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  1. Insert "Co-op is for babies." "The AI never cheats." "WG always codes things correctly." etc. etc. from the PvP crowd/white knights. Yeah right. Not only is the coding in Co-op built to cheat, err, I mean 'challenge', looks like the new Match Maker will actually start adding more ships to the bot side now. Hidden coding made apparent.
  2. Despite all the hype for Yamato, I've found it to be a rather mediocre ship. First, her guns, while supposedly great, are rather meh on average. HE has a hard time starting fires, does low end damage, and has a distressing tendency to shatter on impact, regardless of the target, doing no damage. I have literally hit a full broadside DD with six HE shells and only taken half its hit points away. ONE shell impact should have torn it in half. The AP shells are only good against BBs, any other target that gets hit results in an overpen. And as for the big advantage 18 inch guns are supposed to have - overmatching ANY armor - this is a joke. I have seen my Yammy AP shells richochet off slightly angled cruisers many times (too many!) - because REASONS? Her armor is only good bow on. Any other angle exposes her MASSIVE, easily hit citadel - making her the ultimate glass cannon. Her speed and maneuverability make her a one trick pony - sit at long to medium range bow on and hope her slow, high arc shells will actually do damage - and not shatter or richochet. She absolutely cannot brawl, unless it's with another Yamato. So yeah, if RNG is on your side, you can have great games in her. Just don't expect it to be consistent. Anyone who knows her, will be able to defeat her easily. I was eating Yamatos for lunch in my Amagi (that's 2 tiers lower for those who don't know). Sad. She is a great looking ship, but thanks to WG, unless you stay in it's 'one trick' zone in the game, you are doomed. Really not sure where all the hype comes from, because other BBs are much more flexible and consistent in the punishment they dole out.
  3. Yeah, it's just plain stupid. WoWs is a game about (primarily) WWII ships. Ships like the Bismarck and Yamato - which are EXTREMELY recognizable symbols of Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan, yet Wargaming decides these are fine... but historically accurate insignia on planes on Italian ships - heaven's NO! That is crossing the line! Seriously, make up your mind WG. If you're afraid of offending people, get rid of EVERYTHING and change WoWs into a full time bathtub boat game you run during April Fools. Sheesh.
  4. This. The newer (and older) ships will easily wreck Yamato if you show even the slightest bit of side armor, because at T10, all the bots have laser accuracy for citadels - and nearly the entire side of Yamato is one giant citadel.
  5. If its anything like the Yamato, it will have guns good only against other BBs (overpens and richocets against anyhing smaller) and be a HUGE floating easily hit citadel except when exactly bow on. The Missouri is a MUCH better choice.
  6. After many PUG tries, finally got a 5-star only with the help of five other really good players who divisioned up with me. Got it after six tries together (4-stared five of those games - was so close many times). The results for all that time: 3 Halloween camos, 75 speed flags, 1.5 million credits.... Disappointing to say the least.
  7. Hi folks, I have a question for those in the know. Who do I talk to about incorrect stats? I have a ship I play in co-op that I know for a fact has never been sunk. Yet I just checked my stats and it says I have been sunk once. Thanks for any info on this. :)
  8. From an IJN perspective, I would rate the line as Disappointing now compared with the new comers. Most of the Japanese DDs are outclassed now (especially with the recent nerfs), though there are some standouts (Akizuki, Kamikaze R). The cruiser line while not too bad, still suffers from being hit with power creep (many of the higher tier CAs are essentially slow firing citadels waiting to get machine gunned to oblivion before they even get a chance to reload by the likes of Fiji, etc.). And the BB line, once the crown of the IJN tech tree, is overshadowed now by fire spammers and 'no-citadel' lines of other countries (the Yamato is a glass cannon, being nothing more than a HUGE floating citadel - sure it has big guns - but they are only good against other BBs most of the time (can we say richocet off Russian CAs and overpen/meh damage against DDs, CAs, CVs? - I have literally hit a broadside DD with six (6!) HE shells from the Yamato and only taken half its health away. ONE 18" shell should have blown it in half). So yeah, from an IJN perspective, they have been power crept into a third rate fleet - though again, there are a few shining exceptions.
  9. Best way to fix Izumo... Delete its fake butt from the game files forever and replace it with Musashi.
  10. Then it would be like:
  11. Hi everyone, I made the mistake of trying World of Warplanes after the 2.0 update/revamp. God it still sucks. Unfortunately, I had to install the WG Gaming Center software with it to try it out. After uninstalling WoWP and the Center, I now cannot get Warships to play by simply clicking on the desktop icon - it says the Gaming Center is REQUIRED. This wasn't the case before (as WoWs is the only WG game I have now). How to I get rid of the requirement for the Gaming Center? Thanks for any help you can give! :)
  12. As per title, I think the Jackal should have the Hotel Yankee flag effect as a permanent feature. That's the 'Ramming' flag: -20% damage to you, +50% damage to the enemy you ram. 'Cause cool giant fists on front of ship should account for something!
  13. Precisely. But seriously, are they going to fix it with this patch? They seem to think slightly moving the draft is important enough to spend time on....
  14. From the patch notes: Jurien: Changed draft of ship to 6.4m to bring it in line with ship's historical prototype Will this fix its absurd - and undocumented - torpedo damage resistance? (https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/127672-tier-2-french-cruiser-jurien-hidden-torpedo-protection)