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  1. We have NEVER play together. You little alternative account still stuck in "protected" play. As being just register 2 weeks ago. Reported for being forum troll. Thank you for proving point of how player base is fill with cancer.
  2. If you cannot be a real man, you can go to sidle line with rest of children, Doviđenja
  3. Nice forum alt. At least some people who critisize me, do so like a man and stand behind the word they say. Then there are people like you, who need to hide like little beta. Is okej... You can stay home with the children when it come to war time, because real man stand up for theyself
  4. I change again JUST FOR YOU !!!!!! ..do it make it a problem for you I like to have variety and change it every few day so I do not have same boring things for so long ? Maybe you should try add some changes to you life every so often, be surprise how it can break things being plain and boring.
  5. LadyAnesjka

    The BatFish emblem, where is it?

    I @ her in the post and I know she see she reply to me. Buuuuut.
  6. LadyAnesjka

    The BatFish emblem, where is it?

    I get my emblem as soon as I order If you mean one we use in game. But still waiting for my Save The Children flag :(
  7. You did notice the CV bother me the entire match right ? I thought I have premium consumables but guess was over sight For those that cannot see replay I have upload to my youtube.
  8. It was make just today, it is 9.0
  9. LadyAnesjka

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Veather do have small point, here in Adriatic , is thing on news sometimes of Slovenija ships not being proper lighted for accident. Is point of argue of Piran Bay, but I am sure Slovenija will say is our boat night lighted or causing issue. Slovenija is our sister country so is like small fight over who get to wear best dress to dance. Lucky noone have been hurt or any collision. Learning of these lights like this past 2 day have help me know more on what some do just to be pest on water like "running dark "
  10. LadyAnesjka

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    There is enough anime soy in this game, wish some of mod community would make normal things instead of make everything look like they imaginary wife who always seem to be under age.
  11. LadyAnesjka

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Hahaha, Well I be sure to take some video and post here of some of what I see and learn. I live small town outside Splitsku , is called Klis, but work down in city. Maybe one or two day this week I go down to sea side and take some video of the ships coming and going. Most is big cruiser for tourist, but some of our military boat some through, if get lucky will get some video for all here. See if lights is how mentioned here.
  12. LadyAnesjka

    World of Torpedoes

    Most of the ship in middle tier are historic accurate and they have torpedo . But alot of these fake ship , well, you know, they should not even be in game.
  13. @Kebobstuzov Tell me what I do here in this game, give me you honest critisim. How could I have save this team by me play better ? Spend a few minute in my world --- this is standard game for me past week. 20200116_163019_PASD008-Benson-1945_52_Britain.wowsreplay
  14. LadyAnesjka

    Is anyone else happy?

    Direction game is going ? No, I am not happy. I play this game because i was raise around tank and military. My father work on these in JNA, but as with all communist thing, if work on one hting have to work on other. He have to fix alot of Jugoslav and Sovijet ships. I was never allow to the base for these days but a few times we go to see the tanks and heli and big transport trucks. was always braking. But in this game, fake ships and 9,000 new ships a week and mst are fake, along with very poor player base is not a good promise for future. Grade out of 10 : 3 Player base ? 1.8 billion percent am not happy. Something tell me alot of the manchildren from World of tanks have come here. I have see more disgusting and vulgar account name and chat in this past 3 month, than in the past 3 year. Skill of these player also show. Matches have come from good hard fights, to 3 monkeys slapping they [edited] on keyboard while being as rude as possible in chat while doing every thing possible to lose. My win rate have visble proof of this. Grade out of 10 : 1 Events ? While santa craete give alot of good thing and I get many ships from this. The Puetro Rico and the amount of new ships being shove at us, have make getting a new ship lose it luster. Is no longer happy moment to get nice premium or a ship work hard for resources. Now so many new ship and FAKE ship being release make this game lose it history value. Add in the children from my point above and turning this game down a dark path of arcade shooter with player who have no interest in out come of a match. Grade out of 10 : 6 Wargaming ? I am 50/50 on this. It seem a good number of developer and people do reach out to us and stay in contact and interact and this is nice. But you also have employee who are very loud mouth, ignorant, and trash, and make you wonder why these people still is employed, Wargaming seem like company where heart is in right place but brain is not. Pus the cash grab of PR and all these new ship making me lose faith. Grade out of 10 : 6 Fun ? I am still having some fun here and there. I division with some good people, maybe not so good on score but nice players. So lead to nice time of talking but maybe not so nice in win and lose. As with everything after so many lose the frustrating starts to come in. I want this game to be fun again but I find myself Playing Sims 4 more and more as of late. Grade out of 10 : 3