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  1. I'm willing to bet with 3,100+ battles I still don't have a 1M exp ship. I need to look tonight. I thought I played this game a lot but damn...
  2. First and probably the last.
  3. Compromise. Post a thread about what you do and what you're looking for!
  4. All of their reasons aside for a moment, I felt it was boring too. Because of the MAPS. Felt like I was in Groundhog Day.
  5. 3,000 battles and my highest captain is 16. I'm the pinnacle of inefficiency.
  6. I'm more inclined to believe the chat ban in question was warranted. A percentage of human population seems to walk around thinking there's a conspiracy to ruin their lives.
  7. read all you want. it's when you type that everything gets painful.
  8. I don't know what match you're referring to. I was the first to die and I watched you thereafter. Let's just say when I see players who talk the talk, I stick around to see if they back it up. You're either mixing up two matches by accident or fabricating an outcome to save face here. Who believes me? I don't care. In the match I was in, stuck with you, I can clearly remember the following: You finished the loss alive with 3xx points, no kills, almost full health, and you were never in front of anyone spotting anyone. I note you didn't debate calling me retarded for questioning your methods. Your 180 360 argument is funny. Yes I agree you didn't 180 off the map into our spawn. That would've been comical. You 180'd to nuzzle in with the BBs and cruisers which effectively takes spotting off the table. after reorienting your ship to the optimal heading (towards the bad guys), you tucked in behind the first island next to our spawn and stayed there for about 3-4 minutes in smoke firing salvo after salvo touchhing nothing. pew-pewed some HE from cover. ......the end. The match ended with you next to B cap, our BB went into cap, you were following, but right at the edge of cap, you turned left and let him go it alone, where he was focused and killed in about 30 seconds. It was brutal to watch which is why I seem to have no trouble remembering it. I don't see how that's spotting. I don't see that as effective IJN DD play. I don't see how you played that way and then come here and waste people's time complain about crappy teammates. I don't blame you for the loss. I just think you're harsh and lack any sense of humility or reciprocation when you immediately resort to adolescent name calling in game. You're part of the problem as I see it, not the solution to what seems to ail you so much. ive said enough here.
  9. Love the fact that you photoshopped your stats into oblivion. I like your style.
  10. That might explain those stats. But regardless of your stats, I know the song well, as well as the artist ;) Just kidding on your stats btw. I'm not judgin'.
  11. i commend your articulated position and don't disagree with anything you're really saying. But to be clear, I don't think anyone here said "It's good for you because it's a plant." It's far trickier than that to explain and this isn't the place for me to go down that rabbit hole. That said, +1.
  12. As is often the case, the kettle and the pot. had the joy of watching OP on my team, in random last night, and in the only DD on the team: T6 Shino painted pink. Spawn in, he does an immediate 180 and heads directly back toward me in my CA along with our BB's. When questioned about his motive and "compass trouble", the epic response was "Because I'm located, [edited]" its easy to remember such an exchange. I won't even go into where he landed in the scoreboard or how he played. I'd probably be violating a t&c.
  13. Actually OP agrees with him but OP's guy moved 8 states away and I'm too old and too much of a family man to go hunting round for the special healing agent anymore. So I've adapted and part of that adaptation is to not play game modes that turn me into a raging lunatic. Edit: I'd also like to say that I do not condone drug abuse at all. I've lost dear friends and family to opiates and heroin. Plants and drugs should be considered different from one another. Caution is always warranted regardless, but I would not recommend lumping one with the other. I have done it all. And I'm a pretty normal dude with a good life. There's a huge difference. And if I could legally partake in said horticulture and not risk my career, I'd be the first in line. It's too bad the politicians think Percocet, Xanax, and Jack Daniels are fine while the plants are somehow bad news. I'll be dead by the time the masses and my state finally relent. Too bad. Back to topic.
  14. Stings to say this but Ranked is simply not fun. It's the grindiest grind I've ever seen. So much toxicity in the chat, so little variety in gameplay, so little reward for so much pain. It seems like a mere sales platform for premium ships and consumables. I've felt better about my odds in Vegas. And I'm not a gambler. I was really looking forward to Ranked this season. And I've never felt worse about this game, that I love, than I have playing Ranked battles.