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  1. USS North Carolina USS Yorktown USS Laffey USS Cobia U 505 Served aboard the USS Little Rock for 2 years just before she became a museum ship.
  2. Just got finished with a match in my Fiji on Haven. I managed to sink a Belfast. Looked after the match and it was Pigeon_Of_War. (sorry Pigeon).
  3. They are all playing in T4 matches..
  4. OK. I played a few games in her. I just couldn't get into ranked this time for some reason. Quit at 13.
  5. Just started playing this ship again. How would you set up a 14 point captain?
  6. Haven't played this ship in a while. How would you set up a 14 point captain for Ranked on her?
  7. Spent 2 years on the Little Rock.
  8. Looks good Cappy
  9. They were displayed in the upper left hand corner of my screen during a match before the patch. Does anyone know how to turn them back on?
  10. Assuming that the up-coming ranked season will be tier 6 how would you set up your skills on a 13 point captain?
  11. Just logged in again
  12. Same here.
  13. ISP

  14. ISP

    Thanks. I'm old and slow. How do I do that? I will be changing email address and provider.
  15. ISP

    Is there a way that I can change my ISP and still retain my account? Thanks.