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  1. A_Sitting_Duck

    Lets talk about possible fixes

    I played the CV for a bit at tier 6 in Coop... I was never very good with CV's but I do find the new design is more fun. But the amount of damage planes can do has to be nerfed... Or the AA damage has to be greatly increased. I played a match where I had my fully AA spec'ed Missouri steaming alongside a North Carolina about 2km away... We kept getting hit by a Midway over and over... must have been 10-15 plane squadrons. By the time both of us died, I had shot down only 9 planes, and he had shot down 6. Our AA was totally ineffective, and the Midway was able to make three attack runs on us per squadron. That never would have happened in the only meta.
  2. A_Sitting_Duck

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    Were these UI changes intended? Ctrl hovering over sonar no longer shows range of acquisition You can no long Ctrl-click a target using the name to select for secondaries. You have to click directly on the ship.
  3. A_Sitting_Duck

    Premium Ship Review: Ishizuchi (2.0)

    This is the only premium ship I've purchased, and honestly pretty much convinced me it's not worth giving Wargaming money for ships. That being said, I've played her about 160 battles more than any other battleship... I do fairly well with her... my overall average is about 40k damage, but in the past 60 days it's more like 50k and since the patch I'm doing more like 55k. I run my 14 pt Amagi captain on her... She's actually a lot of fun, but she plays a support role. I usually get in behind a group of Myogi or Wyoming and use them to draw fire until I'm in range. Then I unload. Once in range, and as long as you aren't directed at you can do a lot of damage. She's good at nuking destroyers and cruisers, and she'll even do well against a Wyoming if you are really careful. It can be a frustrating ship, her dispersion is bad... but as LWM noted aim high above waterline and do pen's to the superstructure. I usually use HE until I'm within 10km and then start switching it out. She does a lot better heavily angled, so either bow or stern pointed at the enemy. This latest patch seems to have improved her constantly losing engines or steering. The increased fire rate is most appreciated. But occasionally she does really nice... tonight I one shotted a Karlsruhe at about 8km with AP who had turned broadside. I always run premium Damage Control and Repair Party.... you need it. At lower tiers you're constantly on fire or being torped and flooding does more damage than the torps usually. She's not a great ship, but she can be a lot of fun. She's my go to ship when I'm having a bad day playing other ships as I never have a bad time with her at low tiers.
  4. A_Sitting_Duck

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    The Ishikuchi is the only premium ship I've purchased. It's a ship you have to just accept for what it is and then it's a good credit earner. The struggle is getting in close enough. I have the basic and advanced fire training... so her secondaries are pretty powerful once you're in 3-4km. However, to rely upon the secondaries, it means you have to be firing HE. So I pretty much only fire HE any more, I sink a lot of destroyers because of the secondaries. The Demolition expert also works... similar principle. I seem to be averaging 50-60k damage per match, as long as I live past the first half where I can get in range. On a win with a number of ribbons(I tend to get confederate a lot with this ship) I can earn 150-200k credits. On a loss it's like 75k but since it only costs 10k to repair you're still up.