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  1. Limited-time idea

    Like a pay-it-forward? Or like that $5 campaign fund contribution? I might. But it may create a crutch. Not so much "unneeded," but rather can afford to put into a cause?
  2. COWARDLINESS players

    If this means the return of the Bathtub matches, I want!
  3. Please don't do this

    When slow boats go far East or West, and that's where the fight is, I'm okay with it. It's when it's obvious that the fight is finished, objective is already taken, and/or there is no one there, and THEY KEEP GOING, that bugs me.
  4. HELP WANTED send ASVAB to Captain John Doe

    And your recipes are much appreciated. You need to find a good hash recipe to sling
  5. I received some WG coupons but don't know how to use them

    Redeem WG code in the Premium Shop, maybe?
  6. BBQ Pit Boys if you haven't seen them

    Been watching that channel for awhile, now. They have some interesting ideas.
  7. Returning player on Windows 10

    Really? A little disturbing. You can get the old launcher installer at https://forum.worldofwarships.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=52553. Be sure you have the correct version (DX9/DX11) installed for your installation
  8. Ship grinding

    Just restarted the French cruiser grind on the Algerie. Throw lots of rounds down range, and a decent wiggle. Doesn't feel particularly impactful to the match, though. But I've only done the one, so maybe things will change.
  9. Had a bunch of those this weekend, as a cruiser. All I can do is make as much of a pest of myself as possible. And pray to the RNG gods that I don't get blapped from across the map.
  10. LEAKED! Russian CV line coming soon!

    I was thinking Robotech, but yeah...
  11. Pile of new Ships suddenly showed up?

    there is a front page posting. your name is at the top https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/texas-heroes/
  12. Ballistic Missile Inbound to Hawaii (According to Iphone)

    A very rude false alarm (I live in Honolulu).
  13. So who else remembers this?

    oh lordy. dealing with conflicts, reordering your loading sequences... edlin (advanced tool!)?