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  1. minor_correction

    WG neeeds to bring Ocean map back for T7-T10.

    I miss Ocean at mid-tier. Circling blobs. Like the resized map for mid-tiers suggestion. Not sure about the atolls; I would Notser on the only one, with my luck. Ohhh...Epicenter on Ocean. That would be all the rage.
  2. minor_correction

    Epicenter needs to be removed

    Could always bring back the old Encounter mode on Ocean...
  3. minor_correction

    Where are the Japanese Commanders

    Been wondering, too. This has been asked, before. I think Kami asked for suggested commanders. Wasn't there a name in the 0.8.6 Dev blog post? Have to look, again. One thing, though; I think they need a pair of them, preferably brothers or something. That has been the pattern for the rest of the ones that do have the Unique commanders not named Ovechkin.
  4. minor_correction

    Rare ships

  5. minor_correction

    Please participate

    I am assuming that this is about getting numbers, so WG is encouraged to do more of these. As all you are doing is playing, anyway, sure.
  6. minor_correction

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Probably what they were trying to put off. They probably know they have power-crept everything, but the workload to rectify that is huge. Time to face the music, address the power creep.
  7. The Kongo and Myoko missions were the ones that had those requirements that had players doing everything but trying to win. That was the worst part. The Pearl missions for the Kamikaze R weren't much better.
  8. minor_correction

    Premium Ship Review #120: Plus Sized Baltimore

    Seems the review process has gotten a lot more arduous. Thank you for your hard work. Finally got to your Patreon; about time I did.
  9. minor_correction

    Zero-damage oddity

    If the issue is rounds registering as penetrations not actually damaging the core HP pool, maybe the "solution" would be to add the HP of all the modules and other "stuff" to the core HP? If the toilet breaks, it counts against the HP pool, and so forth. It would also mean that the HP pool would be adjusted by captain skills and upgrades, if I understand how those work. Which also means ships with heals would benefit because the percentage works off a larger base? Damage farming would certainly increase, and there should be no more zero-damage pens, hopefully. Hmm. This could get complicated.
  10. This would be interesting, and a rather huge shift in gameplay, assuming that this affects target lock. Shooting from concealment, range, or smoke, would become difficult. Ambush torps would be harder. How would proximity spotting work? Much to consider. Along with another suggestion to return the game economy back to where it was during OBT, and I imagine there would be a major shift in MM, too.
  11. Are all your drivers up to date? Have you run the Check & Repair tool from the launcher? With a new version, and 2 quick hotfixes, things could have gotten out of sync very quickly. Good luck.
  12. minor_correction

    Planes shot down: 90 or more

    Ah, true.
  13. minor_correction

    Planes shot down: 90 or more

    That's crazy. And what CV driver in their right mind focuses on a top-tier NC? Well done, in any case. And I am now a believer that sector switching is mandatory. A pain to do while maneuvering, though. Mejash was wondering if they could assign sectors to 2 keys, instead of that clunky interface, which sounds like a great idea.
  14. So, revert to OBT(-ish)? Including the credit penalties for not doing well in higher tiers?