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  1. Did you ask the Players?
  2. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    For a Moment i thought this was click bait, glad i was wrong. Alaska looks really nice, im at 574k Free XP right now, so im getting Closer.
  3. Cleveland needs to be moved!

    Ship balance in game isnt done by the year it was build but by the devs that put numbers in some textfile. And we had light cruisers at those tiers before. Plus, the stats are in line with other T8 Ships.
  4. That thing looks very nice, i may be tempted to biy this, just for the looks alone.
  5. MM Has Been Improving

    You realize MM cant predict the future of a match? The two teams seem to be balanced well, get over it.
  6. confusion

    Do that, good for you.
  7. Wg changed tier 5 MM ...fff and F

    No need for announcments, T5 was never protected as far as i can remember, it always saw T7. The only thging that changed was t4 geting protection, this Thing indirectly made it so that T5 see more t7, but this has been a long time ago. Your rambling on the top post doesnt make sense in any way, just the usuall qq i see on this forum.
  8. I understand what you mean by that, i just cant stand this term. Not ment to be personaly.
  9. American Carriers Ham Strung.

    This game isnt all about WWII.
  10. If there are, lets say more t10 than t8, what can MM do against it? People in this forum think MM can predict the future and now it can influence what Tier of ships Players choose.
  11. Ai targeting

    The AI Targets the ship in range with the lowest percent of HP. This could be your Problem, being a cruiser.
  12. Varyag, first game...

    I really like her, but i have a soft spot for those protected cruisers.
  13. What else are cruisers suppose to shoot at your Battleship? AP only works in the best of situations (Enemy full broadside or the superstructure), HE is more or less reliable with setting the enemy on fire.