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  1. I can only go by my experience in the PT, in one battle, the ally team ROLF stomped the enemy only losing one ship. My participation certainly did not influence it that much to create a landslide win, you have to accept it is RNG that controls the game when it is primarily AI, server says green or red wins, not intentionally selecting the enemy team to win.
  2. As the server knows where you are (and what you are doing), the (server controlled) bots know where you are and your every move (hence homing in to your location no matter if spotted or not). Fire a shell, the server notes direction and trajectory and the bot will make the necessary moves/actions, same with torpedoes. Bottom line is the AI was certainly turned up a notch on PT, and those detractors should play a co-op T1 battle on live then one on PT to see the difference. Whether RNG is written into the AI's actions is not known but there is no difference to the bots color, red or green they behave the same.
  3. Well, as for results I believe the OP was unlucky as I just did a string of 4 battles and won all, last battle just now below; But, he has a valid point, the bots are definitely much better. I would safely say they will be a challenge for 25% of the player base and a nightmare for the other 75%. But, if a player needs to learn and improve, they need a challenge like this, not bots that hand their AI butts on the line for you. How many 'Straight Line Larrys' do you see in game? Quite a few I would say. I would rather see some reasonably good players come into the game instead of hoards of very poor players due to WG not giving new players a challenge when they start. The argument can swing both ways like monkey nuts, but I have to say the AI is much better.
  4. 5 - St.Louis 8 - South Carolina 8 - Orion 7 - Bellerophon 7 - Langley Only got the BB's as confirmed kills as the Sharks were desperate for kills!
  5. Hi all @NA. This looked like fum so thought I would give it a try, 1st battle below.
  6. Image says it all. Top text field not displaying correct text.
  7. Training Room on Public Test Server?

    Go to scripts_config.xml in res folder and edit the below line; <disableTrainingRoom>true</disableTrainingRoom> Just change true to false and save.
  8. Why are we being fined

    The issue is, pre this update when colliding, both parties were 'fined and compensated'. Now, the same in 5.12 YOU get fined but not compensated, tell me where that is fair???
  9. Patch Notes for

    Sorry to butt in guys, has your server been patched now? Here in the EU it has not yet.
  10. Tirpitz Is Getting A BF109G Fighter

    That is what we thought in the EU regarding the 109. Quoted from one post in the release notes thread; There was one PAPER design for a BF109 on floats but it was based on a BF109F not the G and was called the BF109W
  11. Submarines, will you quit?

    Wow, a thread about subs with 240+ posts, In the EU it would have been terminated by now! Gee, sub threads rise and fall more often that a porn stars ban hammer.........
  12. CV:[edited]

    Just not a good enough reason. Trying and failing is always more preferable than letting your team down. Why not in the future and in a similar position ask for support from your team? Words fail me for players that go AWOL........
  13. Hello, you seem to be quite vociferous towards the Torpitz yet have no physical experience with it. Learning has always taught me to never jump to conclusions basing them on other peoples experience and statistics. Give 10 people the exact car and perform tests in it and you WILL get different results. An odd analogy but it fits this ship. You cannot judge a small proportion of players and base performance on those limited statistics, my winrate in the Torpitz is 63%. Why, I probably sail her differently? But, winrate as you know with your knowledge™ is not a good base for making an overall assumption as assuming is all you are doing at this moment. I certainly am not criticizing you at looking at figures and trying to make sense of that as that is what statisticians do but please, do not be as critical as you are now without actually sailing her. "with its dispersion its going to be difficult to citadel cruisers from 10-15K..." I would have concurred with you if you had stated 15-20K, but in this case you are as wide of the mark as the dispersion is at full distance. 3 cruisers in one battle I had will agree with me, one Atago @75% health, full salvo @15K - dead. next 2 Atlantas steaming in convoy towards our CV at full health at 13K distance, just 2 salvos, one for each sent them to the bottom. A little RNG? maybe, good accuracy from me? definitely. A little dispersion? yes, but in the 3 cases 4 out of 8 shells hit. You may very well be an expert in other areas (statistician maybe?) but making sole judgements based on collating information as you have, does not conclude with "This is a bad sign of what to expect for German Battleships...". I suggest to wait, test it yourself and THEN make a sound judgement of your OWN opinion as that will all it will be. Others like myself will continue to sail her and enjoy the experience.
  14. Why can't we change servers?

    Hello Capt, all you need to do to play on the EU server is to open an account there (http://worldofwarships.eu/). You do not need to download any other client. For instance to test I opened accounts both here, RU and Asia and it is fine. I am assuming you mean super and not alpha testing? Talk to the guys in this community about being referred to be a supertester.