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  1. I think it needs to be pointed out as well that the latter volumes also include stories from those of us young'uns who served on other ships as well. Would definitely recommend the volumes if you're interested in hearing real-life stories.
  2. Navynuke99

    So why so dead set on scrapping nuclear carriers?

    I can confirm this- one of my roommates was on Enterprise when I was in Newport News, 2001-2004, and the Enterprise barely limped out of the shipyards after her 2002-2003 overhaul. As a matter of fact, in the fall of 2003 we came across off the Virginia Capes and made a few circles around her on our way back into port. She couldn't pull back in because something important had broken, and wasn't legally allowed to dock until the replacement was flown out, tested, certified, and the OK given by AIRLANT. That was far from an isolated incident, too.
  3. Call the hotel. With the speed things are changing here, the hotel industry has been much more flexible about that - we've had to cancel a few reservations, including one for downtown Wilmington a few days before the event was due to take place, and we didn't have any issues with that. Or, if that doesn't work, call your credit card company/ bank and see what they can do.
  4. I wouldn't count on that, necessarily. May want to call them today or Monday to verify that- things are happening very quickly here.
  5. Oof, do you have any further details? I hadn't heard back yet from the museum (as I was going to be volunteering there that day).
  6. Welcome to North Carolina! If you need recommendations for other things to do in Wilmington, let me know!
  7. My ship! I volunteer/ do restoration work there. See y'all in Wilmington in March- I'll likely be in one of the engine rooms.
  8. Yes, yes it would. Save the bacon for your potato leek soup (to provide something to work with the much more subtle flavors of those two vegetables). You don't want to mix bacon, beef, and Guiness for something that's going to be cooking and simmering for multiple hours. Getting this back on track, I did want to comment on the "restrict starting CV's to Co-op play" comment. I've come back after an incredibly long layoff, and took my Ranger and Saipan (from the previous RTS days) out in co-op to try and learn. Problem being, it's incredibly, frustratingly difficult to try and learn in Co-op, because you don't have time to get many drops in before the rest of your team has destroyed all the bots. Last two rounds in either ship, I wasn't able to get off more than two attacks before the match was over. I was always taught to train like you fight, and co-op, in my experience is nowhere *near* the experience of PvP play. How could we improve that?
  9. Navynuke99

    CVN-81 to be named after Pearl Harbor Hero

    I think it can be fairly argued that Miller had been white, he would've been awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor, so that also needs to be taken into account.
  10. Navynuke99

    USS Kitty Hawk; End of an Era

    You're forgetting that there are still the entire class of Nimitz-class CVN's in service, which means that spare parts aren't nearly as hard to come by as they are for a one-off ship. Also, as a warship ages, she tends to break down more and more frequently, and require longer and longer overhauls - this was a huge issue with Kitty Hawk her last several years in service, as well as Enterprise, and affected their abilities to get underway on time more than a few times. The reason the Nimitz-class carriers are more expensive is because of the additional material and personnel costs that are incurred due to their nuclear propulsion plants. If they were conventionally-powered, ton for ton, they'd be cheaper than the Kitty Hawk.
  11. Navynuke99

    USS Kitty Hawk; End of an Era

    ...and that's how it's supposed to be. Stay out of the way, and let the LD do his thing. Got a Bravo Zulu once from the CO for hanging up on him when he called Central on the J-dial during a DIW when I was trying to get power back. Plus, I'm guessing if the "Prise was down TWO plants, y'all were already having a REALLY bad day.
  12. Navynuke99


    It's pretty clear this guy has never served in an engineering or operations capacity on any Nimitz-class carrier.
  13. Navynuke99

    For Sale: PCH-1 USS High Point

    Ah man, if there was an extra million sitting around, I'd TOTALLY send this to the North Carolina curator (since High Point is in NC). Stupid hurricanes, tearing roofs off visitor centers and flooding parking lots. Fun fact: the town of Climax is just east of High Point.
  14. Navynuke99

    So why so dead set on scrapping nuclear carriers?

    Not necessarily the entire engine room, but definitely the entire Reactor Compartment, hereafter referred to as the RC (which is a giant cube in the middle of the Reactor Auxiliary Room). Also, the reactor spaces aren't "a dozen decks" down. A Nimitz-class CVN has a total of 7 decks, starting from the hangar deck and counting down, and then depending on ship, between 9 and 11 levels above the hangar deck to the top of the island. Reactor spaces start below the 2nd deck, which is the main deck for all things related to crew habitation. Something to consider when talking about removal of the RC's is their location. For the forward plant, the RC is right under the main medical spaces, which means you'd have to tear all of those out to remove it. That's usually a pretty popular place for tours, at least if the North Carolina is any comparis. The aft plant's RC is directly under the main mess decks and ship's store, which is also a VERY popular place for tour groups to gather, sit around, and hang out on any museum ship I've been on. As for dry storage of spent reactor vessels, that's exactly how it's done now, but at a site in Washington state. More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ship-Submarine_Recycling_Program Big difference between the French and American naval nuclear programs is the level of classification of everything. Yes, you can tour the Nautilus in Groton, but unless you've got the clearance and a good reason for it, you're never going to get a chance to explore aft of the RC; everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING related to Naval Nuclear Power for the United States is still incredibly highly classified. Yes, a steam plant is a steam plant is a steam plant, and there's a lot of commonality between a Nimitz and the Midway (or Yorktown, or North Carolina), but you would never, EVER be allowed to see the Main Machinery Room on a tour of an aircraft carrier, because of the blanket nature of the Federal laws surrounding nuclear power information.
  15. Navynuke99

    So why so dead set on scrapping nuclear carriers?

    Finally, somebody who actually knows what they're talking about.