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  1. LadyAnesjka

    Free Premium ship PTS

    Oh you mean the man child from almost 2 month ago ? While you generic bad advice is daily thing.
  2. LadyAnesjka

    Free Premium ship PTS

    Say the person who think everyone who have game problem is due to manual install of graphic driver. Every Single Post
  3. LadyAnesjka

    Free Premium ship PTS

    It do say it, all the way in bottom very small wording. It is meaning to be deceptive
  4. LadyAnesjka

    Three straight Supercontainers.

    I post this about a month ago, but I think a few people have get this in SC
  5. LadyAnesjka

    The Corona John B

    You american...that Susan Boyale thing was staged. All these " Got Talent " sad story and "unlikely" star is just stage to get people interest in show. Was big scandal here in EU when it come out of this. Is nothing real of "reality" televizja. As for girl who decide stay on Youtube. Good for her. I do not like these youtube so call discover selling out to manufacture media.
  6. LadyAnesjka

    Pandemic Teams

    It have been bad for longer than virus time. Is proof this all start right around holiday end of last year.
  7. LadyAnesjka

    What did you put in the survey WG took about RANKED 15!?

    I do not remember survey.... SO i place my view here. Lock rank to those only 48 % win rate or above 30,000 average damage Keep CV out of rank Never ever do rank 10 again Do battle royale thing where map shrink Mine fields like in that one mission we do before ACTUAL night battle , make enemy only visable under 8km with flare or such ---or only see they gun blooms
  8. LadyAnesjka

    Riddle me this

    @monpetitloup can message me name i would like to see they stat please
  9. LadyAnesjka

    Three straight Supercontainers.

  10. LadyAnesjka

    Do you enjoy your Premium Ships or Tech Tree ships?

    I enjoy older premiums most New premiums are waste of money and time. Tech Tree is always worth grind to do.
  11. LadyAnesjka

    Is it possible to consolidate accounts?

    If they do this, then have good and bad effect. Good - you get to merge all of you ships Bad - All the little boys who change into new account after going through first time with 40 % win rate will see all they numbers on they new account fall like sovijet street walker
  12. LadyAnesjka

    Riddle me this

  13. You know is funny you say all of this. My trip from Donskoi to Moskva was one of worse trips from 9 to 10 in term of team mate and player skill I have ever do in this game. This too frustrate me to all end of the world and make me question why I am here to do this. Well I have Moskva and I have take her out only 2 or 3 time as of late. Some personal problem and no fun in the game have limit me playing the game. But is always fun to read forums. Even if to pray for better event or game or player to be better. But I understand everything you go through.
  14. LadyAnesjka

    #stayhome #playwows

    Spending alot of time working at home, so many plant I have started inside and I just get shipment of seed from America --- Mari gold, Passion flower, Gladiolus and many more... Keeping myself VERY VERY BUSY Now that my work week here croatia have been set to limit !!!!
  15. LadyAnesjka

    Nevsky looks fun, but...

    i play against a 07 last night in him Nemsky. die very fast to my smolensk