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  1. Versili

    What Ship Is This?

    That's a cimarrón the larger of both types of transport ships in the game ..I'd like to have it at any teir just for the lols. That's if it were available .....WG here's your new April fool's secret battle mode operstion. transports vs subs try to get out of the bay or into it. ...hmmmmm "I'd buy that for a dollar"
  2. Versili

    2080 ti crashing w/ WOW staff advice

    Update your latest drivers and check to make sure it's a new driver and not a Beta driver on it. Those may have bugs .also I recommend the EVGA Afterburner software to run your cards fans smoothly. Make sure the fans are kicking in . It may be thermal and auto shutting to protect itself. Hope it helps m8!!
  3. Versili

    Pt 9.2

    Not tht I'm aware of it but is the PTS live yet . It's time specific . Is it live yet ?
  4. Versili

    Bots cheat with Priority Target?

    I had a game last night where a BOT Colorado was shooting at another target and I was laying fire on it. My priority target counter never marked me as a target. Only detected. Even while it swung it's guns around and shot at my ship it still didn't register as being targeted. Still like the magic torpedoes that pop up from nowhere after you destroy a bit ship. OR the ever popular super rudder on a GK that can out turn your torpedoes at any given time. Plus their magic sonar that all ships happen to have . Other than that no major issues . Lol.
  5. I understand the worry. But I was just talking about them moving side to side In an Animation .
  6. Now if we could only get working rudders lol. Small,insignificant and nit pickey but would be cool either way. Nice pics m8.
  7. Versili

    IFHE change and secondary builds

    Imo WG will have to let people Respec for free for the new rework . I run French BBs and Germans but German BBs are not affected by the IFHE changes. Let's see what kind of disaster comes of it now.
  8. Versili

    Best 99 cents I ever spent

    That's hilarious Wolf!!! I can see that happening . Lol
  9. Versili

    Best 99 cents I ever spent

    You should try the premium T2 japanese DD ....that thing fires more torpedoes than main gun shells. IMO better than the Smith. I call it the Tackie Bannanie...lol
  10. Versili


    I had suggested a carousel type system where you would team up in a lobby then select op then select tier for the op and then ships. The AI would accommodate teir for teir. From 3-10.Any op any teir as long as the team was on board with the selection . Just a thought . Cheers!
  11. Versili

    How to Deal with the Smolensk

    There are counters for Smolensk ... She's very very squishy.
  12. Start at teir 1 cusier then teir 2 the BB lines open up at teir 3 unless you flat out buy one for real money . Pick your country then do as mentioned above . You have to progress through the lines gaining xp per battle . That opens up more ships for you M8. Good luck and good hunting !
  13. Play when I can , grab as much xp as possible. Got up to donsk. Hope to grab moskova when I get more XP ...may drop some fxp on it as well. But who knows
  14. Versili

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    People understand that it has to be taken down . But the devs have the community on edge over it going away and staying away. How many other ops have gone away to get REWORKED and have not come back. WG has a nasty habit of saying operations are not a priority and that it's not their main focus right now. There are plenty of ops players who just don't feel easy that one of the more enjoyable ops may not be coming back for a long time. The playerbase is ,concerned from what I gather ...so am I.
  15. Versili

    Anyone buy back the Shchors?

    Never sold her ....Been in my port since Russian crusiers were introduced.