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  1. I actually read this in your YouTube voice...
  2. Can stuff like this be added the Wiki, maybe? As many times as the question is asked, it would seem to be a candidate for inclusion. Unless I'm missing it in there Controls? (Just a suggestion. I know the volunteer editors are doing a great job with so little resources. Thank you!)
  3. Gonna guess search is being reindexed. Might take a bit. Like maybe tomorrow.
  4. Apparently, it's called a Vierling Break action combination gun. Loving the filigree.
  5. As one that is usually on the flank defense, I feel you. Nothing like being pushed by 11 reds, running firefight, dying, then looking at the minimap and seeing the other side stacked up behind a rock, against 1 DD... Immediately leave for port.
  6. I've had this happen a few times in a BB. Getting charged down by a full-health DD. Waiting for the turn, and...he rams into me, square. I get the medal, he becomes a reef. Don't understand.
  7. It would be 20 years ago from the 50, but who's counting? Between A day in the life and When I'm 64. Hehe. Great album. And album art. Miss great album art.
  8. The Last Conquest camo has red tops. Is that purchasable?
  9. Man, I thought this stuff died with Windows 95...
  10. Throw the bacon in that 3 course chewing gum, but stop before dessert...
  11. If you like USN Standard playstyle, and can work with reduced AA, you should get it. If you dislike the style, stay away. How's that?
  12. Wonder if it could be a case of WG giving themselves future wiggle room? These are the first RN BBs, and they may not have set the RN "flavor," yet, in addition to the "premiums don't get nerfed" practice. Looking forward to future adjustments.
  13. I play on a laptop, and the touchpad occasionally decides it wants to play too.
  14. Nice shooting! It would be wonderful if we could toggle the POV between that high eyepoibt, and ship view. Really annoying when a short range target shows up when the scout is up.
  15. Warspite taught me patience and what you need to know about BB play. If you do something wrong, you are severely punished for it. Get it right, and the rewards are large. I should get back to her; I seem to be getting lazy.