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  1. knightfaII

    ST: Changes to Test Ships

    I agree with you on this.13 to 17 km there's not much difference. So 15 to 20 km away it is then.
  2. knightfaII

    ST: Changes to Test Ships

    So it's " less effective in close combat" but "more accurate at close ranges".
  3. knightfaII

    update delayed by one week

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Warships has ever delayed a patch. Also with the first so close any news could be a troll.
  4. knightfaII

    Zikasa skin?

    Dear Wargaming. What gives? When can we get a Zikasa skin? As someone who happily picked up the Rasputin skin last year I will gladly pay for a Zikasa. So what's the deal is it not enough people have the ship or do you not think there's interest in it? #Zikasalivesmatter
  5. thanks for your intrest in the clan, I have sent you a message in game, please send me a app in the game