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  1. How often people got coupon offer to them?

    Twice, and only used it once to get some doubloons.
  2. Tanking damage ?

    OP isn't asking about potential damage, but damage tanked.
  3. To much HE in the game?

    OP played 64% of his battles in cruisers, so this isn't just a BB main complaining.
  4. Do you think you would have survived if you were playing the Edinburgh or Neptune?
  5. Hindenburg build with the new CMDR

    Good to hear. I just got the Hindy (only 6 games in) and would hate to have to respec the captain so soon after retraining him.
  6. Hindenburg build with the new CMDR

    Why do you use LS? Does your engine get knocked out that often?
  7. Weekend spree

    I played my final 5 games in the Roon (3 wins, 2 losses) and finally got the Hindenburg. First and only game in the Hindenburg was an average win. After that I gave ranked another go. First game in the Alabama was a loss (totalfor this season after that game: 1 win in 6 games), so I decided to try the Tirpitz and got my first kraken in a ranked game.
  8. So....do I get all the stuff? Ranked.

    Mostly flags, some credits and some type 5 camo. You'll start at rank 16.
  9. Supercontainer [edited]

    Did you ask WG to remove these 21 days from your account? If not, why not?
  10. You win. I should really learn to type faster.
  11. The terrible troll attempt is bad enough, but at least apply your "logic" consistently.
  12. I've completed mission 1 through 4. Each mission gives 3 containers. Each container gives 2 items. 4x3x2=24 items. I got 13 unique items and 11 duplicates. It takes 4 duplicates to buy an item, so I'm 1 duplicate short of completing the collection. Am I missing something? Do you get containers for mission 5? Is there another way of earning one of these items?
  13. You know you have a good team when...

    It's the thought that counts.
  14. DoY mission rigging

    Very bad troll attempt.