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  1. gillhunter

    Bot CV's in 8.6

  2. gillhunter

    Bot CV's in 8.6

    You have played against them?
  3. gillhunter

    Bot CV's in 8.6

    I am convinced that Wargaming has the ability to program their bots so humans would never win a battle if they wanted to. I am a Cruiser main in co-op with DD's coming in 2nd. I have been 1 shotted several times in a CL or CA be a bot BB that I never even saw. Bot CVs could be a nuisance or an absolute pain in my opinion. Just matters what Wargaming's intent is.
  4. gillhunter

    Bot CV's in 8.6

    This should be interesting. I liked playing against CV's in both Random and Co-op before 8.0. They could be OP or weak. I guess we will find out tomorrow.
  5. gillhunter

    Udaloi vs. Tashkent

    Well I have the Khab, but enjoy playing the Tashkent more. I took a look and was surprised that my best performing DD is the Gearing, but I enjoy my Fletcher more. I think I'll pass on the Udaloi for now. Thanks for all your feedback.
  6. gillhunter

    Udaloi vs. Tashkent

    The Tashkent is one of my favorite DDs for co-op. Thinking about getting the Udaloi. Does anyone have one and how do you like it. How does it compare to the Tashkent if you have one also? Thanks
  7. gillhunter

    CVs in co-op

    Congrat Vader. You are certainly the exception.
  8. gillhunter

    CVs in co-op

    That made my day. Thanks
  9. gillhunter

    CVs in co-op

    I play a lot of co-op and most of the time the CV is at the bottom of the scoring chart. Seems very rare to see one in mid-range and I can't recall ever seeing one at the top of the chart.
  10. gillhunter

    CVs in co-op

    Just wondering how players afford to play high tier CVs in co-op without just burning credits.
  11. gillhunter

    Tier III Cruisers ( Kolberg & Bogatyr )

    I used to play my Bogy a lot. In all fairness you didn’t see 2 CVs in every match before the rework. Since the rework I quit playing it. Not because CVs are OP, because they make it a pain to play a battle. It’s like trying to enjoy the outdoors while getting attacked by mosquitoes. Not fun.
  12. gillhunter

    Forgiveness option

    The person that damages a friendly should not have the ability to report the person they damaged if the person doesn’t forgive them.
  13. gillhunter

    DD Limit

    I play Cruisers and DDs, not BBs very much. I know that many of the BB mains complain about too many DDs in a match. However I can't tell you how many T8, 9 or 10 games that I play in either Cruisers or DDs and have a BB spawn right behind me. I head for the cap and the BB heads for the other end of the map. I have been a co-op main for the past year and I have setup many of my captains, both DDs and Cruisers with Radio Location. It really helps me pick out the closest target.
  14. gillhunter

    Why do ranked rentals happen?

    Just finished a match in my Salem. We had 3 rental BBs. Our team had 3 kills. I had 2 and our DD had one. All Of our BBS were dead in the first 5 minutes.
  15. gillhunter

    They are coming.

    It’s got to mean one of two issues. 1. They know CVs still aren’t balanced. 2. They are concerned that more people will leave the game if there is no safe haven from CVS. I’ve played some random games with 2 CVs per side. It’s like trying to play golf while your getting bit from mosquitoes. Not fun.