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  1. Listen, we CV players can carry *to an extent* but our team has to get us to that point first. Can I finish off 2-3 low HP ships to win a match? Sure. Can I carry a team that has lost miserably, and is down 5 ships and 300 points? NO! of course I can't. Sure CVs have tactical advantages and flexibility, but they have to rely on the team like everyone else.
  2. Sir_Orrin

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    Ok, quick question: why do some of the ship girls have animal ears? Like they are ships... what's with that?
  3. Enterprise is my favorite, just got the hang of GZ last night as well. Very different play styles and I'm super happy to have them both. Might get Kaga... but not sure I should spend any more money at this point.
  4. Sir_Orrin

    World of CVs

    CV player here. Let me tell you, the difference between us CVs wiping out your DD or barely scraping it is all on you. Some DDs don't bother trying to maneuver or use Islands and friendly ships to help them evade us, those are the ones we squash. Then there are the DDs who actively dodge our attacks, maneuver, use islands etc. Those are the buggers that are really hard to hunt down. Be that DD. Or y'know, keep giving me free damage.
  5. Hello fellow captains! Accidentally ended up facing off with one of my friends in our new CVs, and the game we had was really fun, so I made a video out of it. Hope you enjoy, and please check out my other videos while you're at it! Have a great day! -Orrin
  6. Sir_Orrin

    The next Ranked Season

    I'm cool with the carriers, I have the unpopular opinion that they are fun ships that need to stay in the game. However, we do have too much tier 19 stuff, and why not do tier 8? That's where a majority of the fun ships are, and they just released the premium CVs, so why not give us a chance to use those in ranked?
  7. Sir_Orrin

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Honestly, for me, right now. I love my collection of ships, I'm loving the new CVs, and new stuff is getting released at a faster rate than ever before.
  8. Sir_Orrin

    Which premium CV should you buy (If any)

    Enterprise is honestly the best in my opinion, which makes me happy because Enterprise should be the best. It's rockets are hands down strong, if not the strongest. It's torp bombers are great, they do good damage and the planes high turn rate let's you come about for 2nd and 3rd passes insanely fast to get cross drops. You just have to be careful because they are slow so you can't get caught in lots of AA because you won't get out in time. Her AP bombers are solid, best used against cruisers. very accurate. Her fighters actually do crap. To me it seems they are the only ones that actually get kills. Finally, Enterprise herself is tanky-There are more times than I can count where I have been spotted and chased by enemies, and Enterprise can take an insane beating and escape or destroy her pursuers before she kicks it. I don't know if it's her armor sceme or HP or something, but she just refuses to die. Enterprise is my favorite, but I am also enjoying the Graf Zepplin, however I just got it during this sale so I don't feel like I can knowingly speak on it's play style.
  9. Sir_Orrin

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Not to mention if the CV is any good, it's not hard to kill the DD. It depends on how close the DD can get before the CV spots it. For me, if I spot a DD beyond 10-12 km out, I can kill him before he can get close enough to do good damage to me.
  10. Sir_Orrin

    Midway DBs and other CV issues

    I love you Zoup, but being totally sincere, was this April Fools? You were alone in a DD against 2 midways, a very rare case. And you could have played better by simply being near any other ship. I'm really not trying to be mean I just feel like this is satire.
  11. Sir_Orrin

    I Love This Idea

    I've used the consumable black camo on the Black. it looks so good.
  12. Sir_Orrin

    I Love This Idea

    Haha if this happened lots of my ships would have the straight Black camo. So sexy.
  13. Sir_Orrin

    So what's the USN gimmick-"flavor" now?

    I sure can't!
  14. Sir_Orrin

    Death balling the game . . . to death

    Haha, I thought my clan invented the term "Death Ball" nice to see someone else use it.
  15. Sir_Orrin

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Graf Spee at 120 battles, but if you combine old Enterprise and new Enterprise that's 125 battles.