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  1. I remember the old days playing my tier 3 St. Louis in a tier 5 match on ocean. Each team had one tier 3 in the match. Slow. No concealment. No range. No fun.
  2. Kill Stealers-An Untrue Title

    The only time I call it kill stealing is when I see people purposefully withholding fire until the enemy is down to 1000 hps then finally firing a salvo. You see this a lot with people completing missions where the goal is sink X number of ships. I have seen too many times when the spud boy withholds fire that the enemy gets off one or two more salvoes and hurts my team.
  3. win percentage, should I care?

    It is a game. Games are supposed to be fun. Try to win every game but don't obsess over the numbers.
  4. Lemming mentality

    And it took you less than 1500 battles to find out that people are sheep.
  5. 1. If you're running Torpedo Reload Booster: INFORM YOUR TEAM BEFORE THE ENEMY IS SIGHTED! You may very well save a life. You are assuming teamwork? DD's don't set smoke for teammates. If you mean that a teammate will turn in after he see's your tubes emptied, then it is in the potato DD with the booster not to fire.
  6. Seems to me they target DDs first, cruisers second and then BBs. If a cv is visible they seem to target it first. Then things like how much life you have left and your proximity seem to be considered.
  7. When you log on to the game hit the profile button then the summary button. This will show you averages, but also your best games. This will show you if you really got that 7th kill in random.
  8. I just can't watch CV replays. The better the game the more they piss me off.
  9. It's amazing how "we need subs,," can absolutely ruin any other thought you put into a post. Shells have auto-bounce. WoWS forums have auto reject on any pro sub post. And well it should.
  10. My monthly rant

    To paraphrase an Adam Sandler movie: We are all a little more stupid having read this. Thank you for sharing the rage.
  11. Any ship that has an ability out of tier or out of class. Any ship other than a DD with smoke. Any cruiser lower than tier 8 with radar. Any DD or BB with Radar Saipan with the tier 9 planes. Any DD or BB (or CV now) with hydro. etc
  12. The fact that certain battleships with captain ability and modules can out stealth a cruiser that is 1/4 its size.
  13. Rank 10 to Rank 5 - Season 9

    Saw a video posted by Flambass on You tune. His team managed to win the ranked battle but Flambass spent the entire battle behind one rock because he was always spotted by radar or planes. Even DD haters have to admit that you cannot call this style of game play fun.
  14. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    I honestly believe that many old school players are tired of all the gimmicks and I win buttons and are just not playing as much. If the old veterans aren't playing as much many of the BBs you see in games are the new crop of players and don't have the complete feel of the game. It seems to me that the most players are very conservative until they have a few 1000 battles in and most of your players anymore are newer players.
  15. Tier 7 isn't the same anymore.

    Boo frigging hoo, Now you feel the pain of tiers 5 & 8.