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  1. knightfaII

    ST: Changes to Test Ships

    I agree with you on this.13 to 17 km there's not much difference. So 15 to 20 km away it is then.
  2. knightfaII

    ST: Changes to Test Ships

    So it's " less effective in close combat" but "more accurate at close ranges".
  3. knightfaII

    update delayed by one week

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Warships has ever delayed a patch. Also with the first so close any news could be a troll.
  4. knightfaII

    Zikasa skin?

    Dear Wargaming. What gives? When can we get a Zikasa skin? As someone who happily picked up the Rasputin skin last year I will gladly pay for a Zikasa. So what's the deal is it not enough people have the ship or do you not think there's interest in it? #Zikasalivesmatter
  5. knightfaII

    LF a Clan

    Hello cardona3, please check SYJ out in game and visit our website, www.shipyardjunkies.com. w4e would be happy to have you.
  6. "A captain of the Navy ought to be a man of strong and well connected sense, with a tolerable good education, a gentleman, as well as a seaman both in theory and practice." John Paul Jones
  7. knightfaII

    Looking for a Large Clan

    27, so not to large but I did just remove 10 inactive members
  8. knightfaII

    Looking for a Large Clan

    Shipyardjunkies is looking for new people, Please check us out in game SYJ or at http://www.shipyardjunkies.com/
  9. Shipyardjunkies is restructuring and looking for new and experienced players to take the clan to the next level! Are you in a clan and not happy? Do you feel your skills are not being used? I'm looking for you!!!!!!! SYJ is a chilled, friendly group of people with a competitive edge. We are looking for new members who are skilled in there ship types. With the new clan season fast approaching we are looking for people who "take pride in ownership" and are willing to be active members in our community! We are filling spots in our ranks from the top to the bottom. looking for: Players who feel they can command a fleet. Players who can follow commands and have a TEAM focused attitude. Players who can fill CB spots if necessary, or fill a second team. Players who are just looking for a great group of guys to play with and sharpen there skills. Requirements: Command- 52%WR, 5000+ battles, 300 Tier X battles Discord is a must If any of this sounds like you send in a app in game to SYJ or you can go to our Discord and ping an officer. https://discord.gg/MvGTf4D and apply there. Looking forward to meeting all who apply.
  10. thanks for your intrest in the clan, I have sent you a message in game, please send me a app in the game