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  1. Versili

    Stream Code for German Carriers

    Welp that's that ....meh To it all. lm@o.
  2. Versili

    Stream Code for German Carriers

    Why all the hubbub. They will drop eventually for free. Only thing is the iron cross camo I'm interested in . And I'm only shooting for the GK since that's the only ship I have on the list anyway. Meh to it all.
  3. Versili

    Operation Narai disabled

    2That's not the half of it .....they also killed the xp for the other ops as well. Without telling anyone anything. ...sightly underhanded move by WG.imo. That's said it's just another way WG it is trying to strangle Ops players out of them, forcing stuff on the playerbase and making it that much easier to slowly but surely walk away. Never noticed a critical error in Narai after the patch never had issues with it ..there are big ifs for sure. Any one remember Cherry Blossom or Dynamo. Or Final Frontier. Need them back . Need more Ops. Stop killing then off dammit. ..
  4. WG trying to choke operations players out of their niche. I had 7 kills plenty of xp earned and only got @950 xp outta their whole thing last night. I callbull$ht...but that's just me . Someone clicked something to adjust then without people noticing. Oh man did they notice.
  5. I'll meant a ship that is new to the game ...GS has been in the game forever, she really doesn't count unless youre new to the game or you really don't like German ships. Besides it's not like you receive dublooms for it if you already have her, that would make it too easy for people to finish up the two missions you literally pay for to get Odin. You pay $3 bucks or pay $300. Cash is cash m8. Yes GS was free for me and yes WG gave it to people. But that was before all this nonsense of paying for missions to get a ship. You pay something now no matter what . Either way GL to all of U trying to grab the Odin. Cheers
  6. Versili

    Narai Pulled.... Again

    It really should be operations . Drop down menu . Pick an op. Pick a tier. Pick a ship. Pick a team. Simple, clean and precise. The AI adjusts for the whole thing in the staging phase. And set ... Click ready and go. Would be and should be that simple. Right. WG you so silly! As Jingles would say.
  7. Versili

    Narai Pulled.... Again

    Their at it again "Gum". The little minions are busy cutting out the sump pumps and will eventually sink their own ship.
  8. Versili

    Where's Narai?

    Because evey other operation is T6. And since WG consistently snubs operations without planning on bringing them back Players start to hate . That is all. I play KW Agies and D of NP. But keep trimming out the sump pumps and eventually you'll sink your own ship.
  9. Versili

    Where's Narai?

    @Hapa_Fodder Seriously m8 what gives with pulling Narai again. Who thinks up if stuff like this. I don't mean to rant but there are so many players out there tht enjoy operations, Even though WG consistently beats them into the ground by removing them and not bringing them back. Don't let them break the camel's back m8. It's just ....dumb to put it very mildly.
  10. Versili

    Where's Narai?

    Oh not again .....what the heck .....
  11. You have to pay @ 3200 dubs to complete the missions ...anywhere in-between or at the end. It was stated on the release notes. So there wouldnt be any confusion. You actually thought WG would GIVE us a free ship ...lol. they have to make money somewhere.
  12. Versili

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Omg the elusive dinosour is coming back. Talk about torpedo soup. If you think players had a hate fest for the Smolensk ....this thing is about to start real fires here.
  13. Versili

    Hey mods... Can we confirm re Colorado?

    Sitting pretty at 625k xp on my Colo. So first ship should be easy peasy . lol . . SBD . That's all I have to say.
  14. We already have that kind of ship with Russian DDs at lower to mid teirs. Why the heck would I want that at T9. WG, ever heard of radar & hydro at those teirs ...seriously missed the pickle barrel there WeeGee..
  15. I've already seen one or two Odin's sailing around . It's whoever wants it really . Either bad enough or just because. Hell if I had the cash id get it as well. So we shall see what pops now. Get used to paying for the ultimate prize ...although all the extras are ok IMO.