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  1. ImpalaCustom

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    You want the YY to be buffed. I pointed out that: 1. You contradicted yourself in your original post. 2. Looking at your own stats , not only is there no reason to give the YY a buff, there is especially no reason to give it the buff you're asking for. Looking up stats is to determine if you've got a point, so they have everything to do with what is being discussed. If the ship is performing poorly overall or if you are performing relatively poorly compared to your other dd's, you might have a point. Neither is the case.
  2. ImpalaCustom

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    So you provided an argument to take the YY over a Gearing in your own post. 0.8km detection already makes it all but impossible to dodge the torps after they've been detected. Just compare the differerence in torpedo hit ratio between the YY and Gearing from your own stats.
  3. ImpalaCustom

    A Secret Mission in World of Warships (Fixed)

    Not working for me. Selected the difficult mission, got the easy mission.
  4. If you lose at a casino, the casino directly profits from your loss. If you lose a game in WOWS, how does WG profit from your loss?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S20FyEahJy8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S20FyEahJy8
  6. ImpalaCustom


    Worked for me (copy paste).
  7. ImpalaCustom

    German AA's 2

    You need to use Russian, Pan-Asian or UK DD's between tier V and X for it to count.
  8. You only brought it up after you got a teamkill penalty and you're complaining about losing a miniscule amount of XP and credits, so it does come across as selfish. The current system isn't perfect, so it could definitely be tweaked. However, since the system is perfectly workable, I think this should be very low on WG's to do list. If you want to implement a system to have the possibility to be forgiven for TK, you should be forgiven by everyone you've disadvantaged. Since you've robbed your team of a set of guns, torps and possible spotting and capping, you should only be forgiven if the entire friendly team agrees.
  9. So you want WG to invest time and money because you lost 24000 credits and 69XP as a result of your own carelessness. Don't you think WG has bigger problems to solve?
  10. ImpalaCustom

    WoWS Stats & Numbers Should Fix Co-op Ratings

    WoWS Stats & Numbers is an external site. If you want to make a suggestion, you could use the e-mail address at the bottom of their page.
  11. ImpalaCustom

    Could Go Navy have been Differently Organized?

    Or go for the simple solution and don't base the winner on the total points earned, but on the average points earned per player. That way it doesn't matter how many players a team has.
  12. ImpalaCustom

    A proper sendoff to the Alsace, farewell

    Did you compare your own stats in this ship to your own stats in your other high tier BB's?
  13. ImpalaCustom

    Game unexpectedly ends

    A friendly NC was killed at the same time you killed the enemy BB.
  14. ImpalaCustom

    Support is a joke?

    The way you "say the issue" is obviously imprecise, since support and 2 forumites misunderstood what you meant. If you want others to understand what you mean, be as precise as possible in your description. A good start would be providing the actual name of the mission you are referring to, which in this case is probably the daily challenge.
  15. ImpalaCustom

    It's not the car, it's the driver.

    Funny you ask for links/data when someone else makes a claim, yet you provide no data/links for your own claims.