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  1. Weren't many of the IJN DD turrets manually 'cranked' to bear on target, where the later US DD turrets were all 'power' operated, giving them very quick rotation times?
  2. Late loader. check Hardly moving. check Absolutely not dodging/maneuvering. check Not smoking/staying in open. check Enemy CV player sees lone DD. check Enemy CV player has good aiming skills. check. Poor DD play vs. Good CV play - - - - yep. Geee…. I wonder why this guy got sunk. And OP - the missiles are as accurate as the player's aim....JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SHIP IN THE GAME.
  3. capncrunch21

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    Mikasa - T2 BB Make sure to take Demolition Expert on her captain. The main guns are terrible but at least you can do good damage even with a single hit if you can start a fire - and if you ever get into secondary range, she becomes a flamethower!
  4. So... WG has decided that British BBs citadels aren't exposed enough, now, after about two years of them being just fine... AS WELL as mirroring real naval engineering. Why? *cough* Soviet BBs aren't performing as well against them as they want them to *cough* So let's change the rules and real life engineering to accommodate the new fake BB line. Reminds me of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsW9MlYu31g
  5. Except for, you know, XP and stuff.
  6. Yep, with the new AA rules carriers are now 60 second reload cruisers. Practically useless. (compare this DPS to a 2.5 second reload Minotaur).
  7. Yep, seem like a simple thing for WG to do. I really could care less about the other catagories, all I want to see is the Combat Mission 99% of the time.
  8. capncrunch21

    What so gunboaty about the ijn gunboat line?

    They always said the 'gunboat' and 'torpedo boat' titles were misnomers for the separate lines of DDs. They are simply 'Group A' DDs and 'Group B' DDs. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Neither which actually specialize in guns or torps. Which ones you like to play will most likely be some from one group and some from other.
  9. Well, looking at what Jester said above you, I'm in agreement. The math is ridiculous. Seriously WG? 24 straight days of grinding out of 25?? And not just grinding, but SERIOUS grinding. Sorry, I have a life. I already spend WAY too much time on this game. (You people at WG realize this isn't supposed to be a second job for us players, right? It's a GAME)
  10. The notes say it requires 800 Fuel Tokens. The way WG has the written the rest of the notes is very confusing on just how much work goes it that. I mean, what can be missed and what absolutely has to be done to get that 800 before the deadline runs out? Thanks in advance to our math wizards out there for any help on this.
  11. capncrunch21

    No subs please.

    Bring on the subs I say! Cant' wait to sail a Gato class or U-boat. WG is gonna make a ton of money off of them!
  12. capncrunch21

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Yep. This new AA mechanic is just insane. Especially against T8 CVs which Match Maker has been coded to FORCE into as many T10 matches as possible. You know, so WG can collect data... I thought they wanted more people to play CVs. What ever happened to that? Because they sure are going in the opposite direction.
  13. capncrunch21

    Event Suggestion: Schnell Boats!

    I'd love to see player run S-Boats (PT, MTB, etc.) in the game in any fashion. They are just so cool.
  14. capncrunch21

    So when *will* the Victory competion end??

    Well the info in-game says that the Allowance Tokens (the gold anchor ones for Part 1 rewards) are good to the 25th (which really mean the 24th). And that the Provision Tokens (the silver star ones for Part 2 rewards) are good until July 23rd (which really means the 22nd). So make sure to spend the Part 1 Tokens (gold anchor) TODAY! As they turn into credits tomorrow! But you still have time for the Part 2 rewards (about a month), IF the in-game info is correct.
  15. capncrunch21

    So when *will* the Victory competion end??

    So, just to confirm.... Event is over. No more tokens can be EARNED, but more can be had by buying crates. Am I correct with this statement?