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  1. Are you playing a ship with a low AA value? Are you playing a ship that should be a port queen in the current CV meta? Do you enjoy Lemming balling around with the entire team just to survive?
  2. What about lower tier DDs and IJN torp boats that have weak AA? You can't polish a poo-poo pile, and defensive fire would still not mean much against planes if your AA rating is low, especially on the longer range weapons. I like the idea that planes only spot DDs for the CV and only ship spotting will make them visible to all others.
  3. Prothall

    There should be an achievement for this.

    There is an achievement for this. It's called a Victory.
  4. Prothall

    CV's are ruining the experience for many people!

    I wish your topic were true and EVERYONE hated CVs. I would love to see them gone. Many agree, Sadly many others like the CVs and don't agree, and Wargaming themselves are in that camp. You have to either accept them, move to co-op, move to tiers 1 and 2, or quit. I chose the last one until they announce a hard cap of 1 CV per match any tier.
  5. Prothall

    More cv rant

    There is always option 3 that Wargaming would love. Never play above tier 2 and never fail division.
  6. Prothall

    More cv rant

    The issue isn't the bully being bullied. The issue is there is literally no defense for many ships at this tier. The CVs just keep coming. They are the last to die and they just keep coming. 30 seconds into the match and it becomes world of warplanes. I know the tier 4 CVs don't have anywhere near an alpha strike, but the relentless harassment, especially in DDs is just over the top.
  7. The torps were stealthier back then too...
  8. Kuma guns were bad enough. In those days you had a ton of inexperienced players. The Kuma had torps with respectable range. It was a real killing machine in the right hands.
  9. Prothall

    another "what if"

    If Germany came up with anything that would have prolonged their effort in WWII, then they would have been the first recipient of the atomic bombs, not Japan. Germany would have extended their war by a few months, that is all. Add to this, the Allied forces would adjust tactics to meet the new battlefield conditions. If the Germans were able ot beat down some allied forces, the Allied Generals would have changed tactics pretty quickly.
  10. I would love to see the one tier MM with a twist to help balance them as well. Have Tier 9-10, 7-8, 5-6, 3-4 or 2/3 for all matches. This would allow CVs to be top tier all the times and Wargaming could balance them better. This would give tier 9s, 7s and 5s incentive to get to the next tier, No radar tier 6 and below, etc. No more being beat down for tier 6s and tier 8s when they are bottom tier against ships that are quantum leap better.
  11. I remember the days when that caliber of guns got the best treatment from basic fire training and advanced fire training. In those days you would have NEVER made this post.
  12. Prothall

    Mercy rule can stay, but here's a fix

    The mercy rule is not in place to benefit the player, but Wargaming. Ending the game early makes you use more resources faster. Ending the game decreases your potential to gain more silver or flags. Then you will spend money on consumables and flags. Think of CVs as one giant mercy rule.
  13. Prothall

    Almost Five Million

    So now we are patting ourselves on the back over potential damage and not actual accomplishments? I see...
  14. Prothall

    A modest idea

    Because CVs are only on the even tiers with large amounts of XP to earn to get to the next one, there are constantly large numbers of lower tier CVs in the waiting line for battle. You almost NEVER have a game without 2 CVs per side and that just makes for crap game play every match. What if we hard limited CVs to one per side on regular random battles? What if we gave CVs preferred match making like new players where 2 CVs per side only faced each other and 10 bots? The CVs would still get their random game level XP and rewards, they could practice their techniques and become competent at their craft, and they wouldn't poison EVERY match with World of Warplanes for the rest of us. This would allow CVs to not have long wait times and the rest of us to actually have a break now and then.