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  1. I don't understand why WG has such a fouled up system when it comes to events. WE WANT YOU TO PLAY THE GAME! CHECK OUT THIS NEW FEATURE! WE'RE PROMOTING NEW SHIPS AND A CAMPAIGN! ...and then freaking hide the ONLY way to participate (a small opt in button in an single OUT-OF-GAME announcement). Brilliant! (simply having the HSF graphics button enabled in-game should be enough to AUTOMATICALLY opt you in)
  2. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Glad to see that RNG loves you.
  3. I think this video sums up their feelings about todays release: https://youtu.be/-_OFyBYIgJA?t=10
  4. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    You sir, have earned my respect.
  5. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Because each of those ships will perform consistently within their strengths. Yamato/Musashi strength lies in their guns - which do NOT perform consistently (see my previous examples). That makes these giant, slow, floating citadel gun platforms - meh at best.
  6. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Care to tell me in your opinion which one is the worst T10 BB then? The German turtle with its trollish secondaries? The American 12 gunnned AA monster? The British super heal flame thrower? Which? With respect back, seriously what ship are you playing? It can't be Yamato. I stated in my post exactly the results I have been seeing - and they are meh. Slow, high arc shells that are surprising less effective, in most cases, than same tier 16 inch shells. Maybe RNG just hates me, because I am seeing nowhere near the super amazing performance everyone keeps foaming at the mouth about. Care to tell me your secret on how to properly play a ship with these guns? Because obviously I must be doing something terribly wrong.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Wow. An 'overpowered' rating for a ship that is simply a lower tier clone of the worst Tier 10 battleship? Let's be honest here, it really needs to be emphasized that this vessel IS a one trick pony - just like Yamato - and easy defeated if it gives even a hint of side armor to an enemy. Its hit point pool doesn't come close to compensating for the almost guaranteed auto-citadels if this happens. The overhyped guns have a distressing tendency to richochet off even destroyer armor. Overmatch? Sure, but ONLY if you have RNGesus on your side AND your target is another BB. Otherwise expect many, many richochets and over pens against the cruisers and destroyers shredding your superstructure and lighting you up from stem to stern. Think its HE will save you? I have hit full health completely broadside destroyers with majority hit salvos (on average, 6 out of 9 rounds hitting) - the results? About half the destroyers hit points gone, and a face full of torpedoes for my efforts. And against other BBs at long range - haha, be prepared for very few fires and lots of 'shatters'. But hey, if you like playing a huge floating citadel that occasionally gets a lucky massive strike (which people love boasting about, even though other BBs do them too), then Musashi is the ship for you.
  8. Welp... that was predictable.

    Lol! And I thought Match maker only screwed me that way!!!
  9. If she's anything like her sister ship Yamato, she'll be sad disappointment. Overhyped meh performance guns on a bloated floating citadel. Missouri is a MUCH better ship overall.
  10. Consider if you had hit him with 4 citadels. He'd be toast. You just happened to be on the receiving end of RNGesus this match...
  11. Thank you for the excellent reply. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. One can only hope when (if?) WG finally gets the CV balancing/revamp completed, it will pave the way to a quick inclusion of these highly unique - and what look to be very fun - ships.
  12. I know that Wargaming has been testing 'Aviation' vessels for inclusion in the game. Ships like that Japanese cruiser Tone (which became a hybrid cruiser/carrier) are currently the testbed for balancing purposes in WoWs. Has there been any word about the state of development or possible release dates? I know for a fact there is a great interest in these ships - I, for one, can't wait to play one.
  13. Return of the Legend Musashi

    Honestly I don't know why everyone is so hyped for this ship. If its anything like Yamato, it will be a bloated floating citadel with meh guns. Why does everyone think these ships are so great other than the 18 inch epeen they carry? (seriously, the guns are more hype than good - most 16 inch guns outperform them in-game)
  14. Agreed. Let secondaries fire off both sides like normal, until a priority target is designated - then add the bonus. I love secondary fire, and since it is a 4 point skill, I'd love to see it able to be used and not cut off half a ships firepower when activated (give the bonus on one side vs. the designated target but other side still fires normally - in other words, like a bunch of drunks )