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  1. Selfish DDs

    Working around those problems make us much less effective at our job, that is what the radar is for, to hold us back from doing our job, if working around the problem was easy then there would be no point to radar in the first place.
  2. Selfish DDs

    just had a ranked game where 2 players on my team asked why i was going so wide, i said because of the radar, they said there is no radar, i was 10km away from a chapayev. The level of cluelessness in this game is shocking. I then nearly died to that radar that did not exist because the chapayev can radar both caps.
  3. Selfish DDs

    Indeed when im spotting DDs with equal or better concealment and i don't see my team shooting at them when im calling them out and i have lost 1/2 to 3/4 of my HP doing so then that's it for the rest of the game, im doing my thing my way if the DDs then comes and torps the BBs then tough as i don't have the HP to spot them or fight the DDs anymore and i don't expect a change of play and to get supporting fire if i spotted them again as i nearly just end up dieing to them later on when i do try to spot them.
  4. Selfish DDs

    Been playing Ranked and 3 Loy`s and a Chappy on one side makes for very dull play, non stop radar as soon an i got near to a cap on neighbors as the caps are so close, even one DD can radar both caps, we had bow in camping in smoke BBs who got torpedoed of course and then complained about not having any caps, i said dont expect DDs to cap with all that radar which you big ships did not take out a single radar ship, so us 3 remaining DDs push the B cap just to prove a point, the radar hit again and we all died.
  5. We can't all be good in every ship, so having good stats over all can not help the fact that i'm bad in that ship, good over all stats means there is likely a chance i will become good in that ship once i have learn it but for the time being im bad in it and its as simple as that, how good you are in the ship you are in at the time is all that counts you can't bring multiple ships to the battle. Good stats over all means you can't be told you are a bad player which too many ppl like to throw at you just because you sucked in one game.
  6. Selfish DDs

    Thats because more dds have hydro and radar, good job WG. more camping than ever, you get radar and hydro dds camping behind rocks like the radar cruisers now, so the non radar/hydro DDs have to keep away from the caps more than ever until its clear. yet more passive stale gameplay.
  7. Selfish DDs

    Its not because of stats as most have no clue of them just like most dont come on the forums. It's the inherent I don't want to die that keeps most players playing the way they do or the totally don't care rush in and shoot as much as i can before i die, winning comes secondary. How well a player is playing is what comes first, if i see a player in my opinion playing badly i will look at the stats program to see if its a one off mistake or a habit, 80% of the time its a habit, the stats program backs up what im seeing in game.
  8. Which backs up the point that the torp damage should not be reduced as your torp damage is more than your flooding damage on all your examples. 68K v 33K