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  1. Prothall

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    And lower tier planes did well until people learned how to spec for AA. The issue can be danced around, but the fact remains. If you give one class preferential match making then you need to be ready for the complaints.
  2. Prothall

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    I am sure every Omaha in the game sympathizes to the extreme.
  3. Prothall

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    If I have to take my lumps being up-tiered by 2, then by God you have to face the same issue. Cry me a river Mr. OP/broken game mechanic.
  4. Prothall

    Shima "Legendary" Upgrade

    What??? Are you accusing Wargaming of dumping on the Shimikaze? That never happened before....
  5. The USN Halsey is also grindable through Coop (tedious, but you can do it). IJN Yamamoto cam only be attained through competitive matches.
  6. Prothall

    Why wasn't RDF included in CV CO skills?

    I don't use RPF, but aren't CVs immune to it as well? The other ships can't use it to spot CVs so why should they be able to use it to spot other ships?
  7. Prothall

    Gearing is being forgotten about

    Any DD thread that complains about a DD being power crept that is NOT about IJN tech tree torp boats (not the dakka dakka boats) is missing something....
  8. If I win a match having capped twice but only did 15k damage I consider it a good match. I play to win. I don't care who gets the kills or farms the damage. You are the type of player I want on my team. Someone who does what it takes to win and doesn't worry about stat padding your PR.
  9. Prothall

    Khabarovsk needs nerf....please comment on khaba here

    You want to nerf a RUSSIAN ship???
  10. Prothall

    Switching from USN to IJN dd gameplay

    IJN torpedo boats (not the dakka dakkas) are rough right now. Not only does every other DD outgun you, it SERIOUSLY outguns you. Power creep has swept the torp boats aside. You can have an occasional success, but it is hard to land torps consistently and you get off 2 salvoes with the guns for every 5 incoming. Add in the swarm of RN DDs around now you will be constantly trying to get yourself out of bad situations unless you just kite the battlefield edge and pray for a target.
  11. I have seen a few examples of AFKs getting solo warrior, so the record there is 0 damage.
  12. Prothall

    Fed up with Match Making !!

    Your side sank 5 ships. This is a minor annoyance compared to the joy of the shutout. And I mean that from either side.
  13. Prothall

    Subs might underperform

    You do understand that this is a preliminary release in a coop game mode just to test the concept? You do realize that they are not going to be released for random/competitive battles? You do realize that fussing now about them is SERIOUSLY premature?
  14. Odd that such a worthless ship is often found in competitive modes. But to answer your question: she is part of the original two lines. Back before gimmicks were needed to sell new lines. Many ships in the original lines have no gimmick and most of those have not aged well.
  15. Prothall

    Nay sayers

    I'm heading to Walmart. I need to buy more tin foil for hats....