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  1. xLutherx

    Shells falling 1k short

    I've had a quite few times too, pretty frustrating when shells fall off right in front of a juicy broadside. But WG as incompetent as always give that lame lazy answer "it's just RNG bruh", lots of footage of CCs having that issue but it is just RNG... This game went a long way down in the past year...
  2. As always I think WG's beyond constructive criticism, welp here on NA I can say a good portion of the CCs already addressed the situation. But in their pride and incompetence(Russian Bias) they simply ignore everything. My solution to all of this is joining the CV team and being as much cancer as I can be and piss off as much players I can. I want to see WG drown in their own incompetence, if nothing happens I'll at least have fun in the oppressed ships kek.
  3. Totally agree with you, but like some said it is useless, WG incompetence mercenarism and pure stupidity blind them from seeing the truth that the CCs STs and the overall community are shouting "THIS GAME IS BROKEN". So i'm joining the CV team and trying to the most cancer and annoying CV player as I could be, they cant complain about me using their own weapon against them. I feel so bad for the awesome sound and design team which some times dont get the amount appreciation they deserve because they are always overshadowed by the complete lack of competence in every recent decision by the dev team. Some CCs say that we can't be ranting towards WG because nonconstructive criticism lead nowhere, I completely disagree, in WG's case they deserve all the hate and destructive threads they receive since they don't want to listen to the reasonable arguments...
  4. xLutherx

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    You do well in uninstalling again, this game is broken and WG does not want to fix it
  5. xLutherx

    Game still unplayable

    They will break more the game by bringing more russian bias(new russian branch), as expected. I would recommend retiring for good because wg is not willing to balance the game anymore. Even with a team of very competent, skilled and determined CCs and STs they simply won't listen. Some times I wonder if that is pure mercenarism or stupidity
  6. Welp this goes into the list of things wg did wrong, they simply dont care, lets just enjoy the russian bias while the game is not dead
  7. xLutherx

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    Nah they are a bad company and dont have any competence with decision making, funny thing is that they think they are making good choices and they are "working hard" big companies nowadays are a big pile of jokes...
  8. I've seen better baits, I'm not falling for this... kek
  9. I would understand if there were a lot of torp/HE/plane spam, but in this case indeed a very potato team...
  10. xLutherx

    A New Personal Record

  11. WG being that way does not make the game bad, but recent decisions made my almost 300 games a month drop to about 50, and I saw a lot of companions leave the game because of brainless decisions...
  12. Simple WG is a terrible incompetent company that dont care about the playerbase opinion and it CC team
  13. xLutherx


    Nem gasta seus dedos, só por ser russo já quer dizer que n vão nerfar...
  14. xLutherx

    DD vs BB - Discussion

    My god the amount of [edited] OP said is off the meters...
  15. xLutherx

    Save tier 8?

    Yup, I had like 3 or 4 friends that simply gave up on the game in t5 because they were newbies and the constant MM [edited]you up with t7 makes grinding very difficult, but hey we're talking about WG here, they simply ignore what everyone has to say and when things get haywire they send octavian to play victim and blame us.