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  1. If that was the case as soon as your ship was in detection range you would be spotted regardless if there was islands in they way, the engine uses LOS to whether you can be concealed from behind an island. If that was the case then no one would be able to fire their guns from behind an island and stay undetected, gun bloom uses LOS to know whether you will be detected when you fire your guns. The game is already doing the things you say can't be done.
  2. spotted by planes

    Plane concealment 6.5 - 8km roughly, so if your air detection is 10km or more then it can spot you without you spotting it and its stops giving away the relative position of the ship that the plane belongs to.
  3. His win rate has gone up so he has adapted and improved, that does not mean he has to like it.
  4. DDs and Radar – Stats Tell The Tale

    This is why i don't do the just use cover until the radar is gone because its too easy for them to do this, its not fun and engaging and i did this to prove a point, Because that's what i hear from the team to much at the start of the battle its ok there are rocks to hide behind. 20180619_203933_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  5. Radar

    lol. The way my teams are playing today they don't deserve to be carried.
  6. Weekend teams

    If that was solo then i would say good on you sir, it's still good but nothing special seeing as it's all done in a division.
  7. Radar

    Just had 2 battles and in both battles a ship was asking me to cap when radar ships were next to the cap. Both times the ships that were asking me to cap were dead radar ships, im like LOL they should know better than to ask a DD to cap with radar right next to it. Its not my fault that i'm still getting 2 solo caps which the rest of the team can't keep, dont ask me to try to solo recap it with radar there and no back up.
  8. @JochenHeiden Your version is 2 versions behind. https://monitor.pepespub.de/download Changelog for version Fix for the problem with the program not accepting the path for the steam version (big thanks to E_wan_o for pointing out what the problem was) Fix for the api privacy problem
  9. I have not seen that being the reason in a very long time. But still 95% of the times that is put forwards as reason by the people not wanting you to run " you know you wont save on repair cost" then i go on to kill another 2 more of there ships and nearly kill a 3rd before the timer ran out.
  10. Saying it not an outlier is not saying or implying its absolute and with that very comment you have earned a play on my ignore list.
  11. I said i do it all the time and it's late here in the UK so we are done, do it all the time is a figure of speech so don't try to imply an absolute.
  12. You can't do damage if they are dead.
  13. There are lots of ship from T8 to 10 with HP below that and with the amout of battles i have It takes a long time for the average to adjust also with the meta change with all the radar it's not so easy to get close enough and in spite of that my avg damage has been going up in the hardest to play DD.
  14. I do it all the time, there is no other outliers about it.# The pace of the game dictates that a DD can one shot much bigger ships because it has a much larger exposure times and cant keep ducking in and out of cover.