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    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I thought this terrible idea had been shoot down??? Great. Just great.
  2. SmoothCriminaI

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    I second this. I play CVs a lot more now and I'm usually a DD primary lately. I have no problem with my planes only spotting for me as the CV and just adding a marker to the map for everyone else. Then I can still attack them, my team gets a heads up to be careful, use radar, ect ect and the DD's aren't being murdered by the whole team perpetually. There is NO REASON at all to have CVs spot for the ENTIRE bloody team. It is idiotic in a game based on STEALTH. One simple change and you'd have a ton of improvement.
  3. SmoothCriminaI

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Having now had a chance to play this a little more I can now offer a more structured opinion than 'SCREEEE IT'S NOT THE SAMMMMME!' Been playing in tier VI with IJN CVs, so far the controls aren't to bad once you get used to them. I'd like to be able to switch to just flying with the mouse or just with the keyboard, both can be a little awkward at times. Especially if nothing tells you you need to move the mouse when using the arrow keys to keep it in the center or they can be REALLY awkward to control. The aim points need work, a lot of them aren't actually quite right with the weapons not actually going where they should. NEED NEED NEED the ability to switch back to our CVs quickly then back to our squadron. When you switch OFF the squadron back to the CV have them climb so they can't be left to spot. But not being able to make quick adjustment to the CV is VERY problematic. When bottom tiering in a T6 to T8 match the T8 AA just MELTS the T6 planes. Against tier VI and VII opponents it's not too badly balanced I feel. The alpha damage is low enough that you can't just blap people anywhere on the map just going about their day, which is good. I do think torpedoes per drop for the IJN should go up one to three per strike at tier 8 and 10. Leave the damage as is, the lower values may be a little too low but it's pretty easy to get consistent damage. Even if the numbers aren't as juicy as they used to be. (Is it mechanically possible inside the engine to add a damage resist buff based on tier? So say 5% damage reduction for T6 planes Vs T8 AA? To allow for survivability tweaking without upsetting the balance against the other tiers in the MM spread?) Put the limit of one CV per side per match back in place. Three CVs is WAY to much. Too much spotting, too much strike, too much staying power, too many planes. One CV per side is plenty and might allow the DDs to come back out of hiding. I've certainly stopped playing mine at the moment, WAY to many planes and with a lot more staying power than before as well. Especially when all three CVs go to the same place. Spotting changes need to be made as well. Perhaps a limited spotting range so that only ships within a few K's get the information, everyone else gets a minimap icon. Or just have planes spot for the CVs only. Not the whole team. At the moment the spotting is WAY to much. Just my two cents so far, I haven't tried the US line yet, might jump into that later tommorow.
  4. SmoothCriminaI

    Goodbye World of Warships

    It's not so much that its a surprise in they haven't mentioned it, it's that it generally goes against game design principles. When I was studying we were taught not to radically change the game after release, you do all the beta testing, sort the mechanics, get everything working pretty much right, then lock off and release. After that you generally tweak without completely redesigning whole aspects of the game. Though for MMO's the rules can be a little more fast and loose. Tell WoWP players that. 'It sucks now, they'll be back'. They never came back... The player base can be a fickle thing.
  5. SmoothCriminaI

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Are there going to be changes to the cool down on DC now that we can be spammed with HE, bombs and torps by upto 3 carriers at a time? Because this is getting a little nuts.
  6. My Shin is pretty useless now. 1 AA rating and endless attack waves... not fun.
  7. SmoothCriminaI

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    All my AA mods are missing... Thats going to cost a fortune. I'm not real keen on this on live. I'm wondering why they didn't just remove strafe and manual drop and tweak the distance at which auto drop dropped torps and bombs to tweak the carrier damage output.