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  1. WahooFX

    A new graphic bug?

    In my particular case, turns out the solution was to make sure the video card drivers were up to date. They had a very recent update that, for some reason, never registered on my system. I got the video card/driver manufacturer's auto-check/updater too to be sure I had the right software and this wouldn't happen again.
  2. WahooFX

    A new graphic bug?

    Sent in the the ticket with the WGCheck report and a couple replays of what went on.
  3. WahooFX

    A new graphic bug?

    I've been getting this glitch too since the 0.10.3 update. It's like the wake around your ship and others' ships flickers and the ship itself partially flickers too. Tends to happen more when you're in motion and only in battle--not in port for example. Running the WGCheck now and I'll send it in for a ticket.