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  1. Final8ty

    Excellent CV Buff

    It's amazing that they don't understand that you are comparing to the best players on the server in other ships and not the avg player and you are beating the best of the best in other ships in a low tier CV .
  2. Final8ty

    Excellent CV Buff

  3. Final8ty

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    One of the Smol players boasting 26 fires near the end. Only one DD perside, it was a really slow first half because of it. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/362151742550310914/622019291902115840/20190913_111830_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_38_Canada.wowsreplay
  4. Final8ty

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    A teammate in his full HP rassian BB was brawling with one and 6 km away and it was nothing but overpens until his last volly before he died and killed each other.
  5. Final8ty

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    Same happened to me. I was playing my Amagi for a change and it put 2 fires on me i put them out then i had 3 fires me you then add the shell damage plus the fires from that one ship then add shell damage from other ships firing at you your HP goes down real fast and the only reason i lived is because i had a rock nearby.
  6. Final8ty

    smolensk is a shame of this game

    That's a very good point.
  7. Anyone can make to same complaints until they are addressed. You find it boring then that's your problem, go read another thread its very simple or do you need others to change your TV and radio stations when you get bored with what's on.
  8. Just like politics, hearing the same complaints for more than 40 years but that does not mean they should stop because it's nothing new.
  9. Final8ty

    My worst streak ever...

  10. Final8ty

    My worst streak ever...

    I can understand why this happens but i don't understand why it happens so much. People would learn from their mistakes of chasing a kill and losing the battle.
  11. Final8ty

    When your team just doesn't listen

    They were not in his line of fire when he shot, one later did.
  12. Final8ty

    When your team just doesn't listen

    I don't want to play with you if you like to yolo into reds because that's 95% the only way you would eat any of my torp.
  13. Final8ty

    When your team just doesn't listen

    Too many times Battles have been lost because i didn't torp because of BBs getting in the way and dieing without taking a ship with them. I play to win not baby sit. 2-4 red ships together and a green yolos into them and eats my torps then tough luck mate.
  14. Final8ty

    When your team just doesn't listen

    I would let my torps lose as well.
  15. Final8ty

    NERF Battleships!

    It 100% does require secondaries and i already knew it but here's a picture for you.