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  1. BBs will camp no matter what because they have the range to do, 3 useless BBs. As soon as these 3 got into the fight they died.
  2. The reds have a radar ship at every cap. The des is at A, chappy is at B and a miss is at C.
  3. Final8ty

    Cumulative Battleship Nerfs

    Exactly! i look at the mini map and see that a DD is nearby or last known position or torps have been spotted i change ammo type in preparation.
  4. Final8ty

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    I don't play much low tiers but yes i find it easy to kill DDs in my BBs in all tiers once they are spotted.. I brawled 3 DDs a CA and a BB in my Arizona i killed them all and lived, WASD hacks are king and that's one slow BB.
  5. Final8ty

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    The amount of camping is what's making the shima better at the moment including too many DDs camping in smoke.
  6. Final8ty

    Who have you seen in game

    Yes that would be me.
  7. Final8ty

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Seen Woosters do that a lot.
  8. Final8ty

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    I have had montana's shot me 14km away while giving them broadside in my shima because they have great dispersion, its a real gamble.
  9. Final8ty

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    I see that a lot, they sit there bow on when they could of ran away undetected much sooner. This is my rock and i will die before i let you take it.
  10. Final8ty

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    I have put all 15 shima torps into a yamato, the strongest torps in the game and he brushed it off and killed me with his secondaries, healed and he went on to kill another to ships.
  11. Final8ty

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    Most of the time there are multiples ships shooting at that DD and not just a solo BB.
  12. Final8ty

    Constant crashes.

    Try playing it in DX9 if you are not already doing so.
  13. Final8ty

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Well yesterday i had never seen so many stomps before at tier 10. Out of 32 battles only 4 were close, we either stomped them or they stomped us. And the only reason i can think of why i finished above 50% was because i was in a 2 man division for most of them. There were so many battles where we put or team well ahead at the start with most of the caps and even first kills just to see 5 of our ships then die in the first 5 minutes. The amount of continued BB broadside errors and CAs wanting to bow tank open water multiple BBs was a joke.
  14. Final8ty

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    The game itself was the issue. And as i said people leave for many reasons not just MM.