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  1. Yep, typical WG adjustment. A month from now, when they see no one playing Operations/Scenarios anymore, they will slightly tweak it back to where it was, making it majorly annoying instead of impossible. Hey WG! Ever hear of making a game FUN?
  2. Citadels and frustation in general

    To the OP - I know how you feel, but take heart, it is mostly RNG based. You can have perfect aim and still not citadel a broadside cruiser. (That and the MM is rigged to 'even' out damage between teams and teammates as much as it can by messing with RNG). One example - had a clan mate in a Texas fighting another Texas at point blank range (Brawling at 1km). He put all ten rounds into the other Texas EXACTLY where the citadel should be - he tallied ZERO cits. The very next game he was using his Warspite, same situation happened. He creamed the Texas he went up against with 5 cits at 1km range - shooting at the exact same spot! (at that range, even the Texas's guns will punch right through to the citadel) Best thing to do - go into the Training Room and shoot at various ships at various angles and ranges. That is the best way to tell you where to aim (and just how wonky RNG can be).
  3. Mutsuki Frustration

    You are playing Mutsuki all wrong.... It is an anti-aircraft escort vessel. Look at all those 25mm's and that massive battery of two dual-purpose main guns. Playing it as an attack ship? That's just silly!
  4. Look WG - as a Co-op main, I absolutely HATE the idea of Co-op becoming a dumping ground for those playing badly in PvP. One of the prime reasons many of us don't play PvP is to stay away from idiots like these. So, how about instead of dumping them on us to work off their 'bad play' penalties, how about having them PAY to have the penalties removed? End up Pink or Orange? Pay your penance in Doubloons, trade in of Premium days, etc. Makes money for WG, hurts those that have broken the rules, AND keeps 30% of the playerbase (the Co-op players) from contemplating quitting the game (and taking our money with us). Plus, this solution would really cut down on the bad play enormously, because If I were a someone inclined to be a jackhat in the game - you better believe I would think twice about causing trouble if it was gonna cost me REAL money.
  5. Agreed. We co-op players shouldn't get punished by having to play with these idiots. IT'S ONE OF THE VERY REASONS WE DON'T PLAY PVP.
  6. Normandie Looks Good!

    Too bad its on another fake ship in the game.
  7. Hear! Hear! Come on Dev Team! Make this right for Dseehafer!
  8. Isoroku - any special skills?

    Kitty Kaptain has a special voice - that's it. And sadly not 'Mew mew' either. It sounds like someone constipated belching. (I think its supposed to be the computer voice/interface for the cat). Its so short, I can't understand it at all.
  9. Submarines maybe?

    I really don't know why people keep saying there will never be subs in WoWs. There won't be... until there are. (i.e. WG figures out a way to monetize them.)
  10. A bit off topic, but I thought this is what the much touted "Mercy Rule" was for. Why is this 'Mercy Rule' even a thing if it doesn't kick in in situation like the OP described?? Seriously, it kicks in ALL THE FRINKIN' TIME in Co-op, suddenly ending the match when there are still one or two enemy ships left. I thought the point of having 'mercy' kick in during Co-op was to show that it works in PvP. If it isn't going to work in PvP, FOR GODS SAKE, REMOVE IT FROM CO-OP!!!!!
  11. Target lock issues

    Anyone else notice issues with target lock since the last couple of patches? I'll be zoomed out and lock up an enemy ship. However I see a bunch of torps headed right towards him (or some other reason I don't want to shoot him) and hit the X key to cycle to another nearby enemy ship in range. However, the only thing that happens is that the first enemy ship is simply de-targeted - - the lock-on reticle does NOT cycle to the other ship. Repeatably hitting the X key only targets and de-targets the first ship over and over again. So frustrating. I can't be the only guy this is happening to. A few of my clanmates say they are having the same problem.
  12. What the heck....

    Typical Co-op match. The bots ALWAYS have some 'trick' going for them. Whether it's 'magical' torps, the immunity to fire (hey, even if you had set a fire, it would have been put out instantly without even ONE tick of fire damage occurring - something no human could ever do), torp dodging extraordinaire (they see them come out of your tubes, regardless of range), the ability to know where ALL ships are on the map whether they are spotted or not (player DDs are a favorite for them to chase - but the bots also have turrets pointed at targets before they are seen and insta-fire once spotted), last ditch attacks (when they die the get that last shot off/torps launched that usually results in a citadel hits), etc. etc. etc. It's "Fun and Engaing" comrade! ....
  13. Normandie Looks Like a Tugboat

    Because Normandie is a fake ship, so why not try to make it look like a real ship? lol!