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  1. Naka_chan_dayo

    Really Tired of CVs

    This dude sounds like a freshman who just finished PHI 101 and has been looking for a reason to use all the fancy words he learned, even if he has to force it into the conversation lmbo.
  2. Naka_chan_dayo

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    My "constructive" thoughts on the matter: Likes: The idea of playing tech tree ships again for rewards Dislikes: The entire reward system. This system is blatantly pay to win. It REQUIRES grinding or paying to stay competitive. Replaying your ship should be optional and should offer no performance rewards. My idea would be to make all tech tree ships turn into premium ships after they gain elite status on the second play through. This way you can use your existing commander on your favorite tech tree ships. The reason I don't play my favorite tech tree ships is because I dont want to invest in a commander just for them. Or alternatively, give ships a special camo for the second play through and a special permanent camo on the tier 10 for the second unlock. Things like this I believe the community would embrace with open arms. But performance increases HAVE to be taken off the table.