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  1. Prothall

    What is the main reason for CO-OP?

    I play co-op simply to keep my game reflexes current. I left randoms after 8.0 and I won't go back unless the announce a hard limit on CVs at 1. Playing co-op allows me to keep tuned to the game.
  2. Sitting back and waiting for all of the "beating a dead horse" memes.
  3. Prothall

    Think I figured out what inspires players lately

    All that to set up a meme?
  4. Prothall

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    remember, there are 9 per team now and the MM gives you a same tier match once in a while, you may be placed in that same tier match for that one or two other players. Co-op numbers may or may not be down, but those are two possible reasons you are seeing more bots on the green team.
  5. Prothall

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    No. The limit for me is effectively zero. I have played one random battle (by accident) since 8.0. 2-3 CVs per side is just NOT fun for me. I won't play randoms until and unless this is changed.
  6. Prothall

    Enough with the ridiculous 3 cv matches

    I have given up on playing randoms. If wargaming wanted to do something about this, they would have long ago. The CV mafia won't agree to a 1 CV hard limit per side and wargaming still thinks they have a "success" with it. This used to be such a fun game.
  7. Prothall

    If you could see one ship come back

    Kitakami baby. Hands down.
  8. A compromise the CV fans will not accept and Wargaming will not implement is a HARD cap of CVs to one per side. It has always seemed like a fair compromise to me, but Wargaming likes battles with 4 and 6 CVs because the spread sheets say everyone enjoys them.
  9. Prothall

    Solo Warrior

    Other than making a brag post there is nothing to see here.
  10. Prothall

    why does random look like this almost always?

    Many of the old school players who actually know how to play the game have left or switched to co-op. More bad players in a match means a greater chance the concentration will be on one team and that team will be steamrolled. These type of games have always happen and will continue to do so, it is just you see many more of them these days.
  11. Best MM I ever had was way back early in live. Shimikaze Ocean map No Cvs I was the only DD in the match. It was glorious.
  12. This is a serious idea, so please no troll posts. If you don't like it, just say so and all is well. I have seen some posts suggesting that tier 4 CVs just be removed and CVs play at tier 6 and above. It made me think of the protected match maker for new players where you are in a random battle but 10 of the 12 ships on each side are bots. What if.....tier 4 CVs had a separate match maker? A tier 4 CV can have 2-3 CVs per side per match and every other ship in the game is a random bot? This would allow beginner CV players to practice the trade for full random mode benefits. Tier 3-5 ships with poor AA would not feel their experience shattered by wave after wave of planes they can't touch. I feel this would give those beginner players some relief and they may decide to stick around. Once the CV driver starts playing tier 6, he would enter the real random MM and take on players. Ships at this level start to have meaningful AA and the game can go on for everyone. A tier 5 ship could face tier 6 CVs on occasion, but the crushing that tier 3-4 ships take would vanish. Thoughts?
  13. Prothall

    Memory Lane

    Also remember a tier 10 DD was considered the same as a tier 10 CV for matchmaking purposes. I had tons of games where my shimikaze was considered the equal of a midway. Needless to say, those games ended poorly. There were no matching CVs on each team.
  14. Prothall

    Cliffhanger CV (Hosho) game

    I apologize. I just see so many brag posts from Hosho players I just get triggered by the ship. I didn't notice the Coop results screen.
  15. Prothall

    Cliffhanger CV (Hosho) game

    the clubber paradise ship. I cant watch that junk.