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  1. Crazy Ranked stuff

    I had to take a break from ranked because of the potatoes you are not alone good sir
  2. I personally am not a huge fan of DD hunting in IJN Cruisers however the 203s pack a helluva wallop when you hit a DD with HE rounds. They are fire starters aka HE spammers from a distance for me with a few exceptions as ambushers. I am personally up to the Mogami and have not loved the line yet but still am working on the HE spamming which I prefer the French and Russian lines for more.
  3. Reminds me a bit of guilty spark from halo
  4. Price of ships changes?

    Awesome glad to have helped sorry I didn't replay sooner, work and all... Fair Seas and Happy Sailing
  5. Price of ships changes?

    You probably don't have the required research of hulls completed to finish out the Kawachi
  6. No doubt we have it good but speaking of relativity if you live in a country that is "poor" why are you playing a video game that requires a decent pc and an internet connection?
  7. It's a business. also Americans aren't just rolling in money not sure where you get that from...
  8. Operation Dynamo commander

    Watch out it's a troll trap the whole French BB having smoke to "disengage"
  9. Selective captain retraining idea

    Or if you have a premium acct one capt could do a free retrain and then one week later you could do the same thing if it isn't the free retrain then you pay doubloons or if it is just one skill you want to swap make the cost of doubloons tier dependent i.e. A tier 4 skill swap costs say 50 doubloons and tier 1 say 10 doubloons.
  10. Would be great if they offered the blue hull camp as a second perm camo I personally prefer it to the current style.
  11. Best Tier 4's For Each Class?

    Gew my bad the other German DD last one with forward facing torps the v25?
  12. Best Tier 4's For Each Class?

    B.B. is the Nikolai CL is the St. Louis DD I like the G101 personally