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  1. "I know nothing!!!" - Schultz
  2. capncrunch21

    IMMELMANN: Too Easy to Play?

    ^ This, plus the fact that this is a new mechanic/ship that WeeGee wants to push (sell) - so of course its going to be really good to start with. Then when enough people buy it, WeeGee pulls the old ' too powerful' switcheroo, and nerfs the crap out of it - right to where they wanted it in the first place. Classic Wargaming move.
  3. capncrunch21

    Subs are coming

    It is garbage. WeeGee made it WAY too convoluted and complex for this game. They had a really nice model when they rolled out the initial reveal with the Halloween event. Then they trashed that by adding in an asinine 'ping' mechanic with homing torpedoes along with a connected 'battery' power headache. NO other vessel in this game requires the kind of stand on your head, pat your belly, eat a sammich, and play a fiddle all at the same time complexity. It makes playing subs tedious and boring. Add to that the half-thought out and implemented Anti-sub warfare tools available to ships to counter them and you have a stinking pile of GARBAGE. The sad thing is we playtesters have given WeeGee great feedback on how to fix it, but in true Wargaming tradition, these ideas and suggestions, WHICH WOULD IMPROVE PLAY AND MAKE WEEGEE MONEY instead of driving players away, are tossed aside for all mighty spreadsheet data.
  4. capncrunch21

    Subs are coming

    Unless something has changed since the public tests - sub game play is TERRIBLE. So sad, the graphics are beautiful, but actual play in game is GARBAGE.
  5. capncrunch21

    PSA New York Spotter Plane bug

    The range mess up is due to installing the spotter's cloaking device in backwards. Instead of the plane being invisible as it flies on its mission, it's invisible on the turret launch rail. This has caused a cascade of visibility issues, including the range problem.
  6. capncrunch21

    Remove 15% xp for kill

    Huh, are you playing another game than I am? Let's take just one of your sentences... "Your proposed change would disincentivize those players from shooting nearly sunk ships even if they had done 100% of the damage done to said ship in the first place." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhckuhUxcgA
  7. capncrunch21

    Remove 15% xp for kill

    Yep. So it makes no difference if the xp 'bonus' is taken away. All it hurts are the scumbags who wait to fire and are rewarded 15% for NOT firing earlier and thus not killing the enemy sooner.
  8. Nope. They are fully functioning canons. Unlike the 'flash/bang' launchers seen attached to some turret sides in other navies.
  9. capncrunch21

    Remove 15% xp for kill

    To all posters above: if finishing off a ship is so paramount, it doesn't need to be incentivized. The reward is taking it out of action (plus a shiny kill ribbon!). To WG: removing the xp bonus not only removes bad play habits, but actually increases your profits (as we have to buy more flags, etc. to make up for the xp loss). You do want to make more money don't you? Here's a very easy way to do it!
  10. Currently, the person who kills a ship gets 15% of the total xp of the entire ship for getting in the last shot. This should be removed as it promotes bad play. Players will hold their attacks in order to be the ones to get in this last shot on a ship. This kind of play should not be rewarded with an xp 'bonus'. As many folks have said, xp is earned by doing damage and there shouldn't be a 'bonus' for kills. The person killing the ship will still receive the coveted kill ribbon. For example, let's say I do 49k damage to a ship with 50k hit points and someone shoots it before I can do the last 1k. Well, I earned the 49k worth of damage xp and they earned 1k worth of damage xp - - - they should NOT be awarded 15% of the entire 50k damage xp simply because they got the last shot in. That is what the kill ribbon is for - the reward for the final shot. So please WG, remove the 15% xp for kills.
  11. For those who don't know, the tier 8 Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto has, in addition to its turreted secondaries, four older 120mm single deck-mounted canons that aren't functional in-game. These were according to sources, "primarily intended to fire star shells". Note the word 'primarily'. This means that other ammunition was available for these perfectly combat ready guns. If I were the captain of the ship, I would certainly use every means available to damage the enemy - including these four guns. I wouldn't hold them in reserve as 'flare gun' use only. I would like to petition for these guns to be made functional in-game. As with all other secondary batteries, they would fire HE shells. Let's say even if they ONLY had star shell ammunition, they should still be rated as standard HE secondaries since star shells can start fires and cause other damage (and as we all know star shells have been used in combat against other ships - see the American destroyers in the Battle of Samar when they ran out of all other ammunition). So come on dev team, make use of these perfectly combat capable guns. They shouldn't just be deck decorations.
  12. capncrunch21

    PSA: New Codes

    This is awesome! A true time saver!
  13. capncrunch21

    PTS 0.10.3

    Please make Axis vs Allies available in Co-op.
  14. capncrunch21

    Wargaming + Godzilla vs Kong

    Please tell me this is an April Fool's joke....
  15. capncrunch21

    April fools and the bathtub mode

    Bold part answers your question. Anything remotely fun is nixed from this revenue stream wrapped in a 'game'. BACK TO GRINDING or it's gulag for you!