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  1. How about "They Were Expendable" with John Wayne and PT Boats.
  2. Suggestions? HP, p7603w, AMD IIx4 640 processer, 3.00 GHZ, Ram 5.0 GB, 64 bit, Windows 7 home. I run low settings and get 5 or 6fps and about 90 ping. Anything I could do to help this potato?
  3. Just gave up on ranked one minute ago. No one knows how to play epicenter. Us DD's rushed and took the center and layed down smoke and had the enemy spotted for our two BB's. looked back to see where they where.......Not Even In the OUTER Ring Yet!! Just steaming blissfully off to the East! I give up. smh
  4. Potato in wows: A ship which utililizes tater canons instead of naval rifles. Tater canon: A length of pvc pipe in which a potato is muzzle loaded and has a breech which can be opened to utilize hairspray as a propellent for the afore mentioned potato. Effective range: 50-75yds. Destructive ability: neglegeble. Most of my ships are armed with these insidious weapons.
  5. HMS Warspite. drops the mic
  6. I came very close once. In the Wyoming! Time ran out and I/my team lost by 4 points. ugg
  7. Got mine Saturday and boy am I glad! This ship is awesome. Great speed, long guns that reload fast and torps. Secondarys are off the chain with BB armour. Whats not to love! I'm a BB main on the US line that has ground my way up to Iowa but have doubled my avg. damage output with its faster reload and long range. Shinyhorse issa tha shizzel!
  8. Alabama!
  9. SD had shorter hull with more powerful engines and where faster than NC. NC armour was designid to stop 14" shellfire and SD and Iowa where designed to stop 16".
  10. Wyoming with 16 point captain, very relaxing.
  11. 16: BB secondarys still team kill. I will start the thread.
  12. Comparing potatos to humans is degrading to potatos and I find it offensive!
  13. I have a 15 point cap. I move between New Mex, Texas and Colorado with no problem but have to retrain for N.C. Why is this? Original cap I started playing with.
  14. haze grey or measure 22 camo.
  15. I got the pink award for that same thing about two weeks ago! I done a wows survey about a week ago and told them how wrong and unfair this was as we have no control over the our secondarys. we will have to wait and see what happens. Did anybody else do the survey?