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  1. MM whingeing and whining

    I find funny because everyone that complains about the MM are usually Good to Unicum players, and whoever bashes the MM whiners are bad to average players
  2. I have completed the collection and the awards but I cant find the completion award
  3. It will not end before WG apologizes for this mess up and selling an unfinished ship(public admitted that) and hammering down the best CC(in my opinion) because of their crap
  4. Oh we have here someone really grown up....aaaaand he does not know how marketing works. congratulations you are a kid living in your parents basement
  5. We Should Be Ashamed

    Mature? Are you mad? WG completely fooled everyone and you expect politeness? Then give up all the rights you have because all of them were made with impoliteness.
  6. This time WG screwed up really bad, we need to make our point very clear with tons of threads
  7. Please do not let that "we cant do nothing, stop trying to argue with WG" get to you. We've been fooled by WG and they want to build a dictatorship where the contributors only post what they want, and we have to make our point clear, we will not accept things like this...
  8. Really WG?

    Ah another spoiled passive child that probably is living in the basement of his parent's house get his food in his mouth and thinks that he know his crapbecause he played a lot of games, let me inform you some stuff kid I won't stay quiet when I'm fooled by anyone, I may not be doing something great but at least I'm doing something. Want me to shut up come here and do it yourself kid, don't wait for others for you to so something for you and brag about things you haven't done.
  9. Really WG?

    Yes, but they dont have the right to deceive everyone with an unfinished ship and worst than that completely different from what they announced. That's a crime here where I live, if you sell something different that you announced you can sue the company for that.
  10. Moderated by Volier_Zcit
  11. Really WG?

    Really WG? What kind of dictatorship are you all building here? Just because you mess up and EVERY SINGLE CONTRIBUTOR says that you mess up, you still in you stubbornness terminate one of the best content creators of this game? What right do you have to do that? Content creators are not supposed to follow your interests, they are supposed to give the players an honest and impartial view of the game, and that`s what happened WG tried to fool people with a crappy ship and beyond that charge 50 bucks for that. And you want your contributors to just stay shut about it? Remember that your income comes from us players I am not going to give you a dime for this ship because WG completely was not honest and gave me the hype and hope for a good ship and in the last moment they changed for this crappy version and they still dare to say that we are not good with it? Grow up Russians, your company needs money like any other and the way things are going, you WILL fall.
  12. AFK

    Cara, eu realmente estou de saco cheio da quantidade de AFK que tem no jogo, hoje joguei em torno de 10 jogos e pelo menos 3 partidas tinham afk, uma delas tinha 2 afks, e a WG faz ABSOLUTAMENTE NADA sobre isso, impossível um jogo com 10k de jogadores ter essa frequência de AFK e o que me deixa mais indignado é a impunidade, parece o governo podre que temos em nosso país, para não dizer que é mentira ta ai o print.
  13. Afks

    Couldn`t agree more
  14. Afks

    Because I want things to change, if everyone stays quiet then things will stay like this forever, no punishment for those who abuse the lack of it. If you think that you can`t change a thing then be my guest and keep your afks to yourself, actually this is a good idea, two queues one with no punishment for afk and other with instant punishment, i don`t mind if the game needs 5 or 10 minutes to be arranged but it would be far better.