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  1. capncrunch21

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    HAHAAHA! So I'm getting hammered by the reds.... I turn tail. While retreating I take a parting shot and THEN hit smoke to disengage. Instead of disappearing into the smoke NO LONGER FIRING, I am lit up like a neon sign because of gun bloom still persisting IN THE NEW SMOKE saying HERE I AM!!!!! KEEP FIRING AT ME BECAUSE THIS SMOKE IS USELESS. Yeah, the only use for Italian smoke is a to go with the burning wreckage that will shortly be your ship.
  2. capncrunch21

    Is Italian Smoke Broken or Something?

    Yeah, Italian smoke is all but useless. If you fire then use smoke - AND STAY INSIDE IT THE WHOLE TIME - you still have the spotting penalty applied. It's absolute crap. I could see if you fired from inside the smoke, but to pop smoke after firing and stay in it AND STILL BE SPOTTED WHILE NOT FIRING - that's garbage coding. Just one more nail in Italian ship's coffins.
  3. capncrunch21

    OMG they nerfed Yamato

    Either you are lying... or you just got RNGesus to bless you mightily. A Kremlin is built by WG specifically to BOUNCE Yammy shells nose on AT ALL RANGES.
  4. capncrunch21

    OMG they nerfed Yamato

    When has Yamato not sucked? It's just a giant punching bag for Russian BBs.
  5. capncrunch21

    Save me from this horror.

    This ^ The devs only recently made this an option. You can turn off the FUGLY looks (defaults to standard camo) while keeping the bonuses. It's one of the best QoL changes ever!
  6. capncrunch21

    I like Pi

    Please note this abysmal score is NORMAL for co-op games now since the Mercy Rule is still in effect and there are 9 ships per game. (please please please REMOVE THE MERCY RULE FROM CO-OP). Games end way early with BBs getting the short end of the stick. The only reason I got a kill at all was a lucky shot (one shell hit) on a DD before the match suddenly ended. (Feels like I did more damage accidentally ramming a teammate, than I did to the enemy. Good thing this was at +50% xp for the first fight... or I would have gotten under 300xp....)
  7. I would show you my spotter plane on the awesome Texas.... but it's invisible! (look at the middle turret - you'll see the catapult - - but the airplane is in stealth mode until launched! plz fix)
  8. capncrunch21

    No Pi Day premium camo this year?

    You can get some free Pi here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/213174-i-like-pi/
  9. Can I get one for any class? No DDs - god I hate torp spam No CA/CLs - god I hate fire/HE spam No BBs - god I hate getting erased by AP in one salvo Oh and since subs are coming: NO SS - god I hate stealth torps This is a fun thread for all classes of ships - thanks OP!
  10. capncrunch21

    The Most Pointless Thread Ever....

    Again, not really. You actually made a better argument than I could for them with your stats. 40 HE points and a chance (even1%) to start fires? YES PLEASE. Penetrating the bow on DDs and some CLs? YES PLEASE. 1.7 km range? I routinely see ships at that range or closer in low tier games. so... YES PLEASE. Again, the small health pools and light armor down at these tiers make EVERY point count. Besides, even if all they did was make noise and shoot smoke, it would still make me feel better than having them only as gun shaped decorations on my ship. And it would certainly help new players to the game and make a better impression on them ("My ship is so cool. It just belches fire everywhere! I love WoWs!" ).
  11. capncrunch21

    The Most Pointless Thread Ever....

    Eh, not really. Even if they only did 1 point of damage when they hit, it could make a difference. I've had matches end with ships with less than 5 health points left. Those are real 'anti-ship' guns and should be functional - why would they be there otherwise in real life? There are many ships that have these light secondaries (primarily for lightly armored torpedo boat protection). At the tiers these are mounted, just about everything qualifies as lightly armored.
  12. capncrunch21

    Got to give WG credit on one thing

    Indeed. Events at these obtainable levels should be the norm - not the exception. It would go a LONG way towards patching the ill will generated by events like the Puerto Rico.
  13. Huh, so player gets focused by two ships. Has a terrible time in Ranked. So....what has this got to do with the fact they were CVs? If your ship had been focused by ANY two ships you would have had a terrible time. In fact, you would probably be dead very quickly as opposed to simply being 'harassed' for a good portion of the game. Let's face it folks, Ranked just plain sucks - it isn't the ships involved.
  14. capncrunch21

    My CV planes die fast - how can I change that?

    Huh - you must be lying OP. According to the forumites, CVs are invincible and their planes can't be shot down.
  15. The single use D4Ys aren't technically a true 'consumable' (being player controlled) and therefore wouldn't benefit from consumable enhancements.