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  1. Thanks for putting this list together!
  2. I'm curious. It says number of battles to gain the flags, etc. rewards. I have nearly 10,000 co-op battles, yet only 300 pvp battles. Haven't received anything reward-wise. So, are the rewards given later? Or am I SOL because I prefer to have fun playing co-op vs. raising my blood pressure in pvp? (only pvp battles count?) Thanks for any info.
  3. Your problem is you gotta remember Tier 10 is for extremely boring tedious gameplay. Hide behind an island for 19 of 20 minutes, hoping some brave (i.e. stupid) person on your team can grab a cap without being spotted and focused to death within seconds because of no support from all the hiding teammates. But NEVER be THAT guy yourself. Also, never, EVER engage the enemy unless in overwhelming numbers or by [edited] sniping (from behind cover) some poor bastard who forgot he was supposed to hide for the first 19 minutes of the match. Ah, the joys of Tier 10 play. So 'fun and engaging' TM.
  4. If this includes intentionally firing at friendlies, I agree. Did their recognition code get screwed up somehow and occasionally see ALL ships as enemies? I'd like to believe that is the case - and not something WG did on purpose - you know - to provide a 'challenge'.
  5. I'm not sure you guys are understanding what's going on here. Re-read the original post. This isn't normal 'random' destruction from stray torps - - - this is blatant, INTENTIONAL, team killer programming the bots are displaying. The torpedoes they fired were MEANT to hit friendly ships - they weren't firing them at enemies.
  6. So I gotta ask, why did WG feel the need to program Team Killer bots in high tier Co-op play? Fun and engaging? Or complete B S? I just got out of an all bot Tier 9 battle (5 DDs and 3 CAs each side) - I was the only human player. So aside from the first 3 casualties being from ramming each other - which is the normal "let's get this match over" garbage programming for bots - things were progressing nicely. There were 3 cap zones A, B, and C on the map. I had two kills at this point, so it was 5 friendlies vs. 3 reds. I'm sitting in smoke at B taking potshots at the last enemy CA coming straight at me. The last two enemy DDs are split up, one at A and one at C. The enemy DD at C kills the friendly DD fighting it. Suddenly I hear the 'beep beep' torp warning - the friendly DD 'supporting' me at B has decided to launch all its torps at the nearly dead enemy CA, regardless of the fact I'm in his torp path. Being at a dead stop, I rev up the engines and only get caught by two of the 10 torps in a super tight pattern. I get lucky and live, but with only a sliver of health. (NONE of the torps came close to hitting the CA - which made me a little suspicious about the DDs true target. But I just chalked it up to poor aim on the bots part - at the time.) The enemy CA destroys that DD promptly, and I set the CA on fire from the smoke. As soon as he's within 2 clicks I'm spotted of course trying to make a hasty retreat, but he's barely alive. A single salvo into my remaining sliver of health and I die, but he dies seconds later due to the fire. The friendly bots at A kill the enemy DD there and start heading across the map to C. At this point, the count is 1 friendly full health CA and one 3/4 health DD vs. 1 half dead enemy DD. I had a thought to exit the match - but I wanted to see what would happen between all the bots (it should be an easy victory for the friendlies). The enemy DD is nowhere to be seen - no smoke, not on the minimap, nothing, but is obviously somewhere near C. As the two friendly ship approach B side by side on the way to C, the friendly bot DD launches all its torps sideways at the friendly bot CA.... Umm, WHAT!?! The full health friendly bot CA just drives in a nice straight line eating every single torp. instantly blowing up. Again - the enemy was NOWHERE to seen. And NOWHERE near the direction the torps were fired. Did I just see that? Yep. That's when I realized that the torps I got hit by from that other friendly bot DD earlier, were never aimed at the enemy CA, they were intentionally shot directly at ME.... A minute later the friendly (Team Killer) bot obligingly runs right into the ambush torp spread of the enemy DD at C, ending the match in defeat. Seriously WG - - what kind of crap is this?? Not one, but two, bot TK events in one match? Do I have to start sinking all friendly bots in the future just so I don't get any nasty surprises from them? Because its obvious they were programmed to do EXACTLY what they did, on purpose. (and no, like an idiot I didn't have replays enabled - got tired of doing it after every patch)
  7. There shouldn't be a clock - we should have yellow submarine posts every day.
  8. ...where are the submarines to go with it?
  9. Now that we have WWI British BBs and CLs along with WWI German BBs, CLs, and DDs in the game - how about an official Jutland scenario to make use of them together? What do you guys think? How would this be set up? A PvE set up of choosing one of your own ships in your port (thus nation) and plugging it in the battleline - then fighting the opposite nation as all bots in an open ocean dual? (An Operation like Dunkirk, but you use you own ship) A PvP set up using the above ships waiting for both nations to fill their rosters before the battle can begin? Or something else?
  10. So basically an Amagi with torps. Yay, more fake ships!
  11. Have to agree here. It's a slug to maneuver. The turrets turn like molasses. The armor is meh - actually sub-meh. And, its a large target. The only thing good is the guns - and even they are literally hit or miss (reminds me of the Fuso). So if you're looking for something that is almost entirely RNG based for how you do in a match - Iron Puke is for you.
  12. As per title. We can't sell the ships we won? The Iron Duke and Orion (for me) are really redundant copies of the same ship. But I can't sell one of them? Intentional or oversight?
  13. Guess I should have put an @NikoPower in the original post 3 weeks ago so he would have seen it in time.
  14. Okay, I'll take my premium ship bundle now. (Are we seriously gonna have to wait WEEKS from now to get a British BB sub-forum???) UGH.
  15. British BBs hit the game TOMORROW. I win a package of all premium ships if there is no sub-forum up 24 hours from now. Thanks WG!