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  1. I am grinding the Cleveland right now to the Seattle, with the goal of getting a Worcester. The Cleveland grind is fine. I have not seen too many positive remarks about the Seattle. Is the Worcester worth the grind through her? And what is your opinion of the Seattle? Is she a keeper?
  2. Neptune Vs. Minotaur

    You both could be right. I put my Neptune captain in my Minotaur so i haven't played her in a while. Maybe I'm being too aggressive. I'll try backing off a bit and see how it works out. I think the Minotaur may get focused more than the Neptune also.
  3. Neptune Vs. Minotaur

    The Neptune and Minotaur have almost the same armor scheme. Minotaur has 1mm less on armor belt. Yet to me the Minotaur is a lot more fragile than the Neptune. Is it just me or does anyone else have the same experience?
  4. You don't live next door to my neighbor.
  5. Baltimore

    I can't understand why WOWs keeps coming with these UGGGGGLY camos.
  6. Is the Helena worth the Dallas grind?

    We could debate this all day of course. The Dallas, even though it was paper, was the only logical choice for T6 given the CLs that the US actually built. In my humble opinion the best T6 CL now that the Cleveland is gone is the Budyonny, another paper ship. Considering they are both paper War Gaming could have tweaked them any way they wanted to. Unless the ship is a T1, T4 or T10 it has to be able to up tier well or most players, including me, are going to have a difficult time.
  7. Is the Helena worth the Dallas grind?

    The Dallas just seemed super squishy. Guess I was used to the T6 Cleveland. In my opinion the Dallas is not balanced very well for the tier. I don't think she's as good as good as the Cleveland was.
  8. Is the Helena worth the Dallas grind?

    The only US cruisers I don't have are the Seattle and the Worcester (I served on 2 Cleveland Class Cruisers). I did something that i normally don't do. I free XP'ed through the Dallas and got the Helena. Loving her, she's really fun to play.
  9. Grinding the Dallas and not enjoying it at all.
  10. Unfair team damage penalty

    I'm sitting right beside an island in my Dallas engaged with a Helena that is about 4 km away when a Farragut decides it would be a good idea to sail between me and the island. Needless to say I never saw him, and nailed him with my next salvo. The Farragut asked me in chat why I shot him. At this point I have 2 choices, either to say why did you think it was smart to drive between 2 ships in close engagement or sorry I didn't see you. Told him I was sorry. Was it fair, no. Did he have some responsibility for getting sunk, yes. I'm pink for 2 matches, life goes on. With the new system I do not experience matches with on purpose team killing and that is positive to me.
  11. Cherry Blossom

    Why do you think making it darker would improve the quality of the operation?
  12. Was that in a tier 1 or a tier 8 game? I've seen it happen in both.
  13. It's not the lack of combativeness. The same thing that happens in high tier games, i.e. make a mistake and get an early trip to port, happens in low tier games now. After your next game is over, doesn't matter what tier, check out the teams profiles. You will find a huge disparity in experience and skill levels. That just the way it is.
  14. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    Do you think we should tell him?
  15. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    I totally agree. That is probably true of any ship. I do think the Budyonny may be an easier ship to play well than the Pepsi.