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  1. wraith56

    Not sure to do at this point but . . .

    Excuse me if someone else said this. Sarcastic, but not really wrong. The way to try harder is finding two more try hard players and division up all the time. If I meant to troll you I would say play more CVs because broken and OP. But my shokaku record says not so much. At least with my underwhelming skills at all ships
  2. wraith56

    Carrier role redefined by players in-game

    I play Shokaku and Ryujo. HE dive bombers are cheating according to every DD captain. I embrace the IJN skills challenge. My CV, the one I fight from, does awesome at finding DDs for the glass machine gun CLs to focus down. Then I zip around and secure kills ASAP. Occasionally rocketing all the AA mounts on battleships. Or spotting for kill stealers. <sarcasm > clearly y’all are playing warships wrong. Battleships are big AA platforms. Cruisers are responsible for winning games. <\sarcasm>
  3. wraith56

    Warship Wednesday - Current Vessels

    My priority grind ships are: Maass Fiji shokaku Hindenburg legendary module udaloi but often I practice Ryujo for cv skills. BBs are very low priority grinds. I need more credits to purchase all the T7 and T8 ships I have unlocked. Myoko sisters and T6-7 DDs are my de facto credit and captain grind ships. Good to see others working a variety of ship lines at the same time.
  4. wraith56

    What are your best ships by Win Rate

    My highest ship is old manual drop hosho , only 58%, very lackluster. T5 mutsuki also 58%. With 38 battles But Gaede, Nicholas and several mid tier DDs run about 54%. With more battles on Gaede by far.
  5. wraith56

    Help with Bismark/Team Play

    Excellent question. I think having a CA or the right DD close by should help with CV planes. I have not played Baltimore but I think it would work well countering planes and DDs. Of tier 8s I do play, I prefer chapayev over Hipper or Cleveland. I don’t play BB much so I presume the other posters are correct that Bismarck will work best by flanking then pushing into close combat at mid to late game. And when bottom tier you must be stealthy on the flank. Used correctly a cruiser or destroyer should catch out any hostile destroyer spotting your Bismarck. Chorus:”Warships is about more than big lumbering Battleships” goodluck
  6. wraith56

    Fantastic Friday!

    Heavy Cruisers all the way. Myoko, Hipper, Roon are solid. MM is really hard on Hipper. Before reload buff Hipper’s Guns were below mediocre except in turret traverse. Better at rushing DDs than myoko.
  7. I agree that the last test had OP AA. I enjoyed it though. WG is probably getting more positive results in polls than forums indicates. I hope we do get 2-4 CV per side more often than not with the new mechanics so we have a ‘new’ ‘old’ game.
  8. wraith56

    Mini-ranked ship picks

    So what ships will(or would) y’all use in this tier 5 mini-ranked season? i have most cruiser lines at 7+, but don’t know how the tier 5s stack up now. Emerald and Emile are the last ones I played. I think Emile Bertin suits me better than emerald. Is Furutaka C hull great for T5? How do you rate them all?(non-premiums)