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  1. I've seen more and more of this behaviour at T10 lately.
  2. Then he will have high damage and high losses if he keeps playing that way. BBs that have high damage and high winrate know when to push and get close at the right time.
  3. Well that's the problem with the rewards system that has to get fixed. If i see high win rate but low damage in anything but a DD then i'm going to be sceptical.
  4. Had a battle today where most of our Cruisers were unicum and most of our BBs were not, most of their BBs were unicum and most of their Cruisers were not. So we had the A cap on hotspot, they had the C cap, our BBs were sniping, our cruisers were huddled in or close around the A cap. Their BBs all charged right across the middle taking B on the way with their cruisers a little way behind, our cruisers flat out got splattered and it was basically game over with them only losing 2 ships.
  5. Besides the reload and flight time of CV bombers, torp dependant DDs have the slowest and most unreliable TTK.
  6. I used to post my first place finishes win or lose on our discord, i don't bother anymore unless its something out of the norm. It would be nice to have this implemented for those of us who care about it. I have been trying a new strategy in my shima over the last 2 days and i mainly play solo so it harder , i'll have to see how it holds up but its very stressful and i'm not sure if i want to keep putting in so much effort, i can see why the unicums can get salty in chat.
  7. They were shooting AP at him while he was dow on, then they turned to HE when he was broadside.
  8. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    The BBs stayed back there all Battle Me the Gearing, benson and the DES secured the win despite of our BBs being at the back.
  9. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I have been wanting that for a long time. Now i will read the rest of your post.
  10. The inexperience at T10 at the moment is shocking. The DES should of been dead easily but he got away with half HP even though 5 ships were shooting at him, i then looked at Matchmaking monitor and it showed why my team could not kill him and it was not because the DES was good. He even gives them full broadside.
  11. I wanted to see what the caps were worth, i didn't want to do any damage to prove a point and no it was not a steam roll.
  12. I have had 3 solo caps and one torp hit on a cruiser and i came second from last on a win. The team can not see how many caps i have gotten, the team can not see how many spotting ribbons i got, the team can not see how much spotting damage i have gotten, so they lack appreciation for those efforts because they can't see it and neither is the DD well rewarded for it.
  13. A BB main telling dds just to cap spot and stay alive so the rest of the team can benefit. If a DD just caps and spots and everyone else does the damage the DD will come last.