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  1. Bit of a shameless plug here, but for anybody on the east coast of the United States, we do special programs from time to time aboard the North Carolina. Coming up next weekend is one of those special programs, an in-depth look at the engineering plants and related topics. As I've done the last four years, I'll be leading the discussion on the ship's electrical generation and distribution systems, and related theoretical topics. For anybody interested, more information can be found here: Battleship Power Plant Program
  2. Navynuke99

    Nuclear Power: An Incomplete Guide

    He served as an IC-man in Engineering on Enterprise - my first LCPO on Reagan was his LPO.
  3. Navynuke99

    Fire Control Trivia

    We have a tour coming up in November that includes the Mark IA computer. Here's more info if you're interested: http://www.battleshipnc.com/programs/firepower-program/
  4. Navynuke99

    Electrical power output of battleships

    Precisely. Sorry, but OPSEC takes priority. However, I can say it's kinda like your chart not taking emergency generators into account.
  5. Navynuke99

    Electrical power output of battleships

    For the record, your numbers for the Nimitz - class are wrong. Just add a point of correction. Also, you might want to look at what voltages each ship was generating and operating at, and maybe also include, if you can find the numbers, AC vs DC loading, since that would give a little better picture for electronics and combat systems. For example, North Carolina has two motor generator sets rated at I think 200 kw (I don't have my spreadsheet in front of me at the moment) for the radars, search lights, fire control systems, etc.