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  1. And if i don't do that i get reported for being too passive. Hence Zero karma most of the time because im alive at the end most of the time and didn't die trying to do what you just said, but most of the time that's what the team wants you to do.
  2. Final8ty

    This is Why We Complain about CVs

    This obsession with captain points. I have taken ships with no camo no modules and 0 captain points and still smashed and Krakened at low and mid tier. At higher tier then the points really matter.
  3. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    it does not matter, they said its ship mirrored only. And the only thing i read about WG trying to stop clans sync dropping was in ranked, if its been updated to randoms than i have missed that update. Sorry but it's nothing but anecdotal confirmation bias on your part because the amount of imbalanced teams would be near impossible otherwise and there would not be threads moaning about imbalanced team because it would be so rare. There was a thread not long ago with 9 from the same clan on one side and 3 more from the same on the other in randoms.
  4. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Ships mirroring has nothing to do with skill and besides trying to stop players from the same clan being all on the same side in multiple divs and T8 uptiering after 20 battles there is not else going on.
  5. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    It does not matter that an example has meg divs each side. It's no difference that examples has radar each side, MM does not try to balance radar it just works out most of the time because so many cruisers have radar.
  6. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Clans only in the same divisions and not just divisions themselves. Hence i see many battles with 3 divisions on one side and none on the other because they were all different clans.
  7. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    MM didn't do anything with the Divisions they are not taken into account. You can have divs all on one side and none on the other.
  8. Being a good CV player is not easy, being a crap one is. In the other ships a crap player is either doing nothing at the back or at the front dieing.
  9. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Thats 37% v 50%
  10. These Players Would not be playing CV at all under the old system so it comparatively easier than before no matter if they are personally finding it hard. Been in battles that the CV player could not hit me with rockets 75% of the time, it does not make rockets hard, it just means he is mega awful with them, but those battles are few and far between that does not mean that all the rest are good cv players because they can hit me with rockets 90% of the time.
  11. But it's the people who are finding it hard in the CVs that are saying the CVs are ok. even if they can't hit the inside of a barn the spotting is a big issue.
  12. Has WG said that they are going to address that in another way ? Cancer! if can't be treated with medicine but can be removed then remove it.
  13. No because the we are not observers to others getting harassed by CVs we are the players getting harassed by them and how easy it is irrelevant, it about the effect it's having on the rest of the players and i don't need to play a CV to know how i feel about going up against them. How easy or how hard it was to punch other person in the face is irrelevant to how the person feels about getting punched the face. You should not complain until you know how hard it was to punch you. you should try punching ppl in the face first. .
  14. He is hurting his team.
  15. Final8ty

    Rejoice Skill Based MM is Here!!!

    Not all the good players have to same stats and not all the bad players have all the same stats. Good or bad there are some better than others. You apply the same rules if there were 24 good players or if there were 24 bad players, they are merely number scales. You don't have different rules for 4+4 or 8+8 you add them up by the same rules.