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  1. minor_correction

    Targeting display

    Settings | Controls | Alternative Interface mode; set your level, there.
  2. minor_correction

    Hey Chobittsu Are You Getting Royalties

    Dang it. I was hoping it was for a soup recipe book
  3. minor_correction

    game crash pinky needs help

    Have you checked your system logs? Something severe enough to crash the system should show up there, in some form. The game seems to be getting bigger and more demanding. It could be that this last update is working areas of your system that wasn't a problem, before. Hope you find a solution soonest.
  4. minor_correction

    Best lines for new players?

    IMHO, the USN or IJN lines. The original 2. Probably the least gimmicky, have to learn the fundamentals. Play styles are different enough to keep it fun.
  5. minor_correction

    Sad Day

    Just getting out of the summer fun period, It will be okay. 3 years ago. There were only 2 trees. CV's still had the big Delete button. Wyomings could see Lexingtons (I think. BBs had +4 MM?). CLs had ridiculous range and turret speed with AFT and EM. And I had even less clue than I have now. Fun times!
  6. minor_correction

    Uptiering I can get behind

    Wow, that's some fortunate MM. Must have been a pretty free-wheeling crazy match.
  7. minor_correction

    No Pref.xml file just a pref. fle

    You have 2 WoWS folders?
  8. minor_correction

    Progress stalled using New York BB

    See some great advice, regarding taking it slow, and learning the mechanics. One thing I’d like to add; don’t point your bow directly at a T6 or higher BB; or you will get a painful lesson in overmatch mechanics. Good luck, Captain!
  9. minor_correction

    armored secondary guns & AA In cruiser and Battleship

    If you get those 0 HP penetrations, is that not an indicator that the secondary armor may be working?
  10. minor_correction

    The Ocean Poll!

    Remembering Ocean when T3 (and T2? Definitely remember St Louis on there. Ick.) could see it. Standard Mode, or Encounter. It was horrible. Then, as others have mentioned, they fixed it with the 3 cap Domination. It was actually fun. Granted, it could have be relative to what was there, before. Sadly, it only lasted for a short while, as it got locked into T10 during the "Great re-Mapping." Maybe a reduced frequency, but at T6+? A smaller map for the mid-tiers would be nice, too; some of those ships are way too slow to be putt-putting around the current sized map.
  11. minor_correction

    Absolutely plain livid at the 7.7 Akizuki situation.

    That soup recipe looks good. Wonder if a subforum can be arranged for your recipes? They now sell garlic cloves already peeled. It's way too easy to do garlic things...
  12. minor_correction

    Massachusetts and CQE medals

  13. minor_correction

    My game keeps freezing and wont load

    Can also verify the integrity of your game files. Should be a Client check utility on your launcher, under Support.