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  1. Prothall

    Lowest Kraken Ever (for me), 26K

    I have had lower damage krakens, but not at tier 8....
  2. I have seen too many brag replays over the years by people clearing 300k damage, or getting 25 torp hits in their Shimikaze. Meanwhile they chase fat BBs and do not read the map or contest caps. I would prefer a scoring system that rewards TEAM victory. Spotting, capping, defending ribbons, etc.
  3. So we should reward damage farmers and not reward spotting, capping and actually playing to win. Gotcha.
  4. You would obviously put them in with cruisers. If you made fantasy ships as you went up the tiers that would be similar to Moskva and Hindy in play style. Not much reason to make them other than to copy/paste some "new" content to try to generate interest.
  5. I was in a match once where this BB crowed as the match neared an end how he had 3 kills and 200k damage, but his health bar was full and he never used a heal. He taunted the other team in all chat saying how they made a huge mistake not targeting him. It was a tier 8-10 match and he was a tier 10 BB, I and two other tier 8-9 cruisers were along with him during the push and we all contributed. He just didn't stop to think that the reason no one was shooting at him was because he had juicy cruisers surrounding him and taking up all the damage. I am guessing something similar happened to you.
  6. Prothall

    Very Experienced Players

    You might also want to check when was the last time they played a random battle. Most of the REALLY good players quit randoms or quit the game outright over the years as the gimmick show went in full force.
  7. When you get to that kind of range it is hard to measure exactly how far the hit was scored, as Radar wasn't involved with most of them, and radar is not exact. There is debate on the longest hit on a moving target. The Warspite is in the running. One of the twins hit Glorious at extreme range as well. One of Yamato's shells exploded under the keel of an escort carrier at about 30k yards. The damage stressed the hull and mission killed the ship. She had to be used as an aircraft ferry in calmer waters. Some even claim the shell grazed the hull and is technically a hit. We will never know who the champion is, as in those days range was not an exact science.
  8. Prothall

    Terrible Games

    I remember posts like this 4-5 years ago. The players from closed/open beta had played the game from the early days. Power creep and new floods of players made them talk just like this. Wargaming's business model is to constantly squeeze money from new players. Player who really start to understand the mechanics get frustrated by the new players who are attracted to the gimmicks and flashing lights. You are just a new member in a long list of players that wargaming is willing to let go in the pursuit of the next whale.
  9. Prothall

    I QUIT! I hate this %$#@#$ Game, Final Rant+

    Damn it! Edit your post and at LEAST give us a Rick-Roll.
  10. Prothall

    I'll just leave this here.

    I didn't know that it was possible to get FOUR Shima torp hits and still only do 36k damage.
  11. Prothall

    "Lost" Teams Post Patch

    I played the game in open beta and early live. The player base were generally people who played because they enjoyed ships. They wanted to explore the game mechanics and get better. There were no "I win" gimmicks, pay to win tier 10 (11) premiums. There was a slow grind up the tech trees. People now can play their first battle at tier 10. They are reliant on gimmicks to perform so they do not have the incentives to "git gud." I'm afraid that is just your game anymore. Most of the people who were good at the game left long ago or only play in competitive formats.
  12. Prothall

    Tiers 11-15?

    with a stagnant player base a new "mode" with tier 11-15 would just mean longer wait times and even more bots. Or even worse, people would play these new ships to play something new and the ships that made this game fun would be abandoned. Think all of the gimmicks in the game are a little much now? I can't image what the power creep and gimmicks would do in tier 15.
  13. There have been weekly posts like this one for the last 5+ years. Everyone reaches a limit. The gimmicks and power creep just get to be too much. I stopped playing all but one ship over 2 years ago. I finally drew the line at submarines and stopped all together. When the game stops being fun and starts becoming a "duty," it is time to quit.
  14. How about we just let reinforced AA sector actually DO something? Imagine the chaos if planes actually were shot down before they drop a payload.....
  15. Prothall

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    Lower tiers is a total poo-poo show anymore. No gimmicks, no subs. But there is always 4 Cvs per match and no one has AA. At least 6 of your teammates are bots so RNG decides the winner based on which bots yolo the hardest. Where is the fun when your team of 12 consists of 2 CVs that just love to smash up bots, 8-9 bots and 1-2 other players that are just CV fodder?