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  1. I am absolutely convinced that bots "cheat". Having said that there are lots of really dumb things they do, especially if they are green bots. If you check after the match many times you will find an "alpha" red bot with 4 or 5 kills.
  2. I just don't launch any further out than 4k. I find that in a DD a CV is the hardest thing to take down with torps. The red CV handles like a DD and their guns will chew you up at close range. I usually stay back and use guns on them, even in a DD.
  3. Had back to back losses this morning. The first I ever remember. My Farragut and an Implacable were the only humans, got 6 kills between us, but it wasn't enough. Top scorer in my Mogami, but the reds had one of those "alpha" bots, a Vlad that got 5 kills. A lot of close matches today. Just a lot of over aggressive players I think.
  4. gillhunter

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    The Gearing is such a beast.
  5. gillhunter

    Caps on cvs in a game

    Not a CV hater, I just find them boring to play. What is challenging about playing them?
  6. Maybe a stupid question, but where can you see your progress?
  7. gillhunter

    Reporting players to clan leaders is stupid

    You are right. What was I thinking? It's the interweb and everyone has the right to act like an azzhat.
  8. gillhunter

    5 most played ships in co-op

    Same here. Had some T3 and T4 ships that I really enjoyed playing, but but haven't since the event and mission requirements went to T5+.
  9. gillhunter

    5 most played ships in co-op

    What are your 5 most played ships in co-op? Mine are as follows. 499 matches - Konigsberg 510 matches - Fletcher 673 matches - Tashkent 779 matches - Salem 868 matches - Helena
  10. gillhunter

    What do Green Bot CV's bring to the game?

    That's interesting because there was a thread this week about not getting any benefit from plane kills.
  11. gillhunter

    What do Green Bot CV's bring to the game?

    No they aren't dangerous, just a pain. Shooting down planes is useful for some missions, but you get no XP, or Credits for shooting down planes.
  12. gillhunter

    What do Green Bot CV's bring to the game?

    It seems to me, back before the rework if you de-planed them they kind of gave up and you could kill them more quickly. Now you never de-plane them and they run and it takes much longer to kill them and end the match.
  13. I'm a PVE main. If people want to play CV's in co-op it's fine with me. My issue is the MM bringing in a Green CV when no human is playing one. The Green CV contributes very little to the game IMHO. The Red CV seems to do an excellent job of spotting for the Red BB's, especially at the beginning of the match. Then there is the "fun" of spending 5 minutes chasing down the Red CV that does a great job of using islands for cover and turns like a DD. I wish the MM would quit putting them in the match.
  14. gillhunter

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    I just wish that that people wouldn't play CVs durning low pop times. I have had a couple of games where the only humans are me in a CL and a CV. The red CV spots you and even though it doesn't damage you and you shoot down a bunch of planes you get nailed for 1/2 your health by a red BB that you can't even see. Of course your CV contributes almost nothing in the battle and you are left with a 1/2 health CL to take on 9 bots.
  15. gillhunter

    Gee thats a bit much. no?

    I play co-op a lot. If you fire torps at a range farther than 4K you are looking at either a miss or a team kill. Most of the torp team kills that I have seen are from long range shots that the red bots evade and the green ones don’t.