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  1. Even as pathetic as it is in game, please turn on submarine AA. I know we' are just supposed to dive when planes attack, but sometimes that isn't an option. I'm getting tired of simply shaking my fist at planes in those situations when I am standing on the bridge with a bunch of AA guns right next to me. GIVE US THE CHOICE WHETHER WE USE AA OR NOT - like DDs get by pressing 'P' - DON'T JUST TAKE AWAY THE ABILITY ALTOGETHER.
  2. Title pretty much says it all. Can you folks make the Transformer's camo 'Superior' (the Soundwave camo) available for the premium T10 ITA cruiser Napoli? Thanks!
  3. capncrunch21

    Sooo....still no working AA for subs

    Well, when they run out of battery power and are sitting on the surface UNABLE to hide/dive and being attacked by planes - I SURE WOULD LIKE TO SHOOT BACK WITH WHATEVER I HAVE. That isn't even an option right now.
  4. capncrunch21

    Sooo....still no working AA for subs

    That's what 'P' is for. Have you never played this game Lert? Give ME the option to use AA or not. Don't just arbitrarily disable it. Most DDs have pathetic AA, yet they get to use those pretty looking AA guns when they want them.
  5. When is AA going to be turned back on for submarines? (yeah, yeah, just dive. But that option isn't always available. In fact, when you can't dive is usually when you need AA the most!) Submarines have AA guns on them. Make them work WG. You've had a couple of years now to do it...
  6. capncrunch21

    Luck percentages for new Mid-Festival Bundles?

    Yeah, except the information about the bundles in the 'News' section drop-down in-game doesn't directly link to this graphic and has NO information at all about percentages. I never saw this graphic at all. Guess we'll chalk it up to that wonderful WG efficiency again. I mean seriously, how hard is it to use the SAME info everywhere about the same thing??
  7. I thought WG was supposed to make sure the percentage chance of obtaining certain items in 'luck', err random, purchases were shown. I don't see any in the latest announcement for the Mid-Festival Bundles. At first, I thought they were having an awesome sale of 4 ships for 888 doubloons, then noticed the sneaky 'random' tag on the picture. Typical shady marketing by WG. Again, where are the percentages??
  8. Title pretty much says it all. Can you folks make the Transformer's camo 'Superior' (the Soundwave camo) available for the T10 ITA cruiser Napoli? Thanks!
  9. capncrunch21

    Sound Rework in Update 0.11.7

    I was hoping it would be something adding to immersion - like changing the secondary battery guns from making a pathetic 'pfft, pfft, pfft' sounds for, you know, something that sound like smaller batteries firing (like boom, boom, boom compared to the main guns going BOOM, BOOM, BOOM). But hey, at least someone wasted a lot of time making port sounds more annoying.
  10. capncrunch21

    11.7: RIP Submarines

    Like everything else sub related by WeeGee... They are throwing c r a p at a wall and seeing what sticks. If their almighty spreadsheets show that this latest 'brilliant fix' doesn't work well they will scrap it and do something else - I mean seriously, how long have subs been in the experimental stage now?? YEARS?
  11. Hehe, well in real life during the war the Yokosuka D4Y planes were launched WITHOUT floats (and then recovered by other conventional carriers or landed back on dry land). The float planes the Ise and Hyuga carried in addition to the D4Ys, the Aichi E16A were also dive bombers and did have floats, so floats aren't a limiting factor. It's odd that WG used the right aircraft for the Ise in WoWs Blitz, but not in the main game.
  12. Honestly, I think Volron's suggestion is best after thinking about it. The test server gave us all three option's. If the folks at WG are going to open the door to fictional load outs for this ship, why not make all of them available to the players? But, AND I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, if there is a dive bomber option MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE HISTORICAL YOKOSUKA D4Y AIRCRAFT the Ise actually carried during the war.
  13. capncrunch21

    Another Napoli Post

    He's saying that the Napoli needs the Soundwave (Superior) Transformers camo added to it in the game.
  14. Can we please add the option to use the Ise's historical dive bombers - the Yokosuka D4Y aircraft. These are the exact same planes on the T6 Ryujo CV so no new coding would have to be done. This would give the Ise's owner the option to use EITHER the torp attack planes or dive bombers - much like what many ships can do between spotter planes or fighters (or standard CVs can do with any plane load out) before a battle. Thanks!!
  15. capncrunch21

    So... functioning AA guns on subs... when?

    Well that is still valid, CVs don't have any ASW currently - and they should. What I am talking about is that nearly every ship that doesn't have depth charges on board, has the ASW airstrike that subs can't do anything about - not even a little, despite nearly all subs having pretty looking AA guns.