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  1. GregL385

    My 100 AA rating Salem is now at 72

    And well done Forum Police...you didnt like my title so you changed it. You guys are absolutely pathetic.
  2. GregL385

    My 100 AA rating Salem is now at 72

    first game in AA spec Worchester....shoot down only 8 planes despite using DFAA and sector targeting Simply magnificent WG.
  3. Removing modules in slots and putting them in the most valuable slot so now you have to force people into giving up actual GAMEPLAY affecting modules to keep your sky cancer at bay. not only that but you managed to take away what made it rather easy to choose (adding range) to adding more damage. My 100 AA rating Salem is now at 72 [edited]. Congrats guys, you really [edited] it up.
  4. It really should not come as a surprise at this point but I just still am amazed that people to this day do not use just even base camos when playing. It truly is something I will never understand. I just would like to know from people who do not use camo what your reasoning for it is? Money? The looks? Just dont want to waste them? What is the reason because I swear people who do not use camos are usually your bottom of the barrel tier players who refuse to help your team in something so simple. Can anyone give a real reason?
  5. Golly gee whiz, Princess; they sure yanked your most recent post with a quickness. Maybe because you happened to be really, really wrong and totally out of line?



      That's exactly how SJWs talk.

    2. Umikami


      Are SJW's getting banned, and having their posts yanked off the Forum?