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  1. As a DD player...

    If my come first by just capping and spotting then that is because the rest of my team did astronomically bad and that does happen a lot. Plenty of capping and spotting and even did some damage, not first and made a loss on credits.
  2. As a DD player...

    I hope that was just one of those games where you just could not cap all game and not im not going to cap this round.
  3. As a DD player...

    I do scouting, but as i said i'm feed up of just scouting for the farmers at the back of the map, because if i do run into trouble they are just too far back to effectively help me out or have an island shoved so far up there nose they have no shots on whats trying to kill me.
  4. As a DD player...

    The this is the game has been continually dumb down because of lack of skill of the majority of player base, deep and shallow water was not introduced because in testing to many players would try to take big ships through the shallows. The majority of the player base can not rise to the challenge hence the wipe outs and im left to carry in a DD that is one of the worst at T10.
  5. As a DD player...

    But that has to be balanced with the rest of your teammates telling you to "get in the cap get in the cap"
  6. Watch for potatoes

    The kuma used to be my most played ship back in the day, but too many better ships are out now.
  7. Watch for potatoes

    Very likely 24% just in that ship, not over all. Some ships have more influence than others and if you have a bad player in them then its very likely the match will end up in a loss as a good player/players may expect back up from such a ship and made moves expected that backup which he/they did not get which ended in him/them dying early on, so now the team has lost a good player/players.
  8. Watch for potatoes

    I have seen a lot of low winrate radar ship players over the last few days and what i have seen in common i that they don't use there radars at the right time. They will push up behind an island and watch the cap go fully red without hitting the radar, they are waiting for one of us DDs to spot what's on the cap instead.
  9. As a DD player...

    I'm getting tired at being at the front taking all the risk and getting less reward i want to win and get paid just like the other classes. Over the last few days. Yeah bring it Carried the living daylights out of this one and i killed all there dds. Only got 2 Karma for that so i have totally stopped worrying about it.
  10. As a DD player...

    Indeed nothing wipes out not so skilled DD players faster at the start of battle than radar, but then the team screams for there dds dying so fast.
  11. I can go a whole day with the worst being on our team game after game but then you can go a whole day with the best on your team, it should not be the way things even out. I have had days where i can get 10 battles or more in a row like this
  12. I'm also finding this all too common, im getting tired of it. I get out with half or one quarter HP left and bearly a shot has been fired from my teammates on the opposing dd/dds
  13. I was In a battle yesterday and there was an 11 year old in an Atago.
  14. The fade in and fade out render that was introduced to the game a while back is what is causing the problem, it's adding a load of rendering delay.