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  1. No Pref.xml file just a pref. fle

    You have 2 WoWS folders?
  2. See some great advice, regarding taking it slow, and learning the mechanics. One thing I’d like to add; don’t point your bow directly at a T6 or higher BB; or you will get a painful lesson in overmatch mechanics. Good luck, Captain!
  3. armored secondary guns & AA In cruiser and Battleship

    If you get those 0 HP penetrations, is that not an indicator that the secondary armor may be working?
  4. The Ocean Poll!

    Remembering Ocean when T3 (and T2? Definitely remember St Louis on there. Ick.) could see it. Standard Mode, or Encounter. It was horrible. Then, as others have mentioned, they fixed it with the 3 cap Domination. It was actually fun. Granted, it could have be relative to what was there, before. Sadly, it only lasted for a short while, as it got locked into T10 during the "Great re-Mapping." Maybe a reduced frequency, but at T6+? A smaller map for the mid-tiers would be nice, too; some of those ships are way too slow to be putt-putting around the current sized map.
  5. That soup recipe looks good. Wonder if a subforum can be arranged for your recipes? They now sell garlic cloves already peeled. It's way too easy to do garlic things...
  6. Can also verify the integrity of your game files. Should be a Client check utility on your launcher, under Support.
  7. As one of those that is silly aggressive, I can sort of see why. It bothers me more that, when I look back, the ones behind me are all stacked up behind a rock with no shot. All tiers. If you advance as a group, with good screens, it seems to be much more effective. Harder to focus fire.
  8. It happened to me when I did the “Battle On!” thing. Found myself bereft of paint. Was quite embarrassing, having only skivs with rust stains.
  9. How to deal with Cleveland Trolls?

    You know, Ocean was just getting interesting (diagonal domination cap points) when they made it t10 only. It was way better than that ringaround-the-rosey Standard mode, or Encounter. Bleh.
  10. Losing my mind

    ouch. yes, a break, with a drink. hang in there!
  11. Limited-time idea

    Like a pay-it-forward? Or like that $5 campaign fund contribution? I might. But it may create a crutch. Not so much "unneeded," but rather can afford to put into a cause?
  12. COWARDLINESS players

    If this means the return of the Bathtub matches, I want!
  13. Please don't do this

    When slow boats go far East or West, and that's where the fight is, I'm okay with it. It's when it's obvious that the fight is finished, objective is already taken, and/or there is no one there, and THEY KEEP GOING, that bugs me.