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  1. Not really. A) Stealth spam fire over islands happens all the time. B) Not when you just said you are a sluggish BB. He will burn you down before you get out of range. C) You close the range and he simply pops out and torps you at close range (instant death), or moves to another island because he is also faster than you (like a CV) and just keeps the process going till you burn down. So the only difference is... you have a chance at shooting down the planes and gaining XP (you CAN'T shoot down HE shells). You should have stuck with the rest of your fleet - a cluster of ships swats planes, making them worthless. And that's something you can't do when singled out for HE spam fire.
  2. capncrunch21

    Adding camouflage and signals increses battle difficulty

    Totally agree, at least from a co-op perspeective. I have thousands and thousands of co-op matches under my belt, and I have definitely seen the trend where when I fly flags the bots just go on steroids against me. I don't fly flags, and they play 'normally'. I wouldn't doubt that even in PvP games, there is similar coding 'handicapping' players with flags to deny them doing as well as they could. WG bases a lot of their play on DENIAL of points.
  3. And how is this any different from getting constantly HE spammed by a cruiser sailing behind islands that you cant chase down?
  4. capncrunch21

    How did I do 0 damage with 19 pens?

  5. capncrunch21

    Take This Survey: No Incentive For You

    I agree. We are taking our valuable free time to give them marketing/gameplay info. There should be something that we get in return, even if it's just a simple thank you token as mentioned above.
  6. capncrunch21

    How did I do 0 damage with 19 pens?

    It's a B S mechanic in game called 'damage saturation'. Parts of a ship become immune to damage once they become 'saturated' (i.e. all the HP in that area is used up). They seriously need to add 'skeleton' graphics to ships that this happens to, so you know what parts are gone and which ones still have HP to shoot at.
  7. capncrunch21

    Arsenal problem

    Free XP should never have been turned into a currency. It was there to help bring ships up the tier ladder and a number of other really useful things, but now people NEVER use it for that. Instead they hoard it away for the next 'shiny' thing WG decides to sell using it. And now that people have been hoarding it and now have tons of the stuff, WG will simply make the requirements for it astronomical. I'll bet you the next good ship (like Missouri) will go for well over a million Free XP. :( Again, Free XP should NEVER have become a currency. That wasn't it's intended purpose.
  8. Well, the thing about the ships in the video, is that they are daily use workhorses, not just ceremonial ships. That blows my mind, especially the 103 year old Russian vessel.
  9. It's amazing that ships this old are still in active service in navies all around the world - there's even a Russian ship built in 1915 that's still working in the fleet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nAGbsjM5CE Oh, and historian Dr. Mark Felton's channel on You Tube is a fantastic source of a ton of WWII related information. I highly recommend checking out his other videos as well.
  10. capncrunch21

    New CVs are better for the game

    Hear, hear! A voice of reason in the darkness. People keep saying that the DD game is dead - because perma spotting. They keep forgetting about the MULTIPLE squadrons that CVs used to have that could harass ALL the enemy DDs at the same time. They just can't seem to wrap their heads around the concept that the CV is now simply a Light Cruiser with very good radar. If a DD was focused by one spam ship (Atlanta, Minotaur, etc.) shooting shells at it with radar, it would be in the same situation.
  11. It seems to me before the rework Bill Halsey kind of stradled the line between a BB and CV commander. Now it seems his only bonus to CVs is the 'Confederate' reward of +20% aircraft restoration time. Doesn't seem worth it - he would make a much better BB commander considering his skills. Opinions?
  12. So, in the patch notes for 0.8.0 it states: Fixed an issue which caused the carousel of ships to overlap with the missions of the "Mighty Prinz" campaign on screens with a resolution of 1,366 х 768 or smaller. Umm, what?!? They fix an issue AFTER the event is over and gone forever? It's just salt in the wounds for those of us who were close to completing the 'campaign' only to have rug pulled out from underneath us - because Mighty Prinz was an limited time EVENT, not a campaign. *sigh* Well at least WG has their priorities straight.... (Or does this mean that Mighty Prinz might return in the future???)
  13. So I'm an idiot. There, I said it for all of you. The Mighty Prinz 'campaign' ended today. I only had about 2000 base xp to go to finish stage 4 which is all I really wanted to complete (saving me the grind for the Dallas). But stupid me, I just assumed that a 'campaign', once started, it didn't have an expiration date. Yes, I'm a idiot. I know, I know. I simply went along with ALL the other currently listed campaigns which go on forever. So hey WG, maybe in the future don't place 'events' like this in the 'campaign' section. Have a separate tab for them, so morons like me who don't read the fine print don't end up extremely pissed off. /rant off (But if you want to unlock the Dallas I my account, that would really make up for it. )
  14. Agreed with the OP. All WG really had to do was remove manual drops and 'strafing' and CVs would have been fine. Oh well.
  15. capncrunch21

    Mercy rule needs to GO!

    And let's not forget the waste of resources (camo's, flags, etc.) when a match ends early. Totally agree with the OP. Removing the useless PvP Mercy Rule from Co-op is LONG overdue.