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  1. xLutherx

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Yeah that's why lot's of CCs are making videos about it, and players complaining totally valid your argument... Can't you be more boring?
  2. xLutherx

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Wow Nice meta with only 3 ships(haku, stalin and venezia) super fun, so much diversity, so many strategies to play around that... inb4 "huuuuuuur duuuuur but that's only the top clans"
  3. xLutherx

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Yeah, lame excuse for bad management. I actually quit the game a while ago after iEarl's video. I want to see WG burn in their terrible decisions. I just feel bad for all the excellent staff/CCs they have having to swallow all that crap trying to improve the game and having WG show a giant middle finger to them.
  4. xLutherx

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Sub octavian in a nutshell
  5. xLutherx

    Horrible games full of poor skill players

    Welp like Flambass said, nowadays you can get a T10 with roughly 30 battles so lots of potatoes get a high tier without knowing shi$#$%, cause of that? WG went full EA games mode does not care about game quality anymore, only income. And as iEarl said, WG dont care about veterans. So just do like I did, quit the game, it is a nice fun game but unbalanced and poisoned by whale directives.
  6. xLutherx

    Another Flammu vid. Real or hype?

    That is like saying Colorado is good because someone did 300k dmg in a game in all the 2kk games there are with it. How can you feature a ship with a [edited] game?(don't forget that wows is his source of income so nice games means a nice AD for his channel and income) Flamu needs to show the most potential you can get with any ship, from the [edited] to the OPs.
  7. After iEarl's video I completely lost hope of coming back to this game in the near future. What I get most pissed off is that I spent 5 years in this game, spent a fu$%@ ton of money, and I enjoyed a lot. Now I'm just seeing a giant middle finger from them, the streamers I enjoyed watching playing in my free time(and subs) are either almost constantly complaining about WG or just quit the game...
  8. Indeed, I would wait 5 minutes in queue to gather enough players to do a random battle without CVs, there are a ton of videos on yt and streaming so I wont be staring at the screen waiting for battle
  9. Couldn't have said it better...
  10. I know it is all fantasy, but iEarl as a former employee stated that WG don't care about we veteran players they care about how much they can please new players into wasting money until they are pissed and leave the game, and by that time they'll give their middle finger to your unsatisfaction...
  11. 80% of the players here would put only CVs,. But as iEarl said WG knows the issues and they don't care... They'll only start to care when the source of new players(aka income) start to being affected by their terrible decisions and reputation. I have lots of friends that started playing AL and asked me if I would recommend, most of them I told "it is an awesome game managed by a crap company" the ones that wanted to play anyways I even helped with mechanics and things like that, they all gave up at tier 4-5 because of either: 2-3CVMM, seal clubbing divs, constant bottom tiered. Now it is not only me that is shi%$# talking about this game... Maybe not now, or not this year, but the supply of "income" will dry...
  12. I would return playing, even maybe wasting some money on some premium ships that I think are fun only without CVs
  13. Because most ppl who complain about DD that way are CV players who cant find another argument to defend their interests(I want to play a broken class because that's the only class that saves me from being a complete potato), and instead look for the easiest and dumbest technical arguments...
  14. ikr, it is rare to see a DD pass the 5 min mark these days... I wonder where these "invisible threats" are hidden.
  15. crap$%# argument, I guarantee a substantial part of the playerbase would choose CV of classes to choose to not play with, even BBs