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  1. Versili

    The return of the Fleet of Fog

    I've got all the OG ships . Didn't get the second / third wave as you actually had to fork out cash for them. I have so many Myokos it's not even funny. The free Atago / Takao was greatly appreciated though since WG hadn't gone full on "Money Grubby" on the first wave. Making you work for it was payment enough.
  2. Versili

    Operations and tiers.

    I fully agree . I wish they would open them up to ALL tiers it would be a hoot to be able to play my lower tier Ships in ops . Kuma, Ischizuchi, Kamikazie R, Konig Albert and the like. Slow but full of action for sure. Who knows maybe someday. we can all hope ....right?
  3. Versili

    US hybrid BB Event???

    Looks like a other cash grab event . Hurry up and buy type stuff just ruins it. These are free ships on a tech line that will drop soon. Who in their right mind would pay real money for tech line ships. The event should have been better laid out as to earn their Prema camos and booster packs . But here we go again. Now I remember why my wallet is still nailed shut since two years ago. Bad game design as far as the events . Why instill FOMO on stuff you can get in-game in a few weeks WTHK. Ehh my 2 cents . Good luck boys .
  4. Versili

    Operations and tiers.

    The tier mix would bring variety. Hope it happens but balancing them out would be intresting . We shall see.
  5. Versili

    My Brain says "no way!"

    Complaining no gimmikie yes . All those " gimmicks" as in perhaps radar as it were "way back when gives" you a "fuzzy outline" if something there but not really. Hyper accurate radars aren't a setting for reality in the game they are gimmicks. Plot a solution feed coordinates to the gunners and fire . You hit, you hit if you don't try again. Again it's an "Arcade" style game and not a sim I get that . But adding to the genuine feel of it would be 1000% better in my book. Simple thought nothing more. And I'm not storming the gates with torches and such, that's for goobers who haven't played the game for as long as I have and possibly you as well and don't understand it's Arcade style notions .
  6. Versili

    Operations and tiers.

    It's been a while since I've posted anything . But since Operations have been back is there any possibilities to raise the tier to 9 or lower them to 5 as well. Lots of ships out there. Would be cool to try . Also Maybe new ops or reworks of old ones. even a virtual flip side starting at the end towards the beginning . Something like that . Just a thought .
  7. Versili

    My Brain says "no way!"

    The whole game is gimmicked beyond belief. Smoke, hydro, radar and sonar subs. It's not a good thing. I miss the old days at my teir 4/5 level ships . I didn't have to worry about radar or stuff like that . It was plain ole gun fights and stealth torpedo boats that decided the day.
  8. Versili

    Top Tier

    There is no I in team and with that said the player isn't the only one playing the game. You have weekenders like me. Non hardened veterans and newbies everywhere . No guarantees you'll get a pro team every game.
  9. Versili

    SuperShips actual purpose?

    Yep it's called "dump half a million credits to take out a ship that maybe will bring you minimum profit for maximum operational costs."
  10. Well.....it's about time... Nuff said.
  11. Versili

    60G for this program

    MSFS around 180 gb then Starcitizen around 95 gb and rising. WoWs not even close ..... Grab an SSD or Two and pop them in for games . Can't go wrong ...cheap ones run @ 90/100 bucks roughly .
  12. Versili

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

    God speed Admiral .You will be missed.
  13. True ...I'll give you that . That's where value engineering comes in.
  14. Versili

    Typical Heavy Handed WG approach...

    Looks out from the OpsDeck of Tirpitz and looks over at Bismark...Yells at Deshefer to fire up the boilers ....were going hunting boys .
  15. Actually it's console ...just look at the wows legends on console ....almost a mirror image of wows now . Sad to say but if I wanted to play a console looking game I'd turn on my ps4 and play on that . But it's all my own opinion. It wows had tried to upgrade it's game only to have it decline incredibly ...I still have to give it to the art dept they are fantastic but art doesn't keep the game alive sadly . Where has my favorite game of almost seven years gone , sadly slipping under the surface joining Bismark in her watery grave ...sad indeed..