. But if this X player is CA or BB...just do not use this excuse, make youself look like fool. Every ship even premium have weakness. Is no ship that can carry team to 100 % victory. Not even T-61. Do some ship hold more power for they class ? Sure... But is always way to counter. T-61 on enemy team ? Have cruiser with radar direct fire there. Is Atlanta or Flint or Black rain fire down ? get BB in position with help from radar cruiser. Is always counter to whatever trick a ship can pull....except maybe 2 or 3 cruiser just chain radar from behind island. Is no counter for this and WG need to fix. Is stupid broken, I do not care what some WG Fanboy NoZoup say in any of him video. This one easy to laugh at because person who say this, is part of team. As i say above. If super bad DD play or CV play, then is good to maybe say this, but is not team fault is this ? Is DD not scout and abandon flank, or CV afk or CV take plane around edge to only go after other CV and not use plane as to help scout enemy DD and enemy formation.
  4. LadyAnesjka

    Is this possible to fix ?

    Well, as i say, I get chat ban, but why should player waste flag and all good boost on ship , with such play ? All day have been like this. One of worst day for people behavior i have ever see in this game, as i show in last post replay
  5. LadyAnesjka

    Is this possible to fix ?

    Today have been the most toxic games i have ever see in a long while... All game this game I deal with people talking down to me, game after game... 20180808_012250_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  6. I just have a game in my Atlanta. Map was 2 Brothers.... I am sure you know where I am going with this already. I have my Atlanta load up with flags to go have good game. Did not expect this map, did not expect this team. At start of match ALL 3 DD go to go middle. 2 spawn on far left, one on far right... Scout ? What is scouting...who care of team !!!! Go Middle !!! Ruin game for all. So team now have no scout, no eye so force to stay in base or go middle with them. I lash out in chat ,of course, and turn around and sail to far back. I refuse to be involve with such glue sniff, paint huff paste eater type of window licker play. ( can tell I am frustrate, no ? ) Needless to say, I say few choice word in chat, and I am the one who get chan ban ( again ) for call out very dumb play. My question : Why is a ship so much NEEDED, is very integral for success of game ( DD ) , have so much power to ruin game. Even radar cruiser at t8 through t10 do not weild as much power as bad DD Driver.... Ugh.. just am frustrate that bad player who KNOW they being bad report YOU for calling out they bad play and you the one who get chat ban. Damn kids.
  7. LadyAnesjka

    New incoming commander

    Oh god...no we all do not. I would rather have a spongebob captain.
  8. LadyAnesjka

    T-61 looks broken and overpowered?

    Well I will be sure to play my Belfast and Atlanta more this next 3 days. Time to om nom nom some DD's :D
  9. LadyAnesjka

    NA Random Games

    quit looking at my stats =(
  10. LadyAnesjka

    I know not is place...

    First game after Oktobyar ? I am losing taste for high tier game play more each day...nothing like Shima who send out torp to kill 2 team and injure 4 other with super damage. I file ticket. So sick of little boys in these games.
  11. LadyAnesjka

    I know not is place...

    Hvala. I am not up to speed with all the acronym people use with the game ( yes even after 6000 battles , lol )
  12. LadyAnesjka

    I know not is place...

    dcp ?
  13. LadyAnesjka

    I know not is place...

    But so sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  14. LadyAnesjka

    I know not is place...

    Oh but why do people hate this ? I love this ship Instead of volley all shot at one time, I shoot one gun at a time..hold mouse button down... Seem to be very accurate and do good damage
  15. LadyAnesjka

    Who have you seen in game

    @Final8ty Heeeeeeejjjjj yooooou...leave some for rest of us :D :D :D :D