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  1. Yamato in port waiting on her Re-fit. NOW how about Musashi's Model update .? Shes a cruise liner compared to Big SIS.
  2. Versili

    Warspite: The Old Grey Lady

    As a coop main it's limited to opinion . But with that said she's a solid operations ship. Good secondaries and still great guns. Turret traverse is still solar system timed but better than her sister ship QE. Which her guns still take a full rotation if Jupiter around the sun to get em aligned. . Lol
  3. Versili

    ST: Icebergs

    interesting scenario I do need to mention" ICE FLOATS". Therefore being a pass block should turn it into an ice flow of big proportions hence a kilometer of visible Ice does infact have anywhere between two to four kilometers of ice below the surface. . Natural state is that it floats not sinks . Moving floating islands of it. But hey WG mechanics right. Lm@o.
  4. Seriously WG NO COOP!!!!!!!!......you hating on a lot of your players .Guess COOP mains aren't important to you huh!
  5. You have to round up to 25.5mm without IFHE its an "overmatch" mechanic . In this case 152s do not overmatch the scale and do less damage than with the overmatch IFHE skill on them. Jingles has a good video in IFHE . It explains it in detail.
  6. Versili

    You win, WG...

    So they took a Pensacola and gave it Cleveland guns. Hmm. Challenge accepted.
  7. Versili

    Are we still able to earn Crowns as of today??

    Yeah I didn't get to play due to limitations but I'm not spending doubloons to buy crowns to convert to florins . I'll grind my way over to T8.meh ....lol I looked at it and said nope I'll wait . I'm good. Cheers .
  8. Versili

    Are we still able to earn Crowns as of today??

    Dude that sucks .....thanks WG you really know how to kill it for players. I made the conversion and it was way too much . I stopped at the fusious. They should have left the daily missions even if it was only for crowns . .
  9. Versili

    Manual Secondaries Targeting

    It dosent make a difference they will auto target ships at will. With manual secondaries are a commander skill not a ship skill. The skill improves the secondary guns dispersion be @15% teir2 through 7 I believe then up to 60% or 80% t8 and up. I'm not too sure on the amount. . AFT another Capt skill improves improves the range of the secondaries. Also you have to select the target if you don't your gun crews will be on smoke break the entire battle .lol. Edit. If you have Manual secondaries your ship can only engage one target at a time with improver secondary dispersion . If not then to ur ship will auto fire from both sides at a greater dispersion penalty. GL. <o,
  10. Versili

    Supercontainers : the Super-Thread

    I'd say .5% chance on top of getting a SC to actually get anything out of one worth while. Although you will get the occasional I hit the lotto and got a Mighty Mo or something crazy.like that but don't hold your breath. With my luck ill have a better chance of getting struck by lightning TWICE!!!!! Lol. GL to all that do have one drop and "I hate you " if you get a ship. Lol.!!!! Cheers!!!!
  11. Bwhahahaha man I was still asleep then ....oops.
  12. Yeh Cleveland WAS a good anti air ship. It basically got neutered like all the ships when the AA rework came about . Not saying it's impossible to drop on . It would be target you'd have to think twice about and anything in it's vacinity. But she sits in port waiting and watching . We can only wait .
  13. Versili

    crowns after event

    Convert crowns to what? Florins? how?
  14. Versili

    Which steel ship to get

    PT server is currently running active bots from an old patch back in November last year . Keep your eyes out for those pesky new smart toasters in future patches . they are , lets say more challenging. GL with your choice m8 . I cant afford either so yeah. Coal ships for me. lol. Hmmm Salem or Jean Bartholomew ...lol ill wait for the new ones coming soon
  15. So putting around in game just now when HEY !!!!!! Some ensigns and secondary flags are mounted HIGHER than the national flags are . Just give us the option to move them where we want, Fore, center or aft of the ship. Were not talking simulator here after all right. Just an observation done in game on many ships . <o,