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  1. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Finally someone being honest. Thank you LWM.
  2. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    You assume that I have only one account. You know what assuming makes you. LOL
  3. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Considering you are a very successful CV main, I wouldn't expect a different answer. Have a great day.
  4. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Simple. BBs, CAs,CLs and DDs can engage each other successfully and sink each other. Getting through the other team and actually engaging the CV is a big hurtle. They are normally at the back of the map and can normally only be spotted by your team's CV.
  5. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Sounds like you know how to mitigate damage, but not really counter a CV.
  6. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    I assume that this would require forming a division between a CV and a BB since teamwork isn't real common in randoms. I agree with your last statement.
  7. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    Still waiting for that "counter".
  8. gillhunter

    Do CVs have a counter?

    If "counter" means mitigating damage to yourself these are good "counters". If "counter" means damaging or sinking a CV, there are no effective ones that I am aware of. If someone has an effective method of sinking a CV without being sunk yourself please let me know.
  9. gillhunter

    Team Damage

    I think you are absolutely correct on both counts.
  10. gillhunter

    Team Damage

    It certainly could be made so only the person doing the damage loses HPs.
  11. gillhunter

    Team Damage

    Remind me again as to why it was removed. Getting hit by teamates torps every game is annoying, but being constantly run into is really irritating especially when it ruins a shot that you have set up. Seems like without it players have developed some really bad habits. I wish they would bring it back. Maybe it's just me.
  12. gillhunter

    Lake Mead Report 1JUL2022

    Sorry guys. This isn’t on Vegas. Do a little more research. This is on California.
  13. gillhunter

    Milestone Reached (PVE Thread)

    Congrats AT.
  14. gillhunter

    player regularly throwing ranked matches

    Wasn’t someone doing this in the last ranked battles? Wonder if it’s the same person.
  15. gillhunter

    A one question survey

    I assume that since you are pretty vocal, you must be pretty unhappy with the game.