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  1. While i still think that this Problem could be solved with a Little bit of "igoring stuff that i dont like", i sill thank you for explainig it a bit better, now at least i somehow get it.
  2. I dont really see your Problem here, why does this bother you so much? Cant you just ignore it?
  3. The year doesnt matter a Thing, when it Comes to balance in game, the ingame balance is done by changing numbers in gamefiles.
  4. Roma needs BUFF

    Dont change premium ships you got what you payed for OP.
  5. A Lesson In Premiums

    And this, my Little troll, is how you get pay to win into a game. Premiums offer faster captain retraining, better XP for when you want to convert XP, better credit income and a different playstyle then comparable ships from the tree (note how i said different, not plain better).
  6. LEAKED! Russian CV line coming soon!

    This looks balanced.
  7. Epicenter

    Thats exactly how you not write a critic , no reasons at all, no Explanation of why it should go away, mentioning that he pays for the game (as lots of us do) because he knows he has no argument. Too bad that those others who pay for the game want it to stay, even thought it being a campfest, at least most of the Players are at the mapcenter, instead of camping at the mapborder.
  8. You havent played many games until now, havent you?
  9. WG can try to "encurage" as much as they want, people decide themself if they want to Play as a loner or not, ist not WGs fault.
  10. Dont we have enought US premium BBs already? We can almost make an enitre second BB tree with them.
  11. Unfair matching

    Totall rubbish. To whom is MM unfair, to you? There is no reason to believe MM is unfair to anyone in particular. What exatly should the screenshoot prove, you got a bad team and you got steamrolled, thats it.
  12. For every Person posting what amazing ships hes got from the boxes, there are 100 others that got jack crap. I cant understand how willingly people spend money on this gamble.
  13. Because ist handed out after you completet the last mission
  14. Indianapolis Though...

    That Thing got 16.9 km range, how much more do you want? She outranges every other upgrated US Cruiser, without the range module at t9,10 of course.
  15. Huanghe Needs Buff

    This ship should have never been released at T6, my solution just dont buy it.