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  1. Versili

    Armada: Błyskawica

    Exactly what he has just posted.
  2. Versili

    Hail and Farewell

    Fair seas mate! We have the con. We'll keep her sea worthy for you. Attention on deck!!! Capt. Stepping down!!!!
  3. Got Smolensk and Georgia . I'm thinking of dropping coal on Thunderer but haven't made up my mind Salem and yosjino not my cup of tea. I was lucky enough to grab the Musashi before she sped off into the sunset. Keeping my Yamato company in port .
  4. (I have to agree with you Thunder) Steel is by far harder to get than coal. I have over 400k coal I've saved up just by playing my coop battles on off days .I hoard steel when I can, not that I play much ranked but all you have to do is play one it two ranked season battles for a bit if steel. I am very patient and I'm working my way up to grab the Flint. One day I will buy her . Play coop get whatever dailies you can and you'll be good . Highly doubtful Smolensk will go byebye any time soon and Salem is not going anywhere either . Be patient. Save you're steel m8. That's my opinion GL on what you decide .
  5. Versili

    More ships in CO-OP

    I'd like to see the twelve ships .would be interesting.
  6. Versili

    Problem with Aegis Scenario

    Pugs m8 .....pugs. !!! Can't win fer losin.
  7. Huange is a relatively good ship. It has its specialty. I've run Raptor and most T6 ops in her with great results . Don't hate the boat ..besides does FREE mean anything to anyone anymore. Lol. Cheers
  8. I wouldn't mind perma camos for any ship at any teir .
  9. Versili

    Finished the Anniversary Event, my T6 premium is..

    She's a down scaled Colorado. And the collie is no joke. Her gun power is awesome. If she's anything like the Colorado I will like her for sure . That's if RNGesus drops her in my port . Cheers and congrats!
  10. Versili

    Finished the Anniversary Event, my T6 premium is..

    Gallant is great on ops . Good smoke good torps . Love the thing . Lol. I got one chance in four to get the WV. ,T61, Perth or Monohan .... Hope it's the WV or T61. Lol. But hey a freebie is a freebie I say.
  11. I have a one chance I'm four of getting the WV the T61 Perth or Monohan... I hope it's either WV or T61 . Then again WG and their RNGesus..
  12. No coal to steel ...only steel to coal. And don't recommend you sell steel. It's best to keep steel m8.
  13. Versili

    Baltimore citadels an NC at that range??

    I've cit an NC with my Balti. The AP on her is no joke .
  14. Versili

    Stealth Nerfing of ships.

    Played her acouple days ago . Seems fine to me . She still had that oh soooo good punch. Cheers