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  1. It is happening every game, and very frequently. I lost a x1 to a dd because the camera decided to turn 180 degrees with the dd right in front of me...
  2. new bug, now the new one is whenever I right click to lock the guns, when I release the button the camera turns 180 degrees. It is happening all the time. Tried to repair the game, to reset to defaults, delete the preferences... Nothing works. Already spoke to some players that have the same issue not as much as I do, but still no fixing for this...
  3. I didn't see anything about this but anyways, me and some of my colleagues are experiencing some unpleasant new feature, the game is not going to the results screen is just kicking me directly to port. Is anybody else with this problem?
  4. Server Issues

    Hurray WG, it cant even balance the servers, nice job!!!
  5. Nerf HE range and fire chance.

    don't feed the troll
  6. MM has always been an issue, and now with the legendary upgrades, being in a tier 10 battle with a tier 8 ship is even a bigger struggle now. If they think there are enough players to do ranked battles with tier 10, I think tier has enough tier 10 players for an exclusive MM. Tier 10 was always my favorite tier to play and I wouldn't mind waiting like 30 seconds to one minute to have a full tier 10 match, it will be more challenging to play(in a good way) and it will be a lot easier for other tiers to play.
  7. Soundtracks

    Yeah I knew about the game`s OST, but never found some of the tracks used in the videos like in my first post
  8. Gameplays - Partidas gravadas

    Especial CW
  9. Soundtracks

    Two things I can never complain about WG, Designs and soundtracks. Damn they are very good at it, but why they are so selfish? Share those incredible soundtrack with us. One I would really love to have in my collection is from this video Not mentioning the other tracks in other videos.
  10. Como Funciona - Dano - Ep.01

    Pessoal que tiver algum tipo de recomendação, como estamos iniciando, está sempre bem vinda
  11. Como Funciona - Dano - Ep.01

    Muito boa iniciativa.
  12. Como sempre só vê a parte que lhe convém, houve o erro da minha parte e já me desculpei por isso, pois houve consenso. Com vc nunca é assim vc se acha sempre o certo sendo que várias pessoas lhe dizem o contrário então imagino que é o tóxico aqui, eu que erro, reconheço e me desculpo ou vc que só vê sua arrogância e ignorância como absoluta e não admite seus erros. Quero que isso fique bem registrado aqui para a WG ver seu comportamento infantil.