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    Premium Ship Review - USS Indianapolis

    I have just received this ship from the contest a few hours ago, and playing it honestly it is everything the Pensacola should have been. Still a mediocre cruiser though, its not bad but its not incredibly good. She feels a lot less fragile than Pensacola. Would I buy it, maybe if the price is lower. If you were wondering whether or not you should buy this, ask yourself, did you like Pensacola? Personally I enjoyed it, and I like the Indianapolis. But everyone is different, and if the Pensacola left a bad taste in your mouth you may not enjoy it. Radar is nice, very situation though as its arguably the worst radar any cruiser has (but still radar at T7). Don't know why it was made so much more sluggish than its non premium counterparts though, if anything the premium ship trend would suggest it would be very close or slight better than the Pepsi/NO's maneuverability.