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  1. DarthDon49

    Special Independence Day Celebration

    Perhaps it is just me, but cammo's like this are not only unhistorical, they're butt-ugly.
  2. DarthDon49

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    To have Soviet CV's WG would have to add a new class of ships - tugboats.
  3. DarthDon49

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Which is why I uninstalled the PTS.
  4. DarthDon49

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Enjoy shopping for hearing aids when you're older...
  5. DarthDon49

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    I'm not a pure DD player, though I don't play CV's. My main objection (IF you'd really read my post you'd know), I prefer real ships to paper - the same is true for the new Soviet cruisers. So your point isn't really relevant.
  6. Not a Warhammer fan but even if I were I don't have that kind of money laying around. Way to go WG, ignoring the hit so many have taken due to the government's ludicrous over reaction to the "pandemic". And don't talk about all the lives saved, many more will die due to suicide from being cooped up and from not having health screenings done (cancer caught too late, etc.), than from the Wuhan Flu. And that's not to mention the millions that will die in 3rd world countries due to their economies collapsing (us not buying their raw materials, etc.). WG COULD have had an affordable event, but NOOOOO!
  7. DarthDon49

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    WG trots out yet again another line of largely paper ships while ignoring ships that actually existed, LIKE THE ITALIAN DD's. Worse, it is a type that many players are not interested in and never play - CV's. I, for one, am NOT excited.
  8. DarthDon49

    Dry Dock: Admiral Graf Spee

    I already have the Spee. WG could have offered one of her sister ships but NOOOOO!!! I'm not busting my rear for this "promotion".
  9. DarthDon49

    Armada: Ägir

    If you're living in your momma's basement rent free ya need SOMETHING to spend your stimulus check on...
  10. DarthDon49

    Armory Update Review

    A redo of the armory COULD have included some new ships THAT ACTUALLY EXISTED for resources, specifically coal, but NOOOO. I have the coal and coupon to get the Georgia, BUT I DON'T WANT HER.
  11. DarthDon49

    Armada: Ägir

    Another paper ship? No thanks. Get back to me when you have one of the many ships that actually existed or were laid down , the Saratoga as a Battle Cruiser, for instance, that you could have done.
  12. DarthDon49

    Last Chance to Obtain California

    Another paper ship - yawn. How about one of the many ships that actually existed? (But they wouldn't be tier IX or X - money traps...)
  13. I have the Spee - I refuse to bust my butt (much less pay money), for a PAPER ship, especially as there are so many ships that ACTUALLY EXISTED WG could have offered like the Ise, the Tone, the Wichita, the Revenge, the Neptune, the Invincible, I could go on and on...but NOOOOO!! Needless to say, I'll pass.
  14. DarthDon49

    Weekly Combat Missions: Battle of Midway

    1) I don't use rentals - strike 1. 2) I don't play CV's - strike 2. 3} I already have a bazillion flags I never use - strike 3 - you're out!
  15. DarthDon49

    Premium Shop: Admiral Makarov

    The Italian navy was much bigger too, AND the best Soviet ships of WW-II were either Italian designs or made in Italy.