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  1. Prothall

    Low Teir AA buff when?

    Cross out your last 3 words and I agree with you 100%.
  2. Prothall

    Seal Clubbing 101

    Always been an argument over someone being accused of seal clubbing. I didn't really care about the tier, I cared about the over-powered gimmicks and laser cannons. I preferred lower tier play to get away from the gimmicks and just play. Many feel the same way, but the career gamers will always accuse us of seal clubbing.
  3. Prothall

    Make DD play great again

    The different lines have different concealment, different guns and reload, different torps and reload. You give everyone hydro and smoke and the gun boat lines will be the only lines ever played. You wont even the playing field, you will destroy it.
  4. Prothall

    CV's Are Trash Now

    Now people will feed the troll.....
  5. Prothall

    Halland Preview - 95 knot torps

    This game has gotten so out of control with the gimmicks. BBs firing every 15 seconds? check. DDs that can break 50 knots? check. Radar and hydro thru rocks? check. Now we get rocket torpedoes? The BB main have had torps nerfed into oblivion over the years, so lets just ignore the old lines and introduce this gimmick too.
  6. Prothall

    Secondary Gun firing Range Is A Joke

    I remember open beta and early live. All you had was tech tree USN and IJN BBs. I don't remember the figures, but the secondaries only shot out to like 4 or 5 kms. In those days, secondaries were a LITTLE bonus, because main guns were so much more accurate than historical figures. Then came the German line and things went the other way fast. I have always felt that this was the proper approach for secondaries. I understand they would have to boost the main guns on German BBs to compensate, but secondaried that automatically shoot out beyond 10 km is just insane to me.
  7. Prothall

    Are Lines Becoming Too Uniform?

    My problem with this game is the exact opposite of yours. I feel there is too much spread in abilities between ships with all of the damn gimmicks. When I played this game, there were certain rules you could DEPEND on. BBs firing every 30 seconds (ish). DDs depending on torpedoes to do much of their damage, cruisers having guns that were 205 mm or smaller, etc. Now DDs are dakka dakka boats, light cruisers are the same, BBs are firing every 10 seconds with adrenalin rush and reload booster, ships that are called "cruisers" are really BBs, DDs that can go over 50 knots? Really? etc. etc. etc. Stealth used to be so important in this game, now it is useless. Free situational awareness, radar, long range hydro, CVs and RPF have made it almost nothing. Torpedoes used to be feared, now between detection from outer space, torpedo bulges and the flooding nerf, they are an inconvenience most of the time. This isn't my game anymore. It used to be so much fun.
  8. If you think the fire in WoWS lacks realism, Read the account on the losses of two IJN BBs. The Hiei at Guadalcanal and the Yamashiro at the battle for the Philippines. Some witness accounts say they were aflame from stem to stern with the flames reaching 100s of feet into the sky.
  9. Prothall

    Epic Loss

    As a flip, this was an Epic Loss...for the other team.
  10. So how many poison filled games do I have to endure to earn one flag?
  11. Prothall

    Destroyers are obsolete in ranked

    I find it funny that your DDs are really light cruisers without citadels. Not really DDs at all.
  12. Prothall

    That Mean CV was Pestering me all Match!

    RNG was with you. Nothing else. Same circumstances and it doesn't matter how you dodge you are hit hard and die early. And there is NOTHING you can do to change that.
  13. Prothall

    I am going to say this as nice as possible.

    People calculate their guns in damage per minute. You should look at co-op as XP per minute. Is it really worth it to chase down 2 ships for five minutes or is it better to end the thing, get your win bonus, and do it again?
  14. DD play has systematically been gutted for years. There is almost no such thing as concealment anymore. 2-3 radar cruisers per side, 1-2 CVs per side. 2-3 RPF ships per side. A DD is just a light cruiser anymore, that's why WoWS is only pumping out gun dpm monsters anymore. The old days of sneaking around and trying to flank or ambush are gone and will never come again. Just bow to their new game or be like many of us old timers and quit playing. I keep in touch on these forums hoping to one day see some sort of change, but I know it won't happen.
  15. The REWARD for CV game play is ruining the game for everyone else. If you want something more substantial play a different class.