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    On my GKs bridge arguing with the secondaries crew about last nights party.

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  1. Versili

    1 second

    Freddie is such a beast. I am probobly on of the few that enjoy her play style more than some of the other BBs at the same tier.
  2. Versili

    Monetary Blues

    I tend to play coop and operations I usually run T10s as they do the best work at mission completion and grinding out those pesky points. That said I tend to play lower tiers as those for me are the money makers . I can honestly say I'm not an expert player nor do I claim to be one, I've had really good luck at T7 -9 while on ftp. Ive ground out most of my T10s in coop I also have an SS in my port . I can say it's a credit drain as in fact it does run upwards of 340k+ operational costs per battle. I do not run it all the time as that would be the virtual drain plug pulled from the sink for my account. Still have fun with it, love the gun sounds on the Satsuma. Love it to death but I know when to say when.
  3. Versili

    Monetary Blues

    Welcome to the NEW WOWs. You don't want a super ship if you are feeling your credits draining a SS will only lift the virtual drain plug from the sink.
  4. Versili

    What to see in 2023?

    Yeah that's what I meant . Having anything back is like new to me since they have been gone a very long time. Can't wait for cherry blossom ..and I'm dying to try Narai with a T6 or 8. Let the battles begin. Shhhh. Don't say the S...word. They usually lie right underneath e the surface waiting for someone to call them out .
  5. Versili

    What to see in 2023?

    Please let it be this year not next . I thought the devs said this year. Please, oh please, oh please.
  6. Versili

    How About This For The Next Update?

    It's probobly an embedded graphics CPU or something to the like. Sounds like your rig may need an update m8. Storage can be all it's for but Most hardware now a days use separate cards for graphics. As stated before Specs would help in this situation .
  7. If everyone foregoes the Capture areas you still get mercy rule ....sink em all I say.
  8. Versili

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    GK with my 21point commander from there Scharnhorst with GL at her helm. After those 2 it's a tossup of 250+ships lol.
  9. Versili

    How About This For The Next Update?

    Specs? Cpu, ram, video card. You need to spec into an SSD that helps load times and file access. Ram, min.16 gb with 32gb as the go-to stand. Video card. Older GTX cards run the game just fine. GTX 1070...works great at 1080p. Any RTX card past the 3060 will carry the game well into 4k res. Lastly CPU. 8 core should handle the game with ease. This all depends on what your rig has as of late take it with a grain of salt but that gets you good games and great frame rates . I run around125/135fps at 1080p on my rig and I have an older GTX card.
  10. Yeah I was off by 100 k extra . It's 150k per on T10 roughly
  11. Running High tiers will cost 250k credits per battle that's T10. So WG effectively making sure you spend money on coin for sure . Superships are running 350k a battle. Win or lose you'll lose cash at high tiers. Those who find it funny will likely start to complain after hard fought victories payout lower amounts of credits than they are used to. Watching the coin sump pump start draining their accounts will start to them squirm a bit, if they aren't super unicoms that is.
  12. Versili

    #3 Turret on Sims

    It was topless before ..I've had her for years. Same setup as before.
  13. Versili

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    We got caught ..argh!!!!, We got caught, argh!!!. Yo ho ho and a bottle of R....!!!
  14. Versili

    The Weimar

    Be ready to catch salt from the rest of the team once you ha e gained the edge. Double and triple Weimar Narai runs are far too often wasted runs for the rest of the team . Seen it, heard it and I don't have her. Yet..