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  1. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    Alaska price riot thread

    How is it moving the finish line when they kept you in the dark for months? They never said it would be 750k xp unless you were assuming it would be 750k xp because all the other premium t9s that cost free xp were 750k. Even so, it not necessarily meant they were obligated to keep it at 750k.
  2. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    WG please delete/penalise/ban posters that .........

    Or just stay away from the internet forums.
  3. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    WOWS Destroyers are OBNOXIOUSLY overpowered

    OP not understanding that this is a video game.... and of course the 4th or 5th thread on this. This is going to end well. Do you not have better things to do?
  4. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    And yet you get triggered and admonish people who pose answers/views that does not agree with you though regarding video game content in a video game forum.
  5. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    CW time way too extreme for western coasters

    Lul what a immature way to respond to someone. Grow up.
  6. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    Wargaming should have a Steel Ships Sale

    Because it is a really bad idea overall.
  7. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    Azuma is proof, that Stalingrad is OP

    Name some successful games that reward purely cosmetic content for competitive if you are so sure about it. Your last point refers to mmorpg's which this game is not so stop trying to compare apples to oranges.
  8. You probably have your answer right there. RTS style play is maybe the one type of gameplay this particular player is good at.
  9. Cv's ruining the game? This cv player getting 9 kills is hardly a game ruiner to be frank. There are things much worse than that.
  10. Destroyer_Hagikaze

    Put Bourgogne into the Premium Shop

    Approximately 3-4 cb seasons reaching to typhoon and finishing all missions chain up to and including typhoon mission chain in CB. For ranked, approximately 6 ranked seasons if you ranked out. This assumes we are talking about stalingrad. For bourgogne, we don't know the steel cost yet unless i missed it. You just need to put in the effort to try and improve your play.