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  1. Supercontainer [edited]

    Did you ask WG to remove these 21 days from your account? If not, why not?
  2. You win. I should really learn to type faster.
  3. The terrible troll attempt is bad enough, but at least apply your "logic" consistently.
  4. I've completed mission 1 through 4. Each mission gives 3 containers. Each container gives 2 items. 4x3x2=24 items. I got 13 unique items and 11 duplicates. It takes 4 duplicates to buy an item, so I'm 1 duplicate short of completing the collection. Am I missing something? Do you get containers for mission 5? Is there another way of earning one of these items?
  5. You know you have a good team when...

    It's the thought that counts.
  6. DoY mission rigging

    Very bad troll attempt.
  7. Unfair matching

    1. Not everyone plays ranked, so your non ranked players might be better than your opponents non ranked players. 2. The average rank of your opponents ranked players is 11.78. The average rank your ranked players is 11.14. By your logic, you have a (slight) advantage. 3. If you want to claim the matchmaker is unfair, back it up with statistics based on a significant amount of games. A single screenshot means nothing.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Maybe the average players aren't sending him replays?
  9. Chapayev strategy

    Which cruiser did you use?
  10. UK Missions Disappeared???

    Update: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/up-the-irons/
  11. On youtube between the video and the description box.
  12. UK Missions Disappeared???

    Same here. I still have the flag though.
  13. Click share, copy the link and paste in the message text.