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  1. Prothall

    Time to Buff IJN Torpedo Boat DDs?

    Since they aren't being realistic with IJN torpedo performance vs other navies, I would settle for a balance compromise. Maybe take one tune off of each launcher above 3 in number and decrease the reload time by a minute so they actually get to use the damn torpedo's. Why let the Benham and the German DDs have all the fun...
  2. Wrong topic. You really mean to ask when are they going to nerf the Langley and Hosho back down to RN CV level. Maybe let the little boats play once in a while...
  3. Prothall

    To Smo or not to Smo

    Smolensk is an Atlanta on steroids in CoOp. She has her own smoke and a hydro. Her torps go 8 km instead of 4.5. She can shoot 20km and shoot there accurately. She is a PVE treasure. You just have to keep track of how close ships are getting to your smoke gun bloom. She is very squishy when spotted.
  4. Prothall

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    So...you aren't touching the Hosho and Langley. Perfect...
  5. You seem bound and determined to argue just for the sake of arguing. I would not find that kind of life enjoyable. The OP was using irony to make a point. Even a ship with an AA rating of 1 technically might have "good" AA to someone. But you just had to go literal and pick a fight. You seem to do that often. I give up. You win.
  6. OP was making a point about tier 4. You added in a bunch of tier 5s. Maybe you should be the one looking again.
  7. Op said tier 4....nice to see a whole bunch of ships demoted one tier...
  8. Prothall

    PSA: Torps from Behind Teammates

    On the flip side, If you are in a BB and an enemy BB is straight ahead at 5 km, you will hit him every time already. You don't need to sail in to 1 km and take the ram. There is support here. Give a teammate an avenue to use torpedoes. Time and again I see a BB keep charging when there was no need and spoil a shot. Then he dies when I might have saved him.
  9. Prothall

    Excellent CV Buff

    I haven't read the rest of the posts, so I don't know if anyone corrected you or not. The Hosho was not sunk during the war. She became a re-patriating ship after the war. She brought many POWs back to Japan.
  10. Surprise of all surprises, all the CVs were still alive. Gee, that never happens...
  11. Funny how surface ships like US BBs are stuck with historical speeds and that is all fine. We start off giving DDs insane, unattainable speeds (i.e. French) and now we will start in on subs.... When this game came out, I liked that there were certain rules you could depend on. BBs shoot every 30 seconds (ish), Heavy Cruisers shoot every 15 seconds (ish except Des Moines to compete with the IJN torps cruisers), and DD guns only really threatened a BB through fires. Now we have adrenalin rush, reload boosters, and super cruisers with BB size guns and faster reloads. We have dakka dakka cruisers and DDs. In the old days if you were slightly out of position you could time a turn for after the enemy fired. Now they will just pop 3 salvos into your broadside and sent you to port half way through the turn.
  12. Read about the US submarine USS Barb. Blowing up a train was only part of an amazing patrol. On an earlier patrol she snuck through shallow water to sink ships resting in a harbor. That earner her captain a Medal of Honor. If you are interested, find the book, "Thunder Below." It is from the view of the ship's captain and goes through her war patrols.
  13. When you pat yourself on the back, do you start in the center and work out? Or do you start at one side and work your way over?
  14. Prothall

    Tier 7 no more

    Fair tier? You mean like when it was top tier 85% of the time in that sweet spot so you could murder tier 5s all day? Yeah, sure sucks for tier 7 now...
  15. Prothall

    Hermes discrimination

    Have you played against a torpedo acceleration Hosho since the patch? If not, try it and tell me what you think...