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  1. +1. I don't understand the fascination with these clown camos.
  2. I'm sure you don't. But I'm still going to be looking. You don't seem to care about what anyone thinks. By the way. Come down and play T1 with us sometime. It's fun and that's what I always thought that was what playing a game was all about. Maybe you don't
  3. I am looking forward to reviewing your stats daily once the new line comes out since you seem convinced that the Cleveland is just fine.
  4. Everyone's experience aboard ship is different I expect. It would be neat to be on her for an afternoon. I spent 3-1/2 years as a 2nd Class Engineman on 2 Cruisers (the Little Rock and the Springfield), in A division. I'm 65 years old now, so my memory isn't what it once was. However this is what I remember about being at sea. We stood watch in the evaporator flats, 4 on 8 off. For you non-navy guys this means your day went something like this. Up at 3:30 am to stand the 4 to 8 am watch. Work all day doing preventative maintenance on the equipment you were responsible for, back on watch at 4-8 PM. Was on refueling duty every 3rd night from 8-12 pm. Hit the sack. Get back up at 3:30 am and start all over again. As I recall we rotated watches forward every 2 weeks so you didn't always have the same schedule. Drink gallons of coffee to stay awake and smoked cigarettes to take the edge off the caffeine. (95% of the enlisted and officers smoked in my day) Having said that I served with some of the best people I have ever know. Got to see and experience a lot of things that I otherwise wouldn't have, and prepared me for a fairly successful career in the private sector. I wouldn't trade my time in the service for anything, but I wouldn't want to do it over. (It would kill me now, it's a young man's job).
  5. Cleveland at T8

    I'll be looking forward to see how well you do in yours. By the way, those are the 6" guns from one of the 2 Cleveland Class Cruisers I served aboard in my avatar. Their shells didn't float IRL.
  6. Cleveland at T8

    The Cleveland doesn't have one at this time.
  7. Cleveland at T8

    My problem is I don't think they are going to fix her shell arcs.
  8. Cleveland at T8

    Sovereindawg, I certainly hope you are right.
  9. Cleveland at T8

    I have just watched 2 you tube videos about the Cleveland at Tier 8. The authors seemed confused and disappointed in the way she has been modded for tier 8. Floaty shell arcs, not much range, nor armor. If she is not changed before she goes public it appears there are going to be a lot of disappointed people.
  10. I wonder how soon they are going to come up with Clown camo and how many people would buy it.
  11. My Navy Days

    I was also an EN2. Served on the Springfield and Little Rock from '71-'75. (both originally Cleveland Class Cruisers) The training I got worked out well for me. I went into plant maintenance, within a year I was the Department Supervisor, within another 7 years, and a lot of night classes I was a manufacturing engineer. Another 5 years and I was the engineering department manager, and within another 5 years a plant manager. I credit not only the technical training and experience I received in the Navy, but also the leadership training and experience. It worked out well for me. Retired now and the only time I spend on the water is when I'm fishing or playing this game.
  12. Spent 2-1/2 years on the Little Rock. It's a neat ship to visit.
  13. For all the Division Naysayers

    So seal clubbing solo is bad but seal clubbing in a division is ok!
  14. Badges...

    Agreed. I think they are juvenile.