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  1. No red star on hull - that is why Yammy = suckage.
  2. capncrunch21

    Best feature in a patch - ever!

    Click on the small gears icon in the lower right of the screen (end of ship carousel) in port. Then select the ship category and click on or off the 'eye' icon for the camo type.
  3. The ability to mount special camos - and turn off the typically god-awful graphics that go with them! My Richelieu thanks you from the bottom of its heart!! (That terrible, gaudy French permanent camo I won YEARS ago - I can finally use! YAY!) THANKS WG. THIS IS THE BEST QOL IMPROVEMENT EVER!
  4. Eh, don't worry. It's got a Red Star on it, which means any 'cosmetic' changes probably removed real life flaws that allowed extra citadel hits to occur in-game. Thus making the ship more 'stronk'. (On any other nation 'cosmetic' changes means opening holes in the graphics to allow more citadel hits)
  5. capncrunch21

    Directives: end when Shipyard timer expires?

    Oh, you mean the ones I have to guess will have the info I want, hope I pick the right one, then dig through it to find the specific info buried SOMEWHERE in the wall of text they invariably have. Those news articles - gotcha!
  6. capncrunch21

    Directives: end when Shipyard timer expires?

    Or they could simply have a mouse over info box for each item stating start and stop dates.... Oh wait, that would require effort and be a huge boost to player convenience - - so it will never happen. Just gonna have to rely on Kizarvexis to translate unintelligible WG speak into plain language.
  7. Just curious, since WG likes to make this info as hard as possible to find in or out of game. Will the current directives end when the shipyard timer expires? (As of this post, 10 days...which really means 9 days in WG speak...from now)
  8. You know if the OP had really been as good as he said he is, he should have been able to carry the team in a CV.... because they are so overpowered according to everyone on the forums. Oh wait - - they aren't.
  9. Okay, just let me preface this with - I really like subs in WoWs. I think they will be a great new dynamic to the game, both play with and against. That said.... Test version 3 is AWFUL. Submarine play went from fun and fairly easy to pick up in the last Halloween event, with player control over what was going on (depth, speed, etc.) - to a constrained exercise in tedium in Test 3. The ping mechanic is much too weighted - either severely overpowered or severely underpowered. It is literally hit or miss (and quite frankly something I didn't like when it was put out in Test 1). If you ping a ship twice - it's dead. The torpedoes home in like missiles - completely unrealistically. If you only get one ping, well odds are if the ship is paying attention, they will miss 90% of the time. And if you don't ping at all, you've just wasted a reload - you will NEVER hit unless right on top of a target, and you're dead if you ever get that close to a surface ship in a sub. REMOVE THE PING MECHANIC. Return to the standard targeting as was used in the Halloween event. The fact that the subs now submerge automatically at the start of a match is agonizing. And not being able to actually surface and fight is even worse. The artificial speed reduction at periscope depth is frustrating as hell. Let alone the fact that subs now move FASTER when submerged is completely wrong for this time frame. (Nuclear subs do indeed move faster underwater, but WW2 subs did NOT) The removal of the air supply mechanic was also in my opinion a bad move. Especially when combined with the above forced mechanics of movement and combat. TERRIBLE. I hate to say it, but with each new Test iteration, subs are not getting funner and easier to play, they are getting worse and worse. No one in their right mind would play subs in the game if they came out like they are on Test 3 right now. As for destroyer play against subs, never got a chance to try it as my DD was destroyed many times by enemy surface ships LONG before I even had a chance to get close. The ONE game I did survive, of course, didn't have a single sub in it. UGH. I would suggest tweaking the line-up of ships on the Test server to allow more DD vs. sub play if you want useful data.
  10. capncrunch21

    We called it

    Umm... Overreact much? Subs are still in testing. Subs will start out in their own exclusive games. WG is handling this pretty well to make sure they will mesh well when ready. Lighten up, Francis. (Flamu's video's are far from 'objective' - which a good reviewer should be - can't you see the bias he's spinning?)
  11. Well, that sub looks cool. Too bad WG has decided to jump the shark again with another FAKE ship. SOOOOO many real ships/subs they could have used instead. Oh well. The grind will be ridiculous for this pixel ship just like the Puerto Rico - so who really cares.
  12. capncrunch21

    Coop very short games.

  13. capncrunch21

    What music you like to listen to while playing?

    Blue Monday remix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfM7_JLk-84
  14. capncrunch21

    DD AA is Bad They Said...

    But, but, but.... CV's are overpowered! Yeah, they can only attack ONE ship now, and even a DD - not even an American one at that - swats planes like they are flies. NERF CVs MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. capncrunch21

    IJN Mutsuki...How?

    The Minekaze is a much better 'traditional' ILN destroyer. I tend to think of the Mutsuki as a specialist DD. It is more of a support ship with its decent AA (note I didn't say good) and slow reloading but hard hitting torps. You can't really play it as a normal DD, but use it in a supporting role defending high value areas (like caps) or ships (like CVs). It's maneuverability is used to make quick strikes and torp eliminate a single target that threatens these things. But then get out of Dodge quick, because it is nearly useless, except as a distraction target, until the torpedoes reload again - the guns are absolute garbage.