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  1. Final8ty

    Destroyers, March 2019

    100% Agree.
  2. The UI is the most stressful part of the game
  3. it would never be perfect, you would never get 24 players who are as exactly as good as each other, it would be better games win or lose nice hard thought battles and not stomps either way that's what everyone wants and that starts by taking players performance into account and shuffling and not just what ship they are in. MM is not going to get all better by itself by doing nothing. It's like right now one side gets a nuke, fires it and its game over for the other team and sometimes it's our side that gets the nuke and fires and its game over for the teams, but it fair because which side gets it is random thus makes it fair. let's forget that it makes for crap battles though win or lose. But there are a few really good players who can get out of the way of the nuke so let's just leave it the way it use because some of us are good enough in spite of it.
  4. I tend to do all the things that people say can't be done and should not be done and got good at it. legendary module with 20 km 16 km 12 km 9.6km and the try and dodge this 6.4 km. And my favorite CA to taken on 1v1 in a gunfight is my shima is the mino. I even posted a replay of it at 6km distance.
  5. Been watching some of the superunicum and unicum who stream and they were using the 20km.
  6. Balanced teams in not making it easier for anyone, stacked teams do.
  7. Yep get a really stacked time in my favor boom it's over hardly worth playing and just as bad as getting dead in the first few minutes.
  8. Well you just said it sort things in a far manner which can be done, take the stats of the players that were picked randomly like now but then sort them before the battle starts. WOWS is not about randomness for the sake of randomness it's not a dice game. If things were only done when they had a 100% chance of working every time then nothing would get done ever.
  9. Wrong. The random players are picked just like now and then shuffled after they are picked to stop the stacking, im not interested in world of random stacked teams, every battled is stacked but the only thing random is whether or not it's on your team.
  10. You are right that's why there should not be stacked teams, stacked teams are not fair by their very nature, it does not matter if they are on your side or not. 2 wrongs don't make a right or make it fair.
  11. While i would say the 20km are not the best and really should not be used unless you are going to get really good at using them which is hard, takes a lot of forwards planning and knowing what the red team is going to do, Tking is a real issue unless you know what you are doing.. 12km are recommended. My biggest damage game has been with the 20km because just because they have long range does not mean i can't use them up close, i got too close this time right at the end of the battle. I know unicum and super unicum players who still use the 20kms.
  12. No thats no why they were nerfed. They were nerfed because they were OP and BBs were getting slaughtered and had way to many ppl playing it, it had nothing to do with getting DDs to move in.
  13. Final8ty

    Absolutely ridiculous WG

    I'm still using the original launcher, updates just fine.
  14. Final8ty

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    I didn't see much CV hunting before the rework, now i see much more of it.
  15. Final8ty

    Fix the game for DD"s

    Living is not the issue because there are people in my clan who have very few games, it's not fun for them atm, it's nothing to do with the amount of time spent playing the game because just a few days off is enough for taking care of burn out. Not fun is not fun burnout has nothing to do with it. And the risk im taking had been working out hence the upturn im my shima win rates because im taking the right risks at the right time and im a god at shaking that booty to avoid incoming fire.