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  1. gillhunter

    Thoughts on the ISE

    Played a couple of matches with them on my team this morning in co-op. They did about the same damage as a CV, not a BB.
  2. gillhunter

    School must be out.

    I'm not scapegoating anyone. Just telling you what I have observed over the past 2 days.
  3. gillhunter

    School must be out.

    Been seeing lots of low game count players that aren't in a clan and have been hit by friendly torps and gun fire more in the last 2 days that in the last month.
  4. gillhunter

    Impact of two-human coop change

    I agree that most co-op mains like fewer humans in the game. This was described as a "bug" in a few posts when the last drop happened. I don't think it was a "bug", but an intentional change. What's the intention? I don't know. I believe that many random mains switched to co-op after the CV rework. Maybe WG is trying to push them back into randoms.
  5. gillhunter

    Impact of two-human coop change

    I wonder what the intent of this was for. To drive people out of coop? I'm not going back to randoms.
  6. gillhunter

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I don't play BBs very often. I picked up the Georgia a while ago. This is probably my best game in her,
  7. gillhunter

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Maybe my best game in the Fiji.
  8. gillhunter

    21 points are not enough, change my mind.

    I thought you said this morning you weren’t going to troll the forum for 24 hours. Couldn’t help yourself?
  9. I’m thinking the entire reason for this rework was to sell more premium ships.
  10. gillhunter

    Premium Time.

    You may be correct. I looked at my credit card info and I bought it on December 23rd last year. I hope they put it on sale again.
  11. gillhunter

    Premium Time.

    It appears like WoWS isn't going to put 365 day premium time on sale this year or did I miss it?
  12. Since Tuesday, after the server update,I have noticed a lag in how fast the program takes port commands, i.e. the armory, exterior, ect. Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe it's just my pc.
  13. Remind me again, what was broken with the current captain skill setup.
  14. gillhunter

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I'm not very good in BBs, but give me a Cruiser and I'm usually ok.