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  1. Would be great if it was not for the very limited times you can play them.
  2. Indeed that's why good players like to now and then go T4 and seal club and they can get away with risks that they could not at high tier as they know most would punish them for it and unlikely to have a good player on the other side to counter.
  3. Not many good players queuing up hence why you see the top clans merging into one.
  4. More likely the flag ran out, i can play nearly 40 matches in 24 hours when im off shift.that's 30 matches without a flag.
  5. @AdmiralThunder You have only played 170 random battles, its clear you don't have much real experience in the game and you have never played a dd.
  6. You say common sense but your sense would mean there is no difference between murder or manslaughter because the end result was the same. No difference in a war ending because both sides agreed to stop fighting or because one side totally killed off the other side because the end result was the same the war stopped. I totally disagree that only the end results matters and that's the last im gong to say on the matter to you so i will agree to disagree with your opinion.
  7. Exactly.
  8. Indeed as i have 80 ships average damage is all over the place, im not going stick to a few ships where are I can consistently get high damage.
  9. Desktop MatchMaking Monitor makes it easy,i have removed other players names from the pic. You can sometimes win despite the odd but most of the time you will not.
  10. The end result is not the point, its about how the end result was obtained. If i join a match and shot a single salvo and kill every enemy player with that single salvo which would mean the battle was over in the first 30 Seconds i would get reported for hacking, but what's the problem as there are many battles where the enemy team is completely wiped out, its the same end result i'm just getting the end result of what every player in the game is is trying to do which is kill the enemy team but doing it in my own way because all that matters is the end result and not how we got there in your view, so the one salvo kill all hack should not be an issue.
  11. Its not IF they are already there.