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  1. And it is t7 so the amount of amateurs is very high, besides the heavenly MM that it is at t7
  2. I don't know much players that sold the belfast, even with the smoke nerf it is broken, because you can simply radar and kill anything that is spotting you...
  3. I wouldn't know precisely but here in Brazil we have very strict laws about products changes, and since WG has an official representative here, they might have issues in case of direct premium changes
  4. The problem is that WG wants their customers(premium ships buyers) to have a unique experience with the premium ships, so they put gimmicks and other traits in those ships, but in order to keep the game balanced they remove some of the properties that usual ships(like sigma for missouri and alabama, or fighter power in GZ) have and sometimes they make the premium ship unplayable... and when money is involved ppl get very angry very easily(ichase's case)... An then we have the case that they simply don't care about balance like in saipan and belfast case
  5. I'm not talking about GZ, GZ is just the result of WG's lack of ability to balance this game. I'm talking about balancing the CVs in general
  6. I said more, not that they are not doing. But still, I still hear a lot from them about wg dont giving attention to their words
  7. CV's are OP by nature, it was them that decide WWII, but because of that uniqueness they are extremely hard to balace. My opinion is that WG should work more with the contributors and try to balance them the best as possible
  8. Enough with the radar B.S.

    radars are essential, imagine a shima now at 5.5 with 15 torps going at 76knots... radars are the only thing preventing dds from doing cancer gameplays...
  9. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Look at the size of the texts, I need to learn with these guys
  10. Enough with the radar B.S.

    dammit man, 28 pages... My rants don't get this popular...
  11. Enough with the radar B.S.

    Aha, let me join the fight... I'm far better than you all *cries in the corner*
  12. At least we won't have any complaints about premiums...
  13. Well, what I am hearing most of ppl talking here, is "there is nothing you can do, just accept it", or "it is because this game is realistic, so detonations are only natural" i don't take that crap this game is far from realistic. But be careful if you don't like detonations you will probably be labeled as "whinny" or something else.
  14. Dude, I know how detonations work, you have less than 75% and every shot has a chance of insta-killing you... I am pointing out that the detonation mechanic has no purpose beyond screwing everyone`s game