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  1. Versili

    Where is the Guillio Caesar

    G.C. is a solid ships at most ranges . Her guns pack a punch. She does have a squishy side but mitigated by her good speed and manuverabiluty. I bought her as soon as she was available. You have a slim chance of getting her in a Santa Crate. GL with that as she probobly won't be available in the premium shop anymore. Cheers <o,
  2. Versili

    Wargaming...sly devil you...

    I believe the steel is limited in quantities ,you will not be able to buy Stalingrad outright more of buy other things that are going to be available kind of thing.
  3. It requires for you to streak a five star, five times . With a good div your golden . With a bad team of randoms. You're toast. IMO.
  4. I'm in. WG is giving us a chance to win something for free . Be it 3 dollars or 300, the point is it's there for the taking. And if RNgesus is on my side I'll pick up a ship I currently don't have. Keep it up WG . Cheers <o,
  5. I hear you. This wasn't near any server reset time . It was early enough that any server reset would not have affected the count. We shall see what the service ticket says. Cheers <o,
  6. That sounds like a plan .I may wind up eating my words but I am totally sure I'm missing one of the dailies. Thanks. <o,
  7. Correct, except I finished the mission early enough that it wasn't and it shouldnt have been affected by the server reset. Was trying to give everyone a heads up and make sure credit was given where credit is due . I know the freebie is a t3 but when you grind for anything you want to make sure you get it. Cheers <o,
  8. Yes I know that . What I'm saying is I completed one of the two dailies for the second day and it didn't populate in the dalies completed progress bar. So I'm literally one daily short. All three missions completed for each daily. I didn't notice it till the next day that I was short one completed daily. Like it vanished . I am more than certain I completed three dailies . And when I logged back in only two were completed. So who knows . Just keep an eye out for this glitch. It will cost you a daily and if you want to get a freebie, it's makes it impossible to complete. If you don't notice it. Cheers <o,
  9. I have played three daily missions for the past two days, I'm now currently on my third day mission four. BUT I noticed on my missions completed I only have Two . What happened to my third . I'm trying to complete the missions for the Dreadnought and if the game is going to take completed missions away why even bother. Is there a lag issue on populating missions or was there a server glitch? I'm quite certain I have done three . Has someone else noticed this issue ?
  10. Versili

    Mission Briefing Monday - Weekend Sitrep

    Ran my Neptune and my GK. Working on their 17th and 18th point captains repsectively.
  11. Versili

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Well all I can say is they have the updated hull on the Colorado. Practically the same ship. Yes there are diffrences but also similarities . Just offer a B Hull upgrade that costs so many doubloons . Pick and choose. Yes there is alot of rework to do but let the be that . I'm still waiting for the Nevada and the Tennessee . Hmmm,new premiums on the horizon . Well maybe not but the ideas are there at least . Cheers <o,
  12. If you keep praying to RNGesus. You just may get something. As for me , three years of supercontainers and not one ship.lol. "Flamu"!!!! I need that luck of yours!!!! Cheers <o,
  13. Versili

    How to choose captain skills for Giulio Cesare?

    I sadly have a six point captain on her but I was going to do the same setup as your alternative. Faster turrets for "repositioning " AA and concealment . She is a strong fighter and can easily cit a Colo or NM on their flanks . Crusiers and even destroyers will be weary if your guns reposition faster , plus they are accurate . Don't forget reload expert for when you have to switch your ammo types. Cheers <o,
  14. Versili

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Still hoping for the "Rebel Ship" USS Tennessee (BB-43) after her refit . ;) <O,
  15. Versili


    Yeah for sure projects that are in the works come first . Just saying WG is testing out the Subs which means DDs and some cruisers will now come full circle and now hunt those pesky subs . Lol .we shall see. As you said.