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  1. A gimmick to counter a gimmick to counter a gimmick. Radar jammer would just start an ugly trend. This.
  2. Prothall

    Russian CV

    They don't care. All they care about is the number of people who play the line. More people play the line if they are excited about it. People get excited by big damage numbers. That is the point. I know I will take a long break again when those things hit live because every match will have 4 CVs in it for the next month and I am not putting up with that.
  3. The one thing this game does not need now is one more consumable.
  4. Prothall

    Kagero versus Fletcher

    Damage saturation? Did they both hit the extreme bow or stern?
  5. Prothall

    Quitting WoWs

    Any time you find yourself playing to finish a grind it is time to take a break. the duration is up to you. You said you wanted to finish the grind and get the ships before you quit. Why? To get a few pixels in your port that you will never play? Take a break. Maybe after a while your health will improve. If you do come back, just play for the FUN. I took a long, long break. I came back and only play the boats I want to play. I ignore missions, game news and special battle mode seasons. I just play and ignore those hidden grinding hooks. Maybe you can do the same some day.
  6. Playing lower tiers is more like the old school gaming experience. There are no gimmicks and "I win" abilities. Radar, long range hydro, reload boosters, creeping smoke screens, ect.
  7. I think the economics dictate your decision. You should stop playing those cash-drainers immediately!
  8. Back in the early days, there were game modes where you had to destroy every ship on the enemy team. So the last DD standing could run like hell. I think my draw rate in the old, old days was like 10% of battles.
  9. Prothall

    Lexington(CV-2) and Taiho Question

    The explosions that rocked Lexington came hours later. The real difference was that the damage control team recognized the impending problem, but were not able to fix it. Informed of the danger, the officers got non-essential personnel up top. The loss of the Lexington taught the USN a valuable lesson. Someone on board the Yorktown nearby came up with the solution of flooding fuel lines with CO2 gas. This made the CV less volatile during non flight operations or when an attack is incoming. The Japanese never really learned this lesson. The Japanese were also forced to use unrefined oil because the US kept sinking the tankers. The oil they used was extremely flammable.
  10. Do what many of us have done. I uninstalled months ago. I linger on these boards hoping to hear some news that might make me try the game again. The longer I wait the less often I check back.
  11. How dare you. You forgot torpedoes being detected from space!
  12. Prothall

    Wins vs Loss

    I once lost 12 in a row and 14 of 15. I once won 19 in a row. These things tend to even out based on your ability.
  13. With torpedoes and real estate....location, location, location. Also remember, submarine torpedoes you have a much larger warhead than aerial torpedo's. Three hits evenly spaced out in the machinery spaces could do her in. If you want to make a durability claim for the Yorktown class, just look at all of the abuse Hornet took before going down. She took considerable punishment before going down. You may be right in that the class was designed well, but lucky (unlucky) hits can ruin even the best designs.
  14. Prothall

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    A good start. Now you just need to hard limits CVs to one per match at any tier.
  15. Prothall

    Russian Borei Class SSBN Launching 4 Bulava Missiles

    Wargaming announces its new tier 5 premium submarine....