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  1. Prothall

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    Live. That's the most important thing as long as you don't sail to the edge of the map and hide. Damage is not your priority. Spotting, area denial and capping with opportunity. If you want to contest a cap have an exit strategy. Don't dive in and find yourself radared and dead. Creep in from behind a rock. Point your nose away from the enemy and back in. Whatever it takes to be useful and survive.
  2. Prothall

    PT boats

    Historically PT boats did well against other PT boats and barges. There was the occasional success like at Surigao Strait, but in general larger warships were able to ward off PT boats easily. With the enhanced accuracy of this game it would be made even more easy.
  3. Prothall

    Don't won't to be that guy

    The mini map is your friend. Make decisions that will keep you alive and possibly do damage to the enemy. The longer you live the more decisions you will make and the more you can learn.
  4. Grats to you and your luck. I bought 20 Big crates and had the 2 free mega crates. I got a few doubloons but exactly 0 ships. This cured me of EVER buying crates again.
  5. Prothall

    Aircraft Carriers we need in game

    ANy CV on the list is rubbish. The broken mechanic class should be removed from the game.
  6. Well this did totally cure me of buying crates ever again. I bought 20 of the big containers to go with my 2 free ones. 0 ships. I did get a few doubloons though. Not a whine, I knew the risk, but I won't be taking that risk ever again.
  7. I didn't watch the video, but Imperial Japan never had more than a snowball's chance of winning. The reason? Logistics.
  8. Prothall

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    Jack off all trades DD. GOOD guns. GOOD Torps. GOOD concealment. GREAT smoke. You will never be the best at anything, but you can at least compete in all areas. You don't want to be the first DD spotted in this boat, but the longer the game lasts and the longer you live the more of a difference you can make.
  9. Prothall

    How To Fix Carriers

    I do not want CVs removed because they are too powerful. I want them removed because the skill gap between drivers ruins the fun of matches. I cannot stand a match either way with a unicum Vs a potato CV driver. With the CV rework any competent CV driver will CV snipe to start the match then send the rocket planes after the DDs. Once those two threats are eliminated it is farming time...
  10. Prothall

    Should WG Buff the RN DD line?

    low fire chance? You do realize how fast they shoot, don't you?
  11. Prothall

    Any more Yueyang

    When you are used to a ship performing at a certain level you naturally don't play it as much when that level is lowered. New crops of YY players will come along and think the ship is still fairly solid.
  12. Prothall

    Unfair CV play

    I have repeatedly said that I don't like the AA layout at low tiers. Most of the ships modeled at low tier are from an era before the airplane or when the airplane was a slow, lumbering land locked entity. CVs didn't become a real threat until the 1930s. If you had ships in your navy from before that era you would slap on AA wherever you found deck space if you sent that relic to a forward area where airplanes might be an issue. Wargaming should ignore the historic AA values on tech tree ships and give them SOMETHING. I am not asking for a 99 rating, but a little something that will knock down a plane or 2.
  13. Prothall

    How To Fix Carriers

    Or maybe jut remove the rotten game mechanic class all together.... Money means that will never happen. But it would make for a better game.
  14. Prothall

    Thanks for nothing WG!

    Translation: Waaaaaah! My YY isn't OP anymore! Waaaaah!
  15. Prothall

    Cleveland...why is service cost so high?

    Tier 8 seems to be the pay wall. It is not uncommon to lose money after tier 8 unless you are playing premium ships or use premium time. Even then you need a reasonably good game or you still might lose some coins. Think about this: they standardized costs a while back. In the old days you could lose a lot more credits if you got blapped early and sank with little contribution.