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  1. Just started playing this ship again. How would you set up a 14 point captain?
  2. Places and times please.
  3. Haven't played this ship in a while. How would you set up a 14 point captain for Ranked on her?
  4. Spent 2 years on the Little Rock.
  5. Looks good Cappy
  6. They were displayed in the upper left hand corner of my screen during a match before the patch. Does anyone know how to turn them back on?
  7. Assuming that the up-coming ranked season will be tier 6 how would you set up your skills on a 13 point captain?
  8. Just logged in again
  9. Same here.
  10. ISP

  11. ISP

    Thanks. I'm old and slow. How do I do that? I will be changing email address and provider.
  12. ISP

    Is there a way that I can change my ISP and still retain my account? Thanks.
  13. Ok, but why are people running tier 5 ships with them?
  14. What is the advantage, if any, of not registering? I seeing a lot of mid-tier "Players" today.
  15. That's my wife (still married to her) on the left, my shipmates wife and my shipmate in front of the 6" gun turret on the USS Little Rock CL-92 / CLG-4 / CG-4, that I served on from '72-'75. (Cleveland Class Cruiser)