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  1. IDC I don't use the big guns on her because the suck vs the smaller guns.
  2. Got my Aigle, now what?

    Took mine out once, not really a dd guy, 4 kills 96k 88% main battery hit ratio so you can tell I was knife fighting with it. To me it's a good DD but not noob friendly. You really have play with good situational awareness so you don't put yourself in a no win situation. The guns are great but you do need to aim with the rudder it didn't bug me like that normally does so I'm guessing it's fairly agile but I only played it once. I could see playing it from close to max range as well.
  3. Would you play a space game? (Poll)

    It's teased on the test server right now for 7.3.
  4. Which USN CA are you most excited for?

    You will want to try to finished her if you can. WG is very hit and miss these things and it could take them a while to sort it out if it's a miss.
  5. It's broken IMO and if not this reason I stopped play WoT all the whole changes in mechanics for something that wasn't really broken. While I BB main I play all the classes outside of CV with similar skill based of my stats and I have killing it in cruiser with this patch. While that can be fun if take away BB toughness they just become a liability for teams with their slow rate of fire and weak secondaries. If this is way they want it than the damage of the smaller caliber AP needs to be dramatically scaled back. At close range 8" shells can't even make it through the belt armor of most BB's
  6. I have had a Mogamia citadel my Alsace for over 20k with 45 degree angle and followed it with another 11k hit the next salvo from 13k.
  7. New Halloween scenario a tad bit to hard?

    Is this still the same one from last year I can't seem to remember if that one was a two parts. Either way chances are high that you aren't using the right strat to beat it. Can't do much about that in random groups but with a seven man division with comms it shouldn't be that hard to figure it out and beat it. Last year I created a few chat macro's to explain what needed to be done to the team and it worked some of the time randoms.
  8. Are the revolution crates over as well?
  9. " Camping Meta "

    The meta is fine, camping players lose more often as those that don't camp on their team get singled out and are quickly eliminated. So your reward for not camping is doing better, to reduced the chance of being burned by camper division with decent players and work together. Fixing the meta as such would require CA's to be able to reasonably operate between BB's and DD's. To do that they would have to make criting CA's more difficult. Therefore the CA's would become extremely OP, DD's and BB's would complain even more. So they would be back to balancing all over again. So there is no silver bullet for WG. The simplest solution would be normalize xp based on results exclusively removing any win\loss factor. The credits can continue to be influenced by win\loss to give an incentive for winning. The problem for that is it would frustrate below average players which make up a significant part of the player base. If they stop playing there is no chance of them spending money on the game.
  10. The Battles Begin a Clan Wars story

    Thanks guys, it was the perfect battle for it. In battle we called for a screen shot or didn't happen, lol. Then when I saw the replay I was like this has to be a video.
  11. This was such a great battle for our team and it fit so well I couldn't resist. I really wish WarGaming would make the replay a little more user friendly for doing this kind of stuff. Moving around and getting angles and stuff is pain to say least and pausing sometimes glitches the whole thing.
  12. IDK but what I found didn't show the correct spawn points. I pulled them from replays. Firgured I would share them as I imagine others would find them useful.
  13. I'm looking for screen shots of the clan battle maps as they are configured. Can anyone share a link or post screen shots of them?
  14. I specifically talking about the damage each torp does.
  15. GG, Clan battles!

    Our clan had a lot of fun. Considering that we jumped in with no preparation we adjusted quickly and played better every match and growth with a team always feels good. Our first match was a complete failure and it was just what my guys needed as a reality check though. We would lose one other match that night on the map with the double cap but I think the next time we see it we will do much better. A least with last nights roster I think our guys learned about staying on script and effective comms. Being social clan with only a few competitive members we struggle to setup an ideal ship line up. We all have 10's just not everyone has the right 10's for clan battles right now. I do have some concerns though. Right now I would only feel comfortable with maybe 12 of my guys representing the clan in clan battles. At the moment that isn't causing any drama but I could see how it could down the road. Do to the scoring you can't just let anyone have a go at it without the whole clan suffering consequences. It would be nice if we could let those guys scrimmage without modding or manually setting up the train rooms. So I guess my wish would be to have the training room enabled by default with the clan scenario included.