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  1. I remember one time i was in a cruiser and this other cruiser was following me around so close that he rear ended me about 4 time during the battle. I said to him stop bumping into me, he said i should look where i was going, i said you are behind me all battle it's you who has to look out for what's in front of you. And he only started shooting at the targets i was shooting when it was about to die, he would not shoot at anything else in the meantime and i also remember getting team damage his his guns every now and then. And yeah i got salty in chat and he started going on about how old he was which makes no odds to me, the way he played is all i cared about.
  2. Well its both, i have seen it a lot.
  3. Kill stealing is when a ship is holding back fire to get the killing blow which means the red ship is alive longer than it needs to be and can end up get a green ship/ships killed that would not have been if the kill stealer keep his guns going. I have seen a des not shooting for 30 seconds then blap perfect kill stealing.
  4. LOL yeah 15 and damage saturation. I never made that mistake again, spread them torps out.
  5. I have yet to see a good player ingame with hidden stats. Every single one that shows hidden stats in MMM has been bad. Nothing needs to be said, i see bad play and hidden stats and i conclude that player can not be relied upon and i will not trust that player under any circumstance and pretty much ignore any requests by them because its too risky and ends up getting me killed or us both. If i look at MMM at the start and i see hidden stats i right those players off right from the get go, they don't exist.
  6. I put all 16 shima torps into a yammy, didn't kill him and his secondaries killed me. Then he healed up and killed another 2 ships before he died to focus fire.
  7. Final8ty

    The British Burn, UK DD nerf

    They are not meant to be able to go toe to toe with a Harugumo, out spotting it is the key. I have only been killed by a Harugumo twice in my shima and both times they needed help to do it because my retreat was cut off by another red ship or radared, because one on one i have gotten away every time.
  8. DDS are not getting killed off from invisible ships beside the radar ship hiding, all the other ships shooting at the DD are visible most of the time. The simple fact is one side is out in the open or out enough that the rock that is giving them cover is not in the way off all their guns and is close enough to help their spotting DDs right away and one side is not, boom the side that is there for their DDs kills the other teams DDs and that is pretty much that.
  9. Dont worry BBs even 13km away BB AP does plenty while im fighting 2 DDs that should be my bigger worry but are not. Great dispersion when one salvo can land 9 out 12 shells from 13km away on such a small target like a shima, i was lucky to get away alive.
  10. The majority of the time i will out score the majority of the BBs at T10 in my Shima which is not a reliable damage farmer. And the only reason why is because so much red HP was left floating for so long i had time to take it. Where i get on a really good team and they know there stuff i would finish middle of the pack. The BBs are either long range sniping or up behind rocks like the cruisers.
  11. So a guy from another clan was pissed off with the other high Tier 10 BB players over the last week he said lets try mid tier. I said to him i don't remember so many BB players being this bad at T10 it's likely that its real bad at mid as well. I see a scharn and i expected him to hold the line with me because a scharn is a good mid close range brawler but nope he was sniping with the konig. So i was there in the front with our cruiser drawing most of the fire but i lasted moments until the end. The scharn and konig lived near full HP, it's clear that they think that is more important than trying to win. After the match i looked at MMM, oh boy.
  12. The majority snipe because they have no midrage or close quarters skills with picking priority targets and they are never going to learn them.
  13. Us DDs were hampered from sneaking around the reds because they had 4 radar ships which meant that we could not go through the middle or around the sides because the radar covered across the middle of the map from end to end. Because our BBs would not leave the first base their dds moved in. I ran back from the front of A cap because of the red DDs that were pounding me. Our BBs move even further Back. And now all us DDs are dead and it was not because we were not spotting or screening, i screened every red DD and took damage from all the DDs.
  14. You are on ignore but i read your last 2 comments. First you blame no eyes on C in the battle before so i gave eyes in the next battle on C with the same campy results and then you say i should've left and gone to another cap, what a contradiction. If i had left and went B you would of said well they had no eyes again at C, a no win situation, you are really full of it. Your comments to me are absolutely not worth reading and thats how its going to remain from now on.