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  1. Final8ty

    Winning is hard

  2. Final8ty

    Winning is hard

    I'm going to agree to disagree.
  3. Final8ty

    Winning is hard

    This is backwards. More and more good players stick to ranked and CB. The overall skill level in randoms is in freefall, I'm seeing tier 3 knowledge at tier 10.
  4. Final8ty

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    You don't play enough T10.
  5. Final8ty

    Remove detonations already

    DDs have the least armor. A Volley can hit a DD from stem to stern because of it size. Plus the splash damage from those shells covers more area on a DD. I have had single Volleys that have incapacitated every module on my DD.
  6. Final8ty

    Remove detonations already

    Most of your Battles are in BBs so you will hardly get detonated. DDs detonate the most and CVs detonate the least because they can't be detonated and it would not surprise me if Subs can't either because both get special treatment.. So with the way things are now its possible to never get detonated either by playing ships that can't or by buying signals and if everyone did that then it would nullify the need for detentions to exist in the first place.
  7. Final8ty

    Remove detonations already

    Without the statics of how many Juliet signals and -70% module were used it's meaningless.
  8. Final8ty

    Remove detonations already

    Detonations has nothing to do with any of that. Even splash damage can detonate a ship.
  9. A clan member who hardly gets time to play was on today and he said whats with all the blowouts now. And it is becoming boring win or lose.
  10. Final8ty

    Some (Fair?) Criticism For WG.

    Both issues are at play.
  11. Final8ty

    Some (Fair?) Criticism For WG.

    How about 15 and 25 battles on the account at T10 maybe they did a lot of coop, nope only 10 battles in coop. 75%of players lately that have less than 40 battles in a radar ship don't use it at the right time at all. The game has become mess.
  12. Final8ty

    Why even bother playing on the weekends....

  13. Final8ty

    Why even bother playing on the weekends....

    I don't forget, I just wont use them in randoms. Magazine Modification 1 is what I use in randoms and if I det so be it.