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  1. The Nelson!

    Oops, I was thinking of the fake Monarch, which the KG V should have been placed at, with the Nelson filling the T7 slot.
  2. The Nelson!

    I find Nelson to be meh. Great guns but absolutely dismal armor and HUGE citadel hit zones. You'll find yourself most of the time trying bow tank in a ship that is slow, meaning that you'll only get to use 2/3rd's of your firepower. The zombie heal is a really needed as it is easily damaged (even bow on). And with only 2 standard charges, it's almost not enough - you'll find yourself one-shoted by other BB's if you show ANY side at all, and even against 8 inch gun cruisers, severely damaged with just single salvos. But it is a unique ship, and it may be worth it just for that. More importantly, it's HISTORICAL - one of the Big 7. It really should have been a tech tree ship instead. I tend to compare it to the Scharnhorst, since they are both T7 premiums. The Scharn is VASTLY superior to the Nelson in everyway, proving that unless you have a lucky game, the Nelson is simply meh.
  3. Good lord, do you hear that WG??? Narai needs more nerfing!!! People with an abundance of time to put together organized groups have down time in the OP to joke around and have a good time! Add more objectives. Add more wave of ships!! Increase the distances between goals again! It's not grindy enough - you only destroyed it for the random pugs! Make sure NO ONE enjoys it!
  4. Well, I wouldn't say Narai is exactly 'improved'. Quite the opposite - it is LESS fun, more grind - and still has the same rewards. It's almost completely RNG whether you win or not, because unless you can FILL the entire roster with division or clanmates, you will always have a random factor working against you (might be good players/good ships, might not.) One example, a clanmate of mine had a 300k damage game with 12 ships sunk - - and lost, all because of potato team mates.
  5. Narai : It's been Ultimate frontiered

    This Op used to be really fun. And I guess that's why WG nerfed it to hell. "You're not supposed to be enjoying this! Get back to grinding!" I've tried it a number of times and failed every single time. With Div mates, with Clan Members, with random pugs. It seems like nothing helps. It's almost like it has a 'gate' on it now for winning. If you are lucky enough to hit the 'gate' when the programming says it's winnable, it almost doesn't matter what your team make up is - you will win (the only variable being the number of stars you earn by how well it's played). It's complete [edited]. I really don't know at this point why we even have Ops in the game anymore - you can get better XP from playing a couple of co-op matches in the same time it takes to do these. What a waste off something that used to be fun to do.
  6. Oh, joy. Copper.

    So...ummm, what ever happened to just one currency for all WG games... you know that stuff called Gold that was supposed to transfer between games for stuff like this.... Oh wait, people have it stock piled by the thousands over many, many YEARS of grinding. Can't have that now can we!?! NEW CURRENCY NEEDED TO KEEP THE GRIND GOING, COMMRADES! (all that time and effort completely wasted. Thanks WG!)
  7. [Poll] Your favorite ranked tier

    My favorite Ranked tier? NONE. Ranked sucks.
  8. You all know that there is an in-game difference that directly affects combat performance on armored vs. unarmored secondaries right? So the OP has a point about armor on these guns. Simply look at the firing rates of the 127mm secondaries on the Yamato. The armored versions fire SLOWER than the unarmored ones. So, if there is a DIRECT effect in in-game gun performance, there should be some advantage IN-GAME to offset this penalty. Like a higher percentage that these guns won't be knocked out by module damage etc. Unfortunately there is no 'stat' in game we can look at that tells us this. It sure would be nice to know.
  9. Just proves the OP is programmed to fail at a certain point - regardless of player action. Good job WG on making the game less and less fun!
  10. Who thought that making the Flags for the Go Navy event cost more than Containers was a good idea? Flags cost 10 tokens and Containers only 5. And yes, the Flags are permanent, but who can fly them anyway when we only have one flag slot? (and that is taken by the mandatory Veteran's Flag). Two containers are way more useful. Flags should have cost 5 (if anything - probably should have been free)
  11. How to Ace The New Raptor Rescue

    That's all that needs to be said. But with Match Maker the way it is, doing it out of a Division or Clan is just a waste of time. I have had 9 failures in a row with Random Pugs. But I also think the OP is intentionally tweaked to be too hard with Pugs too. I have seen 3 out of the above mentioned losses that should have ended with a 4 star rating, suddenly end with the Raptor inches away from the finish, because it is just blown up by the AI - twice at half health, once at near full health. The AI just says NOPE! And citadels the crap out of it so the team loses. It's obvious... and it's B S.
  12. Will the Missouri come back

    Wait are you describing the USN BBs? I thought all the above applied only to the IJN Yamato/Musashi with thier GIANT easily penetrated citadels (even from the FRONT) and poor secondary angles...
  13. Raptor is a Pansey now.

    Yep. Just had a game where we would have made 4 stars. 5 player ships alive, Raptor at half health just inches from the end circle, suddenly BOOM! Game over - defeat. I'm calling coding shenanigans, that was complete B S.
  14. Proposal: IZUMO "D HULL"

    Proposal: Remove fake Izumo entirely from game.
  15. Dasha being added as commander

    Couldn't agree more! She is supposed to be a naval captain after all - and I know they have all the listed nations uniforms available according to WG's own videos! Russian shown above, USN shown below, etc. Dasha fans screaming for her as captain in game ⇒