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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    It isn't just radar. You see people all the time in all types of ships afraid to engage and possibly take damage. Too many toys, too much dpm. One mistake or bold move can lead to deletion in seconds. The sheep will be sheep. If your team has more you will lose.
  2. I was in a tier 5 DD in a tier 7 match. It was about 12 minutes in and I had 3 kills. I came around a rock and spotted/was spotted by a pair of Colorados in a division at 4 kms. I was already at 25% health and smoke was on cooldown so it was yolo time. I charged in and sent 6 torps at the nearer BB as they unloaded and killed me. 5 of the torps hit him and sank him from over 80% life. The last torp went past his stern and hit the other full health BB, detonating him. That last torp salvo netted me 100k damage, 2 "It's just a flesh wounds", 2 dev strikes, double strike, kraken, high caliber and confederate.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    This may have been suggested before, but here goes.... The one thing I remember reading about early radar systems was that the bigger the target the better chance the radar had at picking the target up at longer ranges. So BBs could be picked up from a distance and DDs would be picked up later. What if radar in game was not the all seeing eye it is now? Make radar give a concealment debuff to targets for the radar operating ship. Every DD on the map would get a 3km concealment debuff, Cruisers would get a 5 km debuff and BBs and CVs would get an 8 km debuff for the radar operating ship alone. This would eliminate the line of sight issues with radar as even 4 km away the radar ship would not see a DD behind a rock. This would tone done the effectiveness of radar and not make it dominate matches so much. Spotting would work as normal, if the radar ship is able to see you with the concealment debuff the target would then be lit up for the entire team to shoot just as when any ship is detected normally. Radar duration could then be increased (reasonably, not operating for the entire game) to compensate the radar ship and to protect him from surprise attacks. Radar cruisers would not be able to spot you through islands if this was implemented, and if they were camping behind a rock it would be worthless because they couldn't spot anything. This would make radar a consumable that needs skill to use where and when and not an idiot button that can be popped whenever. The ship using it would have to take risk/reward calculations. Thoughts?
  4. Another T8/T10 MM Discussion

    Your two examples are premiums. That tends to be less impressive. If you had been tech tree ships...now THAT would have been truly impressive.
  5. game needs to change

    Do what I and so many others have done. Renounce all of the bells and whistles at high tier and go down and brawl with low tier ships. That's where the fun is.
  6. DD's high tier game is bad

    Gospel. Big thumbs up.
  7. What happened to this game?

    Ships that can shoot well over 20 km, radar everywhere, one mistake or bold move means instant deletion, and you wonder why the sheep are passive....
  8. Basically anyone who has a total derp moment that even they would cringe at if they took two seconds to think about it. CVs who run their planes away from enemy fighters and right over sneaking DDs. DDs who fire torps at targets already beyond their torp ranges and sailing away. Cruisers who charge the center of the map alone then complain about the team's lack of support when they die. BBs who shoot at other BBs and cruisers to farm damage when a DD is spotted closer, then complain that DDs are OP when that DD torps them later. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
  9. Reward Whales WG

    It would appear that they are shaking you down for money. If they gave you a ship at $X and people are 25 dollars short, they would buy a ship they don't want to get this free ship that they probably also don't want. The whale free ship is not a merit based item and that would make the 1000s of players who don't buy premiums or only buy them occasionally feel left out. Anyone can get a merit based ship if they put in the time and play well.
  10. It's called smarter players. Players learn not to stay predictable and they move in weird ways. The days of landing 10-12 torps in one salvo are over. You need to send walls of skill and hope to get a hit or 2.
  11. Many people who play on much larger screens were seeing tiny icons on this huge screen. This is supposed to improve that.
  12. This would be another nerf to DDs being spotted and (more to the point) their torpedoes. Just what DDs need when dealing with cruisers and BBs.
  13. Wow, toxic much? I offered it up as a humorous side note, not as a complaint. I really don't take this Go Navy event too seriously.
  14. Waste premium consumables in a coop match? Just no. Same reason I don't bother with superintendent..
  15. I keep getting the use 5 consumables during the match mission. Problem is my ship only has 2 consumables and only 2 charges for each…..