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  1. Sir_Orrin

    New German comander is Gunther Lutjens

    Even though I never use the damaged camo myself... I love this.
  2. Hello fellow Captains! I haven't uploaded a video in quite some time, but I had this absolutely bonkers game in the Massachusetts and had to share it! Be sure to watch to the very end, the last few seconds of the game are INTENSE!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day! -Orrin
  3. This was my worst ranked season so far. Usually I make it up to Rank 5 and stop there, but I've been stuck at rank 7 all week. I started with Enterprise, then changed my approach to Prinz Eugen, and finally tried Bismarck last night. I would always get close to rank 6 and then lose one or two games. It's been a frustrating week for warships. On the bright side tier 8 has all my favorite ships and it's been nice to play them without getting in tier 10 matches.
  4. Sir_Orrin

    The Ping Mechanic

    For the most part, I really like what i've seen of SS gameplay, and overall i'm pretty hyped to finally gets subs in the game. The only thing I dislike is the homing torpedoes and the ping mechanic. Yes homing torpedoes were a thing in WW2, but they were far from common. homing torpedoes are an unnecessary and unrealistic. Straight firing torpedoes worked just great in the halloween event, and having straight firing torpedoes would force SS commanders to use skill. From what I can tell the torpedoes can't turn very sharply, so the homing only helps a little bit, but that's only another reason the mechanic is unnecessary. I'm really looking forward to subs but I hope they drop this magic homing torpedo thing.
  5. Sir_Orrin

    Bismarck - When The Stars Align

    Bismarck is pretty much my favorite ship. Unfortunately every game I play in her is tier 10, at least for the past few months. But I always pull my weight even when bottom tier. As long as you are cautious she can take a beating.
  6. Sir_Orrin

    The CV mega thread

    Finally a useful observation!
  7. Sir_Orrin

    Legendary Upgrade for Hindenburg

    (It's worth it) I also never thought this video would ever be relevent...
  8. Sir_Orrin

    A Furious Fight (video)

    Apparetly someone flagged it for graphic content... sent in an appeal to YT, haven't heard anything all day, the video just... gone. Might have to reupload it.
  9. Hello fellow captains! Had an... interesting experience in my Furious yesterday, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a video about it. Hope you enjoy! -Orrin
  10. You are partially correct. In your Musashi, you shot down how many planes? maybe 2-3 each attack run? You are correct, that is not going to affect his actions much, especially if he is being smart and sending back a few planes each time before he comes for you. Now, if you had a BB with actual AA, you would be shooting down 6-8 planes each attack, which he would then have to be careful about, and he would have to be much more cautious about how he attacks you, and he wouldn't be able to attack you endlessly. Add in 1-2 friendly ships, even with Musashi's AA, and you are gonna be a very costly target to attack. Not to mention the fact that in your Musashi, your torpedo protection is insanely good so you are mitigating a huge portion of the damage he is doing to you. This is about the extent of my reasoning with you. The bottom line is you are in the worst BB AA wise, and you were alone, that is why the CV punished you. Knowing your ships weaknesses is essential to this game, Musashi's weakness is aircraft. If you want to fight planes better, either stick with AA ships, or get a Yamato.
  11. Sir_Orrin


    As a CV player, I gotta tell you, we would use the fighters to cover you all if they actually did crap.
  12. That's just because you have the BB with the shittiest AA out of all the tier 9-10 BBs. If you were in an Iowa, or even has one cruiser with you that Midway would have lost a bunch of planes and probably not come back for his own interest.
  13. Sir_Orrin

    Once Again at the "What Next" Point

    The German DD line is very, Z-23, and especially Z-52 are both excellent DDs in my opinion. The Benson is one of my least favorite DDs of all time, but the Fletcher and Gearing afterward are fine DDs, just not as versatile as their German counterparts in my opinion. Cannot speak on any of the others as I don't have any of them. (I'm mostly a KM/USN guy).
  14. I agree with you that damage to CVs planes should matter. As it is right now as long as the plane makes it back to the CV alive it is instantly repaired and ready to go back at full HP. I think if planes had to repair for like 10 seconds, then be added back to the ready-to-go planes, that would help AA damage matter.
  15. Ok, non-CV players really need to understand this: Just because our planes can regen does not mean shooting them down doesn't negatively impact us. If we lose more than 2-3 planes in a given attack run, that squadron of Rockets, torpedoe Bombers, or dive bombers, is essentially out of the game for most of the match. And that is huge. Because now you have to rely only on the other two squadrons, and now any casualties they receive is even more detrimental. Example: I was in my Graf Zepplin, flying around scouting the enemy. Some lucky USN cruiser popped his DFAA right as I flew too close to him, and with one flak cloud I lost all my TBs. I still had my reserve of 9 TBs, but I didn't use them until I regened another 5-6, because I knew that if I launched that squad any losses would cripple my TBs ability to get damage onto enemy ships. So I was constricted to using the rockets and DBs, which are useful, but without the TBs to help my usefulness was significantly neutered. The problem with this concept is only people who play CVs a lot understand it, which is why I am sharing it with you now. Hopefully this helps. -Orrin