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  1. I'm just glad Clan Battles isn't tier 10 for once, tier 10 is such a drag...
  2. Sir_Orrin

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    Graf Zepplin is the real victim here not Enterprise, GZ's dive bombers are already really difficult to do any meaningful damage with, comined with her previously nerfed torpedoes and weak Rocket planes. Enterprise will be fine she's strong in every way.
  3. Sir_Orrin

    I'd Like a Refund for Enterprise, Please!

    How is Enterprise nerfed? Still one of the best CVs in the game. Period.
  4. I think it's much better this time to because it's all doable missions (until the final two tiers of course) rather than the weird time thing. I think that's a huge improvment to the whole process.
  5. Sir_Orrin

    Submarines - The Final Verdict

    Thank you Zoup, really appreciate your neutral stance. Subs have pros and subs have cons. If the cons can be minimized than we'll be in a good spot.
  6. Sir_Orrin

    Deep Water Torps and Subs....

    Are deep water torps actually physically deeper underwater, if so then I imagine they would hit a sub if at the right depth. I have yet to see deep water torps in a sub battle.
  7. This is a player problem not a game problem. Some DD players will always rush in and die, this is nothing new. There are plenty of DD players who are playing well and are carrying Submarine matches, and i've seen plenty of top scoring BBs and cruisers aswell.
  8. Hello friends, I am once again giving some feedback on Submarines, since I played the PTS non-stop, and have been playing the submarine mode consistently, even though I still haven't gotten subs myself. There are two fundamental issues with submarines, that would be very easily fixed, and I think would overall make subs easier to counter and less broken for the game. 1: Submarine surfacing and diving is too quick. When underwater, the ascension and descent rate is perfectly, fine, especially since subs need to be able to dodge other submarine homing torps. However, it is easy for submarines to abuse the diving mechanic when hovering around 6 meters. My simple idea is make it so submarines take longer to dive and surface from say 1 to 10 meters. This will give players more time to damage submarines if they are caught on the surface, especially carriers. Too often can submarines just dive instantly without getting hit. Making submarines slower to dive will give everyone the ability to do more damage to them. Also, it's more thematic if subs take longer to dive, an added plus! 2: Subs should not be spotting other ships from underwater. I know a lot of people have said this, but it needs to be said again. When underwater, subs should not be able to spot for teammates. It is completely unfair, especially for the DDs trying to hunt the submarines. Submarines do not need to be scouts, DDs and CVs are for that. Subs should still be able to see ships for their own defensive purposes, but please remove their ability to scout from underwater it is far more OP than the damage they do themselves. I hope this criticism is constructive and helpful. Looking forward to seeing how subs develop and where they go from here. Sincerely, -Orrin
  9. I am super hyped for Subs, played the PTS non-stop. I don't have subs yet... sad day. But I'm still playing the sub mode constantly, in all ship types. It's honestly fun to play tier 6 matches without being bottom tier, ships like my Graf Spee and Prinz Eitel are having a ball rn. Yes, I am playing BBs too, because subs are not an insta kill to BBs, just play smart and 9 times out of 10 the subs won't get near you. Please keep playing the submarine mode guys, especially if you are planning on playing tier 6s anyway, it's a fun chance to play your tier 6s, and you might learn something about subs.
  10. Sir_Orrin

    2nd Flag on German Ships

    That's a very good point. I'd also love Doenitz for my future U-boats...
  11. Sir_Orrin

    2nd Flag on German Ships

    Was really hoping we'd get a campagin for Luetjens, with double flag and alternate German camo perks.
  12. Sir_Orrin

    What is ur fav ship?

    KMS Bismarck.
  13. Sir_Orrin

    Less than 24hrs to submarine yum-yums?

    That would be incredibly cool!
  14. Sir_Orrin

    I love Cruisers!

    Cruisers are the bomb! They do it all! Glad to see a new cruiser lover added to our ranks!
  15. I don't really get burned out because I'm a KMS/USN guy, and I basically have every ship I could want, besides submarines. So when all these new lines come out I don;t really care and feel the need to grind. I know that sounds silly, but it's true.