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  1. I had this DD and sold it... Bad detection, bad guns, bad torpedos
  2. NO NO Stay away from Monoghan...it is a bad DD
  3. Deal of the Day, good deal

    Be careful of Warspite --- with HE spam being flavour of month.... Warspite does not do very well with HE I have have my Warspite a few years now.
  4. This nothing to be shame of.... I Looove musicals.... Starlight Express Les Mis Fame Evita SInging in the Rain White Christmas Sound of Music..... oh i can go on and on!
  5. Champions du Monde!!!

    I use to like them, then i realize i am conservative and they are as smart as a box of dull razors
  6. WoWs NA Twitch Streamers

    link in my signature.... Croatian stream but play on NA
  7. Champions du Monde!!!

    How much was paid to people who run on field to stop almost sure goal...was 4 on 2 on the attack when those fool run on field.
  8. Will go outside now take picture of front and where i plan for back Edit: maybe use picture from few hour ago, is dark =D Spot in back is 4 meter long ---- 2.5 meter wide Front is 3.5 meter long --- 1.5 meter wide
  9. get about...from sun up to small break in afternoon when sun overhead, then another few hour during afternoon. so ..10-12 hr
  10. Well dirt here is front of house, I will have back garden as well..i will get pictures here shortly where i plan. Picture do not show justice. Patch in front is pretty big...can do alot with this i think. I am still clear some rock and bulb from former plant in dirt, this will be super project.... here is most recent As for insect for garden, we not have much to worry of here, i mean aphid of course, but, most of insect is wasp...plenty of this. May see some Swallowtail ( i hear they like dill ! ), and some treehopper, random beetle or ladybug also.
  11. I do not get into football as much...very happy for my country. I link this because it is all the talk. is many more going on about this. https://www.thesun.co.uk/world-cup-2018/6784938/world-cup-2018-final-referee-nestor-pitana-france-vs-croatia/ Edit : Tired of you following me post to post only to add troll post or nothing constructive, so I have finally block you